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  1. KSH81

    Future in Australia

    Its a difficult situation. I have a 489 visa and was due to fly 5th May but not looking likely now. I have until Feb 2021 to arrive in the country. Really worried that were not going to be able to make it and will then be too old to apply for another visa and will have lost the £8000 we spent to get it in the first place. Also moved in with my mum with my husband and 5 kids into a 2 bed house. And have sold all our worldly posessions and we are homeless. Very stressful for us right now.
  2. KSH81

    Southern Inland 489

    Our visa grant has arrived. Extremely excited and nervous now. Have until Feb 2021 to arrive in Australia.
  3. KSH81

    Southern Inland 489

    Anyone heard anything. We did medicals in October. Thought might have had the visa by now. Do you think the bushfires maybe delaying it? I am worried about them not issuing visas for Southern Inland due to already having lots of people without homes.
  4. KSH81

    Southern Inland 489

    I got an email from my agent on Friday. Immigration are now asking for medicals. Another step closer.
  5. KSH81

    Southern Inland 489

    Anyone heard anything. We are still waiting on a case officer to be appointed.
  6. KSH81


    Hi, just a quick question. ‘Has anyone applied for AHPRA recently and can give me an idea on timeframe? We are still waiting for a case worker to be assigned but wanted to get AHPRA sorted so can work as soon as I get there. Thanks
  7. KSH81

    Southern Inland 489

    Concept Australia in Manchester
  8. KSH81


    Can anyone answer this question for me. We are waiting for visa grant for 489 in Southern Inland NSW. But my husband has been offered work in Perth for a few weeks at a time. Is able to take on this work if I am still living and working in the SI area or does he also have to work I that area. Im the main visa applicant. ‘Thanks in advance
  9. KSH81

    Southern Inland 489

    I have 65 points with state sponsorship, Nurse Critical Care and Emergency Here is my timeline of events. 12th October 2018 - EOI lodged with DHA for NSW 2nd March 2019 - EOI sent to Southern inland (Had to wait as they were closed to new applicants) 5th March 2019 - Invited to submit application to SI 5th April 2019 - Application posted to RDA SI and paid $770 26th April 2019 - Confirmed receipt of application to SI 1st May 2019 - RDA SI advises my application is successful and the form R has been sent to the government for processing. 3rd May 2019 - Invitation to apply received from immigration 13th May 2019 - Full application send to the DHA and Payment of $10,466.36 sent So that's were we are, awaiting a case officer. Have not done medicals or police checks yet and only just about to start my application for AHPRA. I have an agent who is located in Manchester, UK who is doing it all for us and they have been brilliant. Im hoping to hear something soon. :)
  10. KSH81

    Southern Inland 489

    Hiya, we got formal invite from immigration on 3rd May. Our agent is now sending all relevant documentation to them, we have 60 days to get it in. We haven’t done police checks or health assessment yet as my eldest is doing her GCSEs next year so we want to move after that and will only get 12 months to enter. If it takes a few months for the CO to ask for them then it could all line up nicely. Think im going to do AHPRA when we get there. Will just need to take more funds to cover us till I get a job. Or send the hubby down the mines lol. Good luck with your application.
  11. KSH81

    Paying for Education

    Thanks everyone for the reply’s. We will just have to apply for PR visa as soon as able and if my daughter needs to take a gap year I’m sure she won’t mind.
  12. KSH81

    Southern Inland 489

    Hows it going? I got an email from RDA SI on Wednesday saying that my application for sponsorship has been succesful and they were submitting Form R to NSW state government for processing. Just waiting to hear from them now so we can submit the full application. Have you done AHPRA registration yet? Im thinking of starting that now as it can take months and I dont want to get there and not be able to work for months. x
  13. KSH81

    Paying for Education

    Hi, ive had a look around for the information I need but cant seem to find anything. We have 5 children coming with us, 4 will be going into the normal school system and I know on a 489 visa we wont have to pay anything other than what everyone else pays. My concern is for my 15/16 year old. She will be doing her GCSE's before we move so in this country would go onto A levels or NVQ's. Im thinking over in NSW it will be year 12, does this also come under the normal education? And what happens if we still have the 489 visa when she gets to university, will she be classed as an international student and have to pay thousands? She wants to go to medical school so its going to cost wherever she goes, but id rather not have to take out lots of loans for her to do this. Thanks in advance.
  14. KSH81

    Southern Inland 489

    Nope, I recently changed jobs so need a new reference from my manager, didnt realise this. Thought I would just use the one I used for the skills assesment. Then have to sort out having them all certified. I work full time and have 5 kids. Will get it done and sent by the end of the week though. Hows your progress going? Have you looked at areas to settle?
  15. KSH81

    Southern Inland 489

    Hiya. I got invite to SI. I’m a nurse critical care and emergency. Just trying to get all paperwork together.