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  1. Great news!!!!! Thanks Mark! Good luck with your new job & move! - hopefully il be out soon! Cheers Tom
  2. dazzler2013

    Renting With A Dog?? Is This Harder?

    do you know roughly the harder and less harder places by any chance please? i was wanting queensland ideally, anywhere you would recomend against? We will be moving where my partners job is, normally the jobs coming back have been from Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane... Thanks
  3. Morning All Just a quick question... Is it harder to find rented accomodation that accepts dogs? (i was told Australians LOVE dogs and preffered pet of them all) Iv been advised to go through private letting rather than a company letting, there round about the same price, but most private lets are furnished? We have no children! Just looking for a 2 bedroom... Eventually we are looking to buy, but im aware we cannot do this straight away.. Any idea's??
  4. dazzler2013

    457 Visa's - Good Points & Bad Points???

    Thank you all for your info iv enjoyed reading this! had a skype convo with a company last night and it all sounded very promising.. we have said though under no circumstances are we moving out with NO savings on a 457, no matter how much support they can give us with housing etc, we want our own security and piece of mind and plenty of money for a rainy day or emergencies. I know a lot of people my age are just up sticks and going, that is all good and well, and good on them; however, i need a bit of security behind me Did you all open bank acc before you went? iv been offered 2 great banks, but then a family friend who lives over there has advised to go with the peoples bank? this sounded risjy to me though? i imagine that to be a sort of building society... Thanks
  5. dazzler2013

    457 Visa's - Good Points & Bad Points???

    Thanks Alaska! How long have you guys been out there? I guess i will know more from tonight as we are speaking with a migration agent who offer the Relocation/Recruitment package, wish us luck!! Thanks Abby
  6. dazzler2013

    457 Visa's - Good Points & Bad Points???

    Thank you Jules!! SOrry to hear that! Hope everything is ok though YEs, when you put it into context like that, i think, well, i know i wont be able to rest until i have PR. I will look into that way. Can you advise me of the migration agent you used please? if you prefer not, i understand I have been advised of who to try etc, just in the process of speakign to them all to see what is offered within there service and charges. Thanks abby
  7. dazzler2013

    457 Visa's - Good Points & Bad Points???

    Thank you Rupert! You have literally made that black and white for us! :biggrin: The cost difference between them both is a large jump too. We have an another interview/chat tonight over Skype, so will hopefully now feel more confident in my knowledge. Has anyone had a bad experience with a 457 Visa they can share??? or with PR visa??? Im just trying to get as much conflicting knowledge experiences etc as possible. I would like to get PR, but the cost and time of it pushes us towards the 457, then one over there to apply for PR.. does anyone know if the cost is the same once over in Australia? (i dont want to come across as a penny pincher, but all the advise i get from others is, make sure you arent throwing money away, if we had have known this we would have saved this amount, and shaved months off our applications etc... :huh:
  8. Hi All, Can i please have people views/experiences/knowledge regarding 457 visa's? (my partner is on the skilled trade list and we also qualify for visa as our points are both over 65..) We was been advised against a 457 visa buy most migration agents, (whether this is because we dont need to pay them as much i dont know) but looking into this, 457's do appear to be a great stepping stone, yes?? Can anyone confirm that what i have been advised is correct please? '' with a 457 visa, if your employer was to end your employment with them, you have 28 days to find a new job or you will be deported. If you are unsuccesful finding a new employer within the 28 days, the employer that ended your employment by law has to pay for your flight, any dependants/spouse's flight, pet shipment back to home country and also your container of all belongings fetched over too'' - please confirm this is correct... Im so confused and my head is starting to hurt! We are ready to start the proces and settle with a migration agent - but which and which VISA??? Any help appreciated!!
  9. dazzler2013

    We are moving to Sydney

    Thanks Natasha. We are in the early stages of the whole process. spent ages doing all our own researching and that before hand so we kind of knew what to expect... but all the information in the world still wouldnt be enough haha we are looking for a 457 vis or full sponsorship (so is everyone i guess though) how long has all your process taken? Thanks Abby xx
  10. Good Afternoon All ... (from a foggy damp England) :no: I have sent my CV to various companies and also the bigger companies as above. I have a skye chat tomorrow with a recruitment/relocation company which i am looking forward to. I am hoping for a sponsorship within a company - therefore leading to PR. Has anyone had any bad experiences with 457 visa's? (my partner and pet dog will be coming over on my visa) I want to keep my options open and make sure i have contacted all the correct people. Can anyone advise me of what companies i should be contacting please? We have no ties and willing to go where the work is (within reason of course :biggrin: ) Any help you can pass on would be greatly appreciated Thanks Tom
  11. dazzler2013

    diesel fitter in the mines

    Hi know this is really old - but dont suppose you can still help me can you? Thanks
  12. dazzler2013

    We are moving to Sydney

    wow!! that is amazing news! me and my partner are in the process of emmigrating and been offered Perth & Sydney... so if you dont mind id like to see what advise you get regarding Sydney. Would you not live in the Navy barracks as such? Thanks Dazzler
  13. dazzler2013

    Migration Agents? Please Help :)

    Wow!!! keep me posted!! im excited for you haha your nearing the end of yours - im just starting!! arghhh!!! Speak soon!
  14. dazzler2013

    Migration Agents? Please Help :)

    13 months is still amazing isnt it? ... i originally wanted to do it in 12-18 month... then i said 2 years due to the cost etc involved... now im just thinking... what the hell, chance in a lifetime Good luck! :biggrin:
  15. dazzler2013

    Migration Agents? Please Help :)

    Its def ane expensive do isnt it haha.... yeah i looked at doing the state sponsor one too... all be worth it though! :ssign19: whens your moving date then? weve found one, that said we could be all packed up, visa's done, things shipped and dog gone all in 6 months! i nearly died on the spot haha! (thanks to my partners trade) but iv calmed down now and rarign to go when the right offer is there i guess