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Found 18 results

  1. Clairemantle

    Travel exemption siblings

    Hello can anyone help me understand if I can get a travel exception for my sister. We are Australian citizens and would love my family from the UK to finally meet their grandchild. I can see we can apply for my parents to come but anyone has any success with siblings? Thank you!
  2. Emmy_18

    Getting back to Oz

    So following a horrific phone call back in March regarding my mum's health I was granted exemption to leave Oz to return to the UK. Thank goodness she is recovering and I am currently living with her and supporting her in that journey. I however left behind my job (who have so kindly let me continue working remotely), my partner and my home. I was granted my 820 visa a couple of days before leaving the country also. My question is, as my mum continues to recover i'm beginning to think about my return to Oz. I always knew it would be incredibly hard but I wonder if anyone has managed it and how hard it was? From what I gather as an 820 holder I don't need exemption to get back in it's just getting flights that's the impossible part? Any advice or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, has anyone received a travel exemption for work purposes? In a bit of a dilemma..my husband and I need to give 12 and 8 weeks off of work respectively but it states that u have to apply no more than 2 months before your flight but if we get refused then we'll have paid for flights we cant use and no jobs..does anyone have any advice?
  4. Hi guys, need some advice on where to start with getting a travel exemption to fly to Australia to join my partner. My partner is Australian and is in Australia, and I'm in the UK, the plan pre-covid was to fly to him and apply for the 820 onshore partner visa, obviously, that's not happened and I'm still in the UK. We've been together for 2.5 years, travelling together for 6 months and living together for 1 year, we have sufficient evidence to apply for the travel exemption as an immediate family member, but I don't have any form of visa to enter with. The immi website states that If I don't have a visa prior to applying for an exemption, then I must provide sufficient evidence of being in a de facto relationship.. But where do I provide this and at what stage? And am I right in thinking that I must first obtain a tourist/visitor visa, and then apply for the exemption? And lastly.. I read that somebody entered Australia on a 12 month tourist visa hoping to apply for an onshore partner visa but then found they couldn't apply until their 12 month tourist visa expired, are you able to specify the length of tourist visa required when you apply? Would appreciate any and all the advice you guys have to offer!!
  5. Just wondering if anyone is at the same stage as us. We have just had our 491 visa grant through after being invited by SA at the end of June. Rather quick turnaround on the application, which could be down to the occupation we applied under. What circumstances have people had an exemption granted in order to enter the country on a temporary visa?
  6. Dear all valuable ppl, my wife, son and I have been granted 489 offshore on Jan 2020 and I am seeking a job in SA. I am a radiographer but it is not in priority skilled job list. I am wondering if i found a job and got an offer, can i apply exemption? and if I can, is the exemption will be granted to main applicant only? or all of my family? thank you for your time to read and looking forward to hearing any idea.
  7. Lizziescho

    Travel Exemption

    We have recently started a business in Australia and want to head over to recruit a team based in Sydney and train them along with opening an office. We haven't applied for a visa as of yet, but planning on travelling over on a tourist visa for business purposes. Do anyone know if we would qualify for a travel exemption as we are creating jobs and business in NSW.
  8. Good morning, I have a job offer as an Emergency Department doctor (resident medical officer, not a specialist) to start very soon and need to apply for a 482 visa, along with my spouse. I have never been to Australia and live in a country with a very low number of Covid cases. I realised that I would not only need a Visa but also a travel exemption to actually travel to Australia. Would anyone know, how hard is it for a doctor (and/or their spouse) to get a travel exemption? The cost of a visa for both of us is very high and I am hesitant to pay it if we only have a tiny chance that the travel exemption will be granted, as it appears that we cannot apply for an exemption without having applied for the Visa. We've had no help after calling the Home Affairs, but the employer is happy to issue a letter stating that I am required to start in the Australian hospital soon. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  9. Hi all, I applied for a 309 in December 2019 - still awaiting the outcome. My G/F has Australian PR & living with me in London currently. She wants to go back soon, maybe in the next 2 months. Im pretty certain my 309 will not be processed by then, so Im looking at applying for a visitor visa and flying back with her, we have enough funds to support ourselves there whilst i wait for my visa outcome I have questions/concerns around filling in the exemption form. The form asks for my partners country of Residence, should i put UK or Australia here? She's living in the UK for past 2 years, i find the question strange, if i put UK will they reject it as she's currently not in Australia for me claim i need to enter to visit her? We were planning on flying back together but now i'm wondering if she should go first then i later? I am no doubt overthinking this whole process! If anyone else has gone through it please id like some advice! Cheers! Jack
  10. Deniz Adrian Hoteit

    Skills Assesment required?

    Hello my name is Deniz Adrian. I´ve been in Australia for 2 years on a WHV. Im from Germany and a qualified bricklayer and did my master of bricklaying and concreting (kind of builders license) I want to apply for a medium term visa 482 and my question is now: Do i have to make an skill assesment or are there any examptions? I even worked in Canberra as a bricklayer and i´ve got 9 years experience and all my qualifications. Because if i read right, a skill assesment wouldn´t be necessary or am I wrong? I appreciate your help. It is really confusing me and i really want to come in november. Cheers Deniz
  11. Al2230

    Partner Visa Exemptions

    Hi, Anybody applying for a Partner Visa or have been granted a Partner Visa using the 2 year defacto relationship with child exemption? Curious to know if you were granted Permanent Residency straight up or still only received temp residence first and need to wait 2 more years! Contemplating this or may jus wait and apply for the nominated residency as I'm entitled to apply for this. cheers.
  12. I am finished BBA 3rd yr in Nepal.I have 1 yr left.I have a situation so I am willing to apply for exemption(credit Transfer) in Australian University.How likely is it to get exemption and what are the documents required and process to apply for exemption. thanx in advance.
  13. Any tips? Thanks a lot.
  14. Hi to all, I have had a few letting agents round in the last 2 days. They tell me that if i am making a profit on the rental income of my property and then i move abroad, i have to complete form NRL1 to stop me from paying any tax on the income. Has anyone done this or have they kept quiet and not told the lettings agent what plans you have to live abroad. They said it's big trouble if you don't and that you may still have to pay tax through a self asesment form at a later date- IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU WON'T PAY ANY TAX. It's just another thing to think about, as well as insurance for this, that and the other when renting out your home whilst living abroad. I'm beginning to think is this all really worth it? Surely for anyone who has rented out there home, it must be such a worry to constantly think about your UK home and if the rent is being paid, etc etc.... Please, any comments as always are greatly appreciated before i change my mind completely!!!:arghh::wideeyed:
  15. RachelS

    Medicare Levy Exemption

    Hi All - does anyone know if when you're on a 457 with a reciprocal Medicare card if you're able to claim any exemption from the Medicare Levy? I've read up on the ATO website (says if you're not an Australian Resident you may be exempt) & on the Medicare exemption form (says you can claim if you don't hold a permanent visa - but there's a note that if you came from the UK prior to Aus then you may not be eligible). Does anyone have any practical knowledge of this - has anyone done it? I would think that as we're temporary & hold reciprocal cards that in theory they'd charge the UK for any healthcare costs anyway - but I'm going round in circles now! :err: We've got private medical insurance anyway so aren't liable for the surcharge but I'd like to find out about the standard medicare levy. Cheers guys Rachel
  16. Hi, We're looking into school fees in NSW for 457 visa holders. As we have 4 children I enquired with NSw Dept of Ed if they offered any sibling discounts. No, they don't, but they do offer an exemption procedure. I was told by the Dept of Ed that even if your exemption application fails, you will then be offered automatically the option of paying the full fees in weekly installments. Does anyone have any experience of applying for exemption? Cheers Paul
  17. celeliza

    IELTS exemption

    Hi everyone, I may have to take an IELTS test to gain extra points for my visa. I'm in the process of making enquiries with various test centres to see if they would be happy if I don't take the listening test due to my profound deafness - this is called exemption which I can apply with proof from my doctor. Has anyone been in this situation before? If I do get exempted and pass with 3 modules (not listening), I assume DIAC will still give me "25 points"? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Claire
  18. Hi all. We are moving out to oz next june and are moving out of our uk house next month and putting it up for rent. The estate agents have said that when we leave th euk we will be charged tax on the rental untill we get an exemption certificate from the Inland Revenue. Is this right? we will be renting at a loss also! Can you get th e xemption cert before you leave if this is the case? thanks in advance Al