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Found 10 results

  1. Fleuretta


    Hi there can anyone advise me on the best Shipping Companies to use? I need to move personal effects (no furniture) from the UK to Perth, WA and I need the full packing service!
  2. I am looking to use Crown Relocations for our upcoming move to Sydney from the UK and wanted to hear your feedback - good & bad of how you found them. Also, if you decided to not go with Crown and opted for another company, it would be great to hear why. Thanks! xo
  3. Hiya everyone, Just thought I would share our shipping quotes that we had from 6 companies in Nov/Dec 2011, yes I know its not that recent, but might help give an indication on prices for those of you, who like me are wondering whom to go with for shipping .... We had the following companies in and this is what we got so far: [TABLE=class: grid, width: 800] [TR] [TD]Company [/TD] [TD] Total Volume (Cubic Feet) [/TD] [TD] Total Volume Price [/TD] [TD] Price Per Cubic Foot [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]PSS [/TD] [TD] 403 [/TD] [TD] £2049.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.20 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Anglo Pacific [/TD] [TD] 445 [/TD] [TD] £2354.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.29 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Excess Int'nl [/TD] [TD] 409 [/TD] [TD] £2067.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.05 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Crown [/TD] [TD] 435 [/TD] [TD] £2650.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.39 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]John Mason [/TD] [TD] 438 [/TD] [TD] £2150.00 [/TD] [TD] £4.91 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Pickfords [/TD] [TD] 439 [/TD] [TD] £2095.00 [/TD] [TD] £4.77 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] We got all of the surveyors in over one weekend (Fri - Mon) and showed them all the exact same things and made it kind of like an interview and asked them the exact same questions ... lol !! :GEEK: Anyone in the same boat getting surveyors in to assess their volume, prepare lots and lots of questions for them .... my wife and I bombarded them with questions relating to the shipping process, the costs, insurance, hidden costs eg ... storage costs, getting boxes early to prepare for packing as some companies were charging for this. This was the most crucial time for us to get as much info out of them as we could. In some cases, some of the surveyors were struggling to answer some questions or even understand the terminolgy which showed how much they knew about what they were trying to sell and did make them look rather unprofessional. To our amazement one surveyor did not know what BAR Overseas was, and another selling insurance, had to flick through the T&C's and narrate them to us when we asked general questions relating to insurance? Another thing to notice is that some companies will advise one thing and others will not advise it, for example, we asked whether we should pack some things into vacuum packed bags to save on volume, some surveyors were saying not to as when shipped in the container, the items will start to sweat due to heat changes in transit and this could result in condensation and mould happening. We weren't planning to anyway but wanted to see what they would say. Others were saying that this was fine and you won't get condensation or mould issues, so sometimes it can be confusing. Anyway, we are still debating who to go with but are trying to filter them down from 6 to 3 and then see who can do a better price, I guess you have to go with your gut instinct of who you feel will look after you and your belongings (even if it means not choosing the cheapest option), but it is tricky as everyone is finding out ... we don't know yet who we are going to go with yet.... :unsure: As for those of you wondering what we are planning to take hence the above quoted volumes, its not even a full 2 bed house ... bits and pieces of everything ... just the bare essentials to get us started (just to name a few things, excluding the obvious like clothes): Biggest items: Bedstead & Mattress x 1 Small dining table with 4 foldable chairs Duvets + pillows 1 x two seater sofa 1 x Small 22" Flatscreen TV 1 x Glass Coffee table 2 x Games Consoles Lots of DVDs 1 x Baby Cot flat packed 1 x Baby car seat 1 x Baby pushchair Boxes of Toilettries Vacum Cleaner Ironing Board Lots of kitchenware Ok then hope that helps some of you out with prices and quotes and good luck with choosing your shipping companies !! :biggrin:
  4. :wink: If you are moving overseas can highly recommend ReloUK especially if you live in the South East (West and East Sussex, Kent, Essex, Surrey etc) This is a company on the up and the man at the helm, a really clued up businessman goes above and beyond to make sure you get the same quality service as the big guys (John Mason, Pickfords etc) and ReloUk are nowhere near as expensive. We moved out here and the service they provided was faultless. Always good to go on recommendations. We dealt with Billy Cook, Consultant working out of the Pevensey office and he was so helpful at explaining the moving process and made our experience of moving 9000 miles away far less stressful. Plus no breakages or damages...always a plus.
  5. Hi PomsinOZ! We are moving to Perth from Manchester at the start of december and could do with some recommendations for shipping companies. We've had a bunch of quotes done, but it is proving hard to settle on a firm as they all seem to offer a relatively comparable service (albeit with some differences around their use of sub-contractors / preferred partners etc in Australia), and all come out of the online reviews with a pretty similar write-up in online reviews (good sales experience, tricky to claim if stuff got broken etc). What would be useful is any recommendations from those of you who have moved recently and had a great experience... Can you help?
  6. MightyBelle

    Shipping from Ireland

    Hi all, new to the forums and loads of great information on it. The one thing I didn't come across was if anyone knows of good shipping companies in Ireland that will do the full move.. packing, delivery and unloading. It seems there is a few great ones in the UK but just wondering which is good from Dublin. All the best M
  7. Hi All I'm new here, soon to move from Kent to Melbourne with my family. Like others, we've had a few shipping quotes and now we're trying to decide which to use. All four companies have said we'll fill a 20 foot container, and quotes are as follows: White & Co: £4000 John Mason: £4100 PSS: £4360 Anglo Pacific: £4380 I'm leaning toward W&C but they almost seem too cheap, and I can't find a lot on the forum posts about them. There seems to be lots (mostly positive) on John Mason, and some (less positive) on AP. Has anyone used W&C recently? Would you recommend them? Or would anyone strongly favour one of the others? My current thinking is that all the big companies have people with good and bad experiences, so really it comes down to a bit of luck (and insurance!), but I'd welcome any thoughts. Thanks!
  8. tomabbie

    Shiping Companies

    Can anybody advise me on which shipping companies are the most reasonable (and reliable), we live in Yorkshire and have a 3 bedroomed house to pack up and send to Perth later this year Thanks Kirstie
  9. Hi there! I am new to this relocation game and am currently in the thick of it trying to chose a shipping company for our move to Sydney in a few months. :arghh: My shortlist is Anglopacific, Crown & Doree Bonner. Has anyone used any of these and have any feedback? I have been recommended Crown by a friend and they are the cheapest but they dont seam to be FIDI accredited. We are looking at moving most of our stuff (ie about 3/4 of a 20ft container on Groupage). Any advise on companies used, or on shipping to Australia would be super helpful!! :biggrin: Thanks for your help!! xo
  10. Guest

    Oz to UK Shipping Companies

    Hi All, I've seen a lot of threads about what shipping companies to use when moving from England to Australia, but who are the best shipping companies to use if moving back to England from Australia? When we moved to Melbourne from Reading, we used PomsInOz to find Voovit as a decent company to use. And they were just what you'd hope for in a shipping company I suppose, no nasty surprises or bad experiences. So now I'm hoping PomsInOz can assist once more and provide some options for shipping Australia to England, based on past experiences. Googling for reviews gives more questions than answers! Has anyone used Seven Seas Worldwide, and if so, would you recommend them? Thanks.