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Found 46 results

  1. Hi, I am currently studying A Levels in the UK, England. My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving to Australia in the near future, he is fully Australian and his family live there also. After I have finished my A-levels, this is where my problem starts, I have no idea of any of the methods in which I can train. I am fully English myself so I can imagine this could be quite awkward. I have tried looking into this but I cannot find a lot of information, my plan in the UK was to finish my A-levels, move on to a higher apprenticeship and continue from there until trained and qualified. Is an apprenticeship in Law an option in Australia, NSW? Or do you have to go university? If a junior contract is available, are they easy to find? If not is there any advice on how university would work for me? And how long either of these processes will take? Will becoming a solicitor eventually be an option to me in Australia or is it the end of what I wish to do? Please leave ANY advice you have as I am completely stuck!! Thank you in advance, Whitney.
  2. Sunset

    Haters gonna hate

    Lol Vo0ixsb.mp4
  3. Haze9229

    Legal career advice

    Hi, my partner is being sponsored on a 457 visa and we are heading to Sydney in September. I am a Law graduate and have been working as a Legal Assistant for the past year in the UK. I am yet to find a job and was looking for any advice in the legal sector. Based on my situation do you think it would be difficult to secure a similar role in Sydney? And where do I start when I get there? I have contacted an employment agency which is active in both the UK and Oz to get started but any other advice would be much appreciated! Thanks Hazel
  4. chrisexhaul

    UK migration agent based in Melbourne

    Is someone able to recommend a UK migration agent based in Melbourne? I need to seek advice from a UK Migration Lawyer/Specialist.
  5. My nephew is in court on Wednesday for dangerous driving..... Speeding at 130 kmh in a 60 on a motorbike. He is a student in Sydney doing a degree and was driving on a UK licence. Reading up, it looks like he could spend some time in gaol.....probably deserved...but it would screw his life chances up quite a lot. He is hoping to settle in Australia once he has graduated. He is full of contrition and wants to represent himself and plead guilty....... I think that he needs some legal advice first. Does anyone know of a good lawyer they could recommend? I know he's a pratt! thanks.
  6. Hi, I am in my final year of an English degree in the UK. My partner is Australian and is in the forces so cannot move here. I am hoping to complete a GDL then move to Australia to practice as a lawyer, but I am struggling to find consistent information regarding the standing of a GDL over there. I understand that I will be required to do additional subjects, but am unsure of how many, the cost of this and how long this will take. I have spoken to the law admissions board of Vic and they stated that a GDL is considered to be of equal standing to a LLB. Then they will prescribe additional subjects then the full PLT. Is this information correct or am I really not understanding this correctly? Many thanks for any responses that may help me understand this a little better.
  7. kazzo96

    Are law firms still sponsoring?

    I turned down a fairly good training contract opportunity in the UK on completion of my LLB (Bachelors) in hope that I could follow a new path here in Australia. After hearing many good stories that people were moving to Sydney and places alike, to practise Law. I understand there is a requirement to study a few modules in order to hold the relevant level of education in Australian Law, but am struggling to find any information or even job opportunities which may help in my decision to go to university here. The high international student fees worry me with no real prospect of actually finding a job at the end. At which point I get to my question as to whether anybody has any success stories in finding sponsorship in the legal sector or in fact know of any firms known for helping UK educated bodies in becoming a lawyer in Oz. Is is a bit of a far out question and Im really just trying my luck for a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Any replies will be so very kindly appreciated.
  8. This is my first post and I apologise if I confuse anyone as much as I've confused myself but I've been looking on the forum for a few weeks and thought it may be good to ask a question directly about my circumstances. I came to Australia in November 2012, currently holding a working holiday visa (expires November 2013). I still have around 6 months on this but would like to start looking at options now before time flys by even more. So I hold a UK LLB Law degree, I know solicitor is on the The Occupational list and so a skilled migrant visa may be available? Also I understand to practise as a solicitor in Australia I also need to complete a few subjects at an Australian Institution, therefore a student visa may be feasible. Finally on arrival in Oz I pretty much met my current boyfriend (who is Australian by birth), we have been living together for four months next week..... And so a defacto visa may be credible at the time my current visa runs out.... Although he will need to come back to the UK with me until the 12 month requirement is met. We are fully committed, it seems soon but I've never been more drawn to someone before. I pay rent and we share costs of food etc, other than that I travel by train and hold a pay as you go phone so have little financial evidence to show, this worries me. I hope my problem is clear, I just do not know where to start I've been looking at potential visas for the last month and feel completely crushed by the online information. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! thank you. PS I'm obviously in oz as well and do not want to leave the country if it will damage my chances of a further visa.
  9. SW1

    Starting a Business

    Hi Guys, I've been speaking to a friend over here, who was asking about my working Holiday Visa.... And asked if they would be allowed to open a business whilst on a WHV? Does anyone know the rules about this? I can't find any information anywhere about the restrictions on opening a business. Any help that would be great. Thank you S
  10. Hi everyone, I will be graduating next year with an English law degree (hopefully getting a 2.1) and I want to know what my options are vis-a-vis immigration to Oz. Anyone out there with knowledge specific to law/other similar areas able to tell me what I should be doing after my degree to enhance my chances of getting a visa for permanent residence in Australia? Thanks!
  11. Hi All!! My husband and I have just started the visa application process after years of considering the move down under. My husband has been a bricklayer for over 10yrs and work in the U.K for brickys is very slow, and we are forever hearing how theres plenty of work over in OZ. If anyone could give us a realistic idea of the likelyhood of work, best areas, rates of pay etc we would be very grateful. I am currently doing a law degree and was going to complete my LPC in the U.K but was wondering if there was something similar in Australia? We have been considering Brisbane or Melbourne?? We have 3 children 11,6, and 4 so after looking at this any advice would be helpful!!! Thank you!!
  12. Guest

    Mother in law question

    I know that from past experience that this subject matter might require a more specialised migrant agent, but I was wondering if there are any rules that have changed since I have last looked into this, over two years ago now, I was looking in to how the mother in law could get over to Aus for a longer period, we have now been in Sydney for over a year and we feel that she is missing out on the kids etc. If anyone knows any changes that have come around over the last two years or so it would be much appreciated if you could share your thoughts and experiences with me. Kind regards
  13. I was thinking that, if it was adapted to Australia's way of life, say with a lifting of the restrictions on drinking alcohol and gambling, it would be a pretty sound system, especially for blokes, unless they are gay or course. Looking around the world, many countries already implement it. I think the Archbishop of Canterbury is keen to see it implemented in the UK? Imagine Australia with no pubs, no Melbourne Cup, no pokies. I already hate gambliing so if I can just learn to do the same to beer, it would be brilliant. And there's a fortune to be made, sewing up all those rather attractive black Darth Vader gowns for the Sheilas. What do you think?
  14. Hello Guys I got a nominatioan 07/2011. and then i lodged and paid 856visa 15/08/2011 with decision ready At Melbourne office. and also my country is in low risk. is there any one know that how long it will take to grant or get a CO??
  15. As the tile says, we kind of have to take the old mum in law, cannot leave her on her own here, so where is the form on the DIAC site where I can add it to my current 176 visa? im sure its there somewhere, any pointers would be kindly recieved:wubclub:
  16. My daughter wants to study Law and History at University and would like to become a family solicitor. Please could anyone give me any information on what her route would be after she finishes her degree (would that be a 3 or 4 year degree)? Also would she be best at Melbourne Uni for law and history or would there be another Uni any more suitable? Is food included in the price of Uni fees at Melbourne? What is the accommodation like at Melbourne Uni? Any information would be greatly received, thank you, Sarah.
  17. The Pom Queen

    Sharia Law Lashing in Sydney

    It was on the news today that 4 men entered a 20 year olds house and gave him 40 lashings for drinking alcohol, wow I wonder how much he drank to get a punishment like that.:no:
  18. Guest

    Parents in law Dependents

    Hi - below is my situation and hope someone can guide me on best option 1) I was referred to a migration agent in July 2010 who advised that I would be able to add my wife's parents as dependents to her application for 100 permanent visa and due to the financial facts and circumstances that I had provided, high possibility for being approved by the department. 2) Application was submitted in Sept 2010 to High Commission in Singapore, main (my spouse Singapore citizen) and secondary applicants (wife's parents Malaysian citizens in Singapore on dependent pass in Singapore) completed medicals, character checks, father even had to do re medicals for chest xray, etc. 3) After a long wait 7 to 8 months (with me in Australia and wife and kid of 5 years in Singapore), we have received Permanent Residence for my spouse end April 2011 but the parents were rejected on the grounds of them being still married to one another and a different "family unit" to ours. I already knew of this issue before applying but given the confidence provided by the migration agent, went ahead with the application with parents as dependents thinking that compassion would be shown... 4) My wife wants to join me down under by September but if we are to support parents over there, it is just not workable financially. Also, my daughter of 5 has always been taken care of by them. Options and concerns in my mind as I see it are as follows: Option 1 - Apply for online 676 six months tourist visaTourist visa (Subclass 676) with possibility of extending for another 6 months if 8503 condition is not imposed. If condition is imposed, they go back to Singapore and apply for another 6 months visa. Concern here is given they have applied for dependency and got rejected, will they also reject the visitor visa? How best to approach this?? Do I need to mention that they applied for dependency and got rejected - and mention that they now only seek to visit... Option 2 - Apply for ETA (Visitor) (Subclass 976) with the intention of applying for onshore contributory visa once they are in the country for 6 months or so. This is assuming 8503 condition is not imposed. As my wife is a qualified medical professional and hope by this time she will have a steady job in Australia and further my daughter is already enrolled in school here planning to start next year, she would meet the "settled" criteria. I will be the sponsor - Concern here is that my wife must have been a PR for 2 years even though I am the sponsor?? Another concern is that the department might still impose the 8503 condition even though it is 3 months? Option 3 - Similar to option 2 above except that the contributory visa is applied offshore again after 6 months or so. Same concerns as Option 2 - Additional concern is once they apply for the contributory visa offshore, will they be rejected visitor visas while their application is being processed? Thanks for your time in reading this and hope you can guide.
  19. Hiya, A Dilemma has arisen today for us.We viewed a house twice over the last 4 days and considered it was good enough to put an offer in 2 days ago(i.e good location,big land big house and the right price for us)It needs tons of work,but now't we have not faced before in the UK.Any'ow,we put in an offer,that the Agent feels may well clinch it.Lo and behold,one iv'e been looking at for a few weeks now had it's open today,went for a nosey,and it's even better than i thought,just move in,all mod cons,Solar,landscaped,top class workmanship throughout etc(though the area is not all that desirable TBH (Faceache don't wanna live there,....I DO!)Though she loves this one we saw today.What i want to know is ,our offer is written and signed,what if it is accepted on Tuesday?The Agent today said it aint worth the paper it's written on(her words)and we can withdraw if we want this house we saw today.Can we be penalised if we don't go ahead if the offer is accepted on the first house?Both houses are the same price...ish.Basically i don't really want to spend yonk's doing up a run down house,even though i know it will be worth it in the end,when i can just move into a lovely ,stylish Palace with everything i need already done!and,i kid ye not,will only cost us weekly,the same as we are paying now for a crap,freezing old rental!!!!:wacko::confused:
  20. jimithechew

    Best Visa for mother in law!!!

    Yes my mum in law wants to come to Oz as well, But it could be difficult. Ok so I am married to her daughter and she is her only child, and she fancies coming back to Oz, yes back, she lived in Oz for around 12 years and left in 77 odd, she obviously regrets not getting a passport!!! so, thats done but how do we get her over with us? she is not dependent on us, more like the other way!!!! baby sitting etc... :biglaugh: She has 1 brother out there who is now an Oz he has lived there for 40 odd years and she has 2 brothers in the UK still, I have heard numerous figures banded around as to how much a retirement visa costs but not sure where I can find it on the DIAC (found Retirement visa but not sure if this is the right one????) is it a £30,000 bond? 50 60k? really not sure how much, and is it refundable? over a period of a few years??? So does anyone know what visa she can go for? getting 50k wont be a problem as when she sells up she will be looking to getting a small place in Wales near her brother and a place in Oz, (Albany) near her brother, Any help or pointers would be really appreciated.:notworthy: Cheers JTC
  21. Guest

    Law and Justice

    The law protects those who seek to do us harm Telegraph View: Nothing is more unsettling than the confirmation that al-Qaeda and its offshoots are deeply embedded in this country http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/telegraph-view/8473266/The-law-protects-those-who-seek-to-do-us-harm.html
  22. Guest

    Can you sponsor brother in law?

    Hello everyone, i finally got my PR through a couple of weeks back and now i am looking into maybe sponsoring my family. Not right now, maybe in a year or so when im settle. Ive had a look and i think the most likely ones are going to be the 176 or 475 skilled regional sponsored visas. I just wondered if anybody knew if i could sponsor my brother in law? or sponsor my sister but its my brother in law that has the skills? I have checked the immigration website and its a bit unclear to me... thankyou
  23. Phil & Vikki

    How do we stand with shop law?

    Last time we were in Australia, we went into a local shop and on the door, there was a notice saying something like; the management have the right to search your bags and or prams. When we got to the till the lady asked to look at our pram, which we agreed to as we did not know any better. In the UK, shops can not do that and you have the right to refuse. Also in the UK if the alarm goes of as you walk out the door, the shop does not have the legal right to look in your bag and you do not have to come back into the shop.What is the law in Oz regarding situations like this? Does the consumer have the legal right to refuse people to look in their property or come back into the shop if the alarm goes off or is it in the powers to do this?
  24. Hi , just wondering if anyone else has experience in taking children to australia who are under 18 without fathers permission, my son is 17 and daughter 16 we have decided to apply for a 176 family sponsor visa as we could be waiting months for the SMP's to be released, anyway months ago I managed to get in touch with my Ex huband (who has had no contact with them for years, we moved to England 9 years ago) he agreed he would get a statutory declaration signed giving permission for them to live in Australia, I even sent him a form with all the appropriate details all he has to do is get is signed in front of a solicitor,since them I have sent messages asking when I will get it with no response. As both my children were born in Scotland, the Scottish Law states that once a child reaches the age of 16 the parental responsibilties cease,except for guidance until they reach 18,therefore my question is that on the visa application form , the question "Does any other person have custodial,access or guardianship rights to any of these childre" Will it be OK to answer no? Any help in this matter would be apprecited, sorry for such a long post. Veronica
  25. My parent-in-laws are visting us from Novermber 3rd for 10 weeks and we are after a short term full furnish 1/2 bed let near Oatley, NSW. Any ideas as we are really stuggerling to find anything. Thanks Nick