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Found 30 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have a question in regards of claiming work experience. So I have a friend who is currently working as a chef. His pay rate is in line with the hospitality industry awards. He works Fri, Sat & Sun. He's a casual so his weekly working hours vary, it can be 17, 18 or sometimes even 20+/week. He still abides by the working hour restricted rule, here's an example of it: 1st week of September: He worked 19.25h 2nd week of September: He worked 19.25h 3rd week of September: He worked 20.5h 4th week of September: He worked 19h The problem is, according to what I understand, in order to claim work experience, the applicant needs to work at least 20h/week. However, his agent said that even though he did not strictly work 20h/week every week, he still could claim the experience. The agent said when the CO asked for proof of employment, normally only payment summary and letter of employment confirmation/employment contract were needed. The CO may require payslips as well, but he (my friend) only needs to submit 12 weekly payslips which shows that he works 20h in the period of 12 working months (In the example above, that would mean he would use the payslip of the 3rd week of Sep). So here's my question. Is what the agent said true? Or besides payment summary and letter of employment confirmation/employment contract, the CO will require EVERY SINGLE payslip for every working months that you claim you have worked? I'm looking forward to any clarification. Thank you in advance.
  2. So, as you can see, this thread is about what the title says. Just to be clear, I am, by all means, not an expert, but here is my take on this issue. First, please let me present the types of applicants at the moment and how the changes in Nov will affect them. 1/ Applicants whose partners have English & SA at the moment => they currently get 5p from their partners ---> When the change is implemented, they will get 10p, instead of 5p like before => BENEFICIAL 2/ Applicants who are single at the moment => they currently get 0 point. ---> When the change is implemented, they will get 10p => BENEFICIAL 3/ Applicants whose partners have English, but no SA at the moment => they currently get 0 point from their partners. ---> When the change is implemented, they will get 5 points instead of 0 point like before => BENEFICIAL 4/ Applicants whose partners have no English and no SA at the moment => they currently get 0 point from their partners. ----> When the change is implemented, they will still get 0 point like before => NOTHING CHANGE There is also a degree of priority being introduced in Nov, with singles and applicants whose partners have SA and competent English are considered to be equally first. Applicants whose partners only have competent English to be second and applicants whose partners have no English as well as SA to be last. This change is obviously good for singles and applicants with skilled and competent in English partners. However, people can game the new system, and here’s why I say this. In my opinion, base on what I stated above, the applicants who fall into category 3 & 4 (whether their relationships are genuine or not) will CLAIM TO BE SINGLE again in order to get 10 points, instead of only 5 points or no point at all, for the purpose of boosting their total points for a better chance at getting PR. For real couples, after the main applicants have already got PR, the other spouses, who weren’t included in the PR visa, can always lodge a partner visa after that. This is obviously easier to be done by people who are in de factor relationship rather than married couples as they don’t have to go through the complicated divorce process, which from what I understand is time consuming as costly as well. Of course this will make the PR path for both partners (de factor or married) become much more expensive and take much more time. There are also possible risks of breaking up or getting divorce for real, but let’s not talk about that now. In short, I expect there will be a lot of break-up cases in the upcoming November after the new changes are implemented. As suspicious as it looks, DHA can’t really prove if the break-ups are real or not and will have no choice but to accept that. Of course DHA can always alter the requirements or blacklist those applicants who do those shady things and thus make it harder for them to “sponsor” their spouses in the future, but who knows. I could be wrong on this, I guess we just have to wait and see how things turn out.
  3. 1. I had applied for Skilled - Independent (Points-Tested) (subclass 189) visa in 2016 on the ground of studies & employment in overseas as Software Engineer. But Immigration authorities found that the organization is so small, hence, did not meet the standard required and raised several concern over giving any due credit to my employment in overseas for grant of visa under subclass 189. They had issued Natural Justice Letter (S-57) inviting comments/explanation about the concerns raised therein. 2. Keeping in view their findings, I preferred to withdraw my application keeping in mind that I will apply for another skill assessment without using those employment so as to avoid any further concern as I had already completed my Masters in IT from Sydney University and was pursuing my Professional Year which was due to get completed in the year 2017. 3. After completion of my studies in Australia and Professional Year, I again applied for skill assessment certificate before Australian Computer Society (ACS) afresh under the provisions of Post Australian Study Skill Assessment which was to be assessed purely on the basis of my post Australian studies only and no credit was to be given to my employment in overseas which had occurred prior to the relevant Australian degree. 4. This time, I had not submitted or provided any documents to ACS relating to my employment in overseas. But ACS has mentioned those employment details in my skill assessment certificate and when I raised this concern before them, they cited the reason that it got mentioned in the certificate because I had provided the information in 2015/2016 and it cannot be omitted, removed or deleted at any later stage/in any subsequent certificate. I have written many emails to ACS raising this concern that my skill assessment was strictly to be done on the basis of my post Australian studies. As per the ACS website, under the Post Study Australian skill assessment, only employment experiences after the relevant Australian degree are to be considered. Then why did any employment details prior to completion of my studies in Australia are mentioned in the skill assessment certificate. ACS has mentioned that I could claim points for those experiences. I think this is quite opposite to what is mentioned in the ACS website. 5. Mention of this fact in skill assessment certificate by ACS mislead the Case Officer and he is now of the opinion that I have obtained the skill assessment certificate issued in 2018 on the basis of my employment in overseas which had already been tested by the Immigration Authorities and found not suitable or substandard. 6. Now, in view of Immigration Authorities, there is no material difference between skill assessment certificate dated 2016 & 2018 and they have been issued on the similar grounds. But the fact is that the first skill assessment certificate (2016) was issued on the ground of employment in overseas while the second skill assessment certificate (2018) has been issued on the basis of post Australian Studies and Professional Year. 7. Natural Justice Letter (S-57) dated 20.06.2019 has been issued to me and I have been asked to submit my comments latest by 16th July 2019.
  4. We received out invite for the 189 visa on Monday, booked our medicals for a few weeks time, however today my 5yr old has been escalated to a higher tier within the camhs for a potential diagnosis of autistic spectrum. Do we need to declare this during the medicals as he wok the be formally diagnosed for many months yet, if so how will it impact in them ? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, just wanted to share some happy news - got an invite today for 189. Was loosing hope after many months of waiting so very happy. Now onto submitting all the docs. Details below if anyone inetrested ? good luck to everyone else! I ELTS (overall 8.5) - July 2017 || Skills Assessment - Joiner (331213) - Positive - Sep 2017 || EOI submitted with 70 points 20.02.2018 || Invitation to apply 11.07.2018
  6. Hello everyone,I lodged my visa application on 22 May and a week later CO asked for medical and police check.I did my medical check on 14 June.But There is no news from CO yet.And I still waiting .My visa type is 190 and I have victoria state sponsorship and I applied as human resource manager,anyone here has same experience as me????
  7. Hi all Looking for some help with completing the EOI ...has anyone submitted the EOI for joiner recently and could help with few questions please? Just confused about few things and worried we are over claiming points! My partner got a positive skills assessment from TRA and also got a AQF Certificate III in Joinery. On the letter we got - skilled migration assessment result - it only says that it has been successful and he also got that certificate in joinery. I though that on the letter it will say how many years of experience he has as well. My partner provided evidence for 7 y & 10 m and they said that he has provided all supporting documents for this period, but still 3 years will be taken off from this as he has only completed NVQ2 ( and not 3) so firs 3 years count as training and he should be claiming only 5 points for work experience. When we added the info about work experience to EOI, it gave him 10 points for experience so counted all 7 y and 10m... where are those 3 years to be taken off from that? How can we claim less? points are calculated automatically based in the information entered...im confused... Sorry if those are daft questions, I know its only EOI so should be straight forward, but just want to make sure we do this right and don't over claim.. hope there is someone who can help! Thanks in advance! Andana
  8. Hi all, Was hoping someone could help. My boyfriend is just going through skills assessment for a joiner ( visa 189). We have references and proof of employment for 7y and 9 months- so just short of 8 y to get extra points. Assessment may take up to 11 weeks, so by then we should have those extra 3 m to take him to 8y. When we submit EOI , can we only claim those 7 y and 9 m that are being assessed or can we add an extra evidence to show 8 y ? Skills assessment people told us yes so can claim more later on, so we submitted the application without waiting those 3 m to take us over 8 y. But now they say they are not sure.. told us to speak to our migration agent, but we don’t have one as trying to do without ( as it costs a lot L ) Anyone knows how this works? Thanks in advance! Andana
  9. Hi all, Hope someone can help My and my partner are just about to submit EOI (visa 198 - joiner) but just a bit confused about the points we got when we filled it. We filled in all required information and all that is left now is to submit it. However, I wanted to check first, if we provided the right information. The system calculated that my partner has 70 points ( age - 30, English - 20, qualifications - 10 and work experience - 10) but... He is a joiner and did skills assessment with ACTS, we provided evidence for 7 y and 10 m, which they confirmed, but they also said that 3 years of experience will be taken off as he has NVQ L2 and did not do 3 years of his apprenticeship. They said we should be claiming only 5 points for experience and not 10 ( as 7y and 10 m minus 3 y will take it down to 4 y). This still gives us 65 points which is over the threshold but the systems calculates the points itself and shows he has 70. We don't want to over claim points, but not sure what info to provide. How does it work? If we give less info on his work experience to get 65 points and they take away 3 y then we wont get any points for experience. Would someone be able to help? Also, re qualifications - ACTS assessed his qualifications and he got a Certificate III in Joinery - just to double check - in EOI we added this under Education History and NVQ2 qualification under - 'An award or qualification recognised by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation'. Is this right? sorry if those are daft questions, I know its only EOI so should be straight forward, but just want to make sure we do this right ... Thanks in advance! Aldona
  10. Dear members, I need to know how much time does it take for visa grant for 189, after visa lodgement? Please advice, thank you
  11. Collythekid

    Vetassess Processing Times 2014

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this, very good site! I recently (the last couple of days) have uploaded and sent off my Vetassess application. I am a Construction Project Manager. I hold a Masters, a Degree and a Diploma in Construction Project Management and I have 4 years Australian Experience as a Construction Project Manager. In Essence, I am by all means a Construction Project Manager. I have uploaded about 25 documents proving employment and all of my Educational Qualifications and results I am reading very nervous posts from last year stating 12-16 weeks process for Vetassess. My visa is up in April 22nd so obviously I need a quick turnaround on my Application. I have posted them a Urgency request form but I'm not too sure if this form is just kinda stapled to some page and left on someones desk for 3-4 months or if they actually hurry the process up. I rang them to confirm that payment has been made and when I check my Vetassess application online it says lodged but please wait 2-3 weeks for documents to be received. I understand they had a backlog before christmas but I am informed that they have no migrated their entire system to digital to quicken up the process. Anyone have any experience lately with them or any issues with them. I'm so baffled by the posts on here for 12-16 weeks process, it's not rocket science. Your help would be greatly appreciated folks! Many Thanks, Colly
  12. I could not find a thread for December 2014 so created a new one. I lodged my application today. Now I am preparing documents related to employment evidence. Does anyone know that what kind of documents are enough for job verification?
  13. Louise Ellis

    New to the visa process 189 HELP

    hi, this is all new to us and I am just looking for a little guidance. Does anyone recommend an agent to take you through the visa process or is it best to do it yourself? If an agent any recommendation and rough cost? the main visa would be my husband, he holds a Degree in QS. I know he needs to get his degree assessed by AIQS, Am I right in thinking it costs $650 for the assessment? thats all for now and sorry for all the questions. thanks
  14. Hi all, My fiancé is a carpenter/joiner and we qualify for subclass 189. We have the funds aside to apply for our residency and come to make a go of a life in Perth. My mother's best friend lives in perth and we are starting with her as a base. Our question is... do we take the plunge and go for a 189 visa from the UK having never visited the country before? Or do we go on a Working holiday visa and if we get there and fall in love, apply straight away? I know it can be done from inside oz. Any advise is much appreciated!! Thank you Katie
  15. kfdp

    Secondary Teaching Question

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum so please be gentle! I have a couple of questions that I'm finding tricky to find answers to that are applicable to my specifics. So I've been working my behind off for the past, at least, 2 years: working and studying full time, aiming to be a secondary teacher, with the goal of the Australian dream. I'm currently studying History through the Open University, averaging 2:1, and hope to complete this next summer (2016). I am planning on applying for admission into a PGDE Secondary History course for that year, so if all goes well I will complete that in Summer 2017. I will have: BA (Hons) History degree (3 years) PGDE Secondary History (1 year) Do I need work experience to apply for 189 visa? Could I, in theory, apply as soon as I have those precious, hard fought for, blood sweat and tear soaked pieces of paper, and still have the chance of being granted a 189 visa as a Secondary Teacher? Thank you for any and every piece of advice, even if it's direction-pointing! I hope you all are having a lovely evening! Please understand that I do know that there is the very good chance that Secondary teacher will be taken off the list at any moment, however if that is so, then at least I'm qualified to teach here in the UK, and I'll just have to be creative for a chance of living and working in Australia in the future :cute:
  16. yousuf89

    Migration to Australia

    Hey guys, I am planning to migrate to Australia as I have just completed my Bachelors in Information Technology from an Australian Institute in Malaysia (MONASH University). Given that there are a lot of information online regarding various visas, I found it a bit hard to conclude. So, I was wondering if I could apply for temporary graduate visa subclass 485 or not. Secondly, for my degree validation through ACS, how do i know which code to pick or they just pick one random code for me after the processing? Hope I could get some help on these matters Cheers
  17. colombiu

    Visa 189 grant DELAYED!!

    Hello Everyone I have lodged my application on the 18th of November 2014 and I have not got any response yet nor an email from a case officer so far. I am very concerned about this situation as the processing time has taken about 4 months. When I read the immigration webpage there I found that the average processing time is 3 months and I've seen some cases where the response has lasted less than 3 months. Could anyone tell me how long this could take or what could be happening? I made sure all the information was attached and I carried out the medical checks as soon as the webpage allowed to do so.
  18. Hi I am Giby Thomas, I would like to apply for Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) in Australia.I am a Software Engineer from India with 5 years of experience. I don't know, how to find out this job in Australia. Some of my colleagues told me that, it is better to apply for the job from India than go and search from there. Is this a right advice? or can anyone please advice me on how can I apply for Software Engineer job there?
  19. Hi .. I have been invited fir visa 189 application a week ago. I just have one inquiry about the documents to uploaded. I am claiming 5 point for my overseas experience i am providing a bank statement but the thing is that the statement in arabic language and it is too long as it include all transactions since 2008 (about 30 pages or more). should i translate the whole statement or can i just make notes and mark the salary deposit with hand writing ? Any past experience about this would help. regards
  20. Good evening, This is my first post so apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I can't find it. If anyone does have a link, that would be great as well. So my partner and I are looking to move to Australia, and have been looking at the 189 Skilled Independent Visa. This won't be for a couple of years yet, as we have to aim for something on the SOL. We have been looking at Accountant (general) for my partner, as there is a good chance he can complete the ACCA in 2, possibly 3, years. By that time, he will have: Age: 30 points English: 20 points Educational: 15 points (I have scouted round and found that ACCA is equivalent to Australian Bachelors) Obviously he won't have experience working as an Accountant by the time we apply, but is this a problem? For skills assessment, is just the ACCA enough to claim that? Are people asking about pre-degree experience just because they would like the extra points? Or is it essential he has experience for his skills assessment? I'm having a hard time finding that bit of specific information anywhere. I also do understand that Accountant (General) may very well not be on the SOL by then, but I'm working towards a degree followed by PGDE which could allow me to apply as Secondary Teacher for 189 visa if need be (again, I know it might go away at anytime!). I think I got all this out coherently! Many thanks for any help or pointers anyone can give me. I know it's a long time away(ish) but I would like to know we are on the right track so less chance of problems in the future. Thanks! Ferg :err:
  21. Hi everyone, can anyone explain how work experience counts for visa 189 (permanent independent) my situation: 2010 - Diploma in IT straight after I started to work as Software Developer and started bachelor degree course. I was working 1.5 years part time (20 or greater hours per week, paid) during studying than I was awarder by scholarship and was working as intern next 6 months- it was part of my degree such as industrial project, but still full-time and paid as soon as it finished, I obtained degree and started in new company where I have worked for 1.5 years (full-time, paid) Both Diploma and Degree were evaluated as Majors in IT by ACS Question: Do I have 3 years of work experience for 189 visa? Thanks for answers and comments.
  22. Hi all, I wanna claim 5 points for my work experience in Australia. I have been working with my company for 1 year. I understand that I need to obtain a company employment reference letter to support my claim. My company has written me a letter stating the entire period i have been working with my title, pay and duties. However, I cant provide payslip for the whole year. I only have some payslip. And also I did not get pay for the beginning 3 months but I get reimbursement for lunch and transport instead. Is it still ok to claim for the point? Thanks for answering. Regards, Hong
  23. Hi All, I am an instrumentation engineer by qualification but I really work in sales and marketing of engineered systems. I browsed through the whole SOL list but nowhere could I find instrumentation engineer listed as a qualification. Now I am concerned as to how should I proceed ahead. I intend to apply for visa class 189. I will be moving along with my spouse who is MSc in applied bio-molecular technology, we are planning that she will come as my dependent. She wants to study further from Sydney Univ. We are going crazy here with these issues. Can someone, anyone care to explain what and how should we proceed, please! Cheers.
  24. lordscythe

    EOI for visa 189 - Help Please

    1. I was assessed by ANMAC under the ANZSCO 254418 Registered Nurse (Medical) when I worked at a hospital. Then I worked as a Utilization Review Nurse in an office after, which I need not submit to ANMAC. Is this considered as related to my nominated occupation when I answer the EOI for visa 189? 2. From a business short stay visa, I am currently on bridging visa A for student visa. Is Australia my usual country of residence in the EOI? I’ve been staying in Australia for almost 7 months and returned to my country of origin for 1 month in between. 3. I recently had my medical exam this February for the student visa. How can I use the same HAP ID for the visa 189 application? Thank you!
  25. Hi, i am new to this forum.. i have the visa type VF 475(sponsored by my brother)[ now visa type 489]. I have score of ielts 7 in all bands, acs approved (before 2012!!) as software engineer so thinking to apply for the visa 189 now from onshore(within australia). i have some doubt which i want to share here. 1.if i apply for the visa 189 (through EOI definitely) what will be my visa status?is it be a bridging visa? 2. And if the visa application unsuccessful(hope not for it) what will happen to the visa 489,will be remain same like before or be invalid also and i have problem then? at present i am in Melbourne for 8 months with the visa 475. kindly someone share view or knowledge about the issue please.. thanks in advance mates..