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Found 214 results

  1. Agnese

    Citizenship by descent

    HI everyone, I hope you all doing well and staying safe. I have a question regarding Australian citizenship by descent. We have applied since mid September 2020 for our daughter and haven’t heard anything back. Has anyone have heard anything or had applied recently? What documents did you submit? We provided all what was asked on immi account, do we need to submit anything else? thank you
  2. Hey all, I was hoping to get some advice on this forum about UK and Oz, and thought what better place to go than Pomsinoz I am trying to weigh up the pros and cons of Sydney vs London I'm from London and moved to Sydney 2 years ago for a change of lifestyle and pace, the weather, beaches and out door lifestyle all were very appealing, so i decided to make the move... Well my circumstances have changed now and my role have come to a close, so my 457 visa is now at critical point where I'd need to find something asap to keep it active.... Roles haven't been coming through so time pressures are accelerating this process of a possible London... So the question i am faced with is should I head back to London or try and stay in Sydney? I miss all London has to offer culturally and of course the Brits! but commuting and weather not missed at all!!!!!! I've also found Sydney not to be the most friendly place especially when single, I also prefer the brits sense of humour Is there anyone on here, that has been in living Sydney as a singleton and moved back to London? How have you found the comparison and experience so far? Also cost of livings and work / life balance? lots to consider! To add to this i am in my mid 30's so no spring chicken! (lol) but i feel that it's easier to meet people in London than here in Sydney, also another contributing factor!!! I am worrying about the stress of London life and sometimes I think that the standard of living is better in Sydney (and possibly in my field better comparable salary), but coming from London, Sydney's feel not half as exciting and much less variety on offer I love the diversity of London - but not the stress. Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated about how London is now!!!
  3. Evening everyone. I have been searching for an answer for a while on here, but to no avail I was wondering if anyone has sat the citizenship test back in the UK? What was the process? How did you get on with becoming a citizen i.e completing the ceremony after sitting the test in the UK? I'm conscious that the timeline is getting longer and longer from applying for citizenship, getting invited for the test/ interview then having the ceremony so this I feel is a pressing issue with people having ties in the UK. Many thanks
  4. Recently i got an opportunity to work in australia and my employer is giving me sponsorship for that . but i read somewhere that if you had any caution , your visa may rejected .As i got a "simple caution", for sexually assault in u.k. , but it was not intentional , i never had experience with alcohol before and my friends gave me that in coke (coca cola - soft drink ) and i was not aware about that . And i had no knowledge the night before . next day i did not recall anything .I was in London only for a year and working for a bank . it was only 3 weeks before my friends ask me to join them at London Bridge , but before leaving they ask me to have dinner with coke and that was mix (alocohol) and i never had any experience before so it taste different (sweet and fizzy ) after that i did not recall anything after that .I never had any criminal background or any caution in last 29 year , this was first time will this effect my future or visa
  5. Looking for some non-judgemental advice from you clever folks... Myself and my wife bought a flat in London in November 2007 on virtually a 100% mortgage (I know, I know.. insane, but back then everyone was at it, and it took us two years alone to save enough for the stamp duty and fees!). After the market went pop, within 6 months, it was worth about 60K GPB less than we paid for it. Coupled with being unlucky (or stupid) enough to buy at the peak, we bought terribly, an old flat in a questionable area that needed a lot more work than we could have imagined. We have tried to sell twice, and not one offer, even below asking price. Since departing the UK, we are renting the property out behind the back of the mortgage company as they refused our request to let it out when my industry all but disappeared (construction) I had no choice but to up sticks and move abroad chasing work. We're making a fair go of it living here and getting to love the place and being back working in a busy industry, and have three kids now. The constant sending of cash we cannot afford back to subsidise repairs and mortgage payments is becoming a pressing issue to say the least - probably about 8 grand GBP this year alone... We are only paying interest on the repayments and barely afford this, thus haven't paid a penny off the mortgage yet, five years on... I have a small credit card debt in the UK, about 3K, from paying for a new boiler last month, but nothing else debt wise - just this bloody mortgage. We've just been told the entire property needs new windows and a new kitchen (!!), so another 20K debt is flashing before my eyes... SO - I have been looking at bankruptcy. I don't have residency yet here in Oz but will start process next Feb when I have been here two years and it should be quite straight forward as I have a good secure job earning a good wage. I don't foresee going back to London as it's such a mess there and things going well here, so looking long term to citizenship for myself and my happy brood. I'd love to hand back the keys and have spoken to a few insolvency agents who seem a bit too enthusiastic, and make it all sound too easy - if you l know what I mean! used car salesman springs to mind... I understand you need to pay a few grand to get the process managed for you but my main worry is being left with a 60-70K debt I have to pay off from the flats negative equity, which would pretty much ruin us financially for ever. Anyone been in the same situation and can offer advice, I'd be very grateful. Anything will help, we're getting a bit low here worrying about this. Thanks guys!
  6. vickyplum

    on the moo-ve to NSW

    Hi all Not really a discussion but more of an update / share / vent! My partner and I spent the weekend finishing packing up the house over the weekend, as we've got Seven Seas coming today, to take our stuff away in a small [or maybe medium!] Move Cube. I'll be interested to see how this works out, given the mixed reviews. We used them because they offered a good price for the small cube and seems to be the most efficient way of moving our items. There was also a panic trip to TK MAXX to purchase the largest suitcases they have to offer, and then subsequent panic weighing them and making sure the overall baggage allowance is not exceeded... I resigned from my job on Friday, and the tenancy agreement on our flat ends Thursday, so we are off to live in a friend's spare room until 19 May! We've then got just under a week in Hong Kong and Taipei, and then head to NSW on 26 May. So I am going to be very crumpled [living out of a suitcase] and probably a slightly less rational than usual, until this is all over. The volume of alcohol consumed may also go up... We'll be living with my partner's Dad in Wollongong until one of us gets a job, and then hopefully we will get our own place [renting] in Sydney! I'll be looking for PA/senior admin roles and my partner will be looking for something in IT [security, firewalls, networks, UNIX, LINUX + other stuff that I have no clue about]. So long in the planning and still a rush at the end of it all :dull: Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone else in the same situation.
  7. As I used this site to gain knowledge re shipping before we moved back I thought I would give a brief account of our experiences. We shipped 2 medium Move Cubes and on pro packed Kent shipment. Both Move Cubes arrived without a single breakage 3 months after we got back to London, they were easily tracked and professional and easy to deal with I can't recommend them highly enough.Almost 6 months on we are still waiting for our Kent shipping. It has been pretty dismal service. We have no idea when it will turn up. We had a shared container and were told roughly 3 months. It was picked up on October 24th, professionally packed. In late December I received an email asking for delivery details to release it from Sydney!!! I was told they would contact me when it shipped. By Feb I still had heard nothing. I sent 3 emails to our contact. nothing. I called her, she said she had "so many emails to deal with". She said it would arrive at the start of March. The receiving company called me and gave me a delivery date of April 3rd into customs and said I would have it within a week, over 4 months since it had been collected but at least I would be getting it! The next thing I heard was the receiving company (Excess International) had gone into receivership and all goods they held had been left dockside and in a warehouse and we had to wait for warehouse staff to contact us. A week or so later we got an email saying Brittannia movers had taken over the deliveries. I then heard from Brittannia saying they would be in touch but no ETA. Still no ETA. Sigh.And still we wait. It's very very annoying. I work freelance and only used Kent as I wanted my work system (monitor and server) professionally packed for insurance reasons. I couldn't have even give my clients an ETA for taking on their work remotely. Very luckily I upgraded my Mac this side and borrowed my friends monitor as she is on Mat leave. I bitterly regret using Kent who were so much higher cost, when I could have just used Move Cube. The consignment also contains our fridge freezer and dining table. We are currently eating standing up in the kitchen or at our toddlers table whilst kneeling down!This is only our experience, but I would not be using Kent again or recommending them. Even before the receivership debacle they were hard to contact. The contact who quoted the shipment that side was actually quite rude to me (I questioned the sq m he had quoted given what was going in) but I'm pretty thick skinned and brushed it off at the time but I wish I hadn't now. We are very very happy to be back, and will certainly not be returning to live in Sydney (despite enjoying our 9 years there) so hopefully won't need a shipping company ever again! But I'm recommending Move Cube all the way!
  8. Charlie Westover

    A (kind of) Diary Thing!

    HI GUYS, My name's Charlie and I'm currently sitting in Kuala Lumpur Airport at 3:45am waiting for my second flight. I'm just over half way through my 17 hour wait in the airport, bored, tired and out of things to do, so i've decided to keep a blog/diary type thing, not really too sure what to call it. I'm 21 and from London, i've always been interested in travelling and decided now was the perfect time to do it. I'm going to try and keep this up to date and post almost daily, although that could go completely out of the window considering I'm completely winging it and haven't got a real clue where I'm going, what I'm doing and whether i'll have access to the internet. I hope you enjoy my adventure! Also, i've started a little blog online also, what I put on here will really be more of a cut-down account of whats on there, although I will probably put things on here that aren't on there and vice-versa, all depends what you's wanna know about. Feel free to ask me anything as I go along and I'll answer to the best of my ability! Whether people read this or not I plan to continue writing it, as I just quite enjoy writing haha. Anyway, at some point before my flight i'll leave another post of what my journey's been like so far...
  9. christiancarella

    2 Months so far in Sydney!

    Hi everyone, Thought I would touch base and give you all an update on the situation. I left London 3 months ago with my partner and we did a month backpacking around thailand before reaching Sydney. It was an amazing journey and there are some fond memories of this trip overall. Some of the highlights were elephant trekking, jungle walking and kayaking in rivers along with visiting some awesome markets. The food was so good in Thailand. After a month out there we arrived in Sydney safe and sound 3 days before christmas. I was fortunate to have my mother living in Sydney so we had a roof over out heads and her car which helps. We managed to sort out a bank account and medicare and tax file number on the first couple of days. Christmas was lovely, it was spent with the grandparents and some family friends, lots of food and some drinks. After christmas I managed to sort out a mobile phone. Everything seemed fairly smooth. After spending another 10 days off, just relaxed, enjoyed the weather and beaches etc I had to then start looking for work. I managed to get a job which I didnt enjoy all that much and decided to leave after 3 days however I had my 5th and final interview lined up with a dream company a few days later and I got the job which I was ecstatic about. I started working there a few weeks ago and everyday I walk under the harbour bridge its great. My partner managed to get a position with the same company she worked for in London which worked out. I would say that it hasnt been easy however good things come to those who work hard for it. You must have the right mindset and desire for wanting to come out here and then it should be a success. I would say the only challenge for me at the moment is socialising and trying to build up a fried base, at times it feels lonely but I understand that this takes time. Overall I would say that this has been a wise decision to come out here. The lifestyle is just what I wanted, the weather beautiful most of the time, beaches, activities. My salary is over double than the UK and I am living with my mum and partner at the moment so financially much better off. I have no intentions to return to Britain I am very sure of this though. I wish everyone the utter most success with their migrations from the UK to Australia. Be strong, you will be fine. :wink::wink::wink:
  10. Hello Everyone!!! I am new to this site and recently join it. I would like to know the processing time of the partner/spouse visa (subclass 309) applied from London, UK. I am living in Australia as a permanent resident since Nov, 2012. My wife living in UK and she posted subclass 300 visa application documents (through mail). We call them and they told that they have received our documents on 03-JAN-2014 and we will receive an email when a case officer will be assigned to our application. I am wondering that how long it usually take to get case officer assigned for the spouse application (because we are still waiting for the email) and also what is the usually overall processing time for this subclass applied from London, UK. Thanks.
  11. Dear all, Just a quick post to say I am sending today our application for a Partner visa 309/100 sponsored by my Aussie husband. I wanted to keep a trace of the timeline of this process, for us but also for other people so that they know how long the process can take. Our situation is the following: I am a French national living in London, where I have lived for 15 years (honorary Pom I suppose!), I have a son who's half English, half French and my husband is Australian. We're just about to welcome to the world our own little joey, whose birth is impending as we speak! We're looking at relocating to Australia by the end of the year...fingers crossed our timeline is good, I guess we shall see! Good luck to other people in a similar situation.
  12. Hi All Apologies if this thread is elsewhere. My hubby applied for the 309/100 Partner Visa on 4 December 2013. The fee was taken from our account on 5 December, but as yet we haven't had any contact or acknowledgement from the Australian High Commission in London. We had to submit in paper form because the electronic submission was unavailable due to 'maintenance'. I've read a few threads on here, and people seem to say it takes ten days. Even with Christmas it has been a lot longer than that. Should we chase them up? Cheers
  13. SaffaInLondonMovingToOz

    Do I stay or Do I go - Confused.com

    Hi I am facing a dilemma and it's making me sick to my stomach at the moment. I apologize in advance for my ramblings but my thoughts are all over the place at the moment and I am hoping to get some advice from people who made the move. Bit of background on me: I am originally from Cape Town, South African and moved to London 7 years ago on a working holiday via. I got sponsored, am now on PR and will be applying for my British citizenship next month. I should probably also mention I am single, 32 and work as a Software Developer. A few years back, when I was going through a really unhappy time in the UK, so I applied for my Australian 175 visa thinking moving was the answer. My visa got granted in June 2011 but I wasn't ready to move to Australia yet, as I wanted to get my British citizenship in case I wanted to return to the UK. I am now due to move to Australia (Brisbane initially) in April, and although I have not booked flights yet, my employer knows I am leaving and so does all friends + family. The dilemma I am facing is that I am not sure if moving to Australia is the best thing for me any more. I am in such a different place that I was when I applied for the visa, so it really breaks my heart to think I have to leave a life I love behind. Especially since I have done this once before I know how hard it is to move to another country, it takes years to find your feet! Another concern is I love England and South Africa almost equally now, so I want to spend time in both and not sure how I am going to be able to add Australia to the mix. I also like Australia and the idea of living there, because it would offer a similar lifestyle as I the one I had while growing up in South Africa, something I really miss. But I am worried that living in London for so long has changed me too much to appreciate that kind of lifestyle. I have a good life in London, with great friends, get to travel loads and go home to South Africa once a year for a summer holiday. I just don't know if I am chasing pipe dreams by moving to Australia. At the same time I don't want to regret not moving to Australia because I am too scared, I have worked so hard and dedicated so much time and energy to moving to Australia it would break my heart to just let the opportunity pass me by. Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated :-)
  14. London framed print, brought a year ago. Looks great on the wall, a statement piece. Size: 980mm heigth x 680mm width We are located in Ascot Perth
  15. London framed print, brought a year ago. Looks great on the wall, a statement piece. Size: 980mm heigth x 680mm width $100.00 Located in Perth WA
  16. This is a long shot.... .I'm a Brit living close to the Northern Beaches. I've sponsored my mother to come and live in Aus. Rather than sell her property in London, she's been thinking that a long term house swap might be the way to go. Is there any one out there that might be interested in a swap for a 12 - 24 month period? She has nice 3 bed house outskirts of London/ Essex which is a 30 minute commute on the Central Line to City. She would like to swap for a house / appartment around the northern beaches, would be travelling alone and happy to look after any pets :biggrin:
  17. missmouse

    Pet Services from Perth to London?

    Hi everyone. I'm current;y getting quotes to take my cat from Perth to London in Feb next year. I've received prices from JetPets and also the Pet Travel Specialists - I've heard of JetPets and can find out info and reviews for them, but I can't seem to find anything for the Pet Travel Specialists, who are based in Willeton in Perth. Their quote has come in a little cheaper than JetPets, and they also come out to your home to do the rabies vaccination, which I quite like. Apparently both recommended Thai Airways as their preferred choice for my cat's route, but as of next year, Thai Air will only be doing one flight out of Perth, so they are a no go. And Emirates / Qantas charge and extra $300 on top of the $2500 already quotes to hold my cat in Dubai for six hours transit, as that is their policy there. Singapore Air and Malaysian Air don't charge, but I'm not sure how good they are for transporting pets... So may worries and questions!
  18. ReZ

    Hello everyone! :)

    Hi all, My name is Matt, I'm currently living in the UK but I have an Australian visa already as my dad has lived in Sydney for about 5 years now. Myself and 3 of my very close friends (basically brothers) are planning to move to Australia, just outside of Sydney, in 2015. We plan to get a mortgage on a house, build it up and sell it on when we're ready, and maybe start a building firm there or some sort of business eventually. So we're all going to sign up to this site and we're gna have a heap of questions to ask! Speak to you soon! -Matt
  19. dia2499


    Hello everyone, My Aussie fiance (Dave) and I just applied for our PMV (subclass 300) visa at the Australian Embassy in London. I know it'll be a long wait now, so hopefully keeping in touch with people in similar situations will keep me going.. :smile: Love and luck xxx Di
  20. Hi everyone We applied for Partner Offshore Subclass 309 and sent to London on 8/8. We haven't had any acknowledgement they have recieived (apart from postal records) or any contact from a CO yet? is this normal.. 2-3 Weeks? Will they email the 'applicant'? Other threads on here are saying people hear back within about 5 working days.. Freaking out a bit that it's gotten lost - but assuming it's school holidays, summer they are probably understaffed! Thanks, Amy
  21. Hi all Finally submitted my (our) 309/100 defacto visa application to Australia House in London. A couple bits still missing (one of my friend's statutory declarations and my full birth certificate) but will be sending them on as soon as I receive them. Feels good to have all the paperwork off the dining table, and now keenly awaiting any sort of communication...
  22. ... and I still only know one person! Hello, I am a guy from London, 36 years old, moved to Brisbane last month and I now live in the city and work in the Valley. I am doing OK and love it here, but it would be GREAT to have some friends to meet up with for drinks and maybe some trips etc. (Sightseeing trips, not LSD/Acid). The one guy who I do know from home is not in my age group. I am pretty quiet and reserved with new people who I dont know, so find it hard to speak to strangers without reason and a bit unnerving meeting a group of 20 all at once... hence this little message! It would be good to hear from anyone in the same situation 10 years or so either side of my own age. Where do you go? What do you do? IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? lol
  23. Hi We are looking to move to Sydney in a few months. We are looking to do a house swap in a Sydney location with our house in London. Can anyone suggest anywhere we could advertise this targeting people who live in Sydney area. We have tried a few house swap websites but they are mainly for short term holidays and we would like to swap long term, ideally for a year or so. Any suggestions appreciated.
  24. Hey All, so I am fresh off the boat (well...plane really...long way to sail from London) and brand new to Australia! Staying with a friend up on the Sunshine Coast (currently under flood warnings, irony) but moving down to Melbourne next week and know no one! Totally launched myself in at the deep end - no job either but I do have a roof over my head....all be it with a 70 year old cousin of my Gran's who I've never met. So, any one else moving down that way? Or am the only one bunking up with an unknown relative with no income or buddies?? ...... As I right this seriously starting to question my sanity lol x
  25. KerryInOz

    Eeeek Melbourne Newbie!!

    Hey All, so I am fresh off the boat (well...plane really...long way to sail from London) and brand new to Australia! Staying with a friend up on the Sunshine Coast (currently under flood warnings, irony) but moving down to Melbourne next week and know no one! Totally launched myself in at the deep end - no job either but I do have a roof over my head....all be it with a 70 year old cousin of my Gran's who I've never met. So, any one else moving down that way? Or am the only one bunking up with an unknown relative with no income or buddies?? ...... As I right this seriously starting to question my sanity lol x