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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am new to this site so apologies if this has already been answered. We are a family of 4, both mine and my husband's professionals are on the skilled migrant list. We have a 16 year old who was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD many years ago. He is bright, articulate and attends full time school, with a view to starting college this year after he has taken his GCSE's. from the research I have done, this may be a significant issue with us obtaining a visa...please could someone point me in the right direction. We have decided that we would like to start the medical process before anything else therefore if it is a 'no' at leats we know prior to starting everything else. Any help would be amazing as this process is all a bit daunting especially when this has been a dream of ours. Thanks
  2. happyfeet90

    visa 189...visa officer contacted

    hello everyone, my visa officer contacted me today and asked for form 80,health and pcc and its submission in 28 days.. i wanted to ask whether visa officer will call in my office for a query after i submit above documents( after 28 days) or he might call any day?? the reason i ask this question is that i have to go outside from office to handle daily bank transactions and all my colleagues are new so i do not trust them.i am really concerned whether they will call or email my employer.. please share your experience... thanks
  3. Hi guys, Could anyone help/give any useful contacts, I'm thinking of moving to Melbourne for a late gap year and I'm a bespoke furniture maker and would be in need of a job in the city. Thanks, Tom.
  4. Skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals have a new way to connect with Victorian employers. Overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants can face challenges entering the job market because of a lack of local networks or professional references. Employers can also face difficulties in connecting with overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants with the skills and expertise they require. The Victorian Government’s Overseas Skills Registry is a new online initiative service that connects skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals with Victorian employers who have vacancies in areas of demand. The Overseas Skills Registry features skilled workers with occupations currently in high demand in Victoria. All registry candidates are living in Victoria with a work visa and either an Australian skills assessment or Australian qualifications. Overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants create a profile of their professional skills, qualifications and work experience on the registry. Victorian employers will be able to access the registry and make contact directly with individuals who have registered. The registry is currently open to two specific groups of skilled workers: state nominated skilled migrants and international student graduates with previous professional work experience. The registry will be open to other overseas qualified professionals and tradespeople by December 2013. Find out more at liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au/overseasskillsregistry
  5. This is my first post and I apologise if I confuse anyone as much as I've confused myself but I've been looking on the forum for a few weeks and thought it may be good to ask a question directly about my circumstances. I came to Australia in November 2012, currently holding a working holiday visa (expires November 2013). I still have around 6 months on this but would like to start looking at options now before time flys by even more. So I hold a UK LLB Law degree, I know solicitor is on the The Occupational list and so a skilled migrant visa may be available? Also I understand to practise as a solicitor in Australia I also need to complete a few subjects at an Australian Institution, therefore a student visa may be feasible. Finally on arrival in Oz I pretty much met my current boyfriend (who is Australian by birth), we have been living together for four months next week..... And so a defacto visa may be credible at the time my current visa runs out.... Although he will need to come back to the UK with me until the 12 month requirement is met. We are fully committed, it seems soon but I've never been more drawn to someone before. I pay rent and we share costs of food etc, other than that I travel by train and hold a pay as you go phone so have little financial evidence to show, this worries me. I hope my problem is clear, I just do not know where to start I've been looking at potential visas for the last month and feel completely crushed by the online information. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! thank you. PS I'm obviously in oz as well and do not want to leave the country if it will damage my chances of a further visa.
  6. Australian Needs US and European Migrants Put out the welcome mat, our country needs these people. MILLIONS of skilled workers are without jobs in the US and Europe, but their loss could be our gain. THE economic crisis engulfing Europe and the US presents the federal government with an opportunity to bolster Australia’s over-stretched skilled workforce. Yet populist policy is driving against it by triggering a poll-driven cut in the migrant intake. As the Australian economy surges towards full employment, Canberra is failing to seize the moment and attract exceptionally qualified people from troubled Western economies suffering double-digit unemployment. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen tells Focus the government “does not target workers from specific countries”, which doesn’t sound like good policy… …..Recent trends in immigration show Australia’s intake of permanent settlers is moving away from taking migrants from English-speaking countries and that the intake from advanced economies such as the US and western Europe remains abysmally low, despite the desire of many of their citizens to emigrate. Immigrants from Britain and NZ, traditionally Australia’s biggest countries of origin for immigrants, were eclipsed by China and India in the six months to December last year. In the previous 12 months Britain had been well ahead of China, but it is now ranked second, followed by India.
  7. Guest

    PR from 457

    Hello, I am an Italian citizen living in Oz since Dec 07 under 457 long temporary visa sponsored by my employer (market research). I am now about to apply for permanent resident I need some advice on which visa should (could) I apply for. The obvious option should be 856 (employer sponsored). However, my company wants to use a certain migration agent and the fees look expensive to me (to say the least). Other options? skilled migrant? which visa code?? what are the key documents to produce? Also if there is a migration agent there, willing to give me a quote and some advice, please reply. Some details: 39 yo, Italian, MSc in Physics, 10y R&D experience, 2y+ market research experience. Currently on 457 sponsored by employer (market research) I need to include in the application also my de facto (Italian, marketing manager, currently on turist visa) and my daughter (1 yo, born in Melbourne, but Italian citizen, currently on turist visa). Also, some friends of mine recently applied and got the PR in 6 (six) days ... how is that possible? How long dies it take, on average? Thanks robbie