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  1. HG1987

    Change of Council while awaiting Ceremony

    hi, I see that you can update your address on ImmiAccount while you wait for Ceremony - there is an 'update details' section and apparently it does not request proof of address. However I don't think you need to if you have already had your ceremony?
  2. HG1987

    Change of Council while awaiting Ceremony

    thanks! Both councils have a similar wait time, 3-6 months. I'd hope that my current wait time (5 months already) counts as 'time served' for the new council and I do not have to start over. Perth has a really short wait time so I'm not sure that was the case... also I think during COVID online ceremonies were conducted pretty fast? Not a big issue anyway, just want to be done with the process!
  3. Hi! I have been awaiting the invitation for my ceremony for some months already, however I am about to move to a new area within a different Council. I was wondering whether this will delay my invitation any further? I.e. will I start at the end of the queue for my new Council or miss a few invites? Does anyone have any experience with this? thanks!
  4. Hi all, I applied for citizenship recently, currently awaiting response from the Department of Home Affairs. I am about to travel overseas for a few weeks, and I understand that my citizenship processing will not progress while I am away. However, I have read in some places that I need to provide the DHA with a return date so that the process is not put on hold: - Leaving Australia before your Citizenship Application is Finalised - Australian Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers Melbourne | VisaEnvoy Is there any way to do this? It is not mentioned in their website. Or is it only if the DHA requests it? thanks!
  5. That's correct, it just shows as 'In Effect'
  6. Thanks Paul, Ken and Marisa, that's very useful We are both currently in Australia, and had both been living here for years when we applied, so the visa is activated (and it shows as such in Vevo) and should be no requirement to follow up with the DHA.
  7. hi all, I have been granted a permanent skilled visa a few weeks back, in which my partner was a secondary applicant. We have been struggling for some time, and are considering ending the relationship. If this finally happens, do I have to notify the Dep of Home Affairs? I see that the form in their website (Your relationship has ended (homeaffairs.gov.au)) does not include our case (skilled permanent visa already granted). Also I realise that the timing may look funny, with the relationship ending shortly after being granted a permanent visa. Is it possible that the DHA will want to verify the relationship was legitimate? thanks!