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    Pet shipping from Manchester?

    Thanks for your comment about Jets4Pets @Juditta I had actually contacted them earlier this year but wrote them off as they weren't great at replying to my emails or answering my queries.. It was probably because of everything happening with COVID that's caused them disruption but thats why I want to use a pet travel agent - to make sure if there are any last minute changes they can handle it. How long ago was it you moved?
  2. Bethan

    Pet shipping from Manchester?

    Hi AliQ, Thanks for your reply, I've heard good things about PetAir too, I just felt like Golden Arrow had a more personal touch I think I'll just have to get into the mindset that we will be going from Heathrow. I'm just extra worried about all the flight changes etc at the moment too - if we were going from Manchester we could stay with nearby family should anything go wrong, not so easy if we go to Heathrow When did your cat travel? How did they seem on the other side?
  3. Bethan

    Pet shipping from Manchester?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to move to Aus next August, and taking my lovely little cat with me. We've done the rabies vacs and got her serology certificate, I now just need to pick a pet shipper to help with the rest! I've heard good things about Golden Arrow, and had a reassuring chat with them, my only problem is that I am in the north of England, only about an hours drive from Manchester airport, so would much rather go from there if possible! I have unfortunately not found many pet shippers that fly out of Manchester, the few I have been in touch with just don't seem too keen on gaining my custom (perhaps due to current covid restrictions, but it doesn't give me much confidence in them). Has anyone flown any pets from Manchester? If so, which pet shipper did you use and were there any problems? Thanks all!