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  1. Silver_Swan

    Furnished rentals for 3 months Sydney

    Yeah we’ve not found a huge choice in serviced apartments so I think we’ve decided we’re going to try and secure our rental pretty much straight away and just get the absolute basics we need until our container arrives - hopefully it doesn’t take 6 months
  2. Silver_Swan

    Furnished rentals for 3 months Sydney

    Unfortunately we don’t have that luxury, the shipping container will be going as soon as the visa is approved (can’t go before) and they would like my husband to start work straight away!
  3. Silver_Swan

    Self pack container?

    Thanks... although from all the reviews I'm reading they don't generally list the contents correctly, and people find things missing or packed in strange places.... as I mention in my previous post, a lot of our stuff is already boxed, feels annoying to be paying someone to pack it for us when it's already done, plus I just don't trust them!
  4. Silver_Swan

    Self pack container?

    To be honest most of our stuff is in boxes anyway - we've been abroad for two years travelling, came back and sorted what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to donate, and put the stuff we were keeping back into boxes. I'd prefer it if they just put those boxes as packed into the container. Almost the ideal thing for us would be a half pack - where they pack anything that could be broken, and we pack the rest (because "the rest" is already packed!) We've also got a huge variance on volumes, one company told us our sofa was 150cuft on its own, even after I explained to them that it can be dismantled and flatpacked. So, just for fun we dismantled it and measured... being generous, it's 66cuft. Less than half their estimate. I'm good at tetris, I severely hope whoever we pick to load the container is as well, otherwise I won't be impressed!
  5. Silver_Swan

    Price of a 20ft container UK to Oz

    Thanks, so far all have said it goes via Asia... any ideas on companies that go direct?
  6. Silver_Swan

    Self pack container?

    Hi, it's a company called 1st Move. However the initial fee they quoted doesn't include destination fees, and when you add those in it's the same price as having your stuff packed. I just like the idea of packing my own boxes, knowing exactly what is going inside what box, I've read lots of horror stories about how the valuable items just disappear, or how boxes are essentially thrown together with no thought, making them impossible to unpack properly.
  7. Silver_Swan

    Sydney - where to live?

    Thanks... having done a lot more searching online we've decided to focus on the hills area, although it doesn't hit our beach requirement, we realised we just couldn't afford the kind of property we wanted anywhere near the beach
  8. Silver_Swan

    Price of a 20ft container UK to Oz

    You don't need a lot of time, most have told us two weeks notice of when we want to go. Longer is better for them to plan (particularly shared container). You need the visa approved for them to ship it, and they can store it in the UK or in Aus (for a fee of course) we've been quoted to ground floor door within 30km of Sydney. If we end up in a flat or a different city (which we won't because my husbands job is Sydney) then there's extra to pay. If you have somewhere to stay in the UK short-term the ideal thing is to send the container before you, we don't have that luxury, so I'm not sure what we'll do for the 2-3mths while we wait for it.
  9. Silver_Swan

    Price of a 20ft container UK to Oz

    We're only 50 minutes outside of London, arguably it's probably easier to get from here than anywhere central London down to Dover or Southampton... I've got one more quote waiting to come back, then I'll start trying to negotiate, see what I can do!
  10. Silver_Swan

    Price of a 20ft container UK to Oz

    Thanks! We have a similar amount - 750 cubic feet, they said it wasn’t any cheaper for us to share a container and we might as well just have the whole container. I looked back at the quote and it’s actually £4300 - so ~£500 more than yours! Not sure if they add extra for location in the UK? Are you going to Sydney?
  11. Silver_Swan

    Self pack container?

    I've now had a quote from a shipping company directly, and it's half the price. But I'm totally clear on whether I'm comparing like for like or if the removals companies include other extras!
  12. Silver_Swan

    Self pack container?

    Thank - move cube I don’t think is enough space for us - we’d rather have a container and know we have space
  13. Silver_Swan

    Self pack container?

    Has anyone ever self packed? which company did you use? The more I think about it the more I think I’d prefer to pack my own stuff. I’ve never had removals before, and I like knowing exactly what I’ve packed where, plus it means we can sort out as we pack. Obviously the big companies want to sell you the packing service as well though...
  14. Silver_Swan

    Furnished rentals for 3 months Sydney

    We considered it, but to be honest it's just so expensive to start from scratch again. We have some really nice, and pretty expensive furniture already which it seems silly to get rid of. And weirdly our bed sheets are already from an Aussie brand - they are about 2cm different, we don't notice at all!
  15. Silver_Swan

    House in UK - CGT if sold vs income tax if rented

    I’ve not been able to get any concrete answers about what the path to PR is on the 482... and for 189 and 190 I don’t think we’ll have enough points. We’ve decided to keep the house in the UK, and cross that bridge when we come to it!