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Found 498 results

  1. Hi all, OK first post... hopefully someone can help me out and maybe put my mind at rest (or not). Im a mechanic, 26, with qualifications and experience (carried out apprenticeship with VW), i gained my qualifications 7 years ago. Im applying for permanent residency soon and my main concern is with the vetassess interview via video call, i would really like to hear from people that have experienced this part of the process. I know myself i'm capable of doing my job but with it being years ago that i was last trained, and often rarely encountering some of the aspects of what i was originally trained in day-to-day, i'm worried what they will ask me and whether i will have the correct answers for them to pass! I am worried mainly about questions on testing electronics, auto gearboxes... areas that i haven't had much to do with, things that i know i could repair but still i'm worried about answering questions on them. i have read a couple of threads on a similar topic but the only answers i came across was people saying 'don't worry, its not actually that bad'........... i'm still worrying! lol I guess i would love to hear from someone who has done the interview as part of there process and to explain what it was like in a bit more detail... Is it hard?! What sort of questions would they ask? How in-depth do they expect you to go? How would they ask them? Is it more of a conversation than a test? How long dose it take? How would you recommend i prepare? Im not trying to worry too much but it just feels to me like this would be the deal breaker of the whole application! If anyone feels like they could help me out, it would be much appreciated! Thanks, James.
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if OTA or in my case Community Care Officer OT experience (basically unqualified OT doing same grade job) counts towards your experience for skilled work visa? I've heard it's only post-grad experience, but this limits me to a sponsored visa as don't have 3 years experience yet and I'm almost 40. Can anyone advise? Thanks, Eleanor (UK OT)
  3. hi all, I have been granted a permanent skilled visa a few weeks back, in which my partner was a secondary applicant. We have been struggling for some time, and are considering ending the relationship. If this finally happens, do I have to notify the Dep of Home Affairs? I see that the form in their website (Your relationship has ended (homeaffairs.gov.au)) does not include our case (skilled permanent visa already granted). Also I realise that the timing may look funny, with the relationship ending shortly after being granted a permanent visa. Is it possible that the DHA will want to verify the relationship was legitimate? thanks!
  4. Hoping for some more great advice. My wife and I are now Australian Citizens after being on a Skilled Independent 189 for the past 5 years. Our grown up children are now also living in Australia and looking to settle down here. They have both just qualified for a Bachelors degree from an Australian uni, but we are not sure what visa pathway would be best for them now. My son is 26, will have his Bachelors soon. Is currently on a international student visa and is looking, ideally for a PR, but worst case would go for a longer term temporary visa that has a pathway to PR. He needs to be able to work and live, preferably close to us in Victoria, but would go to Regional Victoria too. He will currently get 60 points on the skilled independent or 70 points if he takes and gets a 'superior' IELTS score. We are less worried about our daughter, she has passed her qualification and has met a lovely partner and applied for a defacto visa. Paul and Sandra
  5. Hey everyone, Basically I've had the thought on my mind for a while of wanting to move to Aus but feel as though I've definitely taken the wrong route to achieve that so I'm just after some advice. I'm 24 years old and in the final year of a generic business bachelors degree (finish in May), I've noticed that most business-type jobs on the SOL are either those that are very difficult to get (e.g. Management Consultant) or only on the SOL (e.g. Marketing Specialist) - which has recently been removed from any state's sponsorship list. I'm still at a point of confusion on where to go with my degree by this point, and the idea of undertaking a Masters conversion course into Quantity Surveying has been quite appealing to me, partly because its on the MLTSSL but also because I feel as though I'll probably prefer this to a corporate-type career. The only issue I have is that I'll be tied to working in the UK for a few years following this and I'm worried it might be taken off the MLTSSL in that time and I don't want to shoot myself in the foot; I've noticed that its not on any state sponsorship lists at the moment but I'm wondering if I'm right in thinking that could be temporarily due to COVID? The maximum points I could probably get through this route is about 85 if I apply in my early 30's following 5 years of experience, or 80 in my late 20's following 3 years of experience, and I'm fully aware that for independent visas I have no chance unless I get 90 points so it seems like a bit of a gamble, does anyone have any advice or views relating to this? Another option is to do an ICT conversion course which I'm aware is in high demand but there are no local universities to me in the UK that offer such a course, so I'd end up spending a lot on commuting which doesn't feel like it would be the most sustainable option. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Guys, Hope someone can advise - I'll keep it short. Qualified Chartered Accountant from Ireland, looking to move to Sydney in 2022. I want to travel and work during the first year, then settle down and work full time. I am aware I can go over on the Working Holiday Visa, which will allow me to do the above for 8/9 months until I will need to begin the relevant regional work for 88 days (I believe it has to be done within the first 12 months). Given my qualifications, is there an alternative VISA I can apply for, which will allow me the freedom to work and travel as I wish - without the requirement to do the mandatory regional work to obtain a 2nd year VISA? I hope you guys can advise or part with some experience Thanks Alan
  7. Hello, Can anyone answer any or all of the below questions please. On a State Sponsored 491 Visa, it states you must work and live in Regional Australia. Does the company you work for have to be based in Regional Australia or could the company be based elsewhere (UK) and you live and work from Regional Australia? Does the company have to have been established for any amount of time? Could an Established UK Company open an Office in Regional Australia, and working for this company, based from the Australian Office, count towards the 491 Visa Requirements? Thanks Martin
  8. girlwander

    ANMAC application

    I submitted my ANMAC info 4 weeks ago now, the website states can take up to 7-8 due to COVID and WFH. I've logged into my account today and it just says 'Documents Received, nothing else. Do they update this as they go? Has anyone submitted their ANMAC info recently and received their positive skills assessment so I have an idea on the timeline please? I'm a Midwife currently on the PMSOL list so keen to get this process moving!!!
  9. Hayleyb_28

    Migration agent

    My partner and I are wanting to migrate from England to Oz. Doing my research I think the best visa option for us 190 state sponsor as my partner is a mechanic and could get 70 points. HOWEVER I have been in contact with different migrant agents, 1 wants us to apply for two visas at the same time which I have since been told should not be done, 1 said there is no point starting because of the pandemic, the other said to start the ball rolling after 6th October when the updated state skills list will be known, 1 is a lot more expensive than the others in terms of fees and the other is eager to help but I have read bad reviews. Feeling a little overwhelmed and would appreciate any help in finding a migrant agent. thank you
  10. Skilled occupation ceilings for 2020/21 are announced ... https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/occupation-ceilings Best regards.
  11. Hi, I'm a 25 year old Midwife in the UK. Have been qualified 4 years and have done maternity care in hospital and community settings, CoC and now have a Specialist Midwife Band 7 post My partner is 28, qualified Chartered accountant (ACA). Does anyone know of an excellent immigration advisor to liaise with? Just wondering whether we should go on my visa, and whether it should be an 891 or a working holiday? My job is easy to change after 6 months but accountacy not so much.. any advice appreciated, thanks!
  12. Hi, Im looking for some help regarding moving to Australia. I’m a gas engineer, qualified to SVQ level 3 in domestic natural gas installation and maintenance. I completed my apprenticeship through a company doing both on site and college work. I’ve never done any plumbing at all, so don’t have any plumbing qualifications etc... this worries me as I’ve seen gas engineers saying they’ve opted to go down the plumbers route for applying as it’s easier? i’ve been reading a lot of other people’s posts about the difficulties of applying and the steps which you need to go through to finally land in Oz successfully. I want to move over in the next 3 years with my partner and young son, somewhere in NSW. I’m aware of the points system, that there is tests to be taken, evidence of work to be given. I just don’t know where to start, any help would be appreciated. cheers Brian
  13. Hi, Can anyone tell me that my relative, who sponsors me for 491 Family Sponsored points tested visa. has to live in a designated regional area at the time of the invitation or at the time of visa application? Thanks a lot!
  14. Hi all I know this might be a bit early to ask but I just want to ask some questions in regards with the 491 Visa I just graduated as a RN in regional QLD in the end of 2019 and I will be commencing my graduate program as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital in regional QLD. However, my employment contract is only part time (about 24 hours a week) which does not meet the BSMQ 491 visa requirement of 35 hours a week for 3 months. In saying so I have spoke to the managers at work and I could work for up to 36 hours a week depending on availability. My question is does the 3 months of full time requirement require of 3 months of continuous full time work? or do I only need to have 3 months worth of full time work (e.g. April, July, November) Also any other tips on applying for 491? I noticed they are open for EOI most the time compare to 190? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi everybody. I’m a gas engineer looking to apply for the 189 or 190 visa. Just wondering if these visas require a certain amount of work experience before you can apply for them? I’ve been qualified and working for 3 and a half years. Also, if any other gas/heating engineers are on here and have moved over recently could you share your experience and thoughts with me please? cheers
  16. Hi I am new to this so please forgive me if this is wrong! I am wanting to move to Australia asap. I have just finished my Business and maths degree and want to become a teacher. However after working part time in a school I really don't want to teach mainstream and want to teach sen .. I have found this relatively new pgce... https://www.shu.ac.uk/study-here/find-a-course/pgce-pgce-post16-and-further-education-special-educational-needs Sen Pgce for further education. Does anyone know if this alone would qualify me as a Sen teacher in Australia? I will meet the 45 days needed as per below but don't know if a pgce with a sen specialism is enough . Many thanks L
  17. Hi expertise.. I lodged my EOI with 75 points as a cook for 489 NSW Southern Inland region 3 weeks before..I have not got any invitation yet.. my query is do I need to submit my documents, Form R & fee without any invitation or after the invitation.. please suggest..
  18. Hi Doea anyone know if we could swap our Oz Skilled visa application to a NZ Skilled application? We applied for a 175 skilled visa under the Austalian system, however, circumstances have just changed and we were wondering if we could switch it over to NZ. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks Lisa & Steve Steve - Carpenter
  19. AdiMac

    Medical - mental health

    Hey everybody. I'm aware that no one can give me a definitive answer though I'm stressing a bit so some kind words or thoughts would work nicely! At the medical checks. Disclosed on the form I have had ptsd for 10 years. Doc doing medical requested a letter from my GP. She confirmed the medication I was on, included information she probably didn't need to (letters back and forth to people). I've had therapy (self-funded) to manage my symptoms, never been in hospital because of them, had some time off work but never been on benefits. I'd argue the evidence shows I'm not a drain on resources. Of course, I'm now convinced that my visa application is going to be refused at this stage. It's all gone off to the case officer. I guess, for everyone, it is a waiting game. For me, I'd like to know if the CO would request more info if they had any concerns or would they just throw my forms in the bin?
  20. Hi All, Just wondered if there were any CRAs out there with permanent residency obtained through the skilled migration option. I can't seem to find a skill associated with clinical research. Please help!!
  21. Is anyone waiting from November 2017 for their nomination or visa to be approved for a cook or a chef?
  22. lbw_rtr

    From 417 to 489

    G'day everyone ! First of all I would like to apologise if similar questions have already been answered here but I haven't been able to find the answers I was looking for. Here is the situation, I am currently on a 417 working holiday visa which will expire in June 2019. I came to Australia to do my final project assignement to validate my master in Renewable Energies Engineering. The company I was working with was really happy with the work I did and they offered me a position. The problem is, I cannot work for them right now due to the 6 months working limitation with the same company (under 417). I want to apply for a 489 visa to stay here and work for them. The company can sponsor me and wait a few months until I get the visa. My questions are: Can I lodge an application for 489 knowing that my skills haven't been assessed yet ? If I lodge an application and get a bridging visa, will I have to wait until my current working holiday visa ends to work with the company again ? With my age, my qualifications and my English level I think I meet the points requirements. Thank you very much.
  23. Hi. I am new here, so please excuse me if I am repeating I am planning to apply for skilled visa (189) as a high school maths teacher. 1. I see that cost is AUD3500. Is it payable after confirmation of the permit? Or is it non-refundable fee which needed to be paid for application? 2. Should I better try first get a position? (I think 190 skilled visa)
  24. What are the requirements for a Masters Program to count points on Skilled Visa subclass 189? I am thinking about going to a masters program in Melbourne for both career enhancement and to improve my points by the end of it. My assessment institution is ACS, the professional association for IT.