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  1. Butane gas cylinders - Allowed?

    No to gas fuel containers of any kind. You will have to empty the soldering iron of all fuel, i.e. run it dry.
  2. Having a baby in the public system

    we went private but at a "public" hospital in sydney, did it for all three (now 9, 13, 15), same midwife for all, same obstetrician for all, more pricey sure, if I had our time again I think my wife would probably have gone public, but needed C section after 1st so hmmmmmm
  3. Study in Regional Australia--189 visa

    as long as you have a valid reason for studying, i.e. a course attendance, and you have loads of cash, mostly as an upfront payment to the university, then you'll have no problem studying in adelaide, however, don't expect a job at the end of it.
  4. Reactions from UK family?

    We moved back to the UK in 2015, kids aged 8, 12 and 14 then. (sydney for 11 years, adelaide for 4) In terms of aussie-in-laws there were totally against us moving away from adelaide, they're just a different generation, yet on balance Kids have thrived here - achieving way more than would have been possible in adelaide, my aussie wife is incredibly involved with the school as a PTA and Volunteer, we're semi-rural, east sussex, 20-30 mins from nearest shop so quiet enough, we moved back in my late 40's and I've had absolutely no issue getting work, 6 days I think it took me in the city to get a contract gig, since then I've started a professional services firm with two colleagues, grown with a number of clients up in london and I work from home 2 days a week (even worked from france on holiday), sometimes 3, so I can ride my bike along with now 9 year old to school and take my 13 year old to martial arts twice a week. Since we've been back the kids have been all over east sussex and kent, Spain, France x3, Ireland, Italy x2, Greece, Egypt and Belgium, Kids are learning to horse ride, water & snow ski, shoot , and just about anything else they put their mind to, and all in different and varied countries. London is a cracking city and it's been a while since I managed a Thursday evening pint or three (it's the new Friday) but last week had a very pleasant few sherbets in the cannon street area after work, and still home before 2100. I don't think the UK is falling apart at all, it goes without saying that brexit is a dogs breakfast and adds unnecessary uncertainty and cost, it will be uncomfortable there is no doubt about that, but the opportunities in the market here in the UK and indeed europe outstrips what could ever be mustered by Oz, there just simply is no volume in oz Our quality of life has certainly improved, would I say it's massively better or different ? Probably not significantly other than financially, but rural living with easy access to different cultures and countries and a steady stream of lucrative work is too attractive and whilst our time in adelaide now seems distant, I am grateful for our time there as it was wake up call to get on with life and make the change instead of waiting around for something to happen whilst trying to keep the in-laws happy.
  5. We moved back!

    Wonderful update, sounds super, I can understand the animal shipping cost!, we brought our dog over on emirates - all worth it as she is my daughters familiar and I took our dog to our local pub last friday afternoon where she was very popular!
  6. Battle of Britain Day

    B17 over the house ay 500 agl a fortnight ago on the way to Biggin Hill, and back from Shoreham/Eastbourne, lovely sight, we're about 10 miles east of LGW so the lower limit for controlled is 1000ft, the farm we live on is definite VRP (visual reporting point) for the army squaddies in their chinnoks on the way to/from the training base south of us, it can't get any better for my 9 year old!!!!!
  7. Help with big decision

    Snifter is quite on the mark with this advice, we're a similar couple, anglo-Irish and Anglo-Aussie, Oz for 14 odd years and now back in UK, east sussex to be precise. 4 years is a long time to commit and wait for citizenship, likewise does citizenship give you anything more than a PR in terms of rights of travel, it is a choice that removes or diminishes all other options for you at this stage. We loved Oz, lived our time there, kids have Eu-Oz passports (don't talk about brexit!!) , in other words options are there, and that is what you must try and maintain as life changes hugely when kids come along. Our kids are loving europe, two years back in June and they've thrived. I particularly like the university fees.
  8. 3 Days in London

    Leytonstone is not that far out at all, if it's just the two of you, I'd definitely do a few of these: Have a drink in the Bar at the top of the Shard at London Bridge, go for a snack or two at Borough Market nearby - Pint of Harveys at he Market Porter - it really is good, you can walk off the calories by walking along the southbank from southwark cathedral towards the tate, across the millennium bridge to St Paul's , hang a left and walk towards the strand, along fleet street, just behind he Punch Inn (which is rubbish) there is St Brides, aka the wedding cake church well worth a look, , its about a further 15-20 min walk along the strand past the royal courts of justice - also worth a look inside - by now you should be thirsty enough to pop into the american bar at the savoy just before charing X (apparently it's been revamped so I can't say its the same superb art deco) after that you should really try the National Gallery on trafalgar, it's busy but not crazy and since the tourists always flock to the picasso or other famous, you'll be left in relative peace to take in the other paintings, it's a super gallery and most of what I've said here is free. The Gerkin also has a bar at he top, (just off grace church if you are walking across from london bridge) and the leaden hall market nearby as been used harry potter, just across the street in st michaels lane is the Jamaican Wine house - one of the oldest coffee houses dating from the 1600's, If you are inclined, I can definitely recommend the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A, it is something else, well worth the 25gbp We too went to Harrods, and it's changed quite a bit, I joked to my wife that maybe they should change the name to Harab's .... bit tacky and less impressive.
  9. Naplan\Picking Schools

    Quoll and Snifter are both quite accurate with their responses. I would not put too much credence on what myschool and or any commercial media rankings on schools using the NAPLAN results. I worked on NAPLAN for a time, specifically introducing digital adaptive assessments in conjunction with ACARA and worked with a team of pedagogists at the dept of education. NAPLAN is a educational delivery snapshot/benchmark of the childs performance at a point in time based on the capabilities of the school, that is to say, it's more important to the school than it is to the child, each individual child will perform differently in their cohort based on age, abilities and so forth. These can change from month to month. Quoll is spot on when he/she says the cohort and peer group is one of most important factors in determining a childs outcome, however good kids are good kids and they will overcome wherever they are. There are some parents who get their kids to study for NAPLAN, which is kind of missing the point, how can you accurately determine a benchmark if you try and game the game.
  10. Leaving Australia on UK or Aussie Passport

    out on an Aussie, in on a UK, if it's biometric and you're not travelling as a family, go to the beam-me-up scotties and have it scanned, that's what I did and a very nice young man from the HO said welcome to the UK sir.... suits you

    maps.me does this globally and offline also, it also has an offline search feature........
  12. Old Photos of Australia

  13. Not sure if you read it through, it would seem that it is the current Premier of South Australia: Jay Weatherill that is saying the state is appalling and is the butt of jokes amongst the eastern states (and overseas too) ?
  14. Confused...Brisbane or Melbourne

    I'd happily live in the Maldives if I could get work comparable to what I earn now
  15. Confused...Brisbane or Melbourne

    Not Adelaide then, a wise choice, a wise choice indeed. I wish you luck, Brissie has a reasonable IT/Program/Project manager market, obviously in terms of size you're looking SYD, MLB BRB an the rest don't really factor