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  1. britsabroad

    Dependent Child now over 18

    He’s just started working but living at home and we still pay all the bills (& more). Our plan was to all be together ( with 2 older daughters in Austrailia) so leaving him is hardly an option but he could stay with a grandparent, a slim option (but probably not preferable to him) until a visa is sorted or we delay until we can get him a visa to travel with us. Both these seem to demonstrate a high degree of dependency.
  2. Our son is now 19. Our Parent Visa app was applied for in 2015 and we are now in the throes of medicals, etc., so hopefully not far away from the visas being issued. One of the additional forms asks what would he do if he isn’t granted a visa with us. Any idea what sort of response would be favourable?
  3. Looking to submit a CPV 143 but need straight answers to a few Qs - I have read on the UK site also but read & heard contradictory info so any advice from anyone with experience of successfully applying for a CPV would be grateful. 1. Who can certify copies of documents - Heard and read a few different answers. Most will cost so where's best & cheapest. 2. I am visiting Australia soon could they be signed there by a JP and the visa posted there or does it need to be out of the country? 3. Am I correct that the Application needs to be posted to Australia and the Phase 1 cost paid in AUD. 4. What is the approx. total visa cost - There will be 2 adults + 1 child. 5. Approx. how long for visa to be granted.
  4. I am 49, have experience in military avionics systems, telecommunications network management, IT support, renewables - G83 (residential) and G59 (larger systems) testing trained and 17th ed. electrical qualified. I am looking to continue in one of these fields. My wife is older and is a Social Work assistant and involved in PAMS assessments, Play Therapy and Triple P (an Aussie invention I believe) and experience in Autism. We have family (citizens & residents) in Sydney and Brisbane and have been looking to move to Australia to be nearer family. We have visited several times over many years and are looking for a permanent move, preferably to Sydney but anywhere would be considered. Past communications with various agencies appeared to indicate that I would not gain sufficient points required for a Skilled visa and have been looking for business sponsorship. I understand this may be difficult but based on my CV have been offered visa sponsorship from a visa agent on the understanding I require a suitable employment. Does anybody now how best to progress this as companies still appear to want residency or visas, or would it be possible to get regional sponsorship?
  5. britsabroad

    The road to Sydney

    Hi everyone, Looking to move to Sydney as soon as possible. 2 daughters already resident there and a brother in Brisbane (12 years). Visited Australia many times of recent and a seasoned globe-trotter. My background and experience is in telecoms network management, IT, avionics (ex-military). I have recently trained in mobile telecoms. I am hoping to get a job in australia related to the NBN or mobile LTE upgrade or GSM-R. My wife has a background in junior education, social services and child therapy. Looking for any advice or tips on sponsorship (myself, wife or both) or applying for a visa.