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  1. Tootsie

    Snake in the roof ???

    Read an article last year about a couple living in far North Queensland who were being woken up each night my noises from their attic. Turns out there were about five very large pythons living up there and it was mating season.
  2. Tootsie

    Taking cats

    Well most normal people love their pets as family members. To tell someone to rehome their pet when they are already anxious or indecisive about bringing them - is pretty insensitive advice. You don't tend to just rehome them unless you can help it (i.e.) the cat is very old and won't cope with the trip Some councils like North Sydney council are stricter than others. Our local council just requires desexing, microchipping and registration. Which is sensible for anyone who cares for a cat anyway. Personally from what I have seen, humans do more damage to wildlife that cats do. For example : chopping down trees and areas wildlife live in, to build roads and houses. Or polluting the waterways. I have taken five cats through rentals and let them out during the day wearing bells, you can hear them coming from a mile off, and they cannot get close to wildlife. They have all lived to grand old ages. Even in a rental, you can easily put up a cat run in the garden to stop them wandering.
  3. Tootsie

    Where to live in Sydney for beach and commute

    Lucky lucky you Apart from never being able to find a decent parking spot easily...........I LOVE Manly. It has such a great energetic vibe to it. Did the Shelly Beach to Manly Beach walk recently, and it was so pretty. I love the cafe Banana Blossom (Asian salads) there, and I go to a yoga centre there too It would be my second choice over Bilgola Christian - as a matter of interest, how long does it take you on average to get to work each day?
  4. Tootsie

    Australia Cost of Living - $62,000 a year

    I wish. I start work at 7am
  5. Tootsie

    Taking cats

    Seriously!! What terrible advice.
  6. Tootsie

    Australia Cost of Living - $62,000 a year

    Yes that is cheap. I did not think I could fast, as I am a greedy guts with food. But it makes me feel so good (energetic and alert), so I keep doing it. I got into the bad habit of buying takeaway breakfast most days for $10.00 to $30.00 - which is a lot to spend on one meal - hence now I am saving small fortune each week with fasting.
  7. Tootsie

    Shark Attack Whitsundays

    Well swim in the pool then! Which is what I suggested in the first place.
  8. Tootsie

    Australia Cost of Living - $62,000 a year

    I have actually started Intermittent Fasting (for health reasons) and fast to 1pm each day. Usually go 16 - 18 hours fasting. Save a fortune on food
  9. Tootsie

    Central Coast Newbie

    Or rather than the CC, you could try Berowra. You can rent a really nice family house, with a garden and pool there, fairly cheaply (well cheap for Sydney anyway) and it is a nice safe place - very popular for young families. And it is about 30 - 45 mins less time on the train than the CC. Good schools in area too.
  10. Tootsie

    Where to live in Sydney for beach and commute

    Hello Christian This is totally possible. On average, the trip would take you approx one hour. However, Sydney traffic runs on a knife edge, and therefore on any given day, it could possibly take up to two hours. Two hours daily stuck in Sydney traffic gets boring very quickly But to live in such a nice place, then sometimes you have to make sacrifices to achieve it. It is that simple. And if you don't want to make sacrifices, then just move closer to work, or get a job closer to home. But really depends on what time you leave Manly - you would have to leave early to achieve a good run. Because once rush hour traffic (school run) hits, everything grinds to a halt very quickly. I currently live in Bilgola on the Northern Beaches, and it is the most wonderful lifestyle imaginable. I adore living here and don't want to live anywhere else. And I am currently working in Lane Cove. On paper, it looks like a horrendous commute......but it is not. On a good day it takes me 40 minutes door-to-door by car, or 60 minutes by public transport. I don't mind a 40 - 60 minute commute at all (I did a longer one when I lived in the UK). But some people do mind. Just depends on how you feel. I would ignore all the wowsers. And see how it works for you personally. And if you don't like it, then move closer to work. I leave home at 6am to beat rush hour traffic. Leaving home early is the "sacrifice" I make to live in my chosen location. Lucky I start work at 7am, but if I started at 9am, I would simply go to the gym before work to fill in the time. If you want something badly enough (living by the beach) then you will find ways to make it work. Hope it all works out for you
  11. Tootsie

    Advice on suburbs for a young family

    Hello Hannah I suggest Berowra. To the North of Sydney. It is a nice family orientated place, and an extremely safe area to raise children. You can join the Berowra Mums Facebook page for further assistance on moving there. The biggest crime they have is somebody stealing your garden hose! You can easily get a great rental there for your price range. And only 50 minutes from the CBD on the train. Hundreds of people do the commute every day. They also have a good bus service around the "village". Plus has the facilities you need : childcare, schools, church, pub, doctor, optician, dentist, cafe, takeaway, restaurant, hairdressers, gym, newsagents, supermarket, etc...... Plus surrounded by bush walks; so very pretty location Nearest hospital, swimming pool, cinema and big shopping centre, are 10 minutes away in Hornsby. A lovely spot.
  12. Tootsie

    Orange, NSW

    Personally I hate Orange, as always find it full of redneck youth. But that is just my opinion. Otherwise, it has all the facilities you could possibly need. And would probably be quite a nice lifestyle. And if you like good food, then there is a great restaurant there called Lolli Redini - it is the best thing about Orange If I was to live in country NSW, I would choose to live in Mudgee
  13. Tootsie

    Buying a bike

    Personally I would NOT be riding a bike in Sydney. Sydney is not particular friendly towards cyclists (although seems to be improving in recent years slowly), and the bus drivers have a game where they like to try and scare the shit out of them, and then laugh about it back at the depot.........That said, I would buy an electric bike
  14. Tootsie


    Well things were certainly much cheaper in the 1980's and 1990's I agree.....but I think the above is rather an exaggeration.
  15. Tootsie

    I wish that I'd taken...

    No. I can think of absolutely nothing. I held a car boot sale before I left and sold everything. Then everything I needed, I purchased here really cheaply. Started afresh