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  1. Sigemup

    Moving Interstate after citizenship application

    Thank you for the reply. Also, what documents did you provide for change of address to a new state ? Regards
  2. Sigemup

    Moving Interstate after citizenship application

    Hi mate, did you have to provide any additional documentation when moving interstate after test and prior to ceremony ? Also, when you called what info did they ask for ? Thank you
  3. Sigemup


    Thank you Nora ! What document did you give as address proof for the new address ? Regards
  4. Sigemup


    Thank you Nora for the reply ! Do you in what scenario it would delay and in what scenario it would speed up the ceremony appointment ? Could you please let me know what you mean by this "he only mentioned to use the form to update details to change our postal address." - which form is this about ? Also why only postal address ? Is it not also residential address ? Also, did you update the address before you moved to that new address ? is it like a friend's place or a place you already own / lease started at the point of updating the address ? Or is it updated on basis that you know you are moving to that address ? Should we send a form ? Or can we update it immi account itself ?
  5. Sigemup


    Hi guys, Is it ok to move to another council after approval while you are waifing for ceremony ? Is there any impact of this ? Thank you
  6. Sigemup


    Hi mate, did you speak to someone at the DHA or is it at the hornsby council about the above ? THank you
  7. Sigemup


    Congratulations ! Is this a virtual ceremony or a regular one ? Also, which council in the ceremony in ? I mean, you have mentioned the state is ACT, but is there is only 1 council in ACT or are there more and if so, where is the ceremony ?
  8. Sigemup


    Congrats Millski ! Do update us once you have completed the process.
  9. Hi Guys, Birth certificate reg. number has special characters (/) in the middle (example: 123456/A/B/21010/00001,) whereas in the app, special characters ('/') are not allowed. What should I do in this scenario ? Thank you
  10. Sigemup


    Hi guys, I have question about the scanning of photo for the form 1195. How big should the photo size be ? I mean the harf copy is as per the specs. But how big should the scanned soft copy be ? Should it be same size on the screen as the actual photo (i.e. 35mm by 45mm) ? Or should it be scanned copy be A4 size ? I am very confused about this. Thank you
  11. Hi guys, I have few more questions about the citizenship application. ould you please help me with the below: 1. The question about previous country of residence: for this, I was working in US for 1.1 years immediately prior to coming down under. And before that I was in India. So should it be US or India as the answer to this question about previous country of residence? 2. for the question regarding Residential address for past 5 years: In Oz, for about 2 months, I lived in a student accommodation in a hotel room. Should I include this as well ? Further, for about a few weeks or so I lived in a few hotel rooms till I found regular accommodation – I am assuming I need not include this ? 3. A few years ago, I went on a Europe trip with family. As there are no checks and stamping of pprt on the borders between the EU countries, I do not know the exact dates I was in each country. I know approximate dates only. Is it ok to add the approx. dates? 4. I did not find any section to include comments of my own (like it is there in paper apps etc. where you can use the additional comments section to clarify anything you want to) – could you please let me know if there is such a section ? I was thinking of clarifying some of the above (such as travel dates) if such a comments section existed. Thank you
  12. Thank you Rammy Girl ! For the PR, the birth certificate was not uploaded bj me. However, for the RRV, I uploaded the birth certificate and it was ok (the birth certificate was uploaded as I used initials in some documents for surname as it is very long. It required document for change of name. I uploaded birth certificate and a couple of other identity documents showing both versions of the name and stated it was not a change of name, but simply a preferred version of the name.)
  13. Hi Guys, I have a some questions regarding the application: 1. In many pages in the app such as identity document page - there is a field called "Document reference number" that needs to be input. Is the input for this the document number or the registration number on document ? (Note there is no separate field for both numbers in the application - so not sure which I need to input). To clarify further, the document itself has like the licence which has a card number and a licence number - the question is which one should I put (the equivalent of the card number or the equivalent of the licence number) - I am assuming the licence number equivalent ? 2. The Birth certificate I have has both English and another language for every line / information in the birth certificate. So I assume no translation is required as English is already there. However, the seal under the official signature on the birth certificate is not in English (This is the typical blue official seal). That is the only part not in English. Should the document be translated given all printed information has English as well ? Also, if it is required to be translated, I assume it would NAATI, if so how do I get it done now ? Thank you
  14. Hi guys, I have 2 questions about 2 sections in the citizenship application. 1. Other names: Questions that asks if I have any other names. In this the help button (question mark) explains that it can include if someone changed their name or have used preferred name etc. For this, I am not sure if my names are considered other names. I have a long name (both first name and second have 2 parts in each and are long) and sometimes for last name I use initials. For example: First name: John Last name: Thomas Wilson - for such a name I use John T W as my name in some documents whereas other documents use John Thomas Wilson. Could you please let me know if this would be considered as other names ? Because it is the same name but simply initialized. 2. Debt: After I submitted tax returns a couple of years ago, I had a medicare levy surcharge to be paid. However I forgot and missed the payment. Few months later I received a letter from probe collections. I immediately paid the amount and cleared it. For the question "Have you ever had a debt to the Australian government" - Should I say 'yes' or 'no' Thank you
  15. Hi guys, If I have visited the UK as a visitor and tourist on multiple occasions with a cumulative total of ~ 90 days, what is the process, in order to get a PCC. The reason I am asking is because when I checked it, it is asking for documents and details such as last known address in UK and endorser and other information which I would think only a person who has lived there rather than visited would have. (Note I do not have the details of the hotels where I stayed either). Also, please confirm if this is the correct website to apply: https://www.acro.police.uk/Police-Certificates-Online Thank you