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  1. Hi Rammygirl, Thank you for the reply. I trying to choose the council I reside in based on this information
  2. Sigemup

    Citizenship application - parents details??

    Hi guys, I am reading about the documents required for citizenship application and found this thread:. Please let me know: 1. What type of details are required for the parents details sections ? 2. Do we need the details of in-laws also ? ! If so, what details are required and what to do if one does not know any of the details ? 3. Do you need details of the spouse also ? What are details required ? Thank you
  3. Hi Guys, Where to find the list of documents required for citizenship application ?
  4. Hi guys, How to find which is the council for your citizenship process etc. and also which is the best council for this ? What are the parameters you consider when deciding which is the best council . Thank you
  5. Thank you LouDyorkie and rammygirl, Just to confirm, do we need only the stamp for the initial entry or is it for all of the arrival that this is required ?
  6. Thank you Rammygirl. Another question from your reply The arrival stamps that you have mentioned, I think I do not have all the stamps here as they scanned it electronically. If that is how they did it, then how can I show the arrival stamps - is there any other approach for this ?
  7. Thank you Rammy girl. What does Validated mean ? Also, you mentioned name changes. I do not have any changes to the name. However the being long , initials have been used in some documents where as full name is there in others. Is there any process for this ? Can I do a statutory declaration for this.
  8. Hi guys, Do we need to validate the documents in the citizenship application ? If so, I want to understand more about the document validation requirement for citizenship processing and what does this exactly mean ? Do we need to get all original documents, used for application, validated ? If so, what is the process to get them validated and where do we need to get them validated and ? Also is it required for everyone or is it required only for particular scenarios - and if so what is the scenario.
  9. Sigemup

    When can one apply for RRV

    Thank you guys for the replies.. If one applies after 730 , will the rrv be given for 5 years ? Also, since the existing one is valid till May 2020 will the rrv start from May 2020 or will it start earlier when applied.
  10. Sigemup

    When can one apply for RRV

    Hi guys, Please let me know when can one apply for RRV. Below is some info: 1. PR received May 2015 2. Initial entry date: May 2015 3. Live in Oz since: March-2017 Please let me know if I can apply for RRV now - given that the existing is still valid ? Also, I read on another thread following documents maybe required: Business ties documents Cultural ties documents Employment ties documents Personal ties documents Please let me know if 1. all 4 categories of above documents are required? 2. what are the Cultural ties and personal ties documents that can be given ?
  11. Hi guys Contributory parent visa 864 have a bridging visa and does this bridging visa have work permission with it ?
  12. Sigemup

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Hi, Could you please let us know what are the documents that can be used as proof of ties in Australia ? Also, did they ask this only because you traveled overseas after the application for citizenship ? Is this something that needs to be provided when you are doing the application itself ? How long was the overseas trip ? Thank you
  13. Sigemup

    About Property Taxes

    Hi Rammy girl, Asking in general if there is property tax in Oz. Because when I look in realestate.com.au it only shows Strata levi, Stamp duty etc for each property. Not sure where the property tax is mentioned so. I guess the states would be NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and ACT to look in
  14. Thank you for the reply Samson. I did the Bpay in the morning of yesterday - however the ATO website still shows the due amount. I guess it would take a couple of days to reflect ? Also the letter from Probe collections says if I have already paid then I could ignore the letter. Should I wait for it to reflect on ATO website and call Probe ?