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  1. Green

    Anyone been granted

    I am waiting on a 489 for over 8 months now. Do you think it’s likely they will start processing offshore soon? Thanks.
  2. Green

    190 processing time increases to 10 months

    I wonder what is happening to the applicants waiting for the decision from the leftover 489 visa? 491 applicants seem to be getting decisions much quicker and they are basically the same visa with a few changes. Trying to remain positive as at least it’s moving in right direction.
  3. Green

    Best agents

    I used Emergico and they were excellent.
  4. Any idea if 489 visa applications are still being processed? I know the coronavirus is having an enormous impact, but just wanted to find out if anyone else is still waiting on a decision? Are they just concentrating on onshore applicants? Thanks.
  5. Green

    Visa processing

    My migrant agent said they appear to be prioritising onshore applications. But unclear at this stage whether they have completely stopped working on offshore ones.
  6. Green

    Where do I start?

    Could you try and get employment and sponsored that way? You should try and speak to a migrant agent to see if they have any suggestions for you and your daughter. I don’t think New Zealand have 45 as the cut off. Maybe it’s worth considering. Good luck x
  7. But this doesn’t include 491 and 489 visa holders, does it?
  8. Green

    489 Grant after 5 and a half months

    That’s really helpful. Thanks for that. Just holding onto the thought that a decision will be made soon for us. Best of luck.
  9. Green

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    I’m still waiting since Oct. The website says 6 to 11 months now. Rather than 7 to 10 months a few weeks back. Don’t really know what that means.
  10. Green

    Pearson’s English test overall score

    Yes, E2 was really helpful and just getting use to the format of the test helped to know what was coming on the day.
  11. Green

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    Ok, thanks. I will call the shipping company on Monday and find out.
  12. Green

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    Really? I have a French bulldog who I want to bring to Australia with me. Quantas was the airline mentioned in the quote. Do you know if other airlines will take that breed?
  13. Green

    nursing Pgdip EOI

    I have postgrad dip too and it selected my degree as highest which is unrelated to my job. Think it’s due to length of course? Got an invite. Good luck!
  14. Green


    Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone had organised these vaccinations beforehand or does it need to be done in Australia? Thanks.