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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all!! Quick question, I know you can apply for PR after 2 years in Australia. However, does anyone know if these 2 years have to be back to back? Or can you do one year, have a gap abroad, then another year? I've done 18months in Aus, been back in UK for 3 years, and want to head back on sponsorship. I'm wondering if I can apply for PR after 6 months and include my time in the country a few years ago. Thanks very much! Jen
  2. Hello all, Would love some feedback on how long it has taken your employer to be approved as a sponsor (this company has never sponsored anyone before) and for 457 to be transferred over. Cheers, Alice
  3. Corsac

    Employer Sponsored Visa

    Dear All, Me and my husband have been trying to get the Victoria-Sponsored Visa but for some reason they did not accept his candidature. Both my husband and I are looking to find a job in Australia (/New Zealand) at this moment so that we may try to get an Employer-Sponsored Visa. We're both highly qualified individuals, my husband has two post-graduate masters and quite extensive experience in Pharmaceutical and Food Science/Technology. He is a Chemist by profession as his first degree is in Chemistry. I have two degrees plus a MBA with Distinction and I have experience in the Online Gaming Industry at high managerial roles even at a consultancy level. We were quite taken aback when we saw Victoria-Sponsored Visa did not accept our submission even considering the Chemist was one of the Skills required in the region of Victoria, he is 31 years old and his English Skill Assessment was with an average of 8.5 which grants you the highest points for the Visa Assessment. My question is whether anyone knows whether there is a list of Employees published somewhere who can accept and can sponsor foreigners so maybe we can send them our CV? Our search on seek.com.au was not successful as most of the posts had a requirement that the candidate must have an Australian/New Zealand Visa in order to apply for the job... therefore it is getting very difficult to fulfil our dream of going to Australia. Also any suggestion to the way forward is appreciated. Best regards, Amber
  4. guyhorsley

    Site engineer uk

    Hello We're hoping to get some help in emigrating to Australia, I'm currently working as a section engineer on a new build of a nuclear manufacturing facility in the UK, And would love to move my family out to Australia but I'm finding it very difficult to get any response from any agencies out there in order to get some concrete evidence of work once we manage to secure our visa. We are in the process of applying all be it at the very early stages (researching at the moment), What would be perfect is to get a employer sponsorship so we can guarantee a regular income as soon as we land. But how?, Who can I speak to?.. I have over 15 years of construction experience in all aspects of the industry including civils, new builds and refurbishments. The other issue that I seem to have is that I don't have a degree but I do have a HNC in building studies and as I mentioned earlier over 15 years of experience is this such an issue surely experience must count for something. We also have two young children age 8 and 6 so the sooner we can get out there the better for them as well. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Guy
  5. Hi Im a carpenter and I am looking to sponsor an employee on a 457 visa. A few questions that I am hoping others with experience in this can help me with; Is it possible to sponsor an employee when registered as a sole trader? What forms a neccessary to provide when applying to sponsor online? Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Jack
  6. Guest

    Query regarding 457 visa

    Hi All, I have been offered an IT job and I have few queries regarding 457 visa (Employer sponsored visa). I would appreciate it if anyone could give me a clear understanding about the same. 1. I have just 1 year full time experience in IT field. Am I eligible for applying for 457 visa. I heard that 3 year experience is required or a certification is required in that particular field. I`m on a student visa rite now doing my masters. 2. Does the employer need pay minimum salary of $61200 or does he need to pay according to the market salary rate. If it is market salary could anyone give me an idea about the market salary for .NET developer. 3. Does the employer need to have a minimum workforce to be eligible to sponsor or is it enough that they provide financial documents to prove that they have been in business for long (say around 8 years) and could provide the salary in the offer letter. 4. How long does it take to get the visa once it has been lodged. Looking forward to your replies. Thanks Jack
  7. Guest

    what are our options now??

    hay there, not been on here for a while but found ourselves in a situation where we need all you wonderful knowledge =-) haha. OK so we are in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa which we are about to extend for a further 12months after a 3 month fruit picking adventure haha. we have applied for 176 ss to Queensland which was finally accepted beginning of Jan we are cat 5. i have been working as a full time sales assistant-supervisor- in a menswear store for the last 6 months. when i handed my notice in and explained about the 6months rule on a working holiday visa my employer come back to me and offered me a postion as the Queensland Visual Merchandiser for the company. they would like to sponsor me to stay on an employer sponsorship. would i be eligable for this visa in this postion, my impression is i have to been a skilled worker as in on the modl csl etc?????????? anyone know if a new door has just opened up for us to stay in oz perminantly????????? :skeptical: pls help any advice gratefully accepted :biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Getting Sponsored

    Hi Does any one have any advice the best way to tackle getting a employer to sponsor me.I am a landscape gardener self employed for 22 years. My TRA cert has been approved.WE have a permanent visa lodged but our immigratiom company has said to speed up the process to get a sponsor based job,which is not easy being in the uk still. Any body who has some advice would be great, or even a job would be fantastic.   Paul, Louise :hug:
  9. Guest

    Need 457 Sponsor!!!

    Hi there, This is our 1st time posting so please b gentle!!! Well this is us... Me, (23) my OH (24) and our 5 year old daughter. My OH is a Digger Driver/Excavator Operator and we were going to go on a 457 Employer Sponsored Visa on this but we've hit a major hurdle!!:no: We have contacted loads of Employers and sent out loads of CVs but no luck, some companies have offered trial periods before sponsorship but we would need a working holiday visa for my OH to do this but we cant get Working Holiday Visas as we have a dependant Child!!! its sooooo frustrating!!!!!!! We were thinking of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast areas but nothing is set in stone just yet!! If anyone knows of any Employers or Companies in these areas who are willing to sponsor a 457 visa please let us know we would be soooo grateful!!!:wubclub: We are travelling to Oz on Holiday Visas in late October so we were hoping for some news before then plus it would mean we could stay in Oz + immediate starting date (visa granting allowing) might help!!! Any leads @ this stage would b so appreciated!! Thanking you all in advance, Irish Oz Hopefuls.