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  1. Hello, I am hoping to receive in-principle registration from AHPRA shortly, and am wondering: 1. How long after presenting in-office did it take for you to receive final registration? 2. Were you awarded a registration certificate? How long did it take for this certificate to arrive? Was it mailed to you? Kind regards, Daniel Cachaco
  2. CAN_UK

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    Hi Jenki75! I was wondering if you opened your Australian bank account with just an ETA (visitor visa), or if you already had your working visa? Thanks! -Daniel
  3. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to open up a bank account in Australia while being in the country on just an ETA (visitor visa) ? Has anyone had any experience doing this? If I am successful, I will need to attend an AHPRA office in Australia to finalise some registration there, and thus need proof of Australian residence. I was hoping to apply for an australian bank account while still in the UK but am unsure of the ETA visa ~(NOT a work visa)~ will allow me to do this. Then I could get the bank to print off a statement with the Australian address I will be temporarily residing at. Kind regards, Daniel
  4. CAN_UK

    Recent AHPRA Timelines

    That's fantastic news! Fingers crossed it will be the same case for me! If that's the case I should hopefully hear within the next 2 weeks!
  5. CAN_UK

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    I've talked to work agencies and they say it should be fine attending an AHPRA office with just a visitor visa. So I plan to attend the office with an Electronic travel visa and will just screenshot this beforehand at time of online application. Thanks for your reply!
  6. Hello, I was hoping to get some insight into some recent processing times/timelines for AHPRA overseas registration. My timeline at the moment is as follows: AHPRA application posted to Melbourne: 5th August 2019 AHPRA received in office: 19th August 2019 Request for additional information: 30th August 2019 Additional information sent to Melbourne office: 4th Sept 2019 Additional information received: 12th Sept 2019 Confirmation that application was complete and would now be sent to accreditation board: 23rd Sept 2019 All I have been told is that it will take "Some weeks" for the evaluation outcome to be delivered back to me. So I was just wondering if there is anyone on this forum who can give an insight into how long it took for their outcome to be decided? Kind regards, Daniel
  7. CAN_UK

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    Hello Djwbru. I am hoping to arrive in Melbourne on an ETA visitor visa to finalize my AHPRA registration. You were able to open a bank account in Australia with only a visitor visa and no work visa yet? Did you do this online beforehand or just when you arrived? Also which bank did you use? How long did it take for final registration after presenting in person to the office? Kind regards, Daniel Cachaco