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  1. Thanks Lavers! It was so long ago that I read that (back before applying for visa) I maybe got confussed. Just wondered if immigration check your funds when actually moving out there.
  2. We have pr 190 visa, and are moving next month. A while ago I saw something on the government website about how much money you had to show was available when entering the country. Now I cant find it!! Anyone point me in the right direction or advise? Moving to NSW! Thanks!
  3. Djwbru


    Hi there, Started my application in June 2019, was registered by 1st October. Was fairly straight forward, just time consuming, and I was applying from overseas. Maybe quicker if you are onshore?
  4. Djwbru

    Recent AHPRA Timelines

    From me sending additional info they requested to the time I was asked to pressnt was just under a month, so fingers crossed you won't be waiting too long!
  5. Djwbru

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    Hi Daniel, I have perminent residency. Not sure if you can open an account on a visitor visa. I had to show the bank evidence of my perminent residency status. I opened the account online, then had to finalise it in person at a branch in Australia. You could look at the bank websites to see if there is an account for non residents. I have an account with westpac. I dont know your background, but I didn't know you could apply for APHRA registration without perminent residency? I had to show them my Visa confirmation in order for them to agree to register me. Good luck.
  6. Djwbru

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    Just to update, popped over to oz, (only a 26hr flight) to show ID docs, took all of 10 minutes. Was registered a week later. I used my uncles address and opened a bank account and the bank were more than happy to print out an account confirmation page which was accepted by AHPRA. The whole process has been a massive ball ache (excuse remark), but finally all sorted! Thanks for all your help!
  7. Djwbru

    Primary school catchment

    Is it true that if you live in a catchment the primary school has an obligation to find a place for your child?? We are looking at moving to a certain town and want our child to go to a particular state primary school. We don't want to commit to a house etc before we know she can go to that school. We have emailed the school but they haven't responded. We need to start to make plans as I start work in january! TIA
  8. Djwbru

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    I just left that bit blank.
  9. Djwbru

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    Gosh how do people know where to move to without a job to go to!! That sounds scary! It would be easy it it was just me, I could just stay anywhere, but I've got 2 young kids. I can't imagine having to potentially move around looking for work. Well, maybe I will have to but it sounds like such a big risk when you've got little ones. Thanks guys :0/
  10. Oh my gosh thank you!! I almost cried when I read the letter as I thought I was passed all this faffing about!! It's been one thing after another so far and nothing has been straight forward in this process. Wanted to book my flight last night but this has made me wait as I wasn't sure what to do! Thank you, it seems straight forward now!
  11. Hi there, just received my in-principle registration and have been invited to present at an AHPRA office with proof of ID. One thing they have asked for is proof of residential address, which I don't have!! I still live in the UK and don't plan on moving without a job offer....which I cant get without registration. What do people do in this situation? I have opened a Westpac account with my UK address and can add another address to the account. I thought I could use my uncles address or a friends. But, how do I then get proof from the bank? Do I need to receive a statement addressed to an Oz address? I really don't know what to do! Help, I feel like I've jumped through so many burning hoops to get this far.....!
  12. Sorry to jump in but I am in the same position as the OP. What bank account did you open and did you need to get a statement or correspondence sent to your friends oz address? I have an uncle in Oz whos address I can use but the trouble is he is travelling up in QL for a few months so wont be able to forward any post to me as he wont be at home.
  13. Djwbru

    Watched pot never boils!

    We were contacted for certified copies of birth certificates for 2 of my kids. We had front loaded our medicals and police checks. Our police checks came back pretty quick when we did ours. Good luck and hope you arent waiting too long
  14. Djwbru

    Watched pot never boils!

    I'm sure it will be any day now! It's painful isnt it!! Xx
  15. Djwbru

    Watched pot never boils!

    Just to update we received our 190 grants this morning. 200 days in total. 140 days to c/o contact then a further 60 days until grant! Felt like a lifetime, but very excited and grateful!!