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  1. Cityjune

    Transferring money from UK to Australia

    Hi juditta,. I set up an online TransferWise account. You can open up to 5 foreign currency accounts and transfer between them. It's very easy . I believe they give market rates and only charge a small transfer fee. Bank to bank have extra charges and sell below market rate
  2. The 407 is for a year and an option to extend for another year so should be long enough thank goodness. Thanks for your help. Look forward to a nice holiday in Bali or Japan maybe regards
  3. Has anyone uploaded emails as evidence of relationship and communication for the 100/309 Just wondering what the best way to do this is? shall I just copy and paste emails onto a word document or is there a clever link to transmit lots of emails? grateful for all info and other tips on evidence upload too
  4. OMG that is very exciting for you. I am still uploading material for the 100/309. If I may hijack this thread when uploading "evidence of communication while apart" did you submit email conversations and if so how.
  5. Question: I applied for a partner /spousal visa 100/309 in the UK in sept 2019 But I will be going to Australia to work on a 407 training visa in Jan 2020 . Do I need to be in the UK to have the partner visa granted or can it be granted whilst I am residing in Australia ??? I've paid up for the 100/ 309 . really hope I don't need to apply again in Australia for the 820/801
  6. Over the last 10 years I went overseas about 8 to 10 times a year for work , visiting family etc. Mostly long weekends. I spent a long time digging up old emails, diaries , etc to get the dates. I'm sure if the dates are out a little it doesn't matter as they want the just of your lifestyke. I filled the travel part on the partners visa application and now have to fill it all again on the form 80. The repetition is annoying .
  7. I'm applying for the overseas spousal visa (300/309) and need 2 relationship witnesses. Can some tell me how this works as it's not clear on the immi website. Do two friend just write a statement on a bit of paper for example or is there a form?
  8. Can you tell me what size your move cube was and how big. We're moving in January and have lots of clothes , pictures, files ,lamps. No furniture so trying to work out what we might take and what to leave based on size and cost