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  1. if you are going to be economically distressed, then move.
  2. Infact , prospects are likely to be worse, a new government was returned this year and they are busy clearing out the 16 years mediocrity of the last administration who have steered SA and Adelaide into an economic corner. over 5000 public servants to get he chop as a result. Adelaide is a public sector town, over 12% of the population is directly employed by the government, and another substantial percentage indirectly, which means over a the decades, the same people, same families and same groups of people attain control of certain functions, barring any newcomers. Adelaide has a reputation for nepotism, cronyism and mediocrity, and being somewhat backward, this is a well earned reputation and it's largely true. Jobs are certainly not plentiful, which is a rather general remark to make, I'd say good jobs with prospects are very scarce, low level jobs with limited prospects are common, it is also very common for people at good level of experience and competency to take a minor role reporting to someone who's a fraction of their experience in the hope that they'll be rewarded and or promoted - this does not always work : see above
  3. deryans

    UK economy slowing.

    I think Brexit is primarily an economic impact and an impact to people who are in thin markets with lesser options, therefore it does not make sense for car workers (for example) to vote for brexit and then accept the economic risk that follows, it's simply unfair. by and large, there is significant cad-ism by Farage and Bojo to better their own political agendas, at the expense of the people who voted for their "ideal", it looks and smells misleading and it is becoming rather obvious that it is. The NHS takes a schlocking each and every day from the media with a bias, yet hundreds and thousands of people are treated each day, brexit caused an overall funding (forecast) crisis at the home office and they are now preparing for the worst trying to cut costs in advance of delivering the services, same across many departments who now have to begin to reduce costs. Yet the NHS is a superb and fantastic institution , delivering care far in excess of any other public system on the planet. Fear plays a lot in this, ISIS is driving cars into people and killing innocent civilians, yes, and that is appalling, the terror attacks in London are a disgrace, but to suggest that ISIS has any capability to effect any of their goals in the UK or any other european country is to give them far more importance than they actually are, they are infact a nuisance when compared to the likes of the IRA or similar organisations that did far more damage. So we need to stop villifying migrants with an ISIS tag and stop this anti-muslim rhetoric as it simply is not true and not real. Right wing policies are a product of inexperience and desperation, and often short lived, Hungary is making it illegal to help migrants, yet many (and I have hungarian friends) people say its simply un enforceable in hungary, Poland is trying to undermine the judiciary, this is common stuff, the NSW AG disliked the current Chief justice when I was there it was an open secret. The big diplomatic winner in all this distracting schnozzle, that he US and Britain and Russia seem to be handwringing is actually china, and when she gets the idea that she wants to say build a base 50Km off the coast of australia, who is actually going to stop her ? I simply don't think brexit as an executable program is possible without significant changes that diminish the whole point. My tip ? start a Brexit consultancy and sell shovels, snow shoes and pans to the gold diggers on the way up the klondike.
  4. deryans

    UK economy slowing.

    UK Economy could come to an almost complete stop and still be 100% faster than South Australia. The sheer volume and momentum of the UK market is astonishing, yes Brexit is a shambles but presents amazing opportunity for us, but by and large, its very vibrant here, way more than adelayed or safe-astral-leeya.
  5. deryans

    Autism and Special Education Needs

    We returned with a 11 year old high functioning aspergers, bar the usual county council compliant documents, the services here in East Sussex/Kent are pretty good, although it must be mentioned we have light requirements. What snifter says about needs referral and high levels of support particularly in primary schools is a challenge as the size of the school (cohort sizes) dictates the capability and capacity to engage SEN's. (assistants) Visit to the local GP and paedriatric specialist who will provide assistance and will have knowledge regarding the best schools and or facilities, our GP turned out to have an aspire child at the same school as our boy attends, and the same GP's wife was on the board, so we benefited from her previous efforts and a fantastic pastoral and student wellbeing capability at the school. Just this week we visited a school for our last child who is moving up from primary , and this school was combined with another much smaller special needs school but the regard and compassion for the care of the vulnerable was evident. Sadly we saw none of this in Adelaide, our experience here as LKC mentioned, is far far better than in South Australia
  6. deryans

    UK economy slowing.

    I think Land Rover have to do that, no future in diesel so best tactic is to offload it to slovakia, electric and hybrid models are the key to the future, I understand initial job loss, but future more employment, the trick will be how quickly they can convert the production line, I would suggest there will be much VS in the short term. Yes, Brexit is an absolute shambles, where we work in and around the city, GPDR, Brexit and Mifid including the multitude of euro based disengagement and cost saving programs, never been busier - quite a lot of work, but also quite a lot of frogs to kiss too , but you are correct there is an underlying uncertainty and that's not ideal.
  7. deryans

    Kaufland First Australia Store coming to Adelaide

    hope you like midden-europa pork products
  8. deryans

    How to watch UK Sport in Australia

    get a VPN, and then http://cricfree.sc/sky-sports-main-event-live-stream all good
  9. deryans

    Am I crazy for preferring England over Australia?

    Ah love Venice , there this time last year, took a private motor launch from the airport direct to our apartment near the arsenale (about 200 euro for 5 return as apposed to 100 euro return on the vaporetti with over 10 stops, ) 10 min walk to st Marks, but quiet enough to be away from the throngs of tourists , for local events check out https://www.vivaticket.it/ita/search and search for venezia , there are quite a few events on and we were lucky enough to see hieronymus bosch at the palazzo ducale which included a VR descent into hell experience my 8 year old delighted in The cipriani also provides a courtesy boat to and from a private dock near the Piazza san marco should you need any brownie points with her indoors It will be busy the time of year you are going , the cruise ships are definitely a problem, as they disgorge a huge amount of tourists into the foreshore, I can see why the locals get pi55ed off.
  10. deryans

    Am I crazy for preferring England over Australia?

    you don't have to live actually in london, public transport is pretty damn good , we live on a farm on edge of ashdown forest But less than 1.5 hour away from London. I do like London , but it does not suit our family maturity and needs at this stage, in the same way adelaide fell short of our expectations once the older kids reached 9 and 10. we left adelayed with the expressed intention of picking life up again (as it had stagnated in adelayed), and we've definitely taken advantage of the proximity of europe and travel options , in less than 3 years we've been to more than 10 european/african trips, and this april the family of 5 went on our first ski trip, amusing since only my aussie wife had skied before, but by day 3 the family as whole skied back over 4.5km to the bottom of the lifts (me last of course!!!) and my aussie 9 year old telling me to hurry up!! I think having experienced the lack of options, opportunities and closed nature of one place, it motivates one to get up and do things and not fall into a routine of same same every day.
  11. deryans

    IT Contracting on a WHV?

    two things here, Immigration who follow the regulatory and quite often ridiculous assessment. If you're anglo, english speaking, under 32 (someone jump in and correct me) and have a basic BA degree, you'll make 100 points in your sleep. and The likely hiring manager at a place in Sydney or Mlb who has a skills shortage who will themselves have likely worked in London, Dublin, Dubai, Hong Kong ..... you get the idea, well they'd offer you a job tomorrow. certifications are nice, but , 1-2 years or even 12 months at a big name investment bank trumps them all. Problem with certifications is that 1/2 the indian subcontinent and eastern europe has them, so their value has diminished, I'm not intending to discriminate, just to illustrate. You don't need a migration agent if english is your first language, you need precision, patience and persistence , its not hard, migration agents like to make it seem so. we did it all on our own , took us a few months, but we did it. Then again, if you have the cash ? splash.
  12. deryans

    IT Contracting on a WHV?

    What marisa said is pretty spot on; Might try and explore consultants umbrella outfits, they're pretty much the same as the umbrella's in the UK, and designed to keep you below the threshold and outside of the Aussie version of IR35 - aka - alienation of personal services act 2007 This is a well trodden road by many including myself x2 times, and with your skillset Sydney or MLB is the only choice, you'd be wasting your time in Adelayed or Bris-vegas. Best check out contractoruk.com and ask around, you'll never know who might have the answers.... https://www.contractoruk.com/contracting_overseas/it_contracting_in_australia_money_tax.html https://forums.contractoruk.com/accounting-legal/98775-short-term-contract-work-australia.html
  13. deryans

    Moving back

    LKC, crept up makes quite a bit of sense, when you have (as we do) a child with wonderful differences, as a family and a parent, you cope and "accomodate", often this masks the effort as parents or a family you are putting in and reduces the challenge the child has to overcome (not great either) , in some cases it eats into your capacity to cope, often causing stress and in extreme cases despair/illness. In hindsight we should have been much more direct and adversarial with our school in adelaide (exclude him because I can't think what else), they simply did not have the training, skills , nor the motivation and the will to help our son with his coping strategies, the competency simply was not there, it was a too-hard basket - which poses the question why are these people educators ? When we look at him now ,his achievements and his maturing even at aged 13, is such a delight (and I confess a relief) to watch. What I did learn from our poor engagement with education in adelaide, is to trust my spidey sense - I was on or close to the money from day one, preferring to gain consensus before acting, I now know what bad looks like, and I can inform and help other parents who are often bewildered in engaging educators to work for a successful outcome for the child. after all , it is about the child.
  14. deryans

    Dilemma whether to stay or go

    we're a little more on " financial steroids" to be honest, so a family of 5 , two teens and 1 10 year old! No gas, but oil central heating, approx 300 odd per annum (cheaper to fill in summer), Elect is 300 per Qtr, so 100 per month, we also have open wood fire and we collect wood/choppings from the local forest - lots of tree-surgeons round here so no scarcity of logs either way, just space to dry them out before winter Internet (BT Openreach fibre, landline , Sports, TV and entertainment (not SKY won't touch it) + x4 mobiles on plans , 1 unlimited (me) and others for wife and kids) about 150-160 per month Council tax is 181 per month where we are I think, my wife pays it.... x2 cars, 1 landcrusier and 1 small station-car, tax is 300 for the diesel and 75 for the other ford thing Fuel is expensive, but we spend less than 300 a month total, probably 60 on the ford thing and 180 on the cruiser (great on motorway, shocking round town) Food, hmmm, you can go to town here, there is so much variety we have M&S, Waitrose, Morrisons and Sainsburys all with in easy reach (15-20 min drive), and huge range of choice, and it can be expensive if you don't watch it, we do x3 big shops per month at about 130-150 per shop, so that's say 400 (includes all the non-food expensive items - dishwasher, cleaner etc) and about 3-4 occasional shops in-between (milk, bread, spontaneous etc) which come to around another 200, so we're close to 600 per month for a family of 5, 2 boys 1 girl so you're close with the 100 per week. 40 per month seems high for water, I think ours is about 270-280 per 6 months ? Beer is 4.05 at my local, Harveys Best, 4%, deliciousness in a glass, and not too strong, but my other good colleague in surrey paid over 5 at his !! Travel up to london on a season is about 450 per month or 95 per week... 55min to London Bridge (yeah right..... )
  15. deryans

    Oz dogs in the UK

    Our aussie boxer-airdate cross (yes, try and picture that ) loves it here, she's grown a wolf mane and just looks like a DoooooooooG!!!! huge brown beige wolf thing...