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  1. Oh no, sorry to hear that! So will you go to Aus on a tourist visa until grant of your Partner visa? Not what you expected to hear I bet...
  2. Well, it depends where my husband can find the best job offer really. He's from Adelaide, but we're thinking probably Sydney or Melbourne. He's going to go ahead on his own in September while I take the kids to my parents in France for a couple of months, till he's found us somewhere to live! ;-)
  3. Hi aussiejo84, No, I wasn't. I just thought as my husband/sponsor had to supply an ACRO and an AFP upfront due to him being stepdad of my son emigrating with us and it being a requirement for Child protection laws on both sides, I may as well have mine done too! Eeek, I hope it will not be detrimental to the application! Having said that, if I have to do the ACRO police check again, that's fine, it only took about 10 days. I haven't been asked to do an Australian police check, as I haven't lived there yet, only visited as a tourist. Thanks for making me aware of this, I'll look into it
  4. Good luck Cosi, I have a similar story to you, although I am about three months behind you, having just lodged the application last week. :biggrin:
  5. Oh sure, I didn't mean it will speed it up, merely that as the process varies according to the volume of applications, and level of quotas at the time, I was hoping it would be on the lower end of 8 months, not much more... We shall see!
  6. Payment taken by Australia House in London today, they don't waste one minute! I hope it's a sign of things to come as far as the processing goes...
  7. Thanks for your kind words BizLarker, I'm sure you're right, but can't help but worry a little...human nature I suppose! :cute:
  8. New on this forum since yesterday, when I sent the application for a 309/100 partner visa for me and my son, sponsored by my Aussie husband. I live in London and lodged it here at Australia House, and it has now been received there. Let the waiting begin! I'm hoping to secure a permanent visa 100 straight away, as I will be giving birth to a little half Australian child in the next couple of weeks, and as we're fulfilling the additional requirement to have been in a de-facto relationship for over two years! Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!
  9. FroginOz

    The adventure officially begins now...!

    Hi calNgary, Baby's due 3rd Feb, so not long indeed! Just glad I got the application shipped off before I'm drowning in nappies!
  10. Dear all, Just a quick post to say I am sending today our application for a Partner visa 309/100 sponsored by my Aussie husband. I wanted to keep a trace of the timeline of this process, for us but also for other people so that they know how long the process can take. Our situation is the following: I am a French national living in London, where I have lived for 15 years (honorary Pom I suppose!), I have a son who's half English, half French and my husband is Australian. We're just about to welcome to the world our own little joey, whose birth is impending as we speak! We're looking at relocating to Australia by the end of the year...fingers crossed our timeline is good, I guess we shall see! Good luck to other people in a similar situation.