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  1. Green

    Pearson’s English test overall score

    Yes, E2 was really helpful and just getting use to the format of the test helped to know what was coming on the day.
  2. Green

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    Ok, thanks. I will call the shipping company on Monday and find out.
  3. Green

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    Really? I have a French bulldog who I want to bring to Australia with me. Quantas was the airline mentioned in the quote. Do you know if other airlines will take that breed?
  4. Green

    nursing Pgdip EOI

    I have postgrad dip too and it selected my degree as highest which is unrelated to my job. Think it’s due to length of course? Got an invite. Good luck!
  5. Green


    Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone had organised these vaccinations beforehand or does it need to be done in Australia? Thanks.
  6. Just wondered how quickly the 489 Tasmania visas are taking now. The website says 9 to 12 months. Curious if others have had them quicker? Thanks.
  7. Green

    489 Tasmania

    Just heard I got my invite. Delighted!! Hope yours is on the way.
  8. Green

    489 Tasmania

    Me neither. I hope they are concentrating on clearly the 489 visas first, but who knows?! It will be over for me as will be too old by mid September. Wishing you lots of luck.
  9. Green

    489 Tasmania

    No I’m not in Australia. Are you? The waiting is pretty bad. I used a migration agent and didn’t realise they would receive the result and been obsessively checking my email at all hours of the day and night. Anyway I wish you the best of luck. Let me know if you hear anything.
  10. Green

    489 Tasmania

    Hi Krishna, I applied on 12th August and I’m an occupational therapist. I have 70 points. Fingers crossed we hear before the 10th September. Will you be able to apply for another visa if it doesn’t come through in time? How many points do you have? Green
  11. Green

    489 Visa Gang

    The waiting is just terrible. I wish I could think about something else! Anyone waiting on an invite from Tasmania on a 489 visa? There’s only a few more weeks left before it ends completely. Breathing 1, 2 and 3.
  12. Green

    489 Tasmania

    Sorry to hear that, Sana.
  13. Green

    489 Tasmania

    Hi 489’s, Any of you had nominations in the past month? I put my expression of interest in a few weeks back and just can’t stand the waiting! Green
  14. Hi Kaleem, That’s great to hear!! The clock is ticking now. I am scheduled to do to the PTE exam on Monday and have to score in superior range for the points to work. I’m English speaking but trying to refresh on different areas. Hope you’re plans for migration are going well. Green