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    ReloUK - would recommend for shipping

    Oh it was about a third less than what the others were asking. I can't remember exact prices and it was a 40 foot container but it is worth giving them a ring - as they are a fairly new firm they were really keen to pass on a good deal.
  2. Hi we are moving out of our rental house in Perth (Carine) and only going 2km down the road to another rental place. We are trying to keep costs down. We hope to do a few trips ourselves in the car with boxes, but larger stuff like beds, book cases and tables, settees will have to go with a removal company. I have found one firm who will do it for $125 an hour (all in) - do you reckon this is the going rate - or can anyone recommend anyone else? We always like to go on recommendations. :cute::cute::cute::cute:
  3. :wink: If you are moving overseas can highly recommend ReloUK especially if you live in the South East (West and East Sussex, Kent, Essex, Surrey etc) This is a company on the up and the man at the helm, a really clued up businessman goes above and beyond to make sure you get the same quality service as the big guys (John Mason, Pickfords etc) and ReloUk are nowhere near as expensive. We moved out here and the service they provided was faultless. Always good to go on recommendations. We dealt with Billy Cook, Consultant working out of the Pevensey office and he was so helpful at explaining the moving process and made our experience of moving 9000 miles away far less stressful. Plus no breakages or damages...always a plus.
  4. Hi Sammy1 Yes job offer did get withdrawn and with it our 457 visa. But fortunately we had a sub class 190 trugging through which we lodged in March. We lodged it because we had another 457 job offered to us last year which also collapsed - so we thought we better had a back up plan - just as well we did!! Really wouldn't trust any 457 offers now - be warned. Our 190 arrived seven days after the job offer was withdrawn and as kids out of school and tenants lined up for our house in UK we just left and are now in Perth.
  5. Hi there, We have four children and have been looking at senior high schools. We have arrived in Perth with a 190 visa and toured three schools including Rossmoyne and Churchlands and we were impressed with both of them. However since touring the schools we have been looking at rental properties and are staggered at the price of weekly rents in those catchments. So now we are thinking maybe pay less rent - move out a bit more and go part subsidised to a private school - but we want a school with a good reputation as our two oldest children are quite academic. Any suggestions? We need to be within easy commute of Perth and I would prefer Anglican than Catholic, also we'd like a mixed sex school so we could send all children there. We'd love some positive recommendations and feedback from good schools. One of our children is quite musical. Any help greatly appreciated. SeadogSal
  6. SeadogSal

    457 - a warning

    Thanks for all your comments. It has been a really difficult week - not least because we had everything prepared for the move - house about to be rented - kids out of school, both given up jobs. I am sure what they have done is illegal as we had signed a job offer. All the Skype interviews my husband had undertaken - the two medicals he'd gone for and the paperwork we'd filled in. What's more galling is they were playing for flights, shipping, temporary accommodation - the whole kabuddle and that has now gone too. Do you think we could take some sort of legal action? Once again thanks for your comments. SeadogSal
  7. SeadogSal

    457 - a warning

    So we had a job offer on a 457 - husband had several Skype interviews and offered the job, medicals done and 457 lodged. I quit my job in the Uk after 18 years and took kids out of school as job was to start in Oz in August........ Then incredulous as it may seem two weeks ahead of job starting :arghh:we took a phone call from the company and they withdrew the offer of the job in Australia.. Yes that's right they withdrew the job offer - shock and disbelief as they had paid for medicals and the 457 lodgement of visa. Thought a signed copy of a job offer was a legal contract! But obviously not!! The offer has been withdrawn as the company has seen a drop in workload. So the children have no school places here in the UK and school starts this week and our house is on the verge of being rented. Husband has no job in the UK neither do I. We are just drawing breath and deciding the way ahead. Anyone else experienced something similar?
  8. SeadogSal

    457 visa July 2013 processing time

    Yes my husband was supposed to start his job on Monday 2nd September- but we are still in the UK - Visa lodged August 1st and no word - from feedback we are getting form the visa agent we reckon it will take 7 weeks...all getting a tad stressful!
  9. SeadogSal

    457 visa July 2013 processing time

    Yes interested to see when it gets approved - we lodged ours on August 1st also and we have been quoted that it could take 7 weeks - have you heard anything yet?
  10. I reckon quite tough - we spent a year applying (probably 150 applications) and finally nailed it. But don't even think of applying for anything on SEEK as it would just be a standard rejection. Get a linked in account and target named people with your CV - that is my top advice - ignore agencies they are useless.
  11. Anyone any ideas on the sort of timescale for a 457 visa to be offered. Lodged on the 1st August - wondering when we may hear back. Cheers:arghh:
  12. SeadogSal

    Employment sponsorship

    My husband has secured a job on 457 - but not in the health care system - the comapny who are going to employ him have paid for flights, four weeks temporary accomodation and shipping to a maximum of $20,000 dollars. Everything helps as it will be so expensive when we get ot there. As regards your husband's hip - next time you see his specialist get a letter explaining his present condition. I don't think his hip will be a problem.
  13. Hi there can anyone help? We are moving to Perth on a sponsored 457 visa. I have just been told that there is new legislation and if we put our children into a state (Government school) we will have to pay $4,000 for ecah child a year. We have four children so this could work out quite expensive. Do you know if this applies to entry under skilled state sponsorship? Any info or advice on this subject - greatly appreciated. It always takes me awhile to adjust cost of living in Oz - everything seems so expensive out there compared to the UK.
  14. SeadogSal

    Site engineer uk

    Hi there We are in a similar position - husband has 20 years experience looking for a 457 sponsor. The construction market appears to have turned in recent months especially in infrastructure work related to the mining industry - that's because of the downturn in the demand from China. My advice to you would be to ignore anything advertised on Seek - you won't get a look in and its a waste of time. Because the market is so competitive you need to find named contacts and email the people direct at the helm - large companies like Leightons, Multiplex, Rio Tinto, Lendlease etc....don't bother with agencies either....we eventually struck lucky but we did send out over a hundred emails! It's bizarre because civil engineer is on the skills shortage list but at the moment it is extremely competitive to secure a position in this industry. Good luck
  15. Thanks everyone - I have now learnt it may be to do with the 457 visa - impending Oz elections and a desire to reduce the amount of 457 visas being given out .........I have to wait longer to see if tehy'll be granted the 457. It's a slow process......