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  1. Orls Ni Neill

    AITSL Skills assessment

    Hey there... You can absolutely teach in Australia... AITSL is only for visa purposes. You just need to get your qualification recognised when you get here, or even start the process now from home. Then you register with teaching council here and you are good to go! Visa wise, I had no luck with the visa... when I put my case forward, they said they would look at it on an individual basis. However, I was a days out from the TP days requirement... so you never know? It might be worth a try? Are you over 30 yo? Best of luck with everything and keep the chin up! Orlaith
  2. Orls Ni Neill

    Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    How are the wait times now guys?
  3. Orls Ni Neill

    AITSL Skills assessment

    Thanks Niamh...
  4. Orls Ni Neill

    AITSL Skills assessment

    Thanks Bran. Niamh, did you have to give much info from the university you obtained your post grad from? Or just your certificate? Thanks again guys.
  5. Orls Ni Neill

    AITSL Skills assessment

    Thanks anyway though Niamh. I really appreciate it.
  6. Orls Ni Neill

    AITSL Skills assessment

    Feck! Ok, thanks a mill Niamh...
  7. Orls Ni Neill

    AITSL Skills assessment

    No, there's no special need initial teaching degree available in Ireland. Only post grad, but I don't hold one...
  8. Orls Ni Neill

    AITSL Skills assessment

    Cheers Bran. I haven't actually applied yet, but might just take the chance and apply anyway. I was hoping that someone might know of someone that has tried and hopefully successful.
  9. Orls Ni Neill

    AITSL Skills assessment

    PLEASE HELP! Hello there, My name is Orlaith and I'm a fully qualified Special Needs Teacher currently based in Ireland. I'm looking to migrate to Australia on a skilled migration visa, but I'm running into difficulties getting my qualification recognised with AITSL because they do not consider Montessori qualifications. My degree was a four year full time degree covering the full primary school age range. I'm hoping to get in contact with Irish teachers based in Australia who are teaching in Special ed and were successful getting their qualifications recognised to do so. Does anyone know of anyone with a 4 year montessori degree who has been successful with AITSL? Thank you in advance