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Found 124 results

  1. Hello all, My British fiance applied for his Prospective Marriage visa on 01/06/2017. I wanted to start a new thread specifically for the Prospective Marriage visa subclass 300, where others can share their timelines if they like. The current processing times are as follows: 75% of applications processed in 11 months 90% of applications processed in 16 months Please feel free to share your timelines.
  2. Hi all, I am a UK citizen currently in Australia and am here for another 3 weeks (on a tourist visa) living with my ozzie partner (soon to be fiancee). I would like to get all the documentation ready for my prospective marriage visa so I can lodge the application as soon as I return to the UK in March. However, the first question on the online immi account is regarding my whereabouts, because you can only apply for a PMV outside of Australia. I don't want to say I am outside of Australia when I'm not because in my application I will be detailing that I was in Australia until March 1st 2018. The thing I would really like is a document checklist for the PMV, so I can use this to prepare my application. Does anyone know where to find this or has one they could send me? Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  3. Hi All I recently got deported from australia for breaking the rules of my visa. I was on a tourist visa and did a few days work as i was a bit short of cash and a friend needed help to finish a job and asked if i would help him out and he gave me some money for groceries in return. Im in a commited relationship with an australian citizen and we have been dating for over 12 months but have only been living together for 10 as i had to previously return home for 3 months when my dad got sick. Due to breaking my visa I have been given the 3 year exclusion ban however the guys in the immigration department were fairly confident that i would be able to get the ban waived if i was to return on a more permanent basis such as a partner visa. Has anyone been through the same experience and what do i need to do to get the exclusion waived? Is it a case of sending off an appeal or do i just have to hope they waive if i apply for another visa? Have me and my partner been together long enough to get a partner visa? We have got evidence of shared bills, joint credit card, recently went on our 1st holiday together, numerous photos and joint invitations to events such as birthdays wedding etc? If not then we will probably have to look at the prospective marriage visa, although we are not engaged i had planned to do it next year after we had already sorted out our defacto visa. Its a lot of questions but im after as much advice as i can possibly find. Thanks Carl
  4. Hi all, My partner and I are now gathering all our evidence to apply for the Prospective Marriage visa. My question is, can our personal statements about our relationship be typed on a computer, printed and then hand signed? I'd rather have it typed and then hand signed to keep it neat.
  5. Hi, I'm new to PIO, but have been looking everywhere to try and get this question answered (I think I might as well go insane!) First a bit about our situation; My partner and I were all set to apply for the defacto visa (He's Australia, I'm from the UK) we started going out in August, Moved in together in October at a Pub we were working at - we have letter of confirmation from the boss but we weren't paying rent as he was Deputy Manager and got free accomodation as a priviledge, se up joint bank accounts in Dec and booked our flights together to fly to Oz in Feb, we spent 10 days in Thailant holidaying and then moved over. For the first 5 months we rented a room from his brother (I've got rent receipts from a rent book as evidence), his brother bought a property in July and since then we have taken over the lease (Joint names). We have a joint bank account here in oz. So as evidence I have; A photobook from Sept 2008 - Nov 2009 (90 photos) Letters from my mum and friends Emails from Friends and grandmother cards from friends and family (Joint leaving cards, birthday cards, thank-you cards, easter cards) Joint wedding/engaement invitations Statements from friends and family (both UK and Oz) Our rent agreement and receipts Health check & Police check FLight tickets to thailand, oz and then on hols to airlie beach Receipts from accomodation when we have had weekends away Bank Statements Statutory declarations (Form 888) 47sp and 40sp I'm trying to get back dated phone bills.. I can't believe how stressful it is! To make matters worse we've just got engaged (and although we were initially thrilled we didn't realise the implications of this on our application) Does anyone know if you are still able to able for the defacto visa if you are engaed or do you have to apply for the prospective marriage visa? I've looked into it and if you get the prospective marriage visa you usually have to get married in 9months. I can't organise a wedding in 9months! Not only that but I want to enjoy the process and spend time deliberating over flowers and cake and shoes! I don't want some botch job wedding that I have to quickly organise! Sorry if that sounds really selfish but I've always imagined a fairytale wedding, I have my prince and I want everything to be perfect. Please can someone help explain our options or provide any advice on what else we can provide with our visas to make them water tight. If we arrange an appointment at the visa office and take all of our evidence in, do they say yes or no then or do they just give you advice on what else you need or should include? Sorry for the HUGE post... but I did warn you at the top 'I'm going out of my mind!'
  6. GooseRenders

    Prospective Marriage Visa 300

    Hey Guys, just looking to find some people to chat with applying for the same visa as us! I am from the UK, my boy is an Aussie. Applied for our visa last week so just lots of waiting for now! Anyone have any idea of the time? It says on the website 5 months but we don't want to get our hopes up! Anyone out there in a similar situation?
  7. hi all, i had lodged an application on dec 20 of 2010 and get a request letter for further documents in the end of may 2011,and i had submitted all related documents includes police check and medicals on 15 june of 2011,let u advice me how long it will take to finalize my application.have someone had granted this type of visa(PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE 300) most recently?to advice me on it further,thanks bye
  8. Hello, My fiance and I are looking to apply for the prospective marriage visa. I am Australian and an Australian citizen living in the UK with my fiance. I am not working here in the UK as I'm wanting to go back to Aus to work, but I wanted to know if my parents are able to sponsor my fiance on the application. We will living with them when we go back. They are able to provide evidence of accommodation and financial support, but would that be allowed? On the visa website, it only mentions the partner as being eligible to be the sponsor and doesn't mention any alternatives. Thanks.
  9. Linday

    Prospective Marriage Visa

    Does anyone know how long this visa is taking to process if applying offshore in the UK? We have heard varying reports of from one month to eight months.
  10. Hello,I am going to Australia this year on a prospective marriage visa. I am ex Bristish army and I was wondering will I be able to join the Australian army in the 1st 9 months I am there? I have my heart set on rejoing the army as its a way of life I really enjoy. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Hi all, Our PMV has been granted with a deadline of 5/9/12 which is great news. However, my partner has some concerns over the "wedding" details. We are considering having a small, intimate ceremony for the 2 of us with 2 witnesses to legalise our marriage prior to having a more extravagant ceremony with family and friends in the future. BUT, she is concerned that a small wedding day wont have the meaning or emotion that it should. Unfortunately the visa deadline dictates that we must get married by 5/9/12 in order to stay together in Australia and this is proving a worry for her. Any advice is much appreciated......
  12. Hi all - been a while since my last post as we have been very busy settling down in Adelaide. Found a lovely home (renting) near the beach and we are absolutely loving it. I was very stressed when we first arrived about finding a suitable place to rent, having read some of the horror stories about how long it took some people to find somewhere. So just wanted to share our experience in case it helps anyone else! Husband and I came over on a 175 visa, so neither of us had jobs when we landed, and we had a cat with us (most rental ads state 'no pets'). So i was pretty convinced we would not be able to find a place very easily and how wrong i was! We found a lovely brand new house (where we are the first tenants) within two weeks of starting to look for a place. - Do some homework in the UK. Make sure you get written references from your old boss/work colleagues, bank manager if you have a relationship, current landlord if you are renting in the UK - the estate agents need a few of these as 'character references'. Our Australian bank (Westpac) also offered to give us a written reference if we needed one (though in the end we didnt). I am sure the other banks would too if you are short on references. - Get an Aussie driving licence and a mobile phone contract before looking to rent if you can. Both of these help meet the points test most estate agents apply to establish your identity. - We put together a file with all our details - we had photocopies of passports, aussie driving licences, phone contract, references, even bank statements to show we could afford to pay the rent until we found jobs. We took this with us to every viewing. It helps to be able to apply for a property instantly if you can, as good properties can go within hours. - We found most rentals had 'open days' - where all potential tenants turn up to view the property at the same time. Not very pleasant but you get used to it after a while. We found there was a lot more 'competition' at the cheaper end of the market. - Turn up to viewings nicely attired - no flipflops or really casual clothes if you can avoid it. Make an effort but dont let it be too obvious. You dont want to come across as having dressed up for the occasion, but it is really really important to leave a good impression with the estate agent. If you have kids with you make sure they are well behaved and not running around skidding on the polished wood floors or stomping on the plants. - Try to strike a rapport with the estate agent. Australians love small talk, so my husband got talking to the estate agent about cats (she also turned out to be a cat lover), and she had all but promised us the house by the time we left the viewing (despite there being other people viewing the property at the same time). Dont just whiz through the property, grab an application form, and leave without even saying hello to the estate agent. - if you have a pet, but you like the look of a property, go see it anyway. Our place had a 'no pets' stipulation on the ad, though the estate agent said she was sure she could convince the landlord to 'relax' this for us. We also found that 'no pets' often means 'no dogs' - we called a few agents to check how firm the policy was, and most of them said 'oh no, cats are ok '?! Hope this helps and good luck!
  13. Wasn't positive if it belonged in Jobs forum since those seem to be more like postings for actual jobs. I've been applying to entry level and general labor jobs now since Dec 4th in Queensland. I have 2 years sales experience, 5 years retail experience. I've applied to well over a few hundred locations and I've landed three interviews. I am noticing a peculiar pattern though, originally tipped off to me by online applications, then confirmed when I spoke with the Manager of a book store. I feel people are not hiring me because of my Visa status. I was already aware I would have to be aggressive in appealing to people that my visa was not temporary, that I am getting married and have zero work restrictions. However, since my visa goes through two phases- one being AFTER I am married, they consider my current one to be a temporary visa, and the next phase more permanent. The second my passport number so much as touches HR's desk, it becomes an instant disqualification for me. I applied to Aldi, was phoned to come an interview, told at the interview it was looking good for me. I got home and a bit before I had left for the interview, an email arrived. It was an automatic notification from the application services that my resume and application were pulled for not being up to standard. This was due to my visa status. I was doomed to fail before I had even started my interview, as I was no longer hirable by their standards. I did not have luck in being pushed through anyway by the Area manager, read that however you will. I have had applications auto denied from Coles, Woolworths, Kmart, Target, Big W, JB Hifi, Bunnings, and WOW electronics. The best luck I had was a personal application at Cold Rock ice creamery, where they seemed to hire on a personal level and were willing to accomodate my visa status, however out of many applicants I wasn't the one chosen. Does anyone know of any sort of resource I could use to help myself get hired before marriage? We're not getting married until March 17th. I attempted going to centrelink, who told me they couldn't help me due to my visa status, but they forwarded me to an employment agency. I had to wait three weeks for the appointment and the employment agency also told me they cannot refer me to anyone for work. tl;dr Can't find work because I am not yet married, but residing in Aus on Prospective marriage visa. Is there anything at all I can do to help myself?
  14. Dear Friends: how long it will take to Grant the visa SC300 after the health examination and other more informations submited? i lodged my app. 6 weeks ago and they requested me for the health examinatiob, any advice i will really appreciate coz i'm stresse about it, .
  15. Guest

    After Prospective Marriage.....

    Hi Hi everyone! Me and the other half are getting married next year, I am currently on a prospective marriage visa and have just arrived back in OZ after 1 year apart from him After the wedding we will apply for temp partner visa. I just wondered, is this correct, or do we go onto spouse (or are these the same), and how long do you think it will take.... My boy is Aussie and I a Brit... Thank you in advance you lovely ones
  16. Hi me and my partner want to do a prospective marriage visa and are considering a agent, spoken to Global visas and go matlida, it seems like they just help out with paper work and dont get you back any quicker? Our case is very straight forward I guess and I can fill out paperwork myself, our main thing is I will be sending off visa in Jan and we want to get married in october/november ....I want it done asap really so any advice there? migration agents help you get back quicker? I've heard Global do. Its just a lot of money so I want to be sure. Spoken to them but would like other views from you guys it so hard cuz how do you book a venue and get things sorted if you dont even know when you'll be back!? Heard it generally takes 7 months? I live out in the counrty in the UK so I dont really wanna be stuck there for 7 months, its hard enough to get a job in the uk let alone without a car waiting for a visa lol I have thought of returning to aus on a tourst visa (3montsh) telling my case agent this is what il be doing then just leave the country when the visa will be granted, go to NZ? Has anyone done that??? Any advice on this or just PMV or migration agents to use! Any advice is good help to us so let me know your thoughts! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x:Randy-git:
  17. Hi all Feeling quite proud of myself as just went to the Aus High Commission in London and submitted my fiance's PMV 300 app. Decided to hand deliver because we don't trust Royal Mail and there are all these strikes on now. Just thought I'd list what we included, so those applying can see and perhaps it will help. - They don't like lots of dividers or paperclips or post-its everywhere, just a big wad of paper is good! I stuck a couple of post-its just on the front of a few bits where it wasn't easy to tell what the evidence was exactly. - If you're hand delivering, don't seal your envelope - they make you open it as they can't accept sealed envelopes by hand (security issue) - We included a cover letter, giving a bullet-pointed list of each item in the app, that way it's clear what's in there and we're not having to put sticky notes on everything. We also put in a stamped, self-addressed envelope and asked in the letter that they send back anything they can because we'll need it for the next stages of the visa (ie. the permanent ones). The dude at the counter said they will definitely send it back to us. List of stuff included: - Forms 40SP and 47SP (applicant and sponsor) - Police check (original) - Letter from our celebrant in Aus - Certified copies of both our birth certificates and passports (I have a Brit and an Aus one, so included copies of both) - Certified copies of my fiance's previous marriage cert and divorce decree absolute - 4x passport photos of my fiance (the applicant) and 2 of me (the sponsor) - 4xA4 sheets with copies of photos of us together at various points in time - put a little line of text explaining where and approx when each was taken - Copies of emails from family and friends saying they're coming to our wedding - Copy of our tenancy agreement, in both names - Copy of the letter confirming opening of our joint bank account - Bank statements from our joint account - Bills in both our names (we gave them originals, made copies for ourselves) - Confirmation (signed) of our wedding venue hire in Sydney - Travel itinerary and boarding passes from a trip together to South Africa - Statements from both me and fiance explaining everything about our relationship - mine was four pages, his was three (I'm a writer, can't keep it short!) - Two stat decs from friends (both Aussies, one in UK, one in Aus - on form 888) - My tax returns from the last two years (submitted certified copies of P60s, plus bank and mortgage statements from Aus and payslips from here to cover periods not included in the tax periods - must cover last two years) - Extra statement from me explaining why I can't provide a fixed address in Sydney where we plan to move (as I live over here) - Payment mandate from London office (if you're applying in London, print off this form from the actual London Aus High Commission site, and it allows you to pay by UK debit or credit card in pounds - replaces the payment section in the form itself) Phew!! So glad it's in! The dude at the counter said it's three months processing time, but I said I'd heard others had theirs done in three weeks, and he said yes, depends on the circumstances, the back log, the case officer. He said it all looked really good and the main thing that will slow down an app is if it's incomplete, so if you haven't addressed everything required - eg. if you don't have a piece of evidence or you don't know how to get it or you don't think it applies to you, either go in and talk to them (or ring the stupidly expensive enquiry line!) or submit something in writing with your app explaining what the deal is. He also said including a massive bunch of cards and stuff from ages ago is not that helpful - better to have stuff that covers recent timeframes and actually evidences your relationship in the last 12 months (because otherwise you'd be applying for the partner visa and establishing your relationship for 12 months anyway). Also re. medicals - he said many docs will refuse to do it before you hand in the app if it's a TEMPORARY visa app, as depending on the circumstances of the app, the type of medical required may change. So, if you're applying for a permanent visa (not this one!), you should front load your app with your medical, but if a temp, you don't need to. Yippee! Will provide updates on how it goes... hope that was helpful for someone, sorry it's so long! :wacko:
  18. Hi! Hopefully someone will be able to help me. My partner and I recently got engaged but we have been living in a share house in Australia so therefore can't apply for a defacto visa. So our only option is the PMV. His visa ends on the 3rd December this year. We are planning to get married in the UK, however I am a little worried that we won't have the money in 9 months time to go back to marry. We plan on living in a share house to save money so we won't be able to apply for a defacto visa in 9 months time. Would he be able to apply for a business sponsor if he is on a PMV visa and have the PMV cancelled if we can't afford the wedding. That way it would buy us some time. Thanks
  19. Apologies if this has been brought up before but I received my prospective marriage visa last week (yays) and will be heading to oz on tuesday. Now I know you have to reapply within the nine months due to health and character checks going out of date, but does this mean that i do not have to have them re done for my partner visa or will I have to pay to have it all done again? I know i have to pay for the visa itself but just will be really annoying if i have to go through all those health checks again when I only did them 4 months ago! Thanks
  20. Hello, I put my PMV application in on the 15th Dec 2010, obviously I still have a long way to go in terms of it being processed. But I just wanted to ask what is the telephone interview like? If anyone has had one of these could you tell me what questions etc you got asked? Thanks.
  21. Hello, I've been in Australia for 6 months on the Working Holiday Visa. I'm too old to apply for my second year. I met my partner here in Aussie around 4-5 months ago, they are Australian. We are living together, have joint bank accounts and basically know that we want to spend the rest of our lives together. I've met the partner of my dreams and it's just awesome! I have been to see a migration agent about my options and now know the ins and outs of the Prospective Marriage Visa which seems the best one to go on. I've thought about de facto etc but it wont work for us like the PM Visa would. I also want to continue working where I am but only have 7 weeks left due to the 6 month rule. They are willing to take me back after the months break I will end up taking while waiting for my PM visa to be granted. My question is, our case is straight forward, neither of us have been married. I have no dependants. Do I really need a migration agent? I've been quoted from two places, between $4.5K and $5.5K AUD. Does it speed up the process? Is it really worth the money? I just want to know if any of you have been in my situation and if you have any opinions or advice for me? Thanks Crocod
  22. I am just wondering if anyone can shed any light on whether it is better to go for the Prospective Marriage visa and then spouse visa or if it is better to ger married first and then go for the spouse visa? My son is currently in the UK and his girlfriend will be coming to Oz in September on her 176 to start a job. He needs to stay behind to finish his professional qualification. They intend to get married. They are just worried that as they have never lived together they will not have enough evidence for the spouse visa if they get married in the UK first. However, if they do get married in the UK and then apply for a spouse visa will he be able to come to Australia on a visitor visa and apply for a spouse visa on arrival? Will he then get a briding visa which will allow him to work? Just not sure of the advantages of one against the other.
  23. As I understand it anyone granted the PMV is not entitled to use Medicare until they have applied for the spouse visa. Just wondering what people normally do? I know there is a reciprocal agreement with the UK, but is this enough?
  24. Hi, i would appreciate your help greatly. Our story goes like this. My finacee entered Australia on a Last Remaining Relative visa in April. Now we are trying to make a Prospective Marriage Application for me. On his visa it was stated that he can not marry before first entry, code 8515, therefor we didn't do anything before he left. After he arrived there he proposed to me via skype and we are officially now engaged. My question is, will there be any problems because of his type of visa? We can prove that at the time he had applied for his visa we were not dating. But he got his visa last October and had to stay here for 6 months, during what we decided to be together. Thank you in advance.
  25. Ohhh dear. let me see if i can explain the situation So we are about to hand in our PMV application Last year while in Australia, my partner was offered a sponsorship with a company, they where taking the steps needed etc, wrote up a contract gave him a copy to sign, he signed it, it was sent back to them for signing, and then they pulled out at the last minute saying they didnt have the funds for the contract anymore, it was during this process that caused my partner to overstay his visa by 28days and low and behold told to leave and a ban placed on him. So we are in the Uk been over here since August about to hand our forms in, and this company has come back and asked him if he would be interested in applying again and that they now have all the funds etc needed and would like to revisit the contact. we are sort of in a pickle about what it is we should do. I seem to think the best option is to continue with our PMV as planned, particually after all the hard work and stress put into it and possibly get the company to write a statement stating that they would like to offer him a job and what date they would like him to start that they had offered it last year and it fell through etc etc, and hand that in with out application, or get them to contact immigration themselves and ask what the best plan of action is. Dunno I really dont want to risk losing our prospective marriage visa, or the fees paid for it etc if they are just going to turn around and put him on a work sponsorship visa instead. Have anyone had any sort of situation similar?