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  1. Amber2106

    Waiting time 189

    We lodged 17/12/18 medicals 31/1/19 police checks 4/03/19 with SAR updated 28/3/19 Grant 8/4/19
  2. Our family of 6 just received our Direct grant and wanted to reassure others that it’s not as bad as you think submitting evidence. make sure you upload all relevant documents, anything they may want you should upload as soon as you can I uploaded every piece of evidence as a good quality photo from my IPad, this was good enough so don’t stress over converting to pdf or scanning them in if you can’t x
  3. Amber2106

    GCSEs or WACE?

    At the moment he is supposed to be coming with us but we’ve had his options evening this week at his currebtvuk school and it’s made me think, he does have the option of staying in the uk with his dad to finish his education but my concern is that he’ll be 4 years delayed in making Australia his permanent home and would this affect anything? He will validate his visa either way
  4. Amber2106

    GCSEs or WACE?

    Can you complete your GCSES in the UK then join year 11 in Perth Au midway through ie term 3 and still complete the Certification?
  5. Amber2106

    Which 1st. Visa or nursing registration

    I’d apply for your Skills Assessment first and foremost with Amnac, this is compulsory for your EOI, plus it can take a couple of months. Ahpra can also take a while, it took 4mths in my case to get the Registration in Principle and you have to present in person in Australia within 90days to finalise it. You would be fine doing both simultaneously. Good luck x
  6. Amber2106

    Emigrating with child from previous marriage

    It’s a shame really that people, strangers even, feel the need to be so judgmental in their replies, not supportive or impartial. I won’t bother asking or submitting my advice to people in here any longer or responding to those in these forums as actually the only persons opinion that counts are our own to suit our individual circumstances
  7. Amber2106

    Emigrating with child from previous marriage

    It is his family! His siblings, his parents, his relatives!
  8. Amber2106

    Emigrating with child from previous marriage

    Some people clearly need to use these forums to put people down and oppose every opinion, get a life! My reasons for going are my own as is my opinion! I didn’t ask for yours I simply stated MY personal opinion!
  9. Amber2106

    Emigrating with child from previous marriage

    My point is that there are more opportunities for healthier lifestyle choices and he can choose to avoid smoking and drinking when he has other things to do socially, and with more focus on family time in our circumstances where I can discourage smoking and drinking as a teenagager. In the uk it’s the Norm to drink smoke through boredom. It’s also environmental factors from living in city smog to fresh open air.
  10. Amber2106

    Emigrating with child from previous marriage

    Well said! I personally believe that moving to Australia will benefit my son in ways that the UK won’t. He has a medical condition which in layman’s terms means that any exposure to alcohol substances and smoke toxins will significantly damage his liver and lung function. I feel that the Australian lifestyle and environment reduces his exposure and risk. Secondly we have family members over in Australia, more so than in the uk, another reason for our move is so that my children can grow up with their cousins and auntie and uncle and In turn their offspring, ensuring that future generations have family support and bonds , if we stay in the uk we have just a set of grandparents who are happy for us to put out children’s future first. I am fortunate that my ex realised that he can’t provide the same lifestyle and choices for my son and he wants him to have options in life and to remain healthy it’s not a matter of taking a child away from a parent, it’s avout the parent thinking of the child’s future
  11. Amber2106

    Nurse Registration

    I have just received my registration in principle from Ahpra, I started my application before even submitting our EOI for the visa 189, I lodged it October 29th and it’s taken until the 22nd feb! So be mindful it takes a while and then you get just 90days to present in person in Australia to finalise it all. You have to show visa but they accept tourist, and Aussie address but a temporary address is fine too . Also need statutory declarations signed in aus to state you’re still of good character and criminal history as the police checks required will expire x Good luck
  12. Amber2106

    Is this end of the road for us?!

    Don’t lose hope, can your hubby take the practice sessions and training to help him achieve a higher score in the ielts? my brother in law is dyslexic too and he took the test twice, the second time he paid for extra preperation and focussed on how to pass x
  13. Amber2106

    Dependent Child now over 18

    We lodged the visa application in December and according to the timelines stated we should be granted within 8mths and as he is technically still in education and a dependant until 31st August (in-line with child benefit rules) we were hoping it wouldn’t be an issue .
  14. Amber2106

    Ahpra requests extension

    After all that I have received my registration principle this morning!
  15. Amber2106

    Dependent Child now over 18

    We consulted a MA last year whilst in oz and he gave us no reason to think it would be an issue, however I appreciate that things change, I’m a natural born worrier and over analyse stuff so hence my sudden concerns x