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  1. GeeBee

    Lawful residence and past holidays

    Thanks Nicky. so if I forget about prior holidays the only one I’m still unsure about is the visa/aphra run in May 2018 - 22-31 May 2018 - in australia on eVisitor visa - 1 june - 19 sept 2022 - in uk - 20 sep 2018 - landed in australia on 482 visa and haven’t left - june 2021 PR granted - june 2022 PR held one year i had been planning to apply after 20 sept 2022 but now wondering if I can in June 2022. I put these dates into the residency calculator and it said yes but there’s no way to add visas to that.
  2. In June this year my GF and I meet the one year PR requirement requirement for citizenship. She moved to australia in sept 2018 and has been in the country since. the four year lawful residence would be sept 2022. All good. but what about holidays beyond 4 years? There was a 10 day visa run earlier in May 2018 (eVisitor - to present in person for AHPRA nursing registration) and over the 10 years before that, my GF has clocked up about 3 months living in australia on tourist visas. I’m wondering if these trips beyond 4 years ago would form part of the lawful residence but can’t confirm either way from the wording.
  3. GeeBee


    Yes good clarification. I refer to recruitment agencies for the job search. In our experience the recruitment agency knew nothing about the visas. They didn’t even know the 457 was being replaced by the 482 and our application was on the borderline of switch over. They did however find us an employer willing to sponsor us from the uk. It was nursing though. Whether getting sponsored via a recruitment agency is viable or not in the OP’s field I’m not sure, but worth a look.
  4. GeeBee


    See what the Migration agents say, as you are doing. I applied for mine and my partner’s visas - 482 then 186 ( we did make the transition from temp to PR in my early 40s but she’s a nurse and the job is in demand). it takes many months of research and added risk to look it all up yourself. Save yourself the effort. The MA should tell you if you’re wasting your time, but if not there’s no harm in kicking things off with a English test followed by a skills assessment. You could try and seek out agencies who may place you on a 482 at the same time, but the school fees are a valid consideration if your kids are that age. A small benefit of a 482 step - accepting the risks - is you’re already living your life in Australia while you’re waiting out the PR. PR is always far preferable though.
  5. GeeBee

    Best way to buy a car?

    It depends on the age. If you’re buying a car that is older than 10 years or done more than 160000km, here in NSW you don’t get a state warranty. You pretty much need to be paying $10k+ to get a (small) car that qualifies from a dealer I got burned. I bought a $7k car from a dealer that lasted 6 weeks before it broke down and after another 6 weeks of towing it between garages it was confirmed the transmission needed re building. There was zero warranty. You have more consumer rights buying a cup of coffee, I’m sure. Quotes were between $3.5k to $7k. I got rid of it at a $5k loss While some dealers may offer a warranty of their own when I asked for the wording from (a different) one and they simply wouldn’t give it to me. To make matters worse the dealers make it difficult to get an independent inspection, either offering their mate to do it for you or refusing to hold the car while it’s scheduled. 9 months later I bought another, through Car Sales. Had a look at the car. Arranged a pre purchase inspection (who goes to the seller to do the inspection and test drive). Then arranged another test drive myself. It’s been fine and despite knowing nothing about cars the process was much easier than going through a dealer. my takeaway was unless you’re spending enough to actually get a state warranty, go private. Otherwise you pay over the odds and it’s riskier and the inspections have more awkward to arrange. the only benefit of a dealer was having all the cars under one roof
  6. GeeBee


    I do know someone who applied and did their test and interview in Sydney. They were then waiting months (last year) for the ceremony. Circumstances changed and they moved to Adelaide, called to change their address and got invited to a ceremony in Adelaide within a day or so of the address change.
  7. Anyone out there who has worked on a 417 working holiday visa since 2017 and is from one of the following countries, take note: - UK, Germany, Israel, Japan, Norway, Finland, Turkey or Chile You could be due some tax back, if you ask for it. Can anyone confirm if the 462 is included? Not sure what what the difference is as didn’t have one myself. hopefully someone can sort out the 65% DASP tax ‘robbery’ from former backpackers next — Australia 'backpacker tax': British woman wins discrimination case https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-59144059
  8. GeeBee

    Maintaining a UK phone number in Aus

    Thanks every one for their responses. I spent some time on an online chat with the provider (Three.co.uk) to try and get the existing number to work again (it did still go to my recorded answerphone). We tried turning on roaming (it certainly used to be on) but after waiting 4 hours, still didn't work. Then manually set the network to Vodafone and it picked up the signal again (instead of reading SOS Only) Steps on an iPhone for anyone interested: - Home > Settings > Mobile Data > Network Selection > Disable Automatic network selection > Select Vodafone They said I need to use the phone every 6 months or it gets disabled (likely the issue). To do this I needed to top up with PAYG credit (just 5 pounds) once every six months to keep it active, so I've put reminders in my diary. ---- Regarding the virtual numbers - thanks Ken - these did look useful if you're using the phone regulalry and I didn't know about them. However the monthly cost was a bit steep (8 pounds a month) for what I was using it for. Thanks again all
  9. Hi, I've been in Sydney for a couple of years now and have used a new Australian phone and number since arrival. I brought my UK phone and kept it in a drawer for use mainly for online authentication texts for UK banks and services. I switched to PAYG over a year ago and I've found it's now expired and is no longer active. Any tips on how to get and maintain another UK number? It's literally just for online authentication and perhaps for use on trips back to the UK. The obvious is to get another sim posted over but I suspect there may be better ways. Thanks
  10. I’ll add a couple of findings around my last question, with regards to certifying documents, having now gone through the process. Although the DOHA says you only need to certify docs if applying on paper, when you actually upload documents in Immi for specified categories of document (such as identity docs, police certs and skills assessment) it does ask online for certified copies. I certified passports, drivers licence, police checks and statutory declarations. Skills assessment was requested certified in immi but for nursing it’s issued digitally and APHRA send it straight to DOHA (you can’t certify a true copy of a digital document). You can also check status of registration online so I provided a link and details for the case officer to easily check. I didn’t certify academic certificates or transcripts, employer references or any de facto evidence (bills, statements, tenancy agreements etc), with the exception of statutory declarations. There were old some which were certified in 2018 so I included the certified version because I had it. * * I also called DOHA regarding documents certified in 2018 from my previous visa. DOHA confirmed that if the document itself doesn’t expire, the certification doesn’t expire. All scans were in colour if the original was colour. hope this helps. also I used software called Smart PDF to combine and reduce sizes of docs to fit the upload requirements. note ANMAC skills assessment was different to the visa. They refused my certified documents and asked for non-certified.
  11. GeeBee

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    We had our 186 visa granted last week. It was a PMSOL occupation. Hopefully, some of you waiting are in the new 22 occupations recently added to the PMSOL list: Visa: 186 - Employee Sponsored - Direct Entry (onshore throughout, with a 482 TSS visa in place from the same sponsor) Occupation - Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) - PMSOL Applicants: 2 - including de facto partner, both UK citizens State: NSW Timeline: Skills Assessment submitted: 25/01/2021 Skills Assessment: Non-certified docs requested: 5/3/21 (re-sent 8/3/21) Skills Assessment Approved: 12/3/21 Employee Labour Market Testing complete: 30/3/2021 Employer Nomination Submitted: 22/4/21 Visa application submitted: 17/5/21 Medicals requested 17/5/21 (5 hours after visa submission) Medical attended: 5/6/21 Medicals finialised: 9/6/21 (I also manually updated Immi to say info requested had been provided) Visa Granted: 17/6/21 After the employer nomination was submitted I had chosen to wait a few weeks before submitting the visa, in case there were any issues with the nomination. I submitted the visa 3.5 weeks later after finalising some de facto evidence, anyway; we'd heard nothing but they were a large employer who had sponsored many nurses. I never did hear anything about the nomination being approved, so I presume it was approved at the same time the visa was granted. I did not use a migration agent, who I'm sure would have advised further on whether or not we needed to wait. Our de-facto evidence was very comprehensive but we have been in a relationship for 7+ years. ------ A few lessons learned/tips (note: I am not a migration agent): - Do your skills assessment as soon as possible. It's wasn't too difficult to get the ball rolling on this and we could have approached it earlier. Don't send certified documents, just colour scans. Also, we didn't need to do IELTs. This would have made it much more time-consuming and all the more reason to start early. - Don't underestimate how long your sponsor needs to secure internal funding and go through their processes before submitting the nomination (plus factor in labour market testing timescales) - Register your relationship with the state if you're onshore and need de facto evidence. This took almost 6 weeks to process but I'd forgot about it as an option until a week before I submitted the visa. It's not essential but would have saved effort on the de-facto evidence, which was the most laborious part of the application. - Start drafting your visa application on immi as soon as your sponsor gives you a TRN (when they submit their nomination). It takes time and you can save your progress. - You can upload your visa evidence/files before you submit and pay (I'm pretty sure this wasn't the case for my 482). If you're uploading de facto evidence, check out the file categories available in Immi and take some time to map out how you are going to categorise your file uploads. - Bupa Medical appointments in Sydney are in very short supply due to COVID restrictions. If you see one, grab it immediately (I saw a whole day of appointments go in a few minutes). We were lucky to find an appointment within 4 weeks of the s56 and even then we had to travel out to Parramatta. Good luck everyone
  12. GeeBee

    Rental income from UK

    Thanks everyone for your comments. This makes sense. It would’ve felt particularly harsh if I had to pay a whole years worth of tax on it. That would’ve cost more than the visa. I’ll likely get some assistance for my 2022 tax return to make sure I am making use of any available deductions. I’ll keep you in mind.
  13. GeeBee

    UK mortgage while in Australia

    My mortgage is with natwest who were always very flexible but not the best rate. I applied for consent to let online before I left for Aus and they granted it no problem and have continued to extend it for a couple of years. They know I’m in Australia. When my two year fixed rate mortgage expired they had a very simple online process for extending the mortgage with them, which I did for 5 years. Again, such low effort approaches don’t result in the best interest rates but I couldn’t see how I could get another mortgage through another provider… So I didn’t change providers. No proof of income was required because my mortgage was already with the bank.
  14. When I left the UK and moved to Aus I was called by numerous people asking to do various things with my UK pension. How they got wind of my situation and my contact details I could never work out. But anyone cold calling me about such matters I always assumed was kind of Jordan Belfort trying to rip me off. At least one of those companies that did call is no longer in business. I don’t know anything about AHR Wealth management but I have seen their adverts clogging up my linkedin feed recently. If you’re looking for some assistance with important matters such as these I always think it’s better to seek out these companies (via referrals if possible), rather than let them find you. Try to find some companies you can compare with, if you haven’t already.
  15. GeeBee

    Rental income from UK

    Hi all. Adding another related question to this: I’m a Uk citizen on a 482 temporary skills shortage visa in Aus. I rent a property in the UK, income from which is within the personal tax allowance so I didn’t pay any tax on it last year. As a temporary resident I didn’t declare the income on my ATO return. I have just applied for PR through employee sponsored PMSOL occupation. PMSOL applications are processing much quicker than other visas and for this I realise how lucky we are to be in this situation. However with the tax in mind, if my PR is finalised before 1st July am I correct in thinking the entire of last years rent would be liable for Aus tax? But if my PR comes through after 1st July it won’t (until next year’s tax return)? Thanks.