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Found 31 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone can advise what tests are carried out on children under 5 at the medical? I have a 2.5 year old who was born in Australia and is showing signs of developmental delay ( not socialising or responding to name, no words). He sees a speech therapist but we are holding out getting him assessed for ASD until we apply for PR. Our GP and paediatrician has advised just not to volunteer any information and to just bring along an iPad for him and say he’s shy. Just wondering what specifically the doctor will do or questions they ask and if it’s likely to be flagged? It’s such a huge cost to be rejected. Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi all After an extended stay (16 years) in the UK our family is planning to move back to live in Brisbane. Both our children are on the autistic spectrum. Our 11yr old has a diagnosis from CAMHS and our 7yr has been referred to CAMHS but it is unlikely that the assessment process will be completed before we arrive. Thankfully both children are high functioning with no real concerns academically. Their issues are more related to social interaction, anxiety, mental health, etc. We have also received referrals for other related issues such as Occupational Therapy. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of transferring UK ASD diagnoses to the Australian system. I am primarily interested in knowing whether the diagnosis from CAMHS would be recognised or would we have to undergo the whole process from scratch once in Australia? We are also wondering whether to get a private diagnosis for my son here in the UK and get a covering letter from CAMHS which can be done quite quickly. From my initial investigations it seems to be much cheaper but obviously it needs to be transferrable. The NHS system takes up to two years from referral to diagnosis. Is the Australian system as slow as this and is any of it covered by Medicare? I am interested in what is required for the Criterion One form for school funding and also NDIS, although having looked at the criteria for NDIS which is DSM-V severity level 2 or 3 I'm not sure they would qualify for NDIS. Both children already have Australian citizenship by descent so there are no issues with visas. Any insights or experience would be greatly appreciated. Cheers JK
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to this site so apologies if this has already been answered. We are a family of 4, both mine and my husband's professionals are on the skilled migrant list. We have a 16 year old who was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD many years ago. He is bright, articulate and attends full time school, with a view to starting college this year after he has taken his GCSE's. from the research I have done, this may be a significant issue with us obtaining a visa...please could someone point me in the right direction. We have decided that we would like to start the medical process before anything else therefore if it is a 'no' at leats we know prior to starting everything else. Any help would be amazing as this process is all a bit daunting especially when this has been a dream of ours. Thanks
  4. Hello, We have recently submitted our Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) application. It was only during our medical examinations we have realised that the development delays/signs of autism in children would be a deal breaker for obtaining a PR visa. My kid (3 years and 4 months) had shown some signs of autism when he was 2.5 years old and has been attending an early intervention program ever since. He also attends a regular play school here in our city. He was non-verbal just 10 months ago, but his speech has significantly improved in the last few months. He now speaks more than 300-400 words (eg: fruits, vegetables, colours, animals, vehicles, planets, action words, weeks, months etc..) and uses 3-4 word sentences like "I want water please", "open the door", "cover me with a blanket", "I see a phone" etc.. and asks for assistance using sentences like "help me". He can also count numbers up to 50 and trace alphabets among other things. He also started reading 3-letter words without much assistance. He has been potty trained for over two weeks now and is generally doing well with his needs. We believe he is doing reasonably well in both his schools as we receive positive feedback from his teachers. As part of his medical examination earlier this week, we have provided the details of his speech delay and his current pre-school program (early intervention) information to the Doctor. Since there was no formal diagnosis of ASD, and considering his recent improvements we didn't mention anything about his earlier signs of autism. Since my kid showed a lack of interest/attentiveness in this session(and also didn't answer couple of questions), the Doctor suggested that he may have to refer his case back to the Australian Immigration department. He basically suggested that the DoHA may ask for additional details from his school about his attention deficit. I now see the following message from Immiaccount. "A Medical Officer has determined that additional health information is required to determine whether this person meets the health requirement for the visa subclass specified". Does this mean further medical tests will be conducted? And what tests do they generally conduct to determine my child's condition. I believe they may probably do some psychological evaluation to determine if he is on the spectrum, but not sure how this really works. We have only observed few of these highlighted symptoms in our child recently, and wondering if this would put him on the spectrum and make him ineligible for this Visa. Please advice if we should seek professional help (George Lombard or Peter Bollard) for this case right away, or wait a bit longer to see the results from further medical tests (if any)? Apologies for the long post, but would really appreciate any valuable inputs from forum members.
  5. We received out invite for the 189 visa on Monday, booked our medicals for a few weeks time, however today my 5yr old has been escalated to a higher tier within the camhs for a potential diagnosis of autistic spectrum. Do we need to declare this during the medicals as he wok the be formally diagnosed for many months yet, if so how will it impact in them ? Thanks
  6. Hi, we are looking at making the move back to Oz to be closer to my husbands family. Our kids have Australian citizenship so we will have no visa problems here. My son has autism, NHS diagnosed in December 2017. He currently attends a mainstream primary school in the UK but the school has a provision for ASD - although our son doesn’t access this it does mean the SeNCo and teaching staff are incredibly experienced and the school is very inclusive. My son academically is in line with his peers and so his school work is not an issue but he does receive some 1:1 support for movement breaks/O.T and to set up visual timetables/now and next boards. Looking at schools in Brisbane as well as media relating to autism in schools in Australia I’m worried that he will find school very challenging. So my question is how inclusive are state primary schools, will NHS diagnosis be recognised as well as UK occupational therapy reports or will we need to have these redone in Australia? Lastly if anyone has their own experiences they would like to share if love to read them.
  7. sunshinesyd

    Citizenship & autism

    My husband and I are already living in Australia with our 2 year old son who was born in the UK. We have been here just over a year on 175 skilled permanent resident visas and my son is on a child visa 101. After recent news headlines about parents being deported because their children have been diagnosed with autism, It has got us slightly worried and I am keen to hear from any legal experts or other families who have been in a similar situation as to if a child gets diagnosed with autism on a visa (it is a permanent resident visa) would there be any issues when it comes round to applying for citizenship for them and us in a few years time? Would it be better to wait to get a diagnosis if there were signs until after citizenship. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  8. Kaye2201

    Permanent residency and asd

    Hi there my husband and I moved here and had our two sons on a 457 visa. We are about to embark on permanent residency applications and I was wondering if anyone had any experience having read a few bad things! My my son is currently in the process of being diagnosed with sensory processing/asd. I'm wondering how this will affect his chance of being approved for permanent residency. He's only going to be a mild case from what we can see so far. Ive read many articles where applications have been rejected based on medical financial burden being imposed to Australia. Has anyone successfully been approved? It's a big financial commitment if we will be rejected for this reason. Any help would be appreciated
  9. Hoping for advise, my husband is Australian by birth and has an Aussie passport. There doesn't seem to be a problem getting citizenship by descent for the children, he is listed as Australian on their birth certificates. Therefore the three of them could I believe go to Aussie without any problems. I however am English and have to apply for a Partner visa. Looking at the form it appears that all four of us have to pass the medical. That's the problem my son has a rare chromosome disorder(Potocki lupski syndrome), Autism and severe learning difficulties basically he'll never be independent. Given that the 3 of them could just hope on a plane without me. Do they still need to Take/pass the medical, for me to go? if no-one knows do you know who I can ask before I fork out the £2,600(Yikes!).
  10. Hi we have been advised by an agent that we are likely to get turned down for a visa because our 3 year old son is disabled. He has global developmental delay and autism. He cannot walk or talk yet but is on his way to learning to walk. He is not on any medication and has no need of medical help apart from speech therapy and physiotherapy which we provide. He does have a statement for educaional needs. Just wondering if anyone else has been in similar situation and have you any advice? Riggers
  11. Guest


    HI my 3 year old is showing signs of autistic tendancies. Not major problem - lovely child, few communication and social interaction issues. Does anyone know how this would affect migration and what are the services like for kids like him in Kindagarten and school - think they are pretty slow here to be put in place!! Thanks Cath
  12. Guest

    Emigrating with autism

    Hello all, we are about to start the process of emigrating but have a concern that seems to be getting different responces so would like help! Our 5 year old is statemented as having mild autism he is in main stream school with support for 15 hours per week will this prevent us from getting accepted? It would be great to here from anyone with advice!
  13. Hi again, As part of arranging our move back to the UK, it will be really important for me to be able to ensure that my secondary school aged son is able to have a reasonable school experience despite being on the high functioning end of the Autism Spectrum (ie. Asperger syndrome type issues, but otherwise pretty bright). He has really struggled with primary schooling over here in Australia. The school systems in Oz are often so unresponsive to the needs of these children that home schooling is often suggested/forced on them. This really isn't an option for us as I'm a single Mum and the sole family breadwinner. Furthermore he's a sociable lad (it's myth that just because they're often excluded these kids are interested in socialising). He currently is going to a very good school for his needs in Brisbane - it's one in the Catholic system (though we're not Catholic). Please don't advise me to stay on in Australia until he's finished high school here. That won't work for a bunch of reasons to lengthy to go into here. As mentioned previously, we're looking at moving to the southern part of the Greater London area. House not yet selected/purchased. Locations restricted by amount I can afford to pay. Does anyone out there know what I need to do to make sure that local school provides appropriate support. On the whole I've been advised by Brits over here that the disability services system is of a higher standard than Australia, but I'm not clear about how this translates across to support for kids with non-visible, yet diagnosed, disabilities in mainstream education in the UK. As mentioned, his IQ is quite high so he doesn't need to go to a segregated special school. I'm wondering if there's some paperwork I can start to organise at this end, advocacy organisations or support groups I can join that would be helpful, or whether there's a specific government or non-government agency that can help. Info I've found by trawling the web so far seems a bit general. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you. :biggrin:
  14. TheClarkeFamily

    WA Schools and autism

    I have a daughter who will be 4 next month and is diagnosed autistic. Her lack of speech is the main problem but she signs and uses picture exchange to communicate really well. I am well aware its highly unlikely she will get a permanent visa which is why we will keep reassessing our own situation regularly. I have already emailed and discussed with George Lombard, specialist in this area regarding her autism and most likely will pay him to assess her eligability some time next year, giving us time to let speech improve and her to start school here (we will be able to know what support she needs or may need by then too as currently she manages really well in mainstream nursery with some 1 to 1 funded time). I have also been emailing Autism Association Western Australia and they have been extremely helpful providing lists of schools and info regarding autism in schools. Basically I am trying to gather as much info/evidence to support her visa application (should we go ahead with it next year). Finding out about schools would give me an idea of what to expect. - Has anyone moved from UK to WA with an autistic child and has experience of the WA schooling system? - Am I right that if she gets a permanent visa, the school can apply for funding for support if needed? - Would it make a difference to a visa application for an autistic child if we can prove we can pay for all her support/therapy she may need during school years (and beyond)? - Would it help (and is it possible) to put her name down at a school and be accepted before the visa application (proving she has been accepted based on current needs) I should add that we have family already settled in Perth so we know what area we are aiming for. Could a school provisionally accept her pending the visa I think is what I am trying to say although my words just dont want to come out!!! I have so much to think about, its quite hard to get it all out in a way that it makes sense. In my brain it seems clearer, writing it down - not so clear lol Bottom line - I welcome all info and experience, all stories good or bad. Like I say, we are prepared we may not get a visa for my daughter at all but I am going to find out as much as possible on the very slight chance that shes in with a shot
  15. nigelweepers

    Aspergers Syndrome

    Hi I have just come to the conclusion that I have Aspergers Syndrome. It has been suggested that my son has it so I researched it and suddenly, like a light bulb, everything in my life became clear. I am 42, I have been employed 99% of my working life, and am planning to migrate to Oz on the back of my wife's application. I have not been to the doctors to have this formally diagnosed yet, however I am tempted as it would ease current pressures. If I am formally diagnosed, will it have an effect on the visa application? Please help.
  16. Johndoe

    If you've got time

    Read this blog and if you haven't...............make time.....................please. A lovely, brave bloke. http://paul-betros.blogspot.com.au/
  17. Guest

    Special Educational Needs

    Hi everyone i have wanted to emigrate to Australia for years. I am in my mid-30s and a teacher. However, my son has mild Autism. I understand that this may mean my visa won't be granted. Does anyone know if this is true? I have also looked at where visas are currently being offered and Darwin seems to be the most in need. Does anyone know anything about the education system there? Would I be better to just forget the dream & get on with it in the UK? Thanks
  18. Hallfamily


    We have not started to apply for our visas yet, and I know it can be very difficult if you have a autistic child. My son is diagnosed with High funtional autism, and attends mainstream full time with only help from the classroom assistant, and is in a group of other children who are a little behind with their work. What I need to know is what documents will I need to help with his medical when the time comes.:unsure:
  19. milliem


    Hi Folks Could do with some help / advice on this one :confused: We are applying for a 475 heading to the sunshine coast area. My son is 14 yrs with Aspergers; medium functioning, no meds, no behaviour issues. he has an SEN statement but his school has withdrawn 80% his additional support recently in agreement with me as they feel he has made sufficient progress to no longer need the same input. Academically his progress is less than his peers but he is nonetheless making some. Can anyone give me a short list of what info I need to take to the medical with me. I want to pre-empt as much as I can so as to avoid too much delay. lastly - does anyone think this will be the proverbial fly in the ointment of our visa? i am a secondary school teacher myself working as a learning manager in special education. will this be any help in swaying their verdict or not? :wacko: Thanks for your help :notworthy: Millie x
  20. Hi there, we have submitted our spouse visa application and have received a request for medicals for my husband's 2 non migrating children who wish to remain in the UK with their Mother. One of the children has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum with Dyspraxia. How could this affect our application and what are the alternatives for migration. Myself and our three children are Australian Citizens - will this help the application? Any tips would really help. The medicals are booked for late September. Regards
  21. wildbriz

    Finish High School in UK or Oz?

    Hi, Sorry if some of these questions have been asked before regarding GCSE's etc. We are currently based in the UK with Australian citizenships, left Oz after 15 years for the UK primary schooling for our high functioning autistic son. He is now 14 and starting his GCSE's. From what we can roughly estimate based on his current performance he is likely to achieve grade 3's in Science, English and Maths possibly with a number of other subjects as well. Does anyone know if his GCSE's could be converted / translated in to Australian equivalents? If so, would these be recognised by potential employers? Would having GCSE's as opposed to the equivalent Australian qualification be a significant disadvantage? Alternatively we could return to Australia and let him complete his schooling in Oz. This is not the easiest of decisions to make because of the difference between the UK and Oz in their support systems but we have come across a few high schools that look promising. In some high schools he would get some shared aide time in mainstream classrooms and access to a support unit continuing through year 11 and 12. We have been told that some special needs students leave after year 10 and go on to TAFE but the subjects they seem to study are more vocational in nature. I guess one of the questions we are trying to find an answer as to is whether Grade 3's in GCSE's would be equivalent to the completion of year 12 and, if so, would they equate to low or medium level passes? If any one has any experience with these conversions and can help we would be very grateful. Thanks wildbriz
  22. Hi: I am qualified to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder but I am in the UK. My cousin's daughter is 8, and she is displaying very clear behaviours of Autism. My cousin is at her wits end taking the child to doctors etc and being told there is nothing wrong. My cousin is in Oz. I know how the system works in the UK, but does anyone know how she can get a referral in Oz? Does she have to see a psychologist or a GP in the first instance? And if so, how can she do this? Can she speak to the school? Would the school be willing to speak to me from the UK? Is there anyone on here who has any experience of dealing with this? I'm so concerned that my cousin's little girl will not be getting the help that she needs. Her other little girl is going to a private school next year, both children are very clever. The younger one is automatically granted a place with the school when she turns 12, but if she has this diagnosis will this affect her place at the school? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Sids Dad

    Autism is it a visa stopper?

    Hi all, well I have made my gums go about living the dream long and loud to all of my friends and relatives since arriving for good last year. My brother is starting to take a real interest in wanting to follow in our footsteps although he is dubious as to whether his 12 year old son would get through the medical. He is Autistic although he is on the bottom end of the spectum. he also has medical problems with his leg and back although it's not really noticable. They have had hundreds of Hostital visits since he was born and it's still continuing today. Can anyone tell me if they have managed to get under the radar with a similar problem? I don't want to give him false hope and would rather he accept disapointment now. Any wise words would be helpful.
  24. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice please. Let me explain my circumstances... Last year i went to Australia on a tourist visa for 6 months to see if i wanted to emigrate with my then partner who was Australian. We had already started the process of the spouse visa, and enlisted the help of a migration agent. My son who is now 5 (but at the time was still 3) had been waiting to be seen by a Paediatrician in the UK for over a year (he was referred through his nursery at the time, not a doctor) so while we were in Aus, we had him seen privately by a company called ISADD who specialise in diagnosing Autism and developmental delay. We got a diagnosis of mild Autism, subject to confirmation by a Paediatrician, which we didn't have time to do before i came back to the UK. When we got our medicals done in the UK for the spouse visa (and this was before the diagnosis in Oz) the Panel Doctor didn't actually pick up there was anything wrong with my son apart from mild speech delay, and i volunteered the information about the Autistic traits. Now our migration agent told me i basically shouldn't have said anything if the doctor hadn't picked up on it, as it would cause problems with the visa. Now things didn't work out between my partner and i, but i still want to move to Oz. Our local council accepted my son into our local primary schools additional support base from the diagnosis we have, but the primary school also suggested deferring him for a year and i work with him at home (they know about me wanting to move back and think it might be more beneficial to just prepare him now, to start school in Oz next year). What i'm wondering, as there are no medical records of him having Autism here, no school statements, and as its not all that noticeable apart from his speech, would i be better working with him at home and just mentioning the speech problem to the Panel Doctor when the time comes? Or did the migration agent give me bad advice? As for visas, I have an occupation on the skills list (60 points) but not sure which visa to apply for yet, as i hear the PR ones are harder to get (i.e. more thorough!) I have about 2 weeks to decide, I'm pretty confused what i should do :confused: Any advice you can give would be much appreciated! Claire
  25. Hi, My eldest daughter has some issies, she was born prematurely and whilst in most ways she is absolutely fine we have some behavioural isses and the school think that its a bit unusual that despite being about 3 1/2 years ahead intellectually she cannot write properly yet can spell and read fine. She is being looked at for Dyslexia and dyspraxia and our Educational psychologist has said she has autistic traits. However she is not keen to get a diagnosis as she says it will label her unnecessarily as it is very low level. My concern is that I have read about a number of visas being turned down with conditions such as these. I don't know whether its worth delaying any intervention so we can et a visa but then am I stiffling her needs, also would this be picked up ina medical anyway, particuarly with the involvement of the educational psychologist already? (I am guessing schools may nee dto do reports????) Also, and this is me clutching at straws, I am married to an Australian citizen by descent, my eldest daughter is from a previous marriage and I have 2 children with my husband. We are applying for a spouses visa for me and the children, my ex has given permission for my eldest to go. What I am wondering is if the medical situation varies sligtly from visa to visa. For eg I can understand why they may refuse a whole family under a gsm catergory etc for a condition such as these? But would they maybe look more favourable on the fact its an Australian returning to oz with his family (even tho he has never been lol) Said I was clutching at straws!!!!!!! Just worried they'll say no becasue she isn't his daughter.