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  1. deryans

    Aircraft fleets

    two engines good, four engines bad to paraphrase island of doctor moreau, 380 way too expensive, engineering overhead, difficult revenue optimisation, nightmare weight and balance with internal constant fuel calc trim, same cargo capacity as 744 which means you have to fill it with annoying talking self loading cargo pax, belly cargo is the sweet 20% bottom line bumper + infrastructure at airports to manage the beast is mad, drop two into say fiji or even Adelaide and you're stuffed for 4 hours
  2. deryans

    Returning to UK

    Love it back in Europe, despite the brexit debacle, having lived in both North Africa, western Europe, northern Europe (Norway), Oz (15 years), I actually prefer the cold, I can always put layers on or take them off, I can't when it's too hot , there is no respite at 50 deg, and everyone puts their air con on, you just have to get used to it, I'd prefer -50 to +50
  3. what a great career you have chose, certainly Oz and the near pacific will provide you with a rich landscape to work in, only advice I'd say is to start now, commence your application and proceed as well as you can, don't listen to people who will say you can't or it's too expensive, it isn't and it's not relative to what other people on this planet are suffering. Only issue is that industrialisation can often be on an immense and frighteningly depressive scale in Oz (Fish farming, Zinc mining - slurry, oil and mining ) and do gigantic damage that is very often not made visible to the public. Subclass 190 might also tie you to an area, i.e. Adelaide, which may or may not have anything to do with your degree or expertise so you'll have to get to Oz, wait a few years and then move to a place that is more suitable to you. Don't be afraid of the application process, it's somewhat easier than the UK, Irish and Canadian one
  4. deryans

    Autism and medicals Visa 189

    Bit of comprehension check I think, if they don't know the outcome at the time of the application , then why guess at the diagnosis, there is a potential outcome, not certain. Tick the unknown box on the application form, move on, next. By all means declare that there is treatment that has commenced, ongoing and leave it at that, but drawing a conclusion at this stage when there is no certainty or a firm diagnosis is naive, when the person reviewing the application will see the "trigger word" and likely take the process off down a route based on their own conjecture/bias.
  5. deryans

    Autism and medicals Visa 189

    have you or are you likely to be asked the question during the medical process ? If not , why declare and do not volunteer any personal information whatsoever unless specifically asked - and that includes the catch all "is there anything else [that we cannot predict] that you may know about that may affect your application" , the simple fact is that there may be no diagnosis and yet there also may be a diagnosis, and unless you can tell the future, you don't know, so the answer to the question is , you don't know, otherwise legally you are guessing.
  6. This is interesting, remote working or indeed most recent generation work can be remote, i..e you should not need to be in the office 5 days a week to use your knowhow and expertise ( to be fair, easy to say with 25+ years experience - I agree a lot harder for someone just starting out) The pre-requisite of course is a mature and capable comms network (aka NBN) and a mature and visionary company/leader that trusts its workers to behave professionally and work remotely I think certain parts of australia (i.e. adelaide) has some way to travel on both these counts.
  7. deryans

    Adelaide v Gold Coast

    If you like cycling you are probably in one of the best places in Australia. I haven't ever seen so many cyclists in one city and somewhere so well though out for cyclists. I'm not sure if you are a cyclist because whilst adelaide looks like a bike friendly city on the surface in reality it has some distance to travel, I spent 9 or so years in Sydney and just under 3 in adelaide , cycled to work consistently for 8 of them and was in an Sydney inner west cycling club, southern highlands and hawkesbury (arkuna), Tour de Bright in Victorian highlands is an exceptional climbing comparable to a category 2 or 3 french climb. Adelaide ? Hills , after that nothing and that's it, the city is flat and bike lanes are in place to segregate casual cyclists from traffic, why ? ignorance and road rage ? I've never seen more road rage in adelaide in my time as a cyclist, the drivers are simply the worst in the country (maybe gold coast ?) , Clubs ? Clubs in adelaide are a social strata thing and not a cycling club, that is, they exist for say a bunch of work colleagues at a management consultancy firm who all ride 10K pinarello's and drink late's after an easy 50km local hills ride, contrast that with some clubs in western sydney and you'll get a much richer demographic and a 130km ride on a weekend is norm. Tour down Under, ? SA's desperate chance to try and keep it on the map, everyone in the cycling industry knows Victoria has better routes, better climate and better scenery, yet politically the TDF is stuck in adelaide.
  8. deryans

    Adelaide v Gold Coast

    30 year is being kind tbf i'd say more like 130 lol . and the most progressive people I worked with in adelayed were the judiciary ... not kidding yup, SE UK, London, East Sussex tbh there are still nepotism/cronyism/ issues everywhere but they are easily avoided and have less influence in a global gateway city/larger market and if you are close to the top of your game or your kids have ambition then a small minded parochial town anywhere is not the place for your family.
  9. deryans

    Adelaide v Gold Coast

    restrictive opportunities for the kids, is exactly the reason we left adelaide, but in essence it's too parochial, very small minded and restrictive, very thin labour market and nepotistic/Cronyism barriers to entry , general mediocrity in the main, massive resistance to change from incumbent employees who underperform at an astonishing level, quite an alarming youth (and professionals) exodus from the state which then exacerbates the lack of creativity and change appetite. as some people are fond of saying about adelaide "its not what you know, its who you know" and this sums the place up, similar to many small and remote places I guess, it's very common for secret and the old "commercial in confidence" deals done by local councils and the state government, infact they became a laughing stock about it, in short we found it unsuitable for our family. Plenty comments on adelaide about its a great place to retire, to be honest, given the recent care home scandals I doubt even that.
  10. deryans

    Adelaide v Gold Coast

    we relocated to Adelaide from Sydney, it did not work out. 10 years in SYD then 3.5 in Adelaide, could not wait to get out of the place.
  11. deryans

    Adelaide v Gold Coast

    gold coast.....
  12. I think 2 years savings is a wise decision, but an expensive drop for what could prove to be a most ineffective use of your funds ? The step back you speak of is more than 2 years, that's best case scenario and a minimum, 2 years is simply the visa requirement and has nothing to do with career, if you are an accomplished IT professional, you may find that your "step back" is considerably larger than 2 years, then again it might be that you thrive, it's something of a lottery to be fair, but with higher stakes. At least you don't have family, please tell me you're not gambling on adelaide with your family ?
  13. if you are going to be economically distressed, then move.
  14. Infact , prospects are likely to be worse, a new government was returned this year and they are busy clearing out the 16 years mediocrity of the last administration who have steered SA and Adelaide into an economic corner. over 5000 public servants to get he chop as a result. Adelaide is a public sector town, over 12% of the population is directly employed by the government, and another substantial percentage indirectly, which means over a the decades, the same people, same families and same groups of people attain control of certain functions, barring any newcomers. Adelaide has a reputation for nepotism, cronyism and mediocrity, and being somewhat backward, this is a well earned reputation and it's largely true. Jobs are certainly not plentiful, which is a rather general remark to make, I'd say good jobs with prospects are very scarce, low level jobs with limited prospects are common, it is also very common for people at good level of experience and competency to take a minor role reporting to someone who's a fraction of their experience in the hope that they'll be rewarded and or promoted - this does not always work : see above
  15. deryans

    UK economy slowing.

    I think Brexit is primarily an economic impact and an impact to people who are in thin markets with lesser options, therefore it does not make sense for car workers (for example) to vote for brexit and then accept the economic risk that follows, it's simply unfair. by and large, there is significant cad-ism by Farage and Bojo to better their own political agendas, at the expense of the people who voted for their "ideal", it looks and smells misleading and it is becoming rather obvious that it is. The NHS takes a schlocking each and every day from the media with a bias, yet hundreds and thousands of people are treated each day, brexit caused an overall funding (forecast) crisis at the home office and they are now preparing for the worst trying to cut costs in advance of delivering the services, same across many departments who now have to begin to reduce costs. Yet the NHS is a superb and fantastic institution , delivering care far in excess of any other public system on the planet. Fear plays a lot in this, ISIS is driving cars into people and killing innocent civilians, yes, and that is appalling, the terror attacks in London are a disgrace, but to suggest that ISIS has any capability to effect any of their goals in the UK or any other european country is to give them far more importance than they actually are, they are infact a nuisance when compared to the likes of the IRA or similar organisations that did far more damage. So we need to stop villifying migrants with an ISIS tag and stop this anti-muslim rhetoric as it simply is not true and not real. Right wing policies are a product of inexperience and desperation, and often short lived, Hungary is making it illegal to help migrants, yet many (and I have hungarian friends) people say its simply un enforceable in hungary, Poland is trying to undermine the judiciary, this is common stuff, the NSW AG disliked the current Chief justice when I was there it was an open secret. The big diplomatic winner in all this distracting schnozzle, that he US and Britain and Russia seem to be handwringing is actually china, and when she gets the idea that she wants to say build a base 50Km off the coast of australia, who is actually going to stop her ? I simply don't think brexit as an executable program is possible without significant changes that diminish the whole point. My tip ? start a Brexit consultancy and sell shovels, snow shoes and pans to the gold diggers on the way up the klondike.