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Found 52 results

  1. Hi all, First post here. Our situation is a little unusual in that we are a same sex couple - with me from the UK and my better half Australian. We are living apart at the moment but plan for me to relocate from Merrie Olde England to NSW. We wish to marry so are hoping that SSM legislation will be passed soon to enable this, and are currently making tentative plans based on the assumption that legislation will pass and as far as immigration is concerned will mean the same rules currently applying to straight couples for fiancee and marriage visas will also apply to us. Following on this assumption, I'm a bit confused / surprised about the Class 300 visa. Do citizens of all countries who enter Australia to marry have to apply for the 300 before arriving, or is this only for citizens of countries that cannot use the e-visitor system? Most countries allow people to enter for weddings quite freely, usually on a regular social visit/holiday/family visit visa, then afterwards to apply for the main partner/residency visa. Is this not the case in Australia? We want to do everything strictly legally to avoid any issues, and so will start down this road as soon as we can if need be, but wanted to check to ensure we don't plan for needless expense and paperwork on a visa we don't need. Thanks for putting up with my ramblings! Jasmin
  2. Hello all, My British fiance applied for his Prospective Marriage visa on 01/06/2017. I wanted to start a new thread specifically for the Prospective Marriage visa subclass 300, where others can share their timelines if they like. The current processing times are as follows: 75% of applications processed in 11 months 90% of applications processed in 16 months Please feel free to share your timelines.
  3. hi all! anyone here on a 300 visa or was previously holding a 300 visa? how did you go with job applications? does it really discourage potential employers that we are on a temp visa? been applying with no luck Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, I lodged my fiances 300 visa late 2017 and i am still waiting. I am just wondering how long have you all waited for your prospective visas.
  5. Hi guys, my partner and I are applying for the pmv in a couple of months (august) but are stuck on how to choose a wedding date? The aussie gvt website says currently 75% of applicants are processed in 13 months, 95% in 19 months. With the 9 month window to get married once approved, how do I choose a date to get married? It could basically be any time from sept 2019 to dec 2020 :S It seems that we need the wedding organised with dates, venue and the officiant all booked, right? I'm so worried i'll organise a wedding too late or too early, and not have the visa for it.
  6. TellHimHesDreamin

    820, 309 or 300

    Hi all - new to the site and first post. There are clearly a lot of knowledgable people on here and I am hoping someone can help me. I did think our situation was unique, but it looks like a lot of people have similar questions, relationships and problems in getting into Australia. Anyway, I am a UK national, but currently working in the Middle East. My gf is an Australian national and has lived there her whole life. I fly into Oz as often as work permits and we spend as much time together as we can. We have spoken and will marry as soon as we can, but also need to align work and visas...but more importantly, we are both in the final throws of getting divorced from our exes. Neither of us have really pushed for the divorces, even though we have been separated for a number of years. We have been in our relationship for about 18 months, now need to push things forward so that we can start our new lives together in Australia. My question is, what route do we go down? I will probably continue to work FIFO for a while (to save up for a house!) but at the same time, in order to make the move to Oz, I need to be able to work, and getting the right partner visa will of course allow me to do that. The whole, being in the country when applying, or when the visa is granted, against costs, and time, or whether to enter on a visit visa, get married and leave again for work...is just confusing! Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello all, My partner and I have decided to go with the Prospective Marriage Visa as this seems to be our best option. Firstly I am headed back to the UK tomorrow so I believe we will be doing the online lodging of the visa application. Does anyone know where the application will be processed through and possible time frame for processing time at that location? What do we need to provide to prove we have met in person? Are photos a must? What is the cost of the xray/medical l would need to get done over in the UK? I think that is all for now Thanks so much
  8. hetx

    PMV 300 Help

    Hello All, Here's my scenario: I was introduced to an Aus citizen and we met up a few weeks ago. We have known eachother since highschool, but never kept in touch and we were introduced to eachother by our parents. I have studied in Aus in the same city as him, so we have been in the same events numerous times, but do not have photos together. We are keen on eachother and want to get engaged in December 2017- so I can say that we are engaged, but having the ceremonial engagement in Dec. Since it is an arranged marriage, there has not been a proposal. Since the visa process takes a lot of time, we wish to start the PMV 300 application as soon as possible. He lives in Australia and I live in a different country. Here is the evidence we have and can provide: -Photos from our trip together -bookings for hotels we stayed at together -tour bookings under our names -whatsapp chat -whatsapp phone call (we talk everyday) -photos with his parents -photos with mutual friends -stat dec from 3 friends who are aus citizens -ticket for his trip for our engagement in Dec -we will figure out a date for civil marriage (try to figure out when I may be granted PMV300 and in between the 9 months) and get a booking with a registrar & quote for the wedding venue, the wedding will be in my home country and not in Aus -statements from our parents informing acceptance of our marriage as we are of the same caste/religion -invitations for events we are both invited to, to show social acceptance My question is, 1. can I apply for PMV 300 as soon as possible with the above evidence? 2. do we really need to update photos on facebook of the two of us and provide that as evidence? (We are not quite active on facebook, but have been friends since Aug 2009) 3. What can we provide as proof to show that we are planning a future together? We cannot have joint bank accounts as I do not reside in Aus. I have read quite a few forums in the past few weeks and I am still not sure whether I can start my application straight away. Any help will be highly appreciated Thank you
  9. Hi, I moved to Australia (Adelaide) earlier on in the year on a Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300). We are getting married on 25/06/2017, later this month, and the visa expires on 28/07/2017 so we will have a month from the wedding to the expiry. Plenty of time for our Subclass 820/801 application however I had some questions about it all. Firstly, the documentation that I have to submit for this next application, is it the same as for the original one, passport photos, statutory declarations, birth certificates etc? Or do they hold things like copies of my passport on file etc and I only have to submit new evidence like the marriage certificate? Secondly, when we applied the first time, we did a paper application so had everything fully certified by a solicitor. I now have an ImmiAccount and it will obviously be a lot easier to apply online and submit all the evidence that way. Do we still need to supply certified copies? Or just colour scans? As to my mind all we would be supplying anyway is a colour scan of a certified copy! Or do we apply online and then send all the certified stuff through separately? I hope someone will have the answers because the immigration website is pretty muddy! Thank you!
  10. GooseRenders

    Prospective Marriage Visa 300

    Hey Guys, just looking to find some people to chat with applying for the same visa as us! I am from the UK, my boy is an Aussie. Applied for our visa last week so just lots of waiting for now! Anyone have any idea of the time? It says on the website 5 months but we don't want to get our hopes up! Anyone out there in a similar situation?
  11. hi all, i had lodged an application on dec 20 of 2010 and get a request letter for further documents in the end of may 2011,and i had submitted all related documents includes police check and medicals on 15 june of 2011,let u advice me how long it will take to finalize my application.have someone had granted this type of visa(PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE 300) most recently?to advice me on it further,thanks bye
  12. Hello everyone, I tried to search for a thread for this details but could not find much. I want to apply for a Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) for my partner. Can you please tell me about good immigration agents in Sydney? If possible, please give me atleast 3 options. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Priku
  13. I submitted my subclass 300 visa in Bangkok and have become really bored of sitting around and waiting. My CO is useless so i cant ask her so what im wondering is can i leave? what happens etc
  14. Hi there, I am seeking advice from anyone who has applied for a prospective marriage visa or has successfully obtained one. My partner who is British, and myself (Australian) are in the process of preparing our application for category 300 Prospective Marriage Visa. The only concern I have is with regards to my ability to prove I can support my partner financially as per sponsor obligations. My income over the past 2 years is not very high as I spent a lot of time traveling while on my working holiday visa in the Uk (where we met) and have just returned from spending another 4 1/2 months in the uk on a tourist visa to visit my partner where obviously I coudnt work. I have since returned home to Australia and have started a well paid contract job which will last 2 months but am worried as this isnt a permanent position that it may not be sufficient for the purposes of immigration. Does anyone have and idea what amount of earnings or employment records are sufficient for the purposes of proving financial obligations as a sponsor and if a statement outlining reasons for lower than usual income over the past 2 years or a letter from my parents as guarantors might assist? I had a good university level qualification in an area that I will have no trouble finding permanent employment in within Australia. Any advice in this area would be much appreciated!
  15. I have read a lot of posts about how to certify, but seeking advice on whether copies of cards sent to each other or to both of us need to be certified? Are these considered a document? We have certified our bills, identity documents etc... but are unclear about whether we need the JP to certify copies of engagement cards, birthday cards and letters to us. Also, emails can't really be certified right? As they are printed from a computer? Anyone submitted and successful that can comment here?
  16. hello, i have an issue with Prospective marriage visa 300 the requirement by the immigration, i must have met my partner in person!!, how can i waive this requirement?? if i just have met my partner on internet?? please give me an advice or another kind visa that could help.
  17. Guest

    An odd partner visa question!

    Hi guys, This is our first post! Hopefully one of you super helpful and intelligent people can lend a hand! We want to apply for a Partner Visa (309) in February next year once we have enough evidence. However we really want to get married in June after we have lodged the application i.e. get married during the application process (or just after if the visa comes through quick!). Can we do this? We know we really should apply for a prospective marriage visa (300) but for cost reasons we want to avoid this as it works out a lot more. Any help you guys can give would be great! Thanks in advance! :notworthy:
  18. LouiseS

    Subclass 300??

    Hi guys, been a while since i posted and needing some advice from anyone who has applied for a subclass 300. Just got back from my trip to Oz to see my OH and now have a lovely sparkler on my finger :yes::cute: As me and my Fiance haven't lived together for 12 months, i will need to apply for the prospective marriage visa. Now i have the forms and have read all the info but it is quite confusing with regards to the information required. So many questions but i will try and condense 1) the sponsor form - will my Fiance have to return the form and all his documents to me to be sent with mine or can he send it direct from Australia? and does anyone know where he has to get his documents certified? 2) The statements from family and friends - does it have to be family or can it just be friends as there is some family conflict :frown: 3) the police check and medical - am i best getting it all done before i apply or when asked? 4) the supporting evidence - will skype conversations, emails, phone bills be sufficient as well as my flight info and piccies of us together? 5) where do i have to get my documents certified? apologies if this is on the form/website but i don't seem to be able to find the info and finally 6) the statement by 2 australian citizens - can that be combined with his family/friend statements or does it have to be done by different people? i'm sure i will be asking more questions as it is quite daunting doing something so important by myself :eek: thanks in advance to anyone who can help me
  19. Wasn't positive if it belonged in Jobs forum since those seem to be more like postings for actual jobs. I've been applying to entry level and general labor jobs now since Dec 4th in Queensland. I have 2 years sales experience, 5 years retail experience. I've applied to well over a few hundred locations and I've landed three interviews. I am noticing a peculiar pattern though, originally tipped off to me by online applications, then confirmed when I spoke with the Manager of a book store. I feel people are not hiring me because of my Visa status. I was already aware I would have to be aggressive in appealing to people that my visa was not temporary, that I am getting married and have zero work restrictions. However, since my visa goes through two phases- one being AFTER I am married, they consider my current one to be a temporary visa, and the next phase more permanent. The second my passport number so much as touches HR's desk, it becomes an instant disqualification for me. I applied to Aldi, was phoned to come an interview, told at the interview it was looking good for me. I got home and a bit before I had left for the interview, an email arrived. It was an automatic notification from the application services that my resume and application were pulled for not being up to standard. This was due to my visa status. I was doomed to fail before I had even started my interview, as I was no longer hirable by their standards. I did not have luck in being pushed through anyway by the Area manager, read that however you will. I have had applications auto denied from Coles, Woolworths, Kmart, Target, Big W, JB Hifi, Bunnings, and WOW electronics. The best luck I had was a personal application at Cold Rock ice creamery, where they seemed to hire on a personal level and were willing to accomodate my visa status, however out of many applicants I wasn't the one chosen. Does anyone know of any sort of resource I could use to help myself get hired before marriage? We're not getting married until March 17th. I attempted going to centrelink, who told me they couldn't help me due to my visa status, but they forwarded me to an employment agency. I had to wait three weeks for the appointment and the employment agency also told me they cannot refer me to anyone for work. tl;dr Can't find work because I am not yet married, but residing in Aus on Prospective marriage visa. Is there anything at all I can do to help myself?
  20. Hi all Feeling quite proud of myself as just went to the Aus High Commission in London and submitted my fiance's PMV 300 app. Decided to hand deliver because we don't trust Royal Mail and there are all these strikes on now. Just thought I'd list what we included, so those applying can see and perhaps it will help. - They don't like lots of dividers or paperclips or post-its everywhere, just a big wad of paper is good! I stuck a couple of post-its just on the front of a few bits where it wasn't easy to tell what the evidence was exactly. - If you're hand delivering, don't seal your envelope - they make you open it as they can't accept sealed envelopes by hand (security issue) - We included a cover letter, giving a bullet-pointed list of each item in the app, that way it's clear what's in there and we're not having to put sticky notes on everything. We also put in a stamped, self-addressed envelope and asked in the letter that they send back anything they can because we'll need it for the next stages of the visa (ie. the permanent ones). The dude at the counter said they will definitely send it back to us. List of stuff included: - Forms 40SP and 47SP (applicant and sponsor) - Police check (original) - Letter from our celebrant in Aus - Certified copies of both our birth certificates and passports (I have a Brit and an Aus one, so included copies of both) - Certified copies of my fiance's previous marriage cert and divorce decree absolute - 4x passport photos of my fiance (the applicant) and 2 of me (the sponsor) - 4xA4 sheets with copies of photos of us together at various points in time - put a little line of text explaining where and approx when each was taken - Copies of emails from family and friends saying they're coming to our wedding - Copy of our tenancy agreement, in both names - Copy of the letter confirming opening of our joint bank account - Bank statements from our joint account - Bills in both our names (we gave them originals, made copies for ourselves) - Confirmation (signed) of our wedding venue hire in Sydney - Travel itinerary and boarding passes from a trip together to South Africa - Statements from both me and fiance explaining everything about our relationship - mine was four pages, his was three (I'm a writer, can't keep it short!) - Two stat decs from friends (both Aussies, one in UK, one in Aus - on form 888) - My tax returns from the last two years (submitted certified copies of P60s, plus bank and mortgage statements from Aus and payslips from here to cover periods not included in the tax periods - must cover last two years) - Extra statement from me explaining why I can't provide a fixed address in Sydney where we plan to move (as I live over here) - Payment mandate from London office (if you're applying in London, print off this form from the actual London Aus High Commission site, and it allows you to pay by UK debit or credit card in pounds - replaces the payment section in the form itself) Phew!! So glad it's in! The dude at the counter said it's three months processing time, but I said I'd heard others had theirs done in three weeks, and he said yes, depends on the circumstances, the back log, the case officer. He said it all looked really good and the main thing that will slow down an app is if it's incomplete, so if you haven't addressed everything required - eg. if you don't have a piece of evidence or you don't know how to get it or you don't think it applies to you, either go in and talk to them (or ring the stupidly expensive enquiry line!) or submit something in writing with your app explaining what the deal is. He also said including a massive bunch of cards and stuff from ages ago is not that helpful - better to have stuff that covers recent timeframes and actually evidences your relationship in the last 12 months (because otherwise you'd be applying for the partner visa and establishing your relationship for 12 months anyway). Also re. medicals - he said many docs will refuse to do it before you hand in the app if it's a TEMPORARY visa app, as depending on the circumstances of the app, the type of medical required may change. So, if you're applying for a permanent visa (not this one!), you should front load your app with your medical, but if a temp, you don't need to. Yippee! Will provide updates on how it goes... hope that was helpful for someone, sorry it's so long! :wacko:
  21. Hello all Just wanted to know how long people have been waiting for london to process their visa application? Just to put you in the picture we have submitted and done police checks and passed the medical. A relative has bought us flights to get back on the 13th December, wg=hat are our chances......................................Help please stressing out big time:arghh:
  22. Hi there, I am hoping some one can help me with this query as I've spent hours scouring the internet and can't seem to find an answer. I'm from the UK and got my Australia PR visa (subclass 175) granted about a year ago. After it was granted, I got engaged to my (now) husband and we then successfully applied and were granted a prospective marriage subclass 300 visa. Since then we have been out to Australia and got married :-) We weren't quite ready to move out permanently so we're back in the UK at the moment but will be flying out to settle for good in October this year. Our question is how do we go about applying for my husband to remain permanently in Australia now that we are married. His visa grant letter just states that he has to do this from within Australia before his subclass 300 visa expires. All the info I have found points to him applying for a subclass 820 visa - but the visa application process looks like you have to submit a multitude of documents exactly as we have already done for the subclass 300. Is this right? Do we have to go through the entire process again, getting statutory declarations, references from employers etc? We will find this extremely difficult to provide since we will have just arrived in Australia and won't be employed :-( Any help would be much appreciated as I can't seem to find a straight answer. I have tried contacting the Australian high commission but can't get through. Thanks.
  23. Guest

    Pmv 300

    Hi all, Good day! I am planning to bring myfiancé who is right now in Malaysia by PMV subclass 300. I am a full time PhD student living in Adelaide with University Scholarship of AUD 27000 PA . Will my scholarship allow me to satisfy the PMV subclass 300 visa's financial requirements? If that is the case, can I be his sponsor? Do I need to show any bank balance?! (I just sent all my savings to my sister for her new business) Can anyone please help me to clear my doubt on financial documents? Thanks in advance XXX
  24. JulieFreo

    Visitor Visa while awaiting PMV 300

    Hello everyone Has anyone entered on a electronic visitor visa while awaiting decision on a overseas lodged marriage visa application and what was their reception at airport customs like? Any stories to share? Is it easy to get another electronic visa whilst in Australia to extend the time (since processing seems to currently be 6 mths plus). Thanks!
  25. Guest

    Help Please!

    Hi all, I am just finalising my application for a Prospective Marriage Visa (300) and need help with a couple of things..... 1. Re The medical forms (26 & 160) Q6 Asks Intended occupation/activity? I'm not sure what job I will be doing there and my activity is surely to get married and live there. Any ideas on what to put for this?? 2. Re Statement of Relationship History. Is there any particular wording we have to put on this to make it official or a layout to follow? We have our names at the top and understand it needs to be signed and dated. 3. Re Stat Decs.Our 2 Aussie stat decs will be done on form 888 but my mum is doing a UK based stat dec. Does she need to use that form? Or is there a layout and wording needed to make this official? Thanks for your advice!!