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  1. Jacaranda

    Cornwall, expensive?

    No changed my mind and remained in the UK.Started a nursing career,and after practising yoga for 30 yrs,just began a teacher training course.
  2. Jacaranda

    Cornwall, expensive?

    Yes really good thanks Toots.I had'nt been on any forum's to speak of for a long time,was discussing it at work yesterday which reminded me of this one! lol
  3. Jacaranda

    Cornwall, expensive?

    Did you return Thom?(Sorry havent logged into the forum for probably 3 yrs.My daughter,and her family live in Cornwall and love it.We visit probably 3 times a year,and living costs are probably the same anywhere in the UK tbh.
  4. Well yes I would say £45 is a rip off for that meal.My work "do"was a 3 course Xmas dinner at one of the local pubs in my town.We paid £22,and we had a choice of 4 starters,4 mains including of course Turkey,and 4 desserts.Our meals were massive!!!I couldn't finish mine but for £22?I wasn't complaining.
  5. Why should Quokka have to toughen up?She's a lady not a guy!:err:
  6. Jacaranda

    My travel thread

    No surprise to see you posting that Paul!:wink:
  7. Jacaranda

    My travel thread

    Ive noticed its only guys saying this Quokka,and we know how they think right?Just ignore them.One track minds and all that.Im sure the guy you'll be travelling with is a decent,respectful person.Im really excited for you and Im sure it will all be fine.
  8. Jacaranda

    Struggling to decide ... slap me!

    Hmmm!Having aussie kids,and brought them up in Oz until they were nearly teens,and then relocated to the UK a few years ago,I think I have a balanced viewpoint of restrictions.Going on holiday from the UK to somewhere hot for 2 weeks is a different story,than living somewhere hot.We lived in Sth Aust.I can say categorically that we were just as restricted there as what you might be in the UK weather wise.Days stuck inside during winter with the wood burner on 24/7 to being stuck inside during summer,too hot to do anything really,curtains and blinds drawn,just like winter.Might be different in Qld though.Even on milder days of 20c+I would be telling the girls to stay in the shade,sunblock on etc.I have two siblings both had skin cancer and were and are not sun worshippers.One's had SC twice,the other 5 times!This is just them heading out to hang washing outside,going from the house to the car etc not sunbathing,so you need to be very careful. Our lives did not change when we moved to the UK being outside wise.We weren't beachy type people in Oz and neither in the UK so I guess it depends what type of family you are. I think I would if I were you,rent your house out if you decide to go.Also factor in the working hours.Finishing at 5pm?Is that a dead cert or will you be expected to work later if appts are running late?Getting home right now when its your kids bedtime is only a temp thing,obviously the older they get,the later they'll be staying up.
  9. Jacaranda

    More Bushfire alerts!

    Thanks Snifter,I don't know why I didn't read the CFS Site.I did when my brothers town was at risk.
  10. Because.....the now is all we ever have!
  11. Jacaranda

    More Bushfire alerts!

    Worrying times Jock.
  12. Thought this might be useful for PIO'ers to read.Some pretty stiff price hikes in there too! http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/the-new-laws-that-come-into-effect-in-2016-around-australia/news-story/d1c8d62202b041d3614a3d252fd049dc
  13. Jacaranda

    More Bushfire alerts!

    Well Im quite worried atm.The bushfires affecting SA are near to where my older sister lives.Unfortunately they're not home right now (on a cruise for 2 weeks)so hope to god their house stays safe. http://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/australia-starts-2016-under-threat-from-bushfires/news-story/83153e855cccaed56231d9fdd8a70a0c