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Found 53 results

  1. Hello all - hope you are all getting on well! Hit the 10 month waiting mark for my PMV yesterday, trying not to focus too much on it but it's hard when everyday you log in and it says "Further Assessment". But anyway...it will get there eventually! Hoping those grants are coming in soon for all of you who have been waiting! Anyway - wondering if someone can help me with my query. I am travelling to the USA for two months in June and July for our "honeymoon" (we are doing our honeymoon before we actually get legally married!). On the off chance that I get my visa soon, do they give you a specific date you need to enter by? Our wedding is booked in Melbourne for August 2019 so there isn't a huge amount of time between the end of our honeymoon and that date. Not too worried...but I love a panic, especially when it comes to my visa. I just have visions of having to leave my fiance alone in USA while I jet back down under. I am currently offshore, at home in Edinburgh for a (freezing) couple of months! Thanks to anyone who can confirm!
  2. Hello all, My British fiance applied for his Prospective Marriage visa on 01/06/2017. I wanted to start a new thread specifically for the Prospective Marriage visa subclass 300, where others can share their timelines if they like. The current processing times are as follows: 75% of applications processed in 11 months 90% of applications processed in 16 months Please feel free to share your timelines.
  3. hi all! anyone here on a 300 visa or was previously holding a 300 visa? how did you go with job applications? does it really discourage potential employers that we are on a temp visa? been applying with no luck Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello! For majority of my relationship requirement documents (for Prospective Marriage Visa), I used Microsoft Powerpoint (since I personally found that it is way easier to use in terms of positioning photos and texts compared to Word). I saved them in PDF format, and they are all waayyy over the 5MB limit. I have heard that there are programs and websites that can be used to compress the file size in order to reduce it and make it adhere to the limit.. However Im just worried if it will affect the quality and not make it readable. Please let me know how you handled this? If you've used size compressor websites/programs, how did it go? any suggestions? advice? THANK YOU SOO SO MUCH!!!
  5. Hi guys!! I am the sponsor while my fiance (applicant) is living in the Philippines. We have met in person but majority of our relationship was long distance. We are so close to gathering all our documents and requirements, and we are planning to lodge our application in March 2019. I just have a few concerns and would appreciate some advice! ♥ ♥ - quick relationship background - * We first met as friends in 2011 at our high school. I migrated to Australia in 2013, and our relationship started/developed when I reunited with him when I went on a vacation to the Philippines in Feb 2017. (This was the only time in 2017 where we were physically together, for around 2 weeks only) * Ever since I went back to Aus in March 2017, we have remained in contact and continued our relationship. We started talking about our future and getting married in Australia constantly throughout 2017 to present. QUESTION 1: Does this count to 'when we got engaged'?? or only when he actually proposed to me with a ring? Is there a certain requirement for how long we are supposed to be engaged for? * I went on a vacation to visit him in the Philippines twice in 2018. (first visit was for almost 2 months, and second visit was for 1 month). We did talk about him getting a tourist visa but he has not yet had the opportunity to visit me in Australia due to college and work (and He has never tried travelling to other countries before, but he got his passport earlier this year) QUESTION 2: Is that going to be an issue to be concerned about? Does he need to visit me in Australia first prior to lodging our visa? * We both met each other's family in 2018. I only have 3 photos together with us with my family, and only 2 photos of us with my fiance’s family. (We met up way more times than this, but we just did not take lots of photos back then when i was in the philippines twice in 2018). As for friends, we also only have 1 photo with our friends in 2018. Our friends are graduating from college and some are working full time, causes a clash in our schedules which is why we didn’t really get the chance to spend more time with our friends (plus we were honestly focused on spending our limited time of being physically together alot more) Will this be an issue of concern? Do I need to provide more photos than this? QUESTION 3: Will this be a problem? Do I need to supply more photos than that? * As of now, I will be visiting him in the Philippines again for a month in mid January 2019, and in February we are going to be travelling together for the first time (and his first time travelling in general) to Singapore for our 2nd Anniversary. * During my time in the Philippines in Jan-February 2019, We are planning to get his medical exams done there in advance and then lodge our visa in March 2019. As for our Notice of Intended Marriage, I am planning to get that done in early January 2019 before I leave Australia to go to the Philippines. QUESTION 4: Will this be okay to get these documents a month prior to lodging our visa? Is it allowed? These are also a list of relationship evidence requirements that I have gathered so far: - 2017 call logs and message history - 2018 call logs and message history - 2017 social media posts - 2018 social media posts - receipts of gifts we gave to each other (with bank transactions) - receipts of our hotel bookings (with bank transactions) - receipts of uber ride histories showing us visiting each other’s houses, going to our hotels, dates, etc (with bank transactions) - timeline of our relationship that shows photos of significant events and joint activities - receipts of times money was sent to fiance through remittance website (with bank transactions) - receipts of our hotel and flight bookings for our trip to singapore in feb 2019. QUESTION 5: in regards to ‘ proof that you and your prospective spouse have met face-to-face as adults since turning 18 and know each other personally’ in our written statement it is mentioned that we met in 2017 when we were 19 years old. What other evidence can I provide for this section? Question 6: in regards to ‘proof that you and your prospective spouse genuinely intend to live as spouses’ We included talking about our plans to live together in our written statements and also included screenshots of chats/messages about this, as well as links of rental properties we both liked that we sent to each other. Question 7: I only have 3 photos together with my fiance and my family, and only 2 photos of me with my fiance’s family. (We met up way more times than this, but we just did not take lots of photos back then when i was in the philippines twice in 2018). As for friends, we also only have 1 photo with our friends in 2018. Our friends are graduating from college and some are working full time, causes a clash in our schedules which is why we didn’t really get the chance to spend more time with our friends (plus we were honestly focused on spending our limited time of being physically together alot more) Will this be an issue of concern? Do I need to provide more photos than this? Question 8: In regards to joint activities, I can only think about including photos of us going on dates. We never travelled anywhere in 2017 and 2018. We have never went on weddings or parties (only one family reunion event). What are other examples of joint activities?? Question 9: In regards to Form 888 Statutory Declarations, I am planning to get 3-4 stat decs to be completed in Jan 2019 (2 months before visa lodgement) is this okay? does it matter when a stat dec is made? Question 10: In regards to fiance’s Form 80 Character assessment.. My Fiance does not hold a bachelor’s degree since he decided to stop his university studies mid 2018 in order to work full time (his first job) to help save for our future and for the visa. Will this affect our application, or give a bad impression ? Question 11: Since philippines is a high risk country, does that mean processing time for our visa will take longer? IM SO SORRY for the long post and the many questions. I am just feeling scared and overwhelmed, only a couple more months until we plan to lodge our visa! We really want to be approved same as everyone else.. We truly appreciate it if you could let us know anything we are missing, any kind of advice, suggestion, or important info! THANK YOU SOOO SO MUCH!!
  6. Hey guys! I am the sponsor and the applicant (my fiance) lives in the Philippines. I will be visiting him in Jan-Feb 2019. and we are planning to lodge the visa on the 28th of Feb (my last day in the PH) or on March 1 (I will be back in Australia by then.) Does the location matter during the visa lodgement? I am going to pay for the visa fee using my Australian debit card, is this okay? or does it need to be paid using the applicant's account? Thank you!
  7. Hello all! I have already submitted our PMV application, all docs uploaded and received by dept etc etc. While we wait it out I am aware that I can enter Australia on an eVisitor visa. I am visiting my partner again in Melbourne in September. My previous evisitor is still valid until February 2019. Assuming my PMV hasn’t been granted by then... can I enter on this existing one or should I apply for another one?
  8. hetx

    PMV 300 Help

    Hello All, Here's my scenario: I was introduced to an Aus citizen and we met up a few weeks ago. We have known eachother since highschool, but never kept in touch and we were introduced to eachother by our parents. I have studied in Aus in the same city as him, so we have been in the same events numerous times, but do not have photos together. We are keen on eachother and want to get engaged in December 2017- so I can say that we are engaged, but having the ceremonial engagement in Dec. Since it is an arranged marriage, there has not been a proposal. Since the visa process takes a lot of time, we wish to start the PMV 300 application as soon as possible. He lives in Australia and I live in a different country. Here is the evidence we have and can provide: -Photos from our trip together -bookings for hotels we stayed at together -tour bookings under our names -whatsapp chat -whatsapp phone call (we talk everyday) -photos with his parents -photos with mutual friends -stat dec from 3 friends who are aus citizens -ticket for his trip for our engagement in Dec -we will figure out a date for civil marriage (try to figure out when I may be granted PMV300 and in between the 9 months) and get a booking with a registrar & quote for the wedding venue, the wedding will be in my home country and not in Aus -statements from our parents informing acceptance of our marriage as we are of the same caste/religion -invitations for events we are both invited to, to show social acceptance My question is, 1. can I apply for PMV 300 as soon as possible with the above evidence? 2. do we really need to update photos on facebook of the two of us and provide that as evidence? (We are not quite active on facebook, but have been friends since Aug 2009) 3. What can we provide as proof to show that we are planning a future together? We cannot have joint bank accounts as I do not reside in Aus. I have read quite a few forums in the past few weeks and I am still not sure whether I can start my application straight away. Any help will be highly appreciated Thank you
  9. Hi All, My wife and I got married recently after my Prospective Marriage Visa was approved and we moved from the UK to Sydney in December 2016. My wife is an Australian citizen and I'm in the process of applying for my Partner Visa 801 from Australia. My question is about documents and evidence. We submitted documents for the PMV online and will do the same for the Partner Visa. I kept copies of my submitted evidence for my PMV and had it all certified in the UK. Can I just use a lot of that again or do I need to get it all certified in Australia now? I know we'll need new declarations and the wedding certificate will need to be certified, but copies of my ID documents and all other documents just seems like so much work, when I could just upload what I previously submitted. I think my police check will be over 12 months very soon too, so I'm hoping they won't ask for a new one. I hope this makes sense. Thanks very much, Greg
  10. I will soon be applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300) to marry my Australian girlfriend. Thanks to this forum, I now appreciate that it will typically take 8-9 months for the visa to be granted, so we will bear this in mind when booking the wedding date. We plan to settle and live in Australia permanently and will be applying for the Temporary Partner visa (subclass 820), and in due course, the Permanent Partner Visa (subclass 801). am very unclear though when I may import my personal effects into Australia. Obviously, I cannot do this on the Visitor Visa, which I currently have. But.... Can I import my belongings once I have entered Australia on my PMV? Or do I have to wait until I have married and applied for my Temporary Partner Visa (820)? If the latter, do I have to wait until my Partner Visa is actually GRANTED until importing my personal effects, or may I import my belongings as soon as the Visa application has been made (bearing in mind it might take several months before the visa is granted). Any personal experiences of this and advice would be most welcome. At the moment I am in a quandrary, trying to anticipate how much storage time I should arrange before my stuff can leave the UK. Many thanks.
  11. Just want to see who else applied around this time and what stages you are at etc. I applied 10th June, got my CO and got my medicals all sorted, not just for the long wait
  12. Apologies if I have provided too much info in this thread. I have split it into sections for those who want to skip to my queries. Thanks in advance for any advice you can provid First a bit of background info: I am a British citizen (35 years old). 3 years ago an Australian girl came for a 1 year trip to the UK. During that time, we met and continued dating for the rest of her trip. When she returned to Australia, we maintained a long distance relationship. In that time she has come to the UK twice and I have been to Sydney once. She has met most of my family and I have met most of hers. VISAs I employed the services of a MARA agent, who after reviewing my details, stated that I had an excellent chance of being granted a "Skilled Visa (subclass 189)" (for ICT Business Analyst). The issue with this approach is that it will take between 8 and 16 months to get the visa - we are hoping to get married during Easter 2015. I enquired if the "Proposed Marriage Visa" would be a quicker way to proceed - which he agrees it would be. 1st QUERY From what I have read, it is rare for genuine couples to have their PMV turned down, but the process can take between 3 weeks and 3 months. As it is a requirement for us to get married within 9 months of the visa being granted, when should I submit the application? (As I dont want it to start before August, in order for us to get married in April 2015). 2nd QUERY I am hoping to land a job in Sydney before I move. Should I state within my covering letter that I have applied for PMV (I expect it would help as they wouldnt need to sponsor me). Also, should I state my reasons for moving to Australia (I know that personal details are usually excluded from covering letters, but this would give them an indication of how long I intend to stay in Australia).
  13. We are on the final stages of getting our application together for submission later this month for 309/100 PMV. We have had copies of passport pages/citizenship certs/birth certificates all certified but I wondered if we needed to do the same with evidence to support a genuine and continuing relationship? We have bank statements, council tax letters and other documentation which were were going to send originals of. Any advice on best way to include this supporting documentation would be helpful! :ssign16:
  14. patrickhemming

    PMV Subclass 300 Driving me CRAZY!!!!

    Hey Guys, Just signed up to this as told of this website by a friend who's just moved to Oz. My situation is this: I was in Australia for 12 months and met my fiancee in the end of 2009. We had met a few times and lost contact etc. However a year ago we got back in contact (Thanks to Facebook) and we decided to do the whole long distance thing. 12 months down the line and she has been over for a month long holiday in July and then came back in September and is currently here in the UK but will leave around February. We understand pretty much what we need to do for the visa, photos, plane tickets, hotel confirmations etc from traveling Europe together. We also have the added bonus of her mother coming over a few weeks ago, so we have photos and plane tickets from that too ) My problem is between november and july we dont have our skype logs as we both have had our phones replaced. Skype only records the logs on the device you use so we dont have this evidence as we used our mobiles 99% of the time. would this be a problem? we have facebook chat, just no evidence of calls until July. The other things that are bothering me are the fact that she is halfway through her degree, so if/when my application is successful then she wont be working, maybe part time. I have many friends in Australia who will give me work, so our plan would be for me to come over and work and then look for a place of our own as we shall temporarily be living with her family. Again would this be a problem (the fact she does not have any savings etc)?? I also believe as i spent time on a Working Holiday Visa in Oz then I would need my police check done not only for the UK but also Australia? Did anyone send the health check and background check in with the application straight away or did they ask for it when they're ready? With the new website up and running with immigov im not sure if i should do the application online or fill it out hand written. Not sure if i like the way the website is now. Thanks in advance for your replies, it's driving me crazy as to how to approach the start of putting the application together and also worried that i may 'forget' something. Thanks, Patrick
  15. sjn87

    PMV complications

    I applied for my PMV visa through VFS approximately 12 weeks ago, I applied in Thailand as I was currently teaching in Bangkok even though I am from England, I assumed you just apply in the country your in, not the one your from. So anyways I got a case officer and was told to do my medicals. Then today I receive this email? does this mean I have to start the waiting time all over again, will they make me do medicals all over again? - This letter refers to your application for a TO Prospective Marriage (Temporary) subclass 300 which was lodged at Bangkok on 11/06/2013. As you are not a permanent resident of Thailand, this office is unable to process your application. Your application should be processed in your country of usual residence, at the responsible post, and therefore it will be sent to the Australian High Commission, United Kingdom for further processing. If you have any queries regarding your application, please contact me. Please also acknowledge the receipt of this email. Best wishes
  16. Hi there, I am seeking advice from anyone who has applied for a prospective marriage visa or has successfully obtained one. My partner who is British, and myself (Australian) are in the process of preparing our application for category 300 Prospective Marriage Visa. The only concern I have is with regards to my ability to prove I can support my partner financially as per sponsor obligations. My income over the past 2 years is not very high as I spent a lot of time traveling while on my working holiday visa in the Uk (where we met) and have just returned from spending another 4 1/2 months in the uk on a tourist visa to visit my partner where obviously I coudnt work. I have since returned home to Australia and have started a well paid contract job which will last 2 months but am worried as this isnt a permanent position that it may not be sufficient for the purposes of immigration. Does anyone have and idea what amount of earnings or employment records are sufficient for the purposes of proving financial obligations as a sponsor and if a statement outlining reasons for lower than usual income over the past 2 years or a letter from my parents as guarantors might assist? I had a good university level qualification in an area that I will have no trouble finding permanent employment in within Australia. Any advice in this area would be much appreciated!
  17. Hi everyone. I'm a 33-year-old woman from the US. I will be applying for a PMV so I can move to Australia to be with my fiance, who is a US Citizen, and is (hopefully!)about to get his Australian PR. I was hoping someone more experienced than I with all this could give me advice on how I can best go about all this. He lodged his ENS 186 back in August, and right now the estimated processing time for those is six months. I'm hoping against hope it might be sooner than that. Of course, we can't apply for the PMV until his PR comes through. I am pretty positive my medicals will have to be referred as I have a few chronic conditions. I know that's going to add another 6-8 weeks onto the processing time for my visa because of GH. What can I be doing NOW to keep processing time down when we apply? I think I should front-load my medicals, but it's hard to know exactly when to do that when he doesn't even have his PR yet. I'm a little concerned about doing it TOO early, as I read somewhere that with some people, if you have certain conditions, your medical can actually expire earlier than the standard one year and you might have to get it redone. But on the other hand, I don't want to have to wait an extra couple of months because I didn't front-load. I was also told that having documentation from my current specialists on my chronic conditions when I go to see the panel doc can be helpful. Does anyone have any guidance on what that information needs to be, what form it needs to be in, etc.? I want to do everything I can to make things easy as possible for GH/DIAC. Thanks so much in advance for any advice you all can offer.
  18. Mollie007

    Pmv visa and return to uk

    Hi I am new here and seeking some advice. Much apperciate if someone can answer my questions please? My fiance has duel Citizenships both UK and Oz and currently living in Oz. I'm in UK and waiting for the PMV visa to approve so we will get married next summer in Sydney. If I have been approve PMV visa and my fiance decided to come back to UK. Does anyone know what will happen? Can I still apply for Partner visa if we decide to come back to UK or I need to live and stay in Oz? Also I have sent all the docs and medical, police check to my CO. Do you know how long I need to wait for my visa? Many thanks.
  19. pinup

    Health Insurance - PMV Visa

    Hope someone might be able to answer my question. I have just come to the end of my private health insurance policy in Ireland and now looking at options for travel insurance to cover my 9month prospective marriage visa but I think I will be covered by Medicare on the visa. Under the prospective marriage details on the immi website it states: "you may use Australia's medical expenses and hospital care assistance scheme, Medicare, but only if you are in Australia and have already applied for a Partner visa" I'm not entirely sure what that means...but in any case presumably I can get private insurance in Oz once I get there or do I need to be an Australia citizen or permanent resident for that any help would be great, cheers!
  20. Guest

    Police checks PMV

    Hey, just wanted to see if anyoene could help me out....I'm in aus at the moment and leaving for uk 8th jan. Il have my initial forms ready to do to aus house in London and il also post off my police check for the uk. Question is...can I do my aus police check in december before I get home. I know they need to be valid for a year and we will hopefully get married in October so surely I can do police check in aus in dec and then send off my uk one as soon as I get back. Any advice is great! Also just general advice about the content of the visa is much appreciated! Thanks guys!!!!! :biggrin:
  21. Hi all Feeling quite proud of myself as just went to the Aus High Commission in London and submitted my fiance's PMV 300 app. Decided to hand deliver because we don't trust Royal Mail and there are all these strikes on now. Just thought I'd list what we included, so those applying can see and perhaps it will help. - They don't like lots of dividers or paperclips or post-its everywhere, just a big wad of paper is good! I stuck a couple of post-its just on the front of a few bits where it wasn't easy to tell what the evidence was exactly. - If you're hand delivering, don't seal your envelope - they make you open it as they can't accept sealed envelopes by hand (security issue) - We included a cover letter, giving a bullet-pointed list of each item in the app, that way it's clear what's in there and we're not having to put sticky notes on everything. We also put in a stamped, self-addressed envelope and asked in the letter that they send back anything they can because we'll need it for the next stages of the visa (ie. the permanent ones). The dude at the counter said they will definitely send it back to us. List of stuff included: - Forms 40SP and 47SP (applicant and sponsor) - Police check (original) - Letter from our celebrant in Aus - Certified copies of both our birth certificates and passports (I have a Brit and an Aus one, so included copies of both) - Certified copies of my fiance's previous marriage cert and divorce decree absolute - 4x passport photos of my fiance (the applicant) and 2 of me (the sponsor) - 4xA4 sheets with copies of photos of us together at various points in time - put a little line of text explaining where and approx when each was taken - Copies of emails from family and friends saying they're coming to our wedding - Copy of our tenancy agreement, in both names - Copy of the letter confirming opening of our joint bank account - Bank statements from our joint account - Bills in both our names (we gave them originals, made copies for ourselves) - Confirmation (signed) of our wedding venue hire in Sydney - Travel itinerary and boarding passes from a trip together to South Africa - Statements from both me and fiance explaining everything about our relationship - mine was four pages, his was three (I'm a writer, can't keep it short!) - Two stat decs from friends (both Aussies, one in UK, one in Aus - on form 888) - My tax returns from the last two years (submitted certified copies of P60s, plus bank and mortgage statements from Aus and payslips from here to cover periods not included in the tax periods - must cover last two years) - Extra statement from me explaining why I can't provide a fixed address in Sydney where we plan to move (as I live over here) - Payment mandate from London office (if you're applying in London, print off this form from the actual London Aus High Commission site, and it allows you to pay by UK debit or credit card in pounds - replaces the payment section in the form itself) Phew!! So glad it's in! The dude at the counter said it's three months processing time, but I said I'd heard others had theirs done in three weeks, and he said yes, depends on the circumstances, the back log, the case officer. He said it all looked really good and the main thing that will slow down an app is if it's incomplete, so if you haven't addressed everything required - eg. if you don't have a piece of evidence or you don't know how to get it or you don't think it applies to you, either go in and talk to them (or ring the stupidly expensive enquiry line!) or submit something in writing with your app explaining what the deal is. He also said including a massive bunch of cards and stuff from ages ago is not that helpful - better to have stuff that covers recent timeframes and actually evidences your relationship in the last 12 months (because otherwise you'd be applying for the partner visa and establishing your relationship for 12 months anyway). Also re. medicals - he said many docs will refuse to do it before you hand in the app if it's a TEMPORARY visa app, as depending on the circumstances of the app, the type of medical required may change. So, if you're applying for a permanent visa (not this one!), you should front load your app with your medical, but if a temp, you don't need to. Yippee! Will provide updates on how it goes... hope that was helpful for someone, sorry it's so long! :wacko:
  22. Guest

    PMV 'Due to be Granted' Email

    Hi All, My British fiance received a lovely surprise email from our CO today! Made our year :biggrin: Here is the first line.. I would like to confirm that all required documents have been received and assessed and your visa is due to be granted around mid-February 2012. We have flights booked to Brisbane for 17th Feb 2012 - as we are surprising my Mum (missing us) by arriving on her birthday 18th Feb! All of this was explained in our original application, so our CO is aware of our plans. My question is - do you think this means that the application has been approved? I take it to mean that it has been, and we are now just waiting for official confirmation - which will be given in mid-february. I'm so relieved and surprised at the short wait before getting good news - so I'm worried I'm reading too much into the email! Have I jumped the gun? I'm curious to hear what other applicants' experiences with these emails have been! Was the expected grant date given accurate? Or was your visa granted before or after the estimated grant date the CO provided? I am concerned that we are cutting it fine with our flights on 17th if the visa will be granted 'around mid-Februay'. A bit vague! I assume 17th is mid-Feb but I hate assuming things when it comes to DIAC! I plan to email our CO to again explain our plans and check if we should look into an ETA & quick trip to NZ/Bali to make sure we are offshore for the grant date. Would definately prefer not to have to do this, but that's the risk we took by booking our flights in advance. Our CO is S.V. and has been very helpful and speedy with communication so far I guess I'm hoping that if they know we plan to arrive on the 18th, they will grant the visa before then, rather than us having to arrive on an ETA then leave/return again so soon after for the PMV. Thanks very much for your advice and assistance! This forum and it's members have been absolutely invaluable! I put our quick turnaround down to the advice and information I found in these threads Hayley Partner's Nationality: British (Applied offshore to Australia House) Application Sent: 15th September 2011 CO Assigned: 21st September 2011 Medicals: Taken 12th October 2011 Police Check: UK sent with original application, AFP requested and sent late October. PMV due to be granted around mid-February 2012
  23. Guest

    PMV question

    hi guys just a quick question, do you need your passport stamped for a PMV or is it all electronic like the ETA tourist visa?:radar: thanks for any help
  24. June 06, 2011-Filed for visa June 09, 2011-General email from Embassy saying the got it. CO and # assigned. August 24, 2011- Email Asking for more docs related to finances, NOIM, and Emails/Phone logs from CO. August 29, 2011- Phone call from CO. Wanted to discuss finances. Asked me to send letter from current employer and our intent on finances for the first two years. A personal discussion. September 01, 2011- Documents expected to arrive to CO today. Any experience this type succession of events? The CO said that she just need a few final things to fulfill the financial requirement which I have provided and will meet what she wants. How long am I looking at for a decision on my Prospective Marriage Visa? Days, weeks, months? Just a general time frame would help.
  25. Guest

    Pmv 300

    Hi all, Good day! I am planning to bring myfiancé who is right now in Malaysia by PMV subclass 300. I am a full time PhD student living in Adelaide with University Scholarship of AUD 27000 PA . Will my scholarship allow me to satisfy the PMV subclass 300 visa's financial requirements? If that is the case, can I be his sponsor? Do I need to show any bank balance?! (I just sent all my savings to my sister for her new business) Can anyone please help me to clear my doubt on financial documents? Thanks in advance XXX