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  1. I'm in the ICT domain. There are a lot of remote work opportunities in this field. Can such work experience be used in the skills assessment for points or does it only count if you physically work at the company's office?
  2. I don't know the exact numbers but let's assume there are 10,000 applicants in a year for the 190 visa. There is room for only 2,000 applicants so they are given the 190 visa. Now, 8,000 applicants remain but the following year, there are another 10,000 new applicants. Now, there is a backlog of 18,000 applicants. The number should only be increasing as years go by because there is a large supply but not enough demand. How is this issue handled by Home Affairs? Is there a lottery system? In that case, does the chance of winning get slimmer with every passing year?
  3. Jupiter

    Does any employer want to sponsor me?

    I'll give it a shot. But it's gonna be almost impossible since I don't have any work experience.
  4. I have recently completed my "Bachelor of Information Technology" from a good university but it's located outside of Australia. Now, I have two options. 1. Study a Master's by research degree in Australia to get some points. Then, get work experience in Australia and then apply for permanent residency. 2. Work outside Australia for two years to get the required experience and then apply for permanent residency. Personally, I feel like option 2 is better since I won't have to get in debt to pay for my Master's. But maybe option 1 has a better chance for getting PR, I'm not sure.
  5. Jupiter

    Does any employer want to sponsor me?

    What exactly should I do in LinkedIn? Is there a way to find employers who are sponsoring?
  6. Jupiter

    Does any employer want to sponsor me?

    I understand. Thank you for your reply.
  7. Jupiter


    If you live minimally, I think it's possible. Try to get in touch with the Indian community in Australia so they can help you.
  8. Hi. I have lived, studied and worked in Australia before. I have recently gotten my Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. I am trying to break into the industry. I have done odd jobs before but don't have work experience that is directly related to IT. That is why I'm looking for any junior type roles.
  9. That wouldn't be an issue. I'm just worried about the fatigue you get from driving for a long time.
  10. Jupiter

    Fun things for non-drinkers and vegans

    Not getting the joke. Why is he staring at the cup like that?
  11. When talking about Australia, the first thing that comes up is the bars and night life. Where l am from, bars are seen as shady places where losers like to hang. l don't drink (for health and I simply don't fancy the taste). Also, l'm almost a vegan (for health and ethics). l eat vegetables and some fish. So barbecue and burgers are also out of the question. So what can people like me do to entertain themselves in Australia?
  12. Jupiter

    Cathartic Ramblings

    Thank you for sharing. This is really inspirational. Having traveled to different countries, I know how you feel. Yes, Australia is a luxurious and happy place but there are many hidden inspirations that you can find in developing countries. It's really about getting used to a new place and looking at the positives.
  13. That's a very nice quote in your signature, calNgary.
  14. Is driving taxi/Uber a physically demanding job? I have a white collar background so I don't have any experience with physical labour.
  15. I see what you mean. I was asking this because if I get into Australia with a job that's on the skilled list but it takes some time before I actually get the job. In that case, I could drive Uber in the mean time to pay for bills. However, if it's necessary to be an Australian citizen to drive Uber, then my plan won't work.