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Found 10 results

  1. mallan82450

    Importing IMMI application

    Hi, Is there a migration agent here that can confirm what happens when you import your application into your own IMMI account? Does the MA still have full access to the application etc.? TIA.
  2. The Australian Parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Migration is seeking submissions from stakeholders into the efficacy of migration agents. The Committee's terms of reference are here: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Joint/Migration/Migrationagentregulatio/Terms_of_Reference The web page notes: While the Committee is unable to intervene or provide advice or assistance in relation to individual circumstances, it wants to ensure that its findings are informed by those with personal experience. I invite all who have had experiences of using migration agents - both good and bad - to make a submission to the Committee. Best regards.
  3. AustraliaPlease

    Agents that are easy to get hold of please!

    Good afternoon Can anyone recommend an agent through experience who are easy to get hold of? I desperately need to speak with someone, but one agent who I spoke to once on here is unfortunately impossible to get hold of, and I’ve just tried Go Matilda, and no one answered! Doesn’t bode well if I decide to shell out money on an agent who isn’t easily contactable! Sure some can understand my frustration! Would appreciate and contact names.
  4. tara23

    Applying for a 186

    I'm starting my application for my 186 visa soon and iv been leaning more towards getting a migration agent on board to help me. I live and work in Sydney, does anyone know any good migration agents that will be able to help me? Thanks Tara
  5. Ms Taurus

    Migration agents

    Hi guys, can anyone share with me their experiences with migration agents? I am looking for one to handle my state nomination (190 visa) and do not know where to start. Thanks a lot!!
  6. Hi, I'm in Sydney on a 457 visa, and my employer (University of Sydney) has submitted their application to nominate me for a 186 visa, direct entry stream (I have not worked for them for 2 years yet). From everything I can tell, we have a very straightforward case (university is skills assessor, just me and husband, set of clean police certificates in hand, well within all age bounds etc.) Reading this site, it seems like submitting our application through an agent as 'Decision Ready' will really speed up the approval process. Does anyone have any experience of the fees an agent is likely to charge for this? I have received one quote of $2750 (plus costs), which (even accounting for my adjustment to prices out here) seems very high for what will be a very simple case - I can provide all documentation required at once and really just need them to check the application and submit it. If anyone has any advice: Sydney based agent suggestions, particularly if they charge fees based on work done rather than a flat fee, would be particularly well received. Alternatively, given my 457 is secure, I might just get on with submitting the application myself! Thanks!
  7. dazzler2013

    Migration Agents? Please Help :)

    Good Morning All, :ssign16: I was just looking for any help/advice/pointers. Me and my partner are looking at various migration agents and also sent CV's/resume's off directly to companies in Australia independently. My partners job/qualifications are on the SKilled Trades in demand list. (HD Fitter/HD Diesel Fitter/Heavy Plant Mechanical Engineer) In any of your opinions which is the best way to go forward? independently look for a sponsor and pay for full working residency visa's? or go through a Migration Agent on a 457 visa? Things that worry me with a 457 visa is that i have been advised if that sponsor/job ends your employment with them you have 28 days to find another job/sponsor, if you are unsuccesful you will be deported back to the UK .. on the back of this i have also researched to be advised that if this is the case, the sponsor/employer that ended your contract with themselves; by law; have to pay for our flights back to the uk, and also our belongings shipped back and our pet.. is this the case? Sorry - i know there are a lot of questions on this post, as you can imagine, the more research i do, the more questions i seem to have :err: Im also looking into average costs and getting quotes from various migration agents offering varying services etc; again any rough estimates others paid to get across would be appreciated. feel free to private message me if prefer. Many thanks in advance... A & T :ssign14:
  8. Guest

    Migration agent Perth WA

    Hi, I am currently not in Aus but would like contact details of reputable migration agents in Perth, WA with a successful migration application history for international students after study in Aus. I am looking at studying at TAFE and want to run a few questions by someone with the knowledge and know how. Thanks in advance
  9. This is my first post on here, I have been reading for a few weeks so would value any opinions of others. My partner and I have been in a relationship for just over 2 years. We have planned our UK Civil Partnership for August of this year. My Partner is Australian with both UK and Australian Passports. I am a British Citizen with a UK passport. Ideally I want to go to Australia (Melbourne) with him when his contract in the UK finishes in June / July 2013. I need to apply for the relevant visa. Having read the requirements for the visa we need to prove that we have been in a de-facto relationship for 12 months at the time of application, with supporting documents. Here's the rub, we are committed to each other totally but do not live together as property in the UK takes some time to sell and we live some 60 miles apart. We don't at present have joint bank accounts, or bills that have both our names on them. Utility companies generally only send to one addressee anyway. We have some photographs of places we have been, but at present that's about it. Is there anyway around this ? Would the fact that we have a civil partnership for nearly a year before we would like to go to Austrailia count ? Wills etc have been made in preparation for the civil partnership so inheritance etc is dealt with (surely this would count in some way to prove a committed de-facto relationship). If we have to wait for the 1 year period with documentary proof, living together - bills and bank accounts etc, before we apply it would appear that we would not be able to go to Australia until the end of 2013 at the earliest. This represents problems in terms of work for my partner in the UK and we are going to be closer to his parents who are now elderly and infirm. Would anyone recommend using a migration agent, rather than trying to go through this process somewhat blind ? Any advice that can be given would be greatfully recieved... Thanks for reading.
  10. Ok so I have been thinking - does anyone really care about the migration agents especially since the changes on September 23rd? Everyone will have their own opinion as to whether it's worth using an agent some will have good experiences and some not so good. However I got to thinking that love'em or hate'em they must also be really hit by the recent changes in the priorities. My thinking goes - How many new people will start applying for Aussie visa's if they know they are going to have to wait until 2011 or 2012 for an answer? I know the agents are currently telling people to apply now because at least they will be in the queue however it surely must be putting a lot of people off applying. PIO is full of people saying they are giving up or choosing to move to Canada etc instead and with the exchange rate hitting everyone going to Aus by a drop of 33% in a year it must be putting people off even more. So my guess is that alot of them are suffering big time - does anyone care? I would be interested to hear from any agents honest enough to tell us how business has been effected! For the record, I do care - My experience of my agent has been good and I would be sorry if they were affected and actually I think PIO would be a worse place without them especially for all the free advice they dish out to us - am I alone in this? Daniel