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  1. Hi everyone! I still lurk in the background and read the posts. Nice to see a lot of the ‘old’ names still around. I have now had the my last exam results for the year and have passed my first year of nursing! It’s not been easy, and I had to resubmit an essay but that’s ok. I found I am not good at essays but doing well in the exams and placement so I have a bit more work to do next year to bring those marks up. 1 year down, 2 to go. [emoji1696][emoji1696]
  2. Just dropping by to say Hi. I’m about halfway through yr 1 of my nursing course, last day of my first placement is today. Scored very highly and have lots of lovely comments which I’m really pleased about. The work is still pretty full on but I’m managing it so far. Can’t believe how fast the time has gone, I’ll be qualified before I know it. [emoji15]
  3. Tappers2oz

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. Yes that’s him, he has an identical twin who is also a doctor. Very knowledgeable guys!
  5. Was that Dr Chris or Dr Xand? I’ve seen the trailers but not watched the actual programme. They are amazing guys, they do a kids programme on BBC called Operation Ouch. It’s brilliant. They don’t shy away from the gory or sad bits, but also have lots of fun showing kids (people) how the body works. We found the puberty one particularly funny with a 13yr old in the house. [emoji1]
  6. Tappers2oz

    Happy Birthday To The Pom Queen

    Sorry to hear that. [emoji17] Hope PQ is feeling a bit better soon.
  7. Tappers2oz

    Happy Birthday To The Pom Queen

    Sorry I’m late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  8. Hope it goes ok Johndoe, a lot of money but will be worth it.
  9. You can do it. One day at a time. [emoji4] x
  10. Wowzers!! Glad she is ok.
  11. End of week 2 of nurse training and I survived! Met a lovely bunch of people (about 90 in the class split into 2 groups), learning new stuff even this early on. Got 3 exam/assignment dates between now and xmas (and a basic maths test, not formally marked). A 2,000 word essay due in about 4-5 weeks. I’ve not done academic writing in 3-4 years. [emoji24] Uniform fitting done, extra inoculations done, Manual Handling and other practical’ stuff coming up. It’s all go!
  12. Happy anniversary. [emoji4] [emoji253]
  13. 11.4 killed my battery on my 6s. Put 12 on and it’s like a new phone again!
  14. So sorry to hear this Tink. [emoji17] Stay strong. X
  15. Awwww how lovely! Congratulations! Not that long until the next one either! My Nan had 8 great grandchildren (mainly only saw our 3) but she loved them all. [emoji4]
  16. Iknowc, but I start my nurse training in 3 days! [emoji33] It’s come around so fast. Only feels like last week I applied.
  17. Hope you’re feeling better today. Fingers crossed for a quick sale so you can write the next chapter of your journey. Xx Ouch! Hope it’s better today.
  18. Tappers2oz

    Post a random picture of your day

    Mining and Pasty Festival.
  19. Hello! How are you all? Did you settle ok?
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  21. Tappers2oz

    Mobile phones and children

    My eldest got his about 11, my middle one will get one about the same age. She won't be taking it to (primary) school, but we will let her take it to secondary as the majority of the kids seem to have them. Neither phones are new (iPhone 5/6, our old ones) and it allows them to keep in touch with family we don't see often (as they live far away).
  22. Tappers2oz

    Just one word

  23. Tappers2oz

    Three things

    Are we talking living things or non? Living things included; Family, animals and probably my hard drive with all my pictures on. (But with 5 of us and 5 animals that's over the limit!) Non living, hard drive again, 'old school' photos (1 box full) and my favourite book.
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    Awww I wait to see it. [emoji4] I went with the woman that did my friends tattoo. Lovely work. Like yours, not the cheapest price. But I'd rather pay for a good tattoo once, then pay twice for a fix/coverup.
  25. Thank you guys. [emoji4]