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  1. Djwbru

    Fuzzy certified copy.

    Yes, birth certificates are British and all are full versions. From what I've read most people don't get them certified and have no problem. Guess we have just been unlucky! Good luck with your application!
  2. Djwbru

    Fuzzy certified copy.

    Thanks MaggieMay. CO requested I upload certified copies of birth certificates where I had originally only uploaded colour copies. Not sure why, but anyho...thats what they want. Wondered if them being certified was good enough even tho they are slightly fuzzy in a few places? I have read how some people get asked to supply clearer scanned copies.
  3. Djwbru

    Fuzzy certified copy.

    Uploaded requested certified copies of birth certificates after co contact. They are slightly fuzzy from where notary public scanned them. Will that matter or should i get them recertified? You can read them but they aren't perfect. Any help appreciated!
  4. Update...I have received c/o contact today asking for our birth certificates to be certified.
  5. Djwbru

    No officer contact after 2 months

    Update...Had case officer contact today asking for certified copies of birth certificates afyer 140 days since lodgement.
  6. Djwbru

    No officer contact after 2 months

    I lodged mine on the 29th June, not a sausage as yet! 2 days short of 4 months since lodgement...121 days...not that I'm counting!!
  7. Djwbru

    Watched pot never boils!

    That's so exciting!! Congratulations!! Still waiting over here...190 visas don't seem to be progressing much at all these last couple weeks.
  8. Djwbru

    Watched pot never boils!

    It's painful isn't it!! Let me know when you hear something! Good luck!
  9. Djwbru

    Watched pot never boils!

    I will keep you posted. Let me know when you get a response as well
  10. Djwbru

    Watched pot never boils!

    Wish we didn't have it now!! Definitely makes the waiting game worse!
  11. Djwbru

    Watched pot never boils!

    I've applied for the 190 on 29th June. They've processed some up until 23rd June but just seem to have stopped at that point. Feels so close, it's so hard not to keep checking!! Hope things pick up again soon. Good luck!!
  12. Djwbru

    Watched pot never boils!

    I have a real addiction to !! Im watching it like a hawk and its made me feel really deflated! Processing seemed to be really steaming along nicely, but its really slowed the last couple of weeks and seems to have halted at visas submitted a week before ours. Am I the only sad addict out there?? And is that a normal trend to stop and start with the processing?
  13. Djwbru

    190 Visa processing time

    I think that is from the time you submit and pay. We are at 111 days so far and no c/o contact. Have you checked on immicheck? It might give you an idea of how things are going.
  14. I'm a Podiatrist and I took the general. I've applied for 190, patiently awaiting our grant
  15. Thanks. Fingers and toes crossed! Wow flights booked already...not wasting any time