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Found 124 results

  1. Hi all I was wondering if anyone here has shipped household goods from Malta to Australia and whether they used a company in Malta they'd recommend. More generally, anybody have any recommendations for shipping companies in Australia, as I may opt to hire an Ozzie company to manage the move instead. Thanks for any help
  2. Hello all Still plodding through the Visa process (state sponsorship) and we have got to the point where we must decide on which state would offer us the best opportunities, preferably South. I'm an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) (unlicenced) and we have looked at each states SOL. WA: is out of the question at the moment as we are not on their SOL. SA: I'm on their list but there are some conditions to be met, I read this to be that you must gain work experience in this state, can anyone clarify this? Victoria: I'm on their list with no conditions so this may be a possibility. NSW: This state is broken down into four areas and the SOL for each does not include any Aircraft trades. I get the impression that there is not a great requirement for aircraft engineers on a state sponsorship visa and yet this occupation is on the skills shortage list for Australia. I would be grateful if anyone could confirm my findings or offer some advice. Thank you all Ian and Debbie
  3. Hi Can anyone recommend a beauty salon in the City of Perth or surrounding areas that doesnt cost the earth. This will be my first visit to an Aus salon for waxing - Left my trusty beauty therapist behind in Scotland ... very nervous about going to someone else :mad: and not wanting to fork out a fortune. Thanks Nats x
  4. I have heard mixed stories about the use of migrant agents. Im currently in Sydney and would like to know a bit more about agents before I contact one..... What sort of process do they undertake, do they go through the options available then give you information on each, such as costs, processes times, requirements etc. or do they just say yes or no you are eligible for such and such a visa? If anyone thinks they are worthwhile or had any good experiences in Sydney or the Sutherland Shire, please feel free to share. I'd like to go to so,done help and not just out there for my money. kindest regards and thank you for reading
  5. alialbabe

    Agent Recommendations

    Heya Can any of you good people please recommend your agents to me if they're any good??? I've already spent 2 years in Aus and done a year of study in I.T there too and I'm going to try to get in via the study route and then maybe the 475 Regional Sponsored route , so any agents that know a bit about this would help. I'm sick of reading endless stuff on imm.gov.au and need to speak to a real person about this so I know my options. :confused: Thanks Alialbabe
  6. Right... along with 1) finding a place to live (schools, commutable, affordable... blah blah) 2) sussing out what work would be like for the missus (a pharmacist if anyone has a job for her!) 3) is working out the requirements for the 457 application... It says I need to provide proof that I have health insurance. I thought I could be eligible and could enrol on Medicare being from the UK but seems like I may not be plus I can't enrol until I have landed. Now I think my options are: 1) take out cover here in uk for travel insurance? (that covers the requirements for the 457 - painful? would need ot find out what minimum cover is required....) 2) take out some private healthcare from a company in aus. some links that might be useful MBF: Overseas visitors health insurance options for Australia HBF: Overseas Visitors | Health Insurance Cover for Overseas Visitors | HBF Medibank Private: Overseas Visitors Insurance & Visitors Cover - Medibank Private HCF: Private health insurance from HCF health cover fund HBA: Travel, Work, Study Health Insurance for Overseas Visitors to Australian - HBA Health Insuranc Now.... I need to attach proof to the application (along with all the other documents!) some have a waiting period eg medibank which is $210 per month for family of 4 on the basic cover. This period can be 2 moths to 6 months depending, this is only for the period by which you can start claiming for treatment and not the time I have to wait for cover? How have others gone about attaching proof of cover? If I have to wait for them to process my application before submitting my visa app it might delay things! Any advice appreciated!
  7. I am moving to Mackay, QLD (in just over a week) and I would like to get, as soon as I can, a mobile phone and broadband to be able to contact home etc. Can anyone recommend a good mobile phone operator who also supplies a high speed "dongle" for broadband? And what do they normally charge? Or would I be better off not getting a "dongle" and going for something else? Obviously, speed is of the essence so I imagine getting the "dongle" would be the quickest way to get broadband? I had an optus mobile when I was on my WHV, I had no problems with them but I didn't have any "dongle" back then! Thanks in advance for the advice. :hug:
  8. Hi I suppose clue in the title! We are sorting out the utlities for our new rental place and have been looking at these, but not sure which are the best providers to go through. We will use the internet a bit, Skype that sort of thing, maybe listen to some radio via the listen again, downloading music. Would also like a telephone as obviously will want to make some phone calls locally. Also we may need to call back to the UK in an emergency, but that wont be regular as we will arrange to Skype. Any views of what to avoid and what you guys have found useful would be great! Thanks!!:biggrin:
  9. G'day, this is my first ever post. My husband has just been granted his spouse visa 2.12.11, and we are now seriously considering the Big move. Dilemma is we have a great life in Yorkshire, live in a very picturesque rural market town with 3 kids and really want to waste as little time as possible trudging round Oz waiting for somewhere to grab us. We have visited Gold coast a few times and love it but not sure that's where we want to be based long term, I'm thinking is anyone out there between Brisbane and Byron living the dream? Any advice is warmly welcomed....x
  10. Hi chaps, My parents are coming to visit in October and we want to spend 2 nights in the Blue Mountains. We're undecided whether to stay in a B&B or a cottage, so recommendations for both would be great, as we've never been! So if anyone has any secret hotspots they'd be willing to share, that would be fab! Thanks very much!
  11. Specifically in NSW Struggling a bit with this one - getting quotes seems painful and the price varies wildly - NRMA seems very expensive for a decent level of cover, but most of the competitors' websites look like they are 2-bit outfits TIA :-)
  12. We'd like to ship a bedframe from the UK to Aus - the UK supplier is unable to export it themselves but happy to transport it to a suitable UK port etc. I'm struggling to find a company who will quote on this as it's not commercial and/or a container load. We can wait for it to be shipped - we don't want the high expense of air freight. Total weight of the 3 packages is approx 180kg. Any suggestions on who could help? Thank you!
  13. Hi there, I am a mechanic currently in the process of relocating to Perth however am unsure how to go about organising to have my work toolbox shipped over. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated :biggrin:
  14. gaunty

    Airport Hotel Recommendations

    Hi All We'll be arriving in Melbourne from the UK in March next year and we've a 5 and 2 yr old. We get in at 8pm ish from Dubai and we're hoping to get an airport hotel room for the night to crash in before picking up a hire car and driving down the GO Road. Anyone got any recommendations for hotels that we should look into or any that might be a little further afield that do a reliable pickup (given that our kids will want to be in bed as soon as possible)? Regards Gaunty
  15. Brightfamily

    Recommendations for our stop over anyone?

    Hi all.. Our flights are now booked and we are leaving the UK and heading to Sydney on the 1st Jan. We have booked a stop over for 2 nights in Singapore, so looking for any tips on must sees etc! We have 2 small children aged 2 and 1, thanks in advance!! Hayley x
  16. Hi there. I'm looking for help in sourcing good tradesmen in the Northern suburbs of Perth. I am looking for a tiler, joiner or a handyman to hang doors, a painter and a decent priced company who supplies and fits blinds. If you can recommend anyone please let me know. Thanks very much. Kendal
  17. Guest

    Recommendations for Dog Shipping

    Hi, We are looking at shipping our dog over from London to Sydney. Can anyone recommend a good shipper. I have got a few quotes and are currently looking at airpets or tranfur. Has anyone used these guys and had good/bad experiences? Thanks Claire
  18. Afternoon all... Just realised that my car will be arriving on the 19th Sept and I will need to secure a customs broker to see it through the arrivals procedure. I was thinking of doing this myself but just don't have the time. Has anyone got any idea as to the likely cost of this and also, recommendations of a good broker would also be great. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi. We are looking to complete or first Oz tax return but would like to use an accountant to make sure we claim and declare everything we need to. We have Uk rental properties ( all Uk tax returns completed for last April) and have changed from temp to perm in the last 12 months. Does anyone have experience with or can recommend someone preferably in the south Sydney region. Thanks Steve
  20. We're moving back to the UK this week and have a few hours to kill in Singapore so I'm hoping you can give me some recommendations as to what to do. Our flight from Sydney arrives in Singapore at about 2.30pm and then the flight to London leaves at 9.30pm. General plan was to do some shopping (sunglasses, make-up and perfum required), have some food, perhaps grab a shower (spa or massage as well maybe) and then head off to Blighty.... However, thinking we might be able to squeeze in the zoo maybe if it's worth it. I'm 5.5 months pregnant so keen to not rush about too much, but don't want to get bored/restless. Is it best to shop in town or in Changi? Should we head out to the zoo and then get back to the airport for our shopping, shower, dinner? I guess I'm being lazy (well, and busy, removal men come tomorrow so it's chaos here at the mo), but if someone knows Singapore well and could jot us down a quick itinery that would great. Thanks!
  21. Hi all, can anyone recommend an accountant in Canberra for Income tax and Superannuation advise please? :biggrin: Many thanks.
  22. robbothejoiner

    Perth suburbs recommendations.

    Thinking of moving to Perth WA with my wife and 2 kids. Anyone got and suggestions on suburbs? All info welcomed. Looking for a three bedroomed something. City not too important. In saying that I don't want to be out in the bush. Cheers.
  23. IELTS result L & R: 7.5 , W: 5.5 , S: 8 I was disappointed with the writing score because I am sure I did very well.. Anyway I need minimum 6 Can you please advice me what to do??? Appeal and wait or register again and wait?? in both cases it will take minimum 6 weeks..
  24. Hi Looking for recommendations for one-way travel insurance. Just done an online quote with Go Walkabout Travel Insurance and for a family of 4 one-way to Australia to cover up to 17 days after we arrive is approx £77. Thanks Claire:jiggy:
  25. Hi, We are looking for a builder to replace a bay window with some french doors and replace a couple of windows. We want wooden frames and if we can afford it we will put in double glazing. Does anyone have any recommendations for reliable builders who could do this work? I have had enough of waiting for builders who make appointments and then don't show up! :arghh: We live in Bentleigh. Thanks Gill and Chris