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Found 6 results

  1. Evening All, I've recently swapped from a commercial accounting role into a Sales account manager role within my firm. In the process, my 457 has also changed. Before this change I was eligible to apply for permanent residency through an accounting selection. My question is, now that I am in a Sales role in Australia, can I still apply for an accounting PR? My intention is to go back to commercial finance after 12-18months with the experience I gain in Sales. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tommy
  2. If I am luckly to be able to mirgrate on a 457 visa and my employer offer me a permanant position (all if's) I am concerned that because of my age I will not qualify to get a permanant visa accepted. I am currently 43 will need to work for at least 2 years before apply for residency so would then me at least 45 which is the age you get zero points. As I correct with this ? or because you are already in australia and working do you get extra points awarded. Any help would be welcome, I am confused on what visa I should be applying for. I did pay for an agents advise they came back with visa 457, 186 or 187 explained how they worked but I have asked them the above question and they are not answering me back. Thanks to anyone you can help !
  3. cara6

    Subclass 189 ens

    Hi I'm a midwife looking at emigrating to Oz in the next year. I've been looking at visa types. Ideally the 189 skilled independent would have been the best way forward. However with 3 years midwifery experience I score 55 points, 5 below the expected level of 60 to attain this visa. On the flip side, I could gain the additional points by scoring superior of the IELT test but I have heard this is very difficult. My options are therefore, the subclass 457 temporary with the option of applying for PR at a later date or the subclass 186 ENS which offers PR from the outset. Although the 457 seems appealing (quick processing time, cheaper on application and potential to apply for PR after period of time under the 186 temporary transition stream) I'm concerned about it's stability. I'm taking my family and worry that for whatever reason I could lose my job and be left searching for a new employer. If I haven't found a new sponser under the 457 within 28 days, it would mean leaving the country. The ENS 186 would definitely offer us more security and option of living anywhere in Oz with the benefits of free state healthcare and education for our children. Can anyone advise on ease of finding employment under the ENS 186 visa? Also I'm curious of processing times for this visa? Interested to hear from anyone who has gone to Oz on the 457 and encountered my concerns above. would appreciate some comments please. Many thanks:confused:
  4. Hi All, Can i please have people views/experiences/knowledge regarding 457 visa's? (my partner is on the skilled trade list and we also qualify for visa as our points are both over 65..) We was been advised against a 457 visa buy most migration agents, (whether this is because we dont need to pay them as much i dont know) but looking into this, 457's do appear to be a great stepping stone, yes?? Can anyone confirm that what i have been advised is correct please? '' with a 457 visa, if your employer was to end your employment with them, you have 28 days to find a new job or you will be deported. If you are unsuccesful finding a new employer within the 28 days, the employer that ended your employment by law has to pay for your flight, any dependants/spouse's flight, pet shipment back to home country and also your container of all belongings fetched over too'' - please confirm this is correct... Im so confused and my head is starting to hurt! We are ready to start the proces and settle with a migration agent - but which and which VISA??? Any help appreciated!!
  5. dazzler2013

    Migration Agents? Please Help :)

    Good Morning All, :ssign16: I was just looking for any help/advice/pointers. Me and my partner are looking at various migration agents and also sent CV's/resume's off directly to companies in Australia independently. My partners job/qualifications are on the SKilled Trades in demand list. (HD Fitter/HD Diesel Fitter/Heavy Plant Mechanical Engineer) In any of your opinions which is the best way to go forward? independently look for a sponsor and pay for full working residency visa's? or go through a Migration Agent on a 457 visa? Things that worry me with a 457 visa is that i have been advised if that sponsor/job ends your employment with them you have 28 days to find another job/sponsor, if you are unsuccesful you will be deported back to the UK .. on the back of this i have also researched to be advised that if this is the case, the sponsor/employer that ended your contract with themselves; by law; have to pay for our flights back to the uk, and also our belongings shipped back and our pet.. is this the case? Sorry - i know there are a lot of questions on this post, as you can imagine, the more research i do, the more questions i seem to have :err: Im also looking into average costs and getting quotes from various migration agents offering varying services etc; again any rough estimates others paid to get across would be appreciated. feel free to private message me if prefer. Many thanks in advance... A & T :ssign14:
  6. Laura81

    Nursing job and visa question

    Hi, I have just been offered a staff nurse job at prince of wales hospital, randwick, nsw. HR has contacted me saying she 'usually' applies for a 457 visa. Is it just the PR visa that's an alternative? There is my partner and I, we still in UK at the moment in the process of selling up but when we come out we hope to stay. Are there other benefits to this such as lower tax, medicare, ability to buy property?? Feel a bit out of my depth