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  1. My husband arrived in Australia last year on the prospective marriage visa and we got married in January. Now we have applied for the partner visa, and I'm currently doing the sponsorship application.
  2. Hello all, I am currently filling out the Partner Visa (subclass 820/801) sponsor application. I am a bit confused with the question "Has this sponsor previously sponsored/nominated a spouse, de facto, prospective spouse or interdependent partner?". I previously sponsored my husband's Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300), however, my interpretation is that the above question is asking about any other person I may have sponsored other than my husband who was my fiance at the time. I'm interested to know what other people, that are applied for the partner visa from the prospective marriage visa, chose as their answers. Kind regards.
  3. appletwist

    Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    Hello, Just make sure that you include everything that they ask for in the document checklist. You could even start scanning your documents onto your computer now, as it's a very long process, so that they are ready to be uploaded after you apply. All the best.
  4. appletwist

    Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    My fiance was granted his visa (PMV 300). The whole process took 2 months, here are the stats: Applied: 01/06/17 Asked for medical and sponsor police checks: 12/07/17 Medicals and police checks provided: 24/07/17 Visa granted: 31/07/17.
  5. Hi all, My fiance completed his medical check today and wants to know when he should click the 'information provided' button. Does he need to click it straight away or wait until the medical results have been forwarded to DIBP?
  6. appletwist

    Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    Congrats on getting your visa, that was a fast turnaround. For your partner's Australian Federal Police check, did they apply online or post their application via mail? My fiance received an email requesting that I do a police check and it says 'your sponsor will need to send their completed application to the AFP at the address on the form'. I would like to do it online as there is an option to do so.
  7. My fiance applied for the prospective marriage visa and has been asked to provide further evidence. As his sponsor, I need to provide a police check for every country that I've lived in for the past 10 years. I lived in the UK for a few years and am back in Australia now. Can someone please tell me where I can get a police check for the UK?
  8. appletwist

    Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    Thanks for sharing. When you applied in March, were the processing times still at 5 months or was it up at 11 months?
  9. appletwist

    Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    Thanks for sharing, that's a really fast turnaround time!
  10. Hello all, My British fiance applied for his Prospective Marriage visa on 01/06/2017. I wanted to start a new thread specifically for the Prospective Marriage visa subclass 300, where others can share their timelines if they like. The current processing times are as follows: 75% of applications processed in 11 months 90% of applications processed in 16 months Please feel free to share your timelines.
  11. appletwist

    Do I need form 47a for an independent child?

    Thank you for your response. I did end up ringing immigration twice yesterday and was told both times that it didn't matter if our boy was independent or not, we needed to provide it, which totally contradicts the document checklist in the partner booklet which states that it is only for dependent children.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I remember looking at the sponsorship forms a few years ago and they did ask about income, employment, and the type of dwelling you lived in (number of bedrooms, etc.) so that's why I was confused.
  13. I'm in the process of attaching documents to my sponsorship application for my fiance's Prospective Marriage visa and it doesn't ask for any evidence pertaining to my source of income. I am currently a full-time student so I had planned to upload an income statement from Centrelink. Other documents I have provided include my birth certificate, passport, passport photos, medicare card, personal statement, photo of applicant, and evidence of my address (phone bill). Can anyone please tell me what documents they provided as a sponsor? Any info would be greatly appreciated.