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Found 17 results

  1. birdy990

    457 Visa Requirements help please

    Hi Everyone, My husband is a bricklayer and Mcdonald-Jones are currently offering sponsorship for Bricklayers. They are currently completing reference checks and we should hear back in a couple of days. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions of what we will need to apply for the 457 Visa, I have done a lot of reading, but there just doesn't seem to be a definitive yes or no answer to the following: 1. Does hubby need to do an IELTS test? he was born in the UK and has lived here all his life, however never completed secondary school so doesn't have any GCSE's to prove his level of English. 2. I have read that Bricklayers do not need to complete a skills assessment, is this right? He doesn't have NVQ in Bricklaying, he is "time served" with over 10 years experience. 3. It says that he needs to prove the last 5 years of self employment, well of course this time 5 years ago we were in a very bad recession and his work was on and off. He has done his tax returns, but this doesn't show who he was working for and when. We also don't have 5 years worth of references as those of you who know, bricklayers move around sites... a lot!! Any help would be much appreciated, if there is anything anyone thinks I have missed off, please feel free to mention it!! Thanks Natalie
  2. Hi Everyone, I don't waste your time so I summarize my description and question. It's about 6 months that my husband and I have lodged our visa 457. After 1 month, our case office requested to fill the form 80. Since then our visa status is being processed for internal check. We are from HR country. The case officer is so satisfied with our qualification and opined several times that she is waiting only for internal check to grant our visas.:notworthy: Does anyone have experience like this? What is your opinion, what is the maximum timeframe of internal check? Is there any way to contact the security check and further the process faster? I really appreciate any suggestion or comment. I am dying of waiting:sad::confused: and need your help.:notworthy:
  3. allyd2001

    Becoming PR via my partners 457

    Hello My husband has a 457, we want to apply for PR (permanent residency) in August 2014 as will have been in Australia for 2 years. We have both been working since we arrived in 2012. He doesn't want to apply through his work as it will mean we will be regional sponsored and we want to allow for the freedom to go elsewhere if we want to. I know my workplace sponsors people as they are a University but I am unsure whether I am legally allowed to? My questions: Are we allowed to apply for PR through my place, for ENS, even though I am the secondary person on the 457? Can we apply for the independent skilled while on a 457? (this will release us from both work commitments, even though I actually really love my job). any guidance would be much appreciated. thanks Allison
  4. Hello, could somebody advise me on what a new employer or myself can do/ have to do, in order for me ( a RN) to switch employer. My current situation is, I came on a 457 visa, with my partner and daughter as a skilled worker, but am not happy with current employer. Went for an interview this morning and the manager said she will talk with her HR and meanwhile for I to do some homework on how it works with the visa. I am in a position to pay for it myself, that's how strong I feel about my existing employer. if anyone can direct me, I would truly appreciate your knowledge. I am here with my existing employer 15 months. Thanking you....
  5. JamesPickard

    Health Insurance on 457 Visa

    We're in the process of having our 457 Visa submitted (via allocated migration officer in Aus). His advise states that we need evidence of private health insurance to process the visa but we don't actually need it in place (and want to pay for it) until we are due to arrive around August time. We also need an Australian address to purchase the insurance which we don't yet have. When and how are we supposed to put our health insurance in place for August without holding up our visa application? Any advise would be much appreciated.
  6. emj1986

    457 Visa Transfer

    Hi All, Was hoping to get some advice for a friend off here.. My friend moved over from the UK on a 457 Visa. The company he works for started up a new part of the business which he works in. They had a key person leave and are starting to get cold feet but want to do the right thing by my friend. He has an option to work for another company but there are some questions 1) This company has not sponsored in several years would they still be eligible or would they have to go through everything again? 2) I am sure they have stopped transferring Visas so a new one would have to be applied for right? how long would this take since he in in the country already on a 457 Visa? If anyone else has been through something similar and could post about it, it would be extremely helpful. The way he see's it at the moment is A) he continues to work for Company A and hopes it can work out although they have no contacts in the area he works in since this key person left. B) he tries to get another job with the other company who will potentially pay more and have a more established business. C) he goes back to the UK which he is not really ready for at the moment. Thanks EMJ
  7. Hello, i am new to this web, but it looks very informative, hopefully i can get help from you all. thank you in advance. my situation is i have done both bachelor of business management and master of fashion and textiles degrees in Australia (2012). i am 26 years old, i am working for current company as a marketing assistant over half year. my visa (485) is expired in November 2014. now i want my company sponsor me. my company is a multinational sized company, we have over 50 employees here. my title is marketing assistant however on the list, the closest one i can find is marketing specialist. i am not sure if it is ok to apply. could someone please advise me where should i start?? should i get a immigration lawyer to help me? from the company side, what materials need to be prepared for immigration office?? how much the cost would be?? if the company is not willing to pay, shall i pay by myself?? will that cause legal problems? my current salary doesn't meet market rate in Australia. is there any good immigration lawyer you recommend in Melbourne Australia?? much appreciate your help. stella
  8. If you have a 417 (WORKING HOLIDAY) visa or are interested in finding a company to sponsor please get in touch - carlyh@inspire-health.com.au I have several companies willing to employ Physios from the UK on a Locum or permanent basis. One urgent role in Melbourne, one in Biloela (QLD) which provide accommodation as does one in Narrabri (NSW) - they provide a 2bed flat plus will sponsor!). A role in Western Sydney for a Sports / MSK physio if you are on a working holiday....
  9. Liat Gould

    457 where do i begin!?!

    My job has just told me that they would love to keep me on and sponsor me. I am on a 417 working holiday. They have told me to get the ball rolling with the paperwork. I have no idea where to even start! any help/websites/useful info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much
  10. bonnie1

    457 Visa

    Hi, I don't know if any one can help, I submitted my Visa applications on the 16th August for myself and for my boyfriend to be a defacto. My company have previously sponsored people and they have all had approval within the first 10 days, so I am getting slightly concerned. has any body else recently applied or still waiting? is there a number I can call or a way to quicken up the process, my lady has given me notice to move out and no estate agents will hep me out until I have the go ahead that my sponsorship has been approved and I can stay in the country!! Very annoying!! Thanks in advance!! xx
  11. Btrots

    457 Visa Perth Contacts

    I've been in Perth for the last 6 months on a Travel Work Visa, managed to get a job working with drill pipe for offshore oil rig projects. This week I've been offered sponsorship, which is awesome! However upon looking into the sponsorship situation, there may be a couple of obstacles to overcome. Firstly the experience, and references, seeing as this is the first job associated with this field, I have no experience. I will be able to gain several tickets along the way, ergo being trained and gaining qualifications as I go. Also, if I took a couple of tickets under my own initiative being the sponsorship application, will this aid me by giving me something to set me apart from other applicants. If anyone knows of any reliable agents to contact regarding this, or any adive, it would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I am Irish and I got a short stay business ETA visa in April 2012. I came in for 4 weeks in April/May 2012 to do some work with my company. I returned again in January for a few weeks work. Things didn't work out with my company in Ireland so I have since left and have decided to stay in Oz. I have been talking to a company who want me to work for them and are willing to sponsor me on a 457. Unfortunately they won't be able to do this for another 6 weeks. However, my 3 months stay in up in April. Also my ETA visa is up at that time. I have been told that I should go out of the country and apply for an eVisitor 651. That way I would come back into the country on the 651 and be here until the company are ready to process my 457. My question is where can I go and how long will I need to be gone for? I know it says I have to be out of the country to get the 651 and that I have to get it from an airline or travel agents but I'm not sure where exactly to get it and how long it will take. Has anyone done this before? Many thanks :-)
  13. Hi All, First time poster just trying to get the clearest facts I can, as its not proving too easy! I'm currently in Sydney on a 457 visa, and come start of July, will have completed 2 years at my employers, and they have said they will sponsor me to get my Permanent residency (very happy). Now am understanding that theres a rough 6 months processing time, all being well, so would hopefully get the pr Granted around Dec/Jan time - my conundrum is this - I'm actually looking to go back to the uk for 3-4 weeks over christmas to visit and spend time with my family - Is this possible, or would I have to remain in the country whilst the PR is processing?! OR would I be able to travel by applying for some interim/ bridging visa ,saying I'm leaving the country and coming back on a certain date? Been seeing lots of contradictory info so if anybody knows anything for sure, please let me know! Thanks all!
  14. Hi All, Can i please have people views/experiences/knowledge regarding 457 visa's? (my partner is on the skilled trade list and we also qualify for visa as our points are both over 65..) We was been advised against a 457 visa buy most migration agents, (whether this is because we dont need to pay them as much i dont know) but looking into this, 457's do appear to be a great stepping stone, yes?? Can anyone confirm that what i have been advised is correct please? '' with a 457 visa, if your employer was to end your employment with them, you have 28 days to find a new job or you will be deported. If you are unsuccesful finding a new employer within the 28 days, the employer that ended your employment by law has to pay for your flight, any dependants/spouse's flight, pet shipment back to home country and also your container of all belongings fetched over too'' - please confirm this is correct... Im so confused and my head is starting to hurt! We are ready to start the proces and settle with a migration agent - but which and which VISA??? Any help appreciated!!
  15. Hi All, Towards the end of the year I will be moving to Sydney. My company in London want to send me to their Sydney office to work for them. As I understand it, this will need to be done on a 457 visa. I am a Software Developer and the skilled occupations list says that I need a degree to be eligible for this occupation in Australia. I don't have a degree, I just have a diploma (one level lower) and have been working as a Software Developer for around 2.5 years. Will my lack of a degree be a problem. After all, I'll be doing the same job in Sydney as I'm doing in London and for the same employer. I'm not interested in permanent residency at this point in time. Thanks Chris
  16. Hi everyone, I am being sponsored by an internet marketing company in WA - which I am very happy about. They are a registered company and have sponsored people before. The issue is that I dont have a degree, which I know is very helpful with a 457. I do have 5 years experience, just under 6 years in total. I have worked for myself the last 4 years in the UK, so I know I have to give 'proof' of my work and experience, which I can do for those 4 years. I have 2 concerns really: The first is the 5th year of my experience was for a family business where I handled the online marketing activities - all very relevant to the job. I just wonder if it would flag issues with the reference coming from a family member?! The second is that I am just past the threshold for relevant experience. Will this go against me? Or is it as simple as having 5 years is enough? I am realistic and know that there is a chance it might not go through, but I just wondered if anyone could shed some light / reassurance / advice on my particular situation. Is there anything I can do on my application that would strengthen my case? Thanks! Jonathan
  17. Guest

    Visa 457 processing times

    Hi All, Does anyone know what determines visa processing times? I applied for a VISA 457 through an immigration agent for myself and my husband early July and it has been 8 weeks now and I still have not heard any news regarding the visa approval. I am being sponsored by an apparel company and 2 of my colleagues have made the same move as me a few months prior. My colleague's Visas only took 1 week while I'm still sitting at home waiting 8 weeks in.