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Found 74 results

  1. Hi all, New to the forum, glad I've stumbled across it. We live in the UK - I'm British, wife UK/Australia dual citizen (born in UK), and young daughter. We've previously lived in NZ, and have always had in mind to move to Australia as a long-term option - we have a number of friends and family throughout the West Coast. I'm looking to apply for a 309/100 partner visa, although the expected wait time seems to be around 18-24 months. We've previously put off putting in the application due to the cost, and were waiting on the outcome of our final (also expensive) IVF cycle. Once applied for the 309/100 visa, are there are options for applying for other shorter-term work visas in the interim? Or is it possible to apply for shorter-term work visas, and then apply for a 820/801 visa on-shore? I'm finance qualified, so should be eligible for special skills. Thanks, Sam
  2. Dear All, Appreciate your inputs on my case that basically has 2 parts: Part 1: My PR 175 grant - May 2012 Expired - May 2017 Been in Australia for - 1 month 7 days total. Last visited Australia in - Feb 2017 (just before expiry). Why I didn't migrate yet? I went to Oz in June 2012 (immediately after getting PR) stayed there for a month and searched for jobs. Didn't get any good response. In the mean time, got a very good offer from Oman, which had opportunity to learn new skills required in Oz. So moved there. Got married the next year, 2013. Blessed with 3 kids. Last one born in 2020. 2 of the kids go to school. All these commitments held me back from relocating. Most essentially because my family does not have PR. And getting their PR is a different ball game altogether, which I have covered in Part 2 below. So anyhow, I'm planning to apply for my RRV by Nov this year. I don't satisfy 2 years requirement, but I have bought land there (paying installments since 2017. Finishing this year) and bank accounts transacting every month for the same property’s payments. Part 2: Once I get RRV (hopefully), I want to take my family along, because otherwise kids schooling would be affected and there are a few other personal reasons. So want to know what options I have so that my family can relocate with me? Can I apply for Partner Visa now (before my RRV application and being abroad)? That way if their visa is received until my RRV is granted, we can travel together. Or is it a must for me to be in Australia to sponsor my family? That is a cumbersome process of waiting for around 18 to 24 months, being away from family. What do you suggest please? Thanks and Cheers!
  3. Hi all, I was happily granted my 100 parter visa in February this year. We were super excited as it came in perfect time as we planned to move in May after some travelling. We gave up our jobs, listed the house for rent etc. Within the week, covid had full effect and we went into lock down and Australia had seriously restricted repatriation flights only, shipping was slowed. We decided to hold off for a few months. However now with the quarantine conditions in Australia - 2 weeks confined to one hotel room (not of our choosing) and having to pay £2000 for the privilege (really can't afford this as who knows how long it will take to find jobs over there and it would be from our savings), plus we don't think we will be able to ship our cat at this time amongst other things. We think it is best to find new jobs here in the UK and wait until next year when hopefully things might be a little more settled around the world. Plus my mum has become unwell (not covid) but I am trying to support her care and to move into supported accommodation so could do with a bit of time to get her settled before I go. However - we are concerned as this may take us over the 1 year entry time on my visa conditions. We called Australian immigration and the lady was mightly unhelpful, reading off the internet (what we already knew) and saying that we should let the time lapse and then contact them! This doesn't sound right and I don't want to risk losing the visa. I am going to try to call back today - but I wondered if anyone else is in this situation or had any information? Very much appreciated.
  4. Has anyone uploaded emails as evidence of relationship and communication for the 100/309 Just wondering what the best way to do this is? shall I just copy and paste emails onto a word document or is there a clever link to transmit lots of emails? grateful for all info and other tips on evidence upload too
  5. Matt JH


    Hi all, very interesting reading all the problems and I hope everyone gets to their intended resolutions. I applied for a partner visa 309 in August 2018, in December 2018 more information was required, then in February 2019 we received the approval - by surprise!! On the visa grant it states for first entry, arrive by: 20/09/19 length of stay: Until notified that subclass 100 has been decided or the application is withdrawn Does anyone know how long this could be for that I am unable to return to the UK? Or anywhere! thanks matt
  6. Is anyone else in middle of their subclass 100 assessment? We submitted ours last month, June 2018. Current wait time is ridiculous - 23 to 32 months!! Can we all share experience? Thank you!
  7. Hi all, I might have this completely wrong, but I read something in a post on PIO that suggested the changes to immigration to Oz might be tied up in the Australian Government budget announcement. I just looked this up and it seems to be coming on 8th May - is this right? Does this mean I have 6 days to apply for my 309?! Cheers.
  8. Hi Guys, I am new to the community. just had a question in mind. I have seen some partner visa 309/100 cases refused on the basis that they haven't spent enough time together. how much of time would be considered as enough time for that. I have spent 2 week with my wife in Malaysia and than another two in Pakistan after our marriage.
  9. Hi everyone! My partner and I are finalizing our application for the 309/100 Partner Visa and I wanted to see what y'all thought of the evidence we've provided! It's been a long and at times exhausting effort, but we feel it will be worth it once we are back in Australia! First, my girlfriend and I have been in a de facto relationship since March 2016, we have lived together since that time, our dating period was September 2015 until we moved into our own place. This is the evidence we have provided: Address - Sponsor and Applicant: Mail addressed to us individually at our home, one piece from March 2016 and each of our most current piece. Birth/Age - Sponsor and Applicant: Birth Certificate Evidence of Citizenship - Sponsor and Applicant: Australian and Canadian Passport (Respectively) Identity - Sponsor and Applicant: Canadian Drivers Lisence, Canadian Medical Card Photograph (Passport) - Sponsor and Applicant - 2x recent passport photos from the sponsor and applicant Evidence of De Facto Relationship - Sponsor: A brief statement on the history and development of our relationship. Evidence Couple are Living Together - Applicant: Two lease agreements, mail addressed to both sponsor and applicant at the same address, statement from our landlord saying we have lived there, together, since March 2016. Evidence of the Relationship - Applicant: Statement regarding the relationship and it's history and development. Photographs of us together, Christmas cards and gifts addressed to both of us from Sponsor's family in Australia. Cards and gifts to each other. Evidence of Finances - Applicant: Statement regarding the nature of our finances. Joint bank account statements, purchases coming out of joint back account for social activities. Evidence of Social Aspects - Applicant: Photos of Joint travel, gym memberships, social activities, concerts, hockey games, family events. Stat decs from family in Canada and Australia. Evidence of Couples Commitment - Statement from Applicant and Sponsor: Evidence showing Applicant has made Sponsor beneficiary for life insurance, will executor and emergency contact. Evidence of Household - Applicant: Statement regarding how housework, care for the children is split up between Applicant and Sponsor, how each is supportive emotionally and financially. Evidence of the length of the de facto relationship - Applicant: Statement and copies of the leases we have shared together. Evidence of Character - Sponsor and Applicant: AFP check (Sponsor), RCMP check (Applicant and Sponsor) Travel Document - Sponsor and Applicant: Passport Evidence of Health: Not until requested. I hope I got everything. Let me know what you think! Maybe we can bounce some ideas off each other! Thanks!
  10. Hey just wanted to ask , im married to an australian citizen for 7years and we want to move to australia . Do i have to apply first for 309 visa or can i apply for permanent visa 100 avoiding the 309 visa ?
  11. Hi Guys. My wife has applied a partner visa 309 on 28 June 2016. The application is in the final stages. Today she receive the email that your medicals are not valid after 1 year. Online immiaccount showing medical is clear for the processing of this visa. My query is that the visa processing has been delayed by the immigration deptt then why should one undergo the medical checkup again? Does it happen to anyone else who are waiting for decision for more than 12 months?
  12. I was granted the subclass 309 visa at the beginning of february. I am now living in Brisbane. My partner and I have been together nearly 4 years and we were a few weeks shorts of meeting the 3 year permenant "defacto status" when applying for the visa initially. Hence why they only granted us the subclass 309 (temporary). However, we have now been in a defacto relationship for almost 3.5 years, which (I think) means I am eligible for the subclass 100 visa. Can anyone tell me if I am correct? How do I get the ball rolling on applying for the permenant 100 visa? I am anxious to get the permenant visa ASAP as I am currently having to pay international fees at university (4 times the domestic/Australian fees!!!).
  13. Hello, I am British and my girlfriend Australian. We applied online for the 309/100 visa on 7th February. All police checks, medicals etc completed. Was just wondering what timeframe people had been given if applying for similar visa? We got told 8 to 9 months when we first got our caseworker, but looking at the automated reply when emailing the case worker it says 10 to 14 months? Rather than bother the caseworker I thought I would ask the question here. I did search around, but couldn't find anyone in a similar application time as us. Thanks
  14. come on! I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon, let's hear some nice stuff about blighty! I'll start.........but i'm doing it in reverse order (that's confidence for yer) 100. the Cotswolds
  15. HuwandDonna

    Partner Visa - Subclass 309 & 100

    Hi, We are looking at applying for the Subclass 309 (temp) and subclass 100 (perm) visa for my partner. I believe that if my partner is successful in getting the temp 309 visa then we have to wait 2 years before the perm 100 visa will be looked into... Is this correct? Also, is it possible for us to move to australia under the temp 309 visa? Will my partner have to leave the country for the perm visa to be accpeted then?? One question: Is says on their PDF (1127.pdf) that:- 'You may, however, be granted a permanent visa without having to fulfil the usual two-year waiting period if: • at the time you apply, you have been in a partner relationship with your partner for 3 years or more, or 2 years or more if you and your partner have a dependent child of your relationship' We have been together (de-facto) for 10 years and have two daughters (aged 4 and 7 currently). Have anybody else been down this route and didn't have to wait 2 years for the perm (100) visa? If so, how did it all work and how long did you have to wait? Love to hear off someone who could clear this up for us!! EDIT: Sorry just found this information: Permanent Partner visa (subclasses 100 and 801) If you: • lodged your Partner visa application outside Australia; and • were outside Australia at the time you applied, you can be either in or outside Australia when the permanent Partner visa (subclass 100) is granted. But would love to chat to others in the same boat as us and find out any tips etc to helping us out! Thanks
  16. Hi everyone Just wanted to say hello, after the many hours I've spent looking at specific threads for advice, and also just browsing on subjects like jobs, where to live, where to visit/holiday. I am currently in the process of gathering all the info I need to apply for a 309/100 visa. Just waiting for the stat decs from Australian friends and a couple from my friends and then I am ready to send it all in to Australia House in London. I am British and I live with my Australian partner in London. He has been here for 10 years but we are hoping to relocate to Sydney, where my partner's family live (aside from Dad in Wollongong & Mum in Adelaide - siblings are all in North/South Sydney). And most importantly, it will bring him physically closer to his daughter, also in Adelaide. I am going into the process slightly blind, but I am aware of the high taxation, higher cost of living, different medical care arrangements, so am not completely blinkered. But at the same time I am looking foward to what Australia can offer and how we can make the best of it. I visited Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide over Xmas 12/13 and will hopefully visit again around Easter 2014, for a more practical visit - less tourist stuff and more of an eye on surburbs, jobs, transport etc. So that was a very long way of saying Hello! Have a great weekend VP
  17. Hi all! After years of lurking in the forums and getting tips and years of complex delays (family reasons), I finally lodged my De facto Partner (100/309) application on 19/02/2013 (having completed 5 versions of the 40SP/47SP over the years on various false starts!). Following the excellent advice on this forum, I submitted a comprehensive application proving 9 years de facto relationship with my Aussie partner, showing adequate funding, including owning an apartment in Melbourne. I more than qualify for progressing straight to the 100 visa and PR. I also already have family that have emigrated to Australia (2 sisters and husbands, their grown up families etc) so we both have extensive family support networks. But the processing time for partner migration is 8-9 months at least! We sold up and moved into rented nearly a year ago, so everything is in storage ready to go. Obviously, we can wait if we have to but I wonder what other options I have? Travel on a 3m visitors visa and try to get a bridging visa? Sponsored by one of my sisters, perhaps? Any advice on options to explore would be gratefully received! After years of waiting, I just want to get cracking!
  18. Hello all, I know this is a bit of an essay, but hoping someone can perhaps help! :biggrin: Thought I had everything planned out but have just read a doc on the immi.gov.au website that's made us a bit worried :unsure: The scenario is this; * I have been with my girlfriend (in a genuine, continuing relationship) since February 2010 * We left for Australia on a 1 year working holiday visa in April 2011 * In May 2011 (having received a positive skills assessment), I applied for PR (my partner was included) * In December 2011 (after all medicals etc had been completed), the DIAC advised that we had not satisfied the relationship requirement (as we'd only actually lived together for 10 months at the time of application), therefore my partner provided written withdrawal). * My residency was granted in March 2012 (following a trip to New Zealand, returning to Australia as a resident a few days later). * In April 2012 we both came back to UK (as my girlfriend's WHV was up and we didn't want to be apart) * The plan was then to live together here in the UK to get the extra evidence we need (which we've got now having been living together in Oz/UK for a further 14 months on top of the existing 10). My partner is English, has a degree, no kids, no criminal record and is 25 so I don't think there's any issues on that side, the question surrounds my eligibility as a sponsor... After the permanent residency visa was granted, I stayed in Australia for about 4 weeks before departing back to UK (due to partner's WHV being about to expire). We're now wanting to apply for the Partner (Temporary and Permanent) (subclass 309 and 100) visas and everything looks fine, apart from a line on P16 of the 'Partner Migration booklet'; "If you are an Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, you are required to be usually resident in Australia." ...nothing of this kind appears to be mentioned anywhere else. As it stands though, I am NOT usually resident in Australia (as I don't want to be without my partner!). Will I need to go to Australia alone and live there for awhile before I can sponsor her? Is there a set amount of time you have to be a resident for before you are allowed to sponsor? If anyone has any experience/advice of a similar scenario I'd be very much appreciative if you could share! Thanks in advance fellow Poms in Oz Ged (A Pom not yet in Oz!)
  19. Hi everyone, We are due to be granted the 309 spouse visa, hopefully very soon but it's got me thinking, I know the oz govt site state that the 100 perm visa will be granted after a two year waiting period from when the visa application was submitted but is there any evidence that we should be gathering as our relationship continues? Just wondered if anyone could shed any light on how the process works? Many thanks L
  20. Hi There I've just applied for subclass 100 (PR) from a Subclass 309 (provisional resident) visa. I've been living onshore for 15 months. I'm told the processing times are 6-8 months. Does anyone have any experience with this process? Did it really take that long? Cheers
  21. Hi all, Just came across this forum, looks great! I sent our visa application yesterday and it arrived today at 09:09 and my credit card has already been charged the cost of the visa! Is this normal, did this happen to you? I would be greatful of any response, :spinny:
  22. The Pom Queen

    100 Best Towns in Australia

    1 Yamba NSW 2 Esperance WA 3 Port Douglas QLD 4 Broome WA 5 Port Fairy VIC 6 Beechworth VIC 7 Byron Bay NSW 8 Apollo Bay VIC 9 Strahan TAS 10 Margaret River WA 11 South West Rocks NSW 12 Bright VIC 13 Alice Springs NT 14 Lorne VIC 15 Mallacoota VIC 16 Hahndorf SA 17 Burnt Pine, Norfolk Island 18 Mission Beach QLD 19 Daylesford VIC 20 Noosa QLD 21 Portsea VIC 22 Bowral NSW 23 Fremantle WA 24 Kangaroo Valley NSW 25 Broken Hill NSW 26 Nelson Bay NSW 27 Bellingen NSW 28 Leura NSW 29 Queenscliff VIC 30 Mudgee NSW 31 Mossman QLD 32 Jindabyne NSW 33 Katherine NT 34 Airlie Beach QLD 35 Echuca VIC 36 Angaston SA 37 Mataranka NT 38 Coffin Bay SA 39 Robe SA 40 Tilba Tilba NSW 41 Swansea TAS 42 Seal Rocks NSW 43 Pokolbin NSW 44 Cooktown QLD 45 Port Lincoln SA 46 Longreach QLD 47 Silverton NSW 48 Huskisson NSW 49 Streaky Bay SA 50 Penola SA 51 Jabiru NT 52 Stanley TAS 53 Lightning Ridge NSW 54 Merimbula NSW 55 Albany WA 56 Marysville VIC 57 Tamworth NSW 58 Clare SA 59 Birdsville QLD 60 Bermagui NSW 61 Richmond TAS 62 Coral Bay WA 63 Denmark WA 64 Atherton QLD 65 Picnic Bay QLD 66 Seventeen Seventy QLD 67 Mollymook NSW 68 Rutherglen VIC 69 Coober Pedy SA 70 Karumba QLD 71 Nguiu Settlement NT 72 Tamborine Mountain QLD 73 Mt Gambier SA 74 Kuranda QLD 75 Dorrigo NSW 76 Walhalla VIC 77 Mildura VIC 78 Berry NSW 79 Eumundi QLD 80 Exmouth WA 81 Dunkeld VIC 82 Parachilna SA 83 Sofala NSW 84 Tumut NSW 85 Ross TAS 86 Augusta WA 87 Kingscote SA 88 William Creek SA 89 Wisemans Ferry NSW 90 Halls Gap VIC 91 Hervey Bay QLD 92 Derby WA 93 Bridport TAS 94 Wollombi NSW 95 Evans Head NSW 96 Adelaide River NT 97 Nain WA 98 Kalgoorlie WA 99 Eagle Bay WA 100 Deloraine TAS
  23. People I have gone through another forum in which people have been really against migrating to AUstralia because its one of the most expensive countries in the world. Aftr reading that forum I have been very disturbed and depressed because of the cost of living in Aus.they say that the COL is way higher than in US or UK...Is it true? They also say that on ur salary the tac is 30 to 40% ??? Oh my God!!! Thats pissing me off...Please help me !!!
  24. 001 Explore Kakadu’s little brother Litchfield 002 Be cast for eternity onto salty Lake Ballard 003 Swim with wild seals at Baird Bay 004 Go on holiday save 100 lives at Mapoon 005 Reach the oasis of Ormiston Gorge 006 Visit the other remarkable pebble Mount Augustus 007 Open a half-million-year-old treasure chest Naracoorte Caves 008 Visit one of the world’s oldest art galleries Carnarvon Gorge 009 Go swimming with tuna at Port Lincoln 010 Hear a great set of pipes at the Undara Lava Tubes 011 Walk to Art in Melbourne 012 Stay the night in a light on Montague Island 013 Lose yourself in the bluest lagoon at Fitzroy Reef 014 Call the birds in on towering Mount Gower 015 Take a vow of silence in New Norcia 016 Be among the first to paint the hills in outback SA 017 Celebrate Australian biodiversity at Australian Garden 018 Adrift on a Dead Sea at the Pool of Siloam 019 Rent your own island in the Mackerel Islands 020 Get dragged around with Sydney by Diva 021 Look! Up in the sky! It’s your round! Flying Pub Crawl 022 Bathe in convict history at the Bogey Hole 023 Live the life of a keeper on Gabo Island 024 See Sydney from a VERY different angle 025 Paddle under a convict prison in Fremantle 026 Play catch with sharks on the Undersea Explorer 027 Lose your blues at Greens Pool 028 Be a postman for a day on the Outback Mail Run 029 Take the longest sheer plunge down Wallaman Falls 030 Stay at Kangaroo’s lighthouse trinity 031 Dive into the world’s purest cleanest water Mount Gambier 032 See the world at 300m per second in a Mig Jet 033 Gain some extremely remote access at Garig Ganuk Barlu 034 Find food for your soul at Flames of the Forest 035 Stride among the city of Gnomes 036 Watch over Australia’s moodiest lake Blue Lake 037 The Sound of Music at Mount Scoria 038 See blind shrimps and a million stars at Cutta Cutta Caves 039 Fly to the ancient source of Australian art 040 Visit our most haunted house Monte Cristo Homestead 041 See the other side of the rainbow Rainbow Serpent Tour 042 Twitter with the Twitchers at Coffs Coast 043 Stroll along the seabed with Seawalker 044 Find a home among the Banksias 045 Bathe in a boiling outback lake at Dalhousie Springs 046 Spot Australia’s oldest graffiti on Chambers Pillar 047 Get on your soapbox Australian Billy Cart Champs 048 Travel in a clattering time machine the Afghan Express 049 Take tea with the Morning Tea Ladies on Tiwi Island 050 Go French for a hidden tourism gem French Island 051 Go to sea in a tinnie at the Beer Can Regatta 052 Hold your breath for the dive of the century Fish Rock Cave 053 Fly in raft out on the North Johnstone River 054 Run with white lions in Mogo Zoo 055 Win your wife’s weight in beer Wife Carrying Champs 056 Don’t fence me in at Cameron’s Corner 057 Watch spawning cuttlefish off Whyalla 058 Proclaim yourself King for the night Kings Plains Castle 059 Walk through untouched lands Kakadu Hawk Dreaming 060 Visit an outback slice of the ’50s at Bells Milk Bar 061 Imagine the land before maps on the Great North Road 062 Catch your own seafood platter at Black Point 063 Prepare to circle the wagons in Bendigo 064 Hop on Tasmania’s newest ride Piners and Miners Tour 065 Play polo in Banjo country at the Geebung Polo Match 066 Make your own wine at Penfolds 067 Tinker with Tilba Tilba’s trinkets 068 Walk among the dolomites in the Hastings Caves 069 Make like Moses at Burning Mountain 070 Go deep underground with Douggie’s Mine Tours 071 Boogie-woogie on rails in the Blues Train 072 Rent your own cave in the Upper Blue Mountains 073 Visit Australia’s unknown Grand Canyon Capertee Valley 074 Share your secrets with the Whispering Wall 075 Find your way among the roses at Ashcombe 076 Bomb the Perry Sandhills on the banks of the Murray 077 Have the perfect family day at Parsley Bay 078 Stumble across Beautiful Betsy 079 Crawl through a goldmine at Arltunga 080 See the giant water babies at Point Ann 081 Crawl through a convict tunnel in Clarence 082 Visit a country within a country Principality of Hutt River 083 Back your favourite cane toad on Magnetic Island 084 Twirl a brolly from a previous century Old Umbrella Shop 085 Delve into your immigrant past at the National Archives 086 Visit **** Heysen’s home among the gumtrees 087 Spot Australia’s rarest mammal at Two Peoples Bay 088 Dive into surfing heartland’s Blue Pool 089 See the walls come alive at Kurri Kurri 090 See the world’s largest acrylic painting at Broken Hill 091 Sail the postman’s run up the Hawkesbury 092 Join the outback pest war against the Yellow Crazy Ants 093 Roll with the pumpkins at Goomeri 094 Wander through the scarecrows in the vineyard 95 Step through the looking glass National Art Glass Gallery 096 Get the best coffee in the galaxy at Tidbinbilla 097 Ride fly eat and learn on the Flying Camel Tour 098 Pay your respects to Tom Roberts’ Big Picture 099 Drink the world’s most expensive coffee 100 Set your spider senses tingling at Australia’s Venom Zoo
  25. The Pom Queen

    Quantas Cancelling 100 Flights per week

    QANTAS baggage handlers and ground crew have begun their latest round of industrial action, causing delays and cancellations for passengers across the country. Qantas cancelled at least 14 domestic flights this morning and rescheduled around another 30 because of the action. Passengers travelling on international flights at Melbourne airport were being warned to arrive early today as Customs officers go on strike for eight hours. Customs officers will be off the job until 11am, followed by another four-hour stoppage from 9pm. The move will add significant delays to the processing of passengers travelling on international flights both in and out of the airport. Melbourne airport spokesman Matt Francis said last night that passengers should expect delays getting through Customs today. "This will affect arriving and departing passengers on what is one of the busiest days of the week for international travel," he said. "We are strongly encouraging international travellers tomorrow to follow the advice from Customs, which is to arrive at the airport early, and go straight to Customs." It comes after talks on a new pay deal for Customs officers broke down yesterday and follows a three-hour strike last month. Qantas baggage handlers and ground crew from the Transport Workers Union also began their strike today at 7am. It will last for two hours before second strike at 4pm in a further headache for business people and holiday-makers. The TWU action will still affect more than 6800 passengers across the country, with 14 flights cancelled and another 38 delayed by up to an hour. Qantas also faces industrial action from aircraft engineers, who will stop work for four hours in Sydney tomorrow, and from the pilots union. Read more: http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/travellers-warned-as-customs-strikes/story-e6frfq80-1226165474919#ixzz1acOHkRfi