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  1. I was recently told about the ability to register a relationship in your chosen state (for me NSW) this process provides you as a defacto relationship for the purposes of any given law... I.e the defacto / spouse visa. This sounds wonderful although I wanted to know if anybody had done this and how much it had impacted on your visa applications. The other thing is that me and my Australian boyfriend are going back to the UK for Christmas, in which time ill be applying for an offshore defacto visa, both he and myself will then reside there until I am given any confirmation. Does anyone know if registration of our relationship is processed before we go back to the UK is worth it or a waste of time as ill be applying for an off shore visa?! I'm still going to wait for the 12 month requirement but wanted to register for the purpose of a bit more security and evidence that we are serious. what are people's thoughts on this process?!?! Thanks!!!
  2. kazzo96

    Are law firms still sponsoring?

    I turned down a fairly good training contract opportunity in the UK on completion of my LLB (Bachelors) in hope that I could follow a new path here in Australia. After hearing many good stories that people were moving to Sydney and places alike, to practise Law. I understand there is a requirement to study a few modules in order to hold the relevant level of education in Australian Law, but am struggling to find any information or even job opportunities which may help in my decision to go to university here. The high international student fees worry me with no real prospect of actually finding a job at the end. At which point I get to my question as to whether anybody has any success stories in finding sponsorship in the legal sector or in fact know of any firms known for helping UK educated bodies in becoming a lawyer in Oz. Is is a bit of a far out question and Im really just trying my luck for a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Any replies will be so very kindly appreciated.
  3. I have heard mixed stories about the use of migrant agents. Im currently in Sydney and would like to know a bit more about agents before I contact one..... What sort of process do they undertake, do they go through the options available then give you information on each, such as costs, processes times, requirements etc. or do they just say yes or no you are eligible for such and such a visa? If anyone thinks they are worthwhile or had any good experiences in Sydney or the Sutherland Shire, please feel free to share. I'd like to go to so,done help and not just out there for my money. kindest regards and thank you for reading
  4. I had considered this but was told I would be better off going through the process myself, due to high costs etc. I'd be totally happy to pay one if I felt they would give me an answer. Have you used one before? Thank you for replying
  5. This is my first post and I apologise if I confuse anyone as much as I've confused myself but I've been looking on the forum for a few weeks and thought it may be good to ask a question directly about my circumstances. I came to Australia in November 2012, currently holding a working holiday visa (expires November 2013). I still have around 6 months on this but would like to start looking at options now before time flys by even more. So I hold a UK LLB Law degree, I know solicitor is on the The Occupational list and so a skilled migrant visa may be available? Also I understand to practise as a solicitor in Australia I also need to complete a few subjects at an Australian Institution, therefore a student visa may be feasible. Finally on arrival in Oz I pretty much met my current boyfriend (who is Australian by birth), we have been living together for four months next week..... And so a defacto visa may be credible at the time my current visa runs out.... Although he will need to come back to the UK with me until the 12 month requirement is met. We are fully committed, it seems soon but I've never been more drawn to someone before. I pay rent and we share costs of food etc, other than that I travel by train and hold a pay as you go phone so have little financial evidence to show, this worries me. I hope my problem is clear, I just do not know where to start I've been looking at potential visas for the last month and feel completely crushed by the online information. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! thank you. PS I'm obviously in oz as well and do not want to leave the country if it will damage my chances of a further visa.