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Found 26 results

  1. Morning All Just a quick question... Is it harder to find rented accomodation that accepts dogs? (i was told Australians LOVE dogs and preffered pet of them all) Iv been advised to go through private letting rather than a company letting, there round about the same price, but most private lets are furnished? We have no children! Just looking for a 2 bedroom... Eventually we are looking to buy, but im aware we cannot do this straight away.. Any idea's??
  2. ..My OH s ex signed a dec form infront of a solicitor allowing us to take his 3 children...Jenny 13..Sam 10..Jemma 8 i also have a signed dec form from my son s Father to take Tristan 16 yrs..Andy s ex told the children she will miss them but wants the children to go to have a better future..she s shown the children pictures on the net where we are going and promised them they will see her in the holidays and they will come home for holidays to the uk!! Now we have been given a case worker and been asked to apply for police CRB s and Medicals in the next 28 days!!...His ex has now changed her mind after she realized that with out the children she would not get any money from child tax credits or my OH!!..We had to attended court today they did nothing for us...his ex gets legal aid..we couldnt afford to pay a solicitor with my ex still paying off his divorce bill and just having paid our agent and visa s its all been to much..The thing is what do we do next ? The children still think they are moving with us to Australia! The judy today says the mother can change her mind right up till we leave!! we now have to return the childrens passports in 14 days and they must not attend a medical!! The judy says once we have our visa s we can appeal? they will re look at the case!! i just dont get it...Jenny 13 yrs phoned her dad tonight very upset and confused she wants to live with us in Australia...what can we do? we need to go for our medicals or we lose our visa s :-((( with out our medicals we will not be granted our visa s :-(( How can after 4mths she be allowed to change her mind?? please if anyone understands how ive wrote this..( sorry im stressed and very tired) got any help, advice..know what we should do please,please reply :-(((((((((( wendy xxx
  3. runslikeafish


    We've just secured a rental property and will be moving in this weekend. :jiggy: One thing that I thought worth mentioning though was the bond. We need to pay the bond up front as well as 2 weeks' rent. This is a 4 figure sum of money. So I assumed that I could pay this by card - no I can't. So how can I pay then, cash? Nope, they don't accept cash. Cheque? Nope, people aren't given chequebooks as a matter of course here. We have to pay by "bank cheque" which means I have to go into my bank and ask them to write a cheque for me and pay them $8 for doing so. Many moons ago I used to work for a bank in the UK and I had to learn about "legal tender". That is for certain amounts someone is legally obliged to accept particular denominations of cash as payment of a debt. That meant that you weren't legally obliged to accept £100 in 1p pieces but you are legally obliged to accept £100 in £5 notes for example. Does anyone know if that concept exists in Aus? Not that I'm going to cause a fuss, I'm just curious about them not accepting cash as in the UK they would be legally obliged to. Unless the law has changed since I worked in a bank that is! Anyway, it doesn't matter - we're moving in this weekend! :biggrin: Barbeque at the Runslikeafish house!
  4. Guest

    people letting you down

    OK i understand not everything at every time in life goes to plan, but if your going to drop someone in it so to speak, is it not good manors to tell them 1st? The person i buy my wedding albums off has let me down this week, my prop lady has let me down, the kids father has let me down, my friends... yup, done the same thing... I'm not asking for them to be perfect, just to let me know in advance rather than when i'm ringing them up saying "where are you" or "where are they"... rant over
  5. Hi Just out of interest do agents have the automatic right to enter your rental? We just got a letter saying they will be inspecting the flat giving a date in a couple of weeks and will be here sometime in the morning. The letter states that if we are not here they will use their keys to gain entry. I don't have a problem with them inspecting and will arrange to be here. But I would be interested to know for the future if I was unable to be here when they visit whether we had any rights to insist that they come at a mutually agreed time when we one of us could be present. Maybe I am being silly but I am not very keen on a stranger wandering around my things when I am not here. Vicky
  6. Guest

    Letting agent fees

    Hi there Moving to Brisbane in a couple of weeks and was wondering what I can expect to pay in terms of admin fees when using a letting agent? Thanks!
  7. Hey all, Can anyone recommend any good letting agents in Brisbane (ie get things fixed on time, good communication, etc.)? I've been having terrible trouble with ours and we'll move at the end of our lease unless the landlord changes agent. It's not until January but they're that bad I'm preparing now! The landlord seems fine but unfortunately I can't contact him/her to inform them how bad a job the agent is doing (I've no doubt they've cost them a lot of money already). Alternatively, are there any good sources for rental properties where you can rent directly off the landlord? Cheers, Rob
  8. paisleylass

    Letting out UK home

    Hi all I've seen loads of reference here to letting out your home back in the UK rather than sell. I'm curious as to whether many folk have managed to stay with their lender with consent to let, had to switch to a buy to let mortgage, or just kept it quiet and chanced it? I have spoken to our lender First Direct who will grant no more than 12 months consent to let, and don't do a buy to let mortgage of any kind. I told them politely where to stick it. What are we supposed to do, leave it empty? I have banked with them for nearly 20 years, have current, savings and credit card with them and have conducted my accounts immaculately - that's First Direct's words, not mine! But seems you get nowt for loyalty these days. So looks like we have to find a new lender and pay double the interest, no offsetting and a hefty arrangement fee ( Luckily we have enough equity for most BTL deals I've seen, but a revaluation might scupper that. It'd be good to hear from anyone who's found a great BTL deal, or even switched to a lender who grants consent to let for a reasonable fee. Also, who is a good landlord insurance provider? Our current building and contants deal is great - £15 a month - but up for renewal in June so I might look to switch to landlords then, though we're not leaving until Autumn. In fact it's a tonic hearing of anyone's experience with renting their home at all!
  9. Hi I am working in australia on 457 visa and I bought a property 1 yr ago. I now have to move because of work. Can I let out my property while on this visa? Thanks
  10. Hi all I am looking for a few good letting agents in the Gold Coast area of QLD, as we are moving to the Robina/Mudgeeraba area next month and want to rent a small family property. Any names and recommendations would be great. Thanks
  11. hey everyone, I just spoke to my currnet insurer (higos) and about landlord insurnace but had a hard time understanding the cost or policy which is not a good sign! Does anyone have any reccomendations? Thanks!
  12. Guest

    Short term letting

    Hi Guys Just wondered if anyone can help me. I am looking for a short term let in the Brighton area of Melbourne, so that I can enroll my son into the school before we arrive. They all need an address to prove that you are within their catchment area. I would like to get him enrolled prior to our arrival. The company that I will be working for have suggested a serviced apartment for a couple of weeks but wwwooooo that is sooooo expensive! Any suggestions would be gratefully received. We arrive on 17th August and everything just seems to be going so quickly.....HELP!! :chatterbox: Lau x
  13. I know in the UK they charge an "admin fee" for just about everything. Is it the same in Oz and if so can anyone give me an idea on the cost of the fees I would need to budget for? I am also a little concerned about the way they do viewings. I understand they normally just offer up one date when anyone interested in the property goes to look. I'd like to view a few before I made any decisions however I am realisitic that all the houses I will want to see are unlikely to have viewings on the same day. Can you submit applications for a number of properties at the same time and pick and chose which you want (if I get offered any that is!!!) or are you having to pay "admin fees with each application upfront? I am concerned that if I don't put in applications there and then that I may lose a property but then also don't want to jump for the first thing I see! Also if a number of people all put in applications for the one house after a viewing how to they choose? Is it a case of first application in first serve or do they look at a number of criterias? I am hoping to be able to pay 2mths rent + bond upfront and have references already put together from private and agency landlords, however we have two dogs which I am worrying is going to put us to the bottom of the pile. I will get refs for them, pay an extra bond and will keep them outside if asked (well I may sneak them in when I am home but don't tell anyone!!). Sorry for the million questions but any advice or tips would be much appreciated.
  14. Hi, My partner and I are heading out to Sydney in February 2011 (so 6mths time). I know property goes quick so was wondering if it would be worth registering my details NOW for any properties that they know will becoming free around the time we get there??? Doing this could also mean I could complete the basic paperwork they need and supply references in advance, so speeding up the entire process generally. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Danielle
  15. Guest

    Letting Sydney

    I'm moving out to Sydney at the end of the month with my partner. Will we have trouble renting if we haven't got jobs yet. We have savings & both have properties in the UK which have both been rented out. What sort of paper work would it help to bring with us to convince a landlord.
  16. Guest

    Selling Vs Letting

    Hello Everyone Our house has been up for sale nearly 12 months now and the time is drawing near for us to make the move to Oz (Flights booked for 31st March) In the time it has been on the market we have had about 5 viewings and NO offers, so we have decided to go down the route of letting it out, has any one had the experience of having let their house out to tenants while living in Oz? How did you find it? Did you have any issues with tenants? Did you have any issues with agencies? Was it easy to manage when things went wrong? Can anyone reccomend a good letting agency?, we live in the Barnsley/Rotherham area
  17. Hi all,Looking to move to melbourne late Nov 09 and due to the housing market in the uk we have decided to rent out our house.Has anyone done this and NOT told their mortgage company.We are with the Yorkshire Building Society and in their agreement it says its compulsory to tell them if letting out property.just wondering how they could find out and what they could do ? Many thanks
  18. Hi,are all letting agents in OZ as draconian and miserable as ours?We are renting a twin detached property,and both the previous tenants in our rental,and the previous tenants next door ended up at the tribunal trying to retrieve some of their bond from the agent.The agents are totally unreasonable and uncompromising with their,as they say,"Standards".Of course these standards do not extend to ensuring any problems about the house are dealt with swiftly!Anyway we had our monthly inspection recently,and i chased the agent out of the house,having listened to crap about dust on the blinds ,fingermarks around the lightswitch,dust on the bedroom skirting etc,(whilst paying over the odds),this in a completely white painted,clinical property.I actually asked them to arrange the inevitable tribunal in September,much to their dismay.Of course,there are two sides to every story,but some of these agents here are totally over zealous,and create a bad vibe,thats my opinion.Who else has had bad times with Letting Agents?
  19. Has anyone done this? Looked into this? Got any advice? With house market as slow as it is, & we need to be out in Oz by July (Aug at latest) we are wondering about the option of letting our house in the UK. We will be renting in Oz to start with for a min 6 months, but then we'll still have the issue of trying to sell our UK house at some point in the future to buy an Oz house - all from the other side of the world!! Not sure how viable the idea is?? Haven't started to investigate the option yet as am ever hopeful we'll get a buyer for the house - but you have to be prepared.......! Ta! Kath
  20. Guest

    Moving to Sydney?

    Thinking, planning or already moving to Sydney? My name's Hermione and I have just returned from working in the UK for a few years, i know how tricky it can be to find accomodation/rentals etc when moving from international so I want to help! I work for a great estate agency in the centre of the city and we have many branches all over Sydney, but this isnt just a plug for business and its not a scam, i would genuinely like to help. If you need anything, from advice to help searching or applying for properties (with any agency or landlord in sydney) I would love to help. I have dealt with expensive relocation agents and sifted through pages of information on the internet, but thought it would be so much easier to just be able to speak to someone. If you think the same thing then dont hesitate to shoot me a question, either on here or through a message, and i will be able to use my 5 years of Sydney property experience to help you! As I said, no ulterior motives here, if you ended up taking a property with our agency, great, but thats not the purpose, i am trying to build my networking skills in the look to perhaps in the future start some kind of assistance service for people relocating to Sydney. But for now its all free and experience for me so feel free to shoot me any questions you might have and I will do my best to get back to you as quick as possible! :idea:
  21. Hi. Does anybody know if you have to let the various authorities know when you are leaving the Uk, ie: Police,:policeman: inland revenue,:arghh: Council etc or do the Aussie govt inform them. Cheers Chidge
  22. Guest

    Letting agent jobs

    Hi there, I've noticed quite a few of you PIO in Oz are linked to a Letting Agency and wondered if you could give me some advice. I have 16 years experience of working as a letting agent, initially part time, but virtually full time now, but I have no formal qualifications. I work for a smallish property company (14 letting units) and practically manage the whole business so I also have experience with accounts and payroll. Hopefully we will be flying over to the Sunshine Coast early next year and due to my experience would like to work in the letting world, but wondered if there are any courses/qualifications I should do prior to coming or find out about to do in Oz on my arrival to enable me to secure a good position?
  23. Hi all, we shall be letting a property back in the UK while we live in OZ. Has anyone doing this had any difficulty with mortgage lenders or letting agencies? Not sure whether to have all correspondence sent to friends/family in UK or whether to deal direct once we have a permanent address in Australia. Also, concerned that there may be problems when the mortgage deal is up for renewal in a couple of years time, but hopefully by then the market would have recovered sufficiently enough for us to sell up and buy in Oz, assuming we like it.
  24. Like many of you, our house is up for sale during a really slow period. We we wondering if anyone had decided to let their house while it is still for sale? The thing is, ours looks really nice at the moment and we were thinking that if tennants didn't keep it looking good then it might make it even harder to sell. Does anyone have any tips? FANX:goofy:
  25. Guest

    Letting off steam!

    Hi all I am so p*ssed off! My parents were planning on coming out to Oz early next year (Dad can't fly so they had paid a deposit on a cruise and they only leave UK every january). They had arranged a year's holiday visa but it has a restriction on it in that you can't renew it. Their intention was to apply for a CPV before they left UK as they would very much like to join us here, we are a close family and being apart is killing us far more than we every anticipated. However......unless I get my temp spouse visa upgraded to PR within next month or so they can't do this.....It's so frustrating trying to deal with DIAC, I have rung numerous times, faxed, been up in person and all they will tell me is that I have been allocated a case worker and letters have been sent out (I have received NOTHING!). I ask them if they could tell me the name of my case worker so I can get in touch but they can't do this.....all they keep telling me is there is a huge backlog, blah blah blah! All I want to know is who my case worker is so I can contact a 'name' and take things from there but apparently this information isn't on their computer.....grrrrrrrrrrrr bloody bureaucrats!!!! Meanwhile we all feel in limbo and don't know where we stand or what's going on......