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  1. Green

    Shipping a Hoover

    Thanks I will have a look
  2. Green

    Shipping a Hoover

    Random question, but how do we clean the hoover before it gets shipped? It’s quite old, but as we have space in the container, I thought it was worth bringing. Thanks in advance.
  3. I thought that might be the answer. Thanks.
  4. I applied for a 489 nearly a year ago and have a travel exemption and a job (hopefully waiting for me). It’s been over 6 weeks since we got the exemption and nearly 4 weeks since the case officer requested our police checks that were already attached. These were resubmitted. Any advice on how I move this on? We have called Home Affairs and so has our agent and now we are completely stuck in limbo. Do you think the quotas have really affected our chances?
  5. I’m an occupational therapist
  6. I submitted my qualification certificate, my job offer letter, my bank account statement, a letter of support from employer (stating type of patients I would work with and waiting list etc) and I wrote a personal statement explaining my job role and why it’s critical.
  7. Critical skills as have a job offer. I’m an occupational therapist.
  8. There’s a radiographer on this site who has been granted a travel exemption. Search “exemption” and it should come up. I have been given a travel exemption too. Have a job waiting for me, but still waiting on my visa decision. The family included on the visa application are given the exemption to travel. Good luck!
  9. Has your daughter requested exemption to travel?
  10. Ok I will try and find my calmness. Hopefully moving to Hobart. You?
  11. I got my exemption to travel granted a few days ago and now am freaking out over where my visa decision is. Trying to remain positive.
  12. Green

    Quarantine twice?

    Thanks, I didn’t see this information when I looked. Yes, seems that two sets of quarantine will be needed.
  13. Green

    Quarantine twice?

    Damn. Thought the transit would be a way of doing just one set of quarantine. Thanks.