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  1. Juditta

    Yahoo uk

    Thank you all very much for your replies.....I am in Queensland now, and like you all say, my Yahoo.co.uk is fine here....
  2. Juditta

    Yahoo uk

    Going to Australia very soon, Queensland.....will I still be able to pick up my Yahoo emails when I am there ? As will be on a different internet provider, and the thought suddenly occurred to me that it might be different. silly question maybe....but need confirmation....last minute panic probably ... thanks
  3. Thanks very much Marisa, yes, always intended to use a migration agent, so have responded to Paul Hand. Definitely need to do it right, so expert help will be brilliant.
  4. Thank you for your quick reply, I have filled in your company online form.
  5. I am an English pensioner, I met a very nice Australian man, also a pensioner, more than two years ago, we have spent a lot of time together since then, and now plan for me to move to Australia with him quite soon, as finally got a buyer for my house. I am becoming confused re which visa I will need to arrive in Australia, as our plan is for me to eventually apply for a Partner visa, but in between get a Bridging visa whilst we go through the processes.....my partner thinks all I will need is an ETA type of visa, which will give us time to apply (through an Agency) for my Bridging visa....but I have read that that is not possible to do with this an ETA visa, and that I would have to go offshore to re-apply for a different visa. So please can someone help with advice, as getting confused about it all. We also plan to get married in Australia. I will be very grateful for advice, thanks.
  6. Juditta


    Thanks for that Bob.....all useful information for me....my cats are my main concern....
  7. My two cats will be in quarantine in Melbourne, and I am wondering if anyone can give me advice please, on how to get them from Melbourne to the Brisbane area once their period of quarantine is over....is there a company who picks pets up and delivers them to where we will be (Warwick region).
  8. Juditta


    Thank you very much for your replies
  9. Juditta


    Oh! ok then, if I knew how to delete my post I would in that case
  10. Juditta


    Will be taking my two cats to Australia as soon as my house is sold.....there is a pet transporter quite close to where we are in the UK called Jets4Pets, and I am wondering if anyone has used this company, and how good are they. I have been in touch with them and they seem ok to me, but my cats are precious, so taking as much care as I can to choose the right pet transporting company. Thanks.
  11. I wonder if anyone can help please, because really need some information here. It all seems to be very confusing (or maybe thats just me ...confused!) I am a British pensioner, living in the UK, I have met a lovely Australian man, a pensioner as I am, he would like me to marry him and move to live with him in Australia. At first I thought it would be simple and straightforward, but now I look at all the forms, and all the necessary things one has to do, it all looks like a very complicated and slow process, (also expensive) without any guarantees of success. I would be so grateful if anyone could give me some advice and some more knowledge on this process. Thanks