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  1. Hi @Paul Hand Based on the dates provided in the first message of this, it looks to me that these conditions mentioned in your message are satisfied. Would you agree on that (Please assume the dates I have given are correct). The initial entry was more than four years ago and I did have a valid permanent visa on the date 4 years ago from approximate intended logdement date that I have mentioned. Also, could you please provide me a link to the Text that you have quoted on the chapter 7A ? Thank you
  2. Hi @Raul Agreed that the specific details of the calculation are unknown. However, as mentioned above further messages stated that he got approval. Appreciate you reply and agree on not speculating. However, one question I have is, if we only look at the dates from the quote (and no other specific details), and compare with the dates that I have mentioned in first message on this thread, do you think these are similar scenarios or are there some variations ? As said, looking for a reply only based on the dates and assumption the dates are correct - are the scenarios similar ? In mu opinion I think they are. But want to check if someone can confirm that (only looking at the info given and assuming it is correct) Also, could you please provide any further details on the experience that you have mentioned ?
  3. Hi Raul, Thank you for the reply. Is the scenario that is mentioned above messages on this thread (and quoted below) - not the same - where he was not in Oz when the four year clock started. And as per his subsequent messages he was able to apply, do the test and was approved with this. It looks similar scenario. Please let me know if you think it is not same scenario ? "Arrived on Torist Visa (12/12/06) Departed on Tourist Visa (9/1/07) Arrived as PR (12/01/08) Departed as PR (27/2/08) Arrived as PR (28/3/08) Departed as PR (10/6/09) Arrived as PR (21/7/09) - Have remained here ever since If I use the date of 12/12/06 as the Lawful residence date, the calculator says I can apply on 20/3/2011."
  4. Hi Maggie Thank you for the reply. "were you a legal Australian resident during that period (temporary visas including bridging visas count) ?" To this question, the confusion is should the person be in Oz on the day looking 4 years from the intended date of lodging it or would holding a valid visa (PR for example) and having been in Australia for a few days before that be enough to fulfill this requirement. "were you outside Australia no more than 12 months?" To this question, the confusion is, even if one was away for more than 12 months after having visited once, whether it would be sufficient to look four years ago from lodgement date and the total number of months away is a bit less than 12 months is that ok (given one was not in OZ at that point 4 years ago) and one can apply then ?
  5. Thank you for the reply Phoenix. A couple of points: 1. I found on another forum (looks like link should not to be given here) that one of the members had the below dates and was approved as per his comments by applying on 22/03/2011 Arrived on Torist Visa (12/12/06) Departed on Tourist Visa (9/1/07) Arrived as PR (12/01/08) Departed as PR (27/2/08) Arrived as PR (28/3/08) Departed as PR (10/6/09) Arrived as PR (21/7/09) - Have remained here ever since If I use the date of 12/12/06 as the Lawful residence date, the calculator says I can apply on 20/3/2011. The dates mentioned above seem to be of similar scenario to what I have given in my first post on this thread. The person with the dates mentioned above in this post has been approved as per his further comments. Could you / someone please double check and confirm if I got it correct that it is the similar scenario ? Of course the above forum message was 8 years ago so not sure about the rules as of now. 2. I have also given a link to a post in this forum on the first message I wrote - and @Paul Hand has replied to what I think is a similar scenario (Please correct mw on this) and has said that it is possible. He is a MARA agent and has another view. Not sure which one is accurate. Please let me know your comments Thank you
  6. Thank you for the replies guys. This is a confusing subject with opinions on indicating opinions on either view in various forums.
  7. Hi guys, Could you please help me with the calculation of the residence for the application for citizenship: PR granted date - May 2015 Initial Entry date : May 2015 Absence - June 2015 to Feb 2017 Stay here in Oz from: March 2017 Date to apply for citizenship: As per my understanding from what I have read online and answer to similar question in below link, the date for apply can be March 2020. This link is from this forum: I think the above link has shows a similar scenario that I have shown in the dates given above here. However, as I was looking, found another link given below, it is the 2nd comment by MARA agent, which indicates different as compared to the above link. Could you please help me know which date I can apply and what is the correct explanation for this question ?
  8. Hi, What further information would be required ?
  9. Hi guys, Which Partner Visa should wife choose - 309 or 820 - based on the fact that she has a tourist visa and the tourist visa does NOT have any no furthr stau condition. What are the considerations Thank you
  10. Hi guys, Is there a minimum income or Bank balance required for 189 person to sponsor wife for 309/820 visa ? For example, if I am at work now and I would want to start a Business in sometimw then would that be OK when sponsoring for partner visa for wife - when the visa is under process? Thank you
  11. Hi guys Can one apply for Citizenship (those with 189 visa) if partner Visa 309/820 is in process for their partner ? Thank you
  12. Thank you Maggie ! A bit confused as when I called the department yesterday, they said they may or may not do the call. If we apply through a MARA agent, is it sure that they would call ? Also, is there any data on how long the 309 visa would take if we apply through a MARA agent and are here on a tourist visa ? Thank you
  13. Thank you for the reply Raul. Is the above a formal procedure / Standard practice - that if the person is in Oz when they are ready to complete, then they will inform the applicant of the same ?
  14. Hi guys, Looking to apply for a Partner Visa for wife and considering which option is best in terms of processing timws. Which Partner Visa would be better - 309 or 820 and also why is it better ? If applied for Partner visa 309, would she be able to apply and then come to stay with me till it is processed - would we know when the process is close to completed so she can be away when the visa is completed for this ? If it is 309, how do people typically do it - do they come to stay on tourist visa for a bit while it is being processed. Thank you
  15. Thank you Paul .. Is there a posibilty that this maybe done by July as usually changes are done. Also, would there be an advance notification of when this would be done ?