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  1. Modasser Hossain

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Sorry for late reply. If it is full time then not a problem at all.
  2. Modasser Hossain

    190 processing time

    @Martina hopefully everyone will get very soon their good news. It's my curious mind who wants to know DOES VISA GRANT DEPENDS ON APPLICANT'S PASSPORT??
  3. Modasser Hossain

    190 processing time

    My point was only 60+5. I never followed immitracker as it's not authetic.
  4. Modasser Hossain

    190 processing time

  5. Modasser Hossain

    190 processing time

  6. Modasser Hossain

    190 processing time

    Thanks... yeah. I even didn't expect but it's true and so happy. After 8.5 yrs of struggling at last the sun shine came out. Keep us in your prayer as we are expecting also.
  7. Modasser Hossain

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hello everyone, First of all I would like to say thanks to everyone for helping me. Friday is always a blessed day for me and I am so happy today to announce that we got our 190 visa granted. Here is my timeline: EOI Submitted on 06/07/19 Got invitation or nomination 23/07/19 Visa lodged on 16/08/19 Medical and police check uploaded in between 22-27/09/19 No CO contacted Visa grant on 8/11/19 Point 60+5 Occupation: RN surgical State: Tasmania
  8. Modasser Hossain

    190 processing time

    Thank you guys for helping each other. Last Friday we received our 190 visa grant. Here is my timeline: EOI submit 06/07/19 Invitation received 23/07/19 Visa lodged 16/08/19 Medical&police check submitted 23/09/19 No CO contact Visa grant 8/11/19 State: Tasmania.
  9. Modasser Hossain

    Tasmania Visa 190

    Hi Okcmiller, I lodged my visa application for 19p from Tasmania. How can I help you?
  10. Modasser Hossain

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hi there, It depends on whether you are applying for 489 or 190. Job offer for offshore application. For onshore application if you submit for 190 then you need to work on your nominated occupation for 6 months and fulfil other requirements. In case 489 you need to work for 6 months in any field but there is some condition also. Please visit Tasmanian website. It's pretty straight forward. Please don't delay for 489 as the last date is 20th August to submit EOI. Sincerely Mohammad.
  11. Modasser Hossain

    489 Sponsored Tasmania Visa: Times of Processing EOI

    Hi Green, Have you received your invitation yet?
  12. Modasser Hossain

    vetassessment skill assessment of chef or cook

    Hi Gourav, Can you please share your experiences in details with us about the assesment? Did you study in Australia or overseas, how about work experiences and how long it took to get the positive outcome. Thanks in adv, Mohammad
  13. Modasser Hossain

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hi Harmann, Just lodge your EOI if you haven't done it yet. I know few nurses also waiting with 70 points for 189 but I suggest you to go for 190 from any state if you can fulfill their requirements. Wish you all the best. Cheers,
  14. Modasser Hossain

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hello, You need more points if you apply for NSW. For Tasmania, either you need to study or stay and work here full time on your nominated occupation for 6 months to eligible for 190.
  15. Modasser Hossain

    Student VISA - Condition 8104 - confused...

    Hi, As what I know that if you change your course and going upward or downward, you need to apply for new visa. That's what happened to me. It is true that some people in immi dept don't know all those law and regulations. You should consult with a good lawyear regarding your matter. Once you get your visa to Masters level, your wife can work unlimited. Sincerely, M