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Found 255 results

  1. Hi community Thank you for accepting me to this forum, amazing topics over here. I have been offered a job in Sydney with 100.000$ (QA Engineer 7 years experience) as a yearly gross salary. Is it enough for a good living, taking in consideration : - Married and wife is not working. - Have to travel to Spain twice a year for family and parents visit. - Be able to save some money and do some activities over the weekend. I've seen the renting prices are high, what do you think ? Thank you for the help
  2. Hi, we are leaving the dream and so have to sell our cars. We are west of Melbourne so ideally someone from Victoria would make most sense. If any one thinks these could be what they need then drop us an email the prices are negotiable. Andria and Dave
  3. Hi Guys, AE just rang to say we have had an offer for our house at 10% lower than the asking price...............thats 50K.............we said NO CHANCE. Apprently there are AE going around telling there clients that if all house sellers drop buy 10% then the houseing market will start up again...............i bet it bloody well will...........but we are not giving our house away, i just want to scream:arghh:. Anyway on the positive side we have viewer on Monday (his second visit) so fingers crossed he will make a decent offer. Right thats enough from me going back outside to top up the tan:wubclub:
  4. Hi, Can you tell me how long is normal in Australia for a prospective employer to get back to you following a skype interview. I have had a few job interviews over the past year and there is a flurry of activity and then all interest diminishes and no one gets back - is this normal? Here in Britain a prospective employer usually gets back within a few days - or a week tops following interview. How long should I wait before a chase the employer following interview? It has been 12 days now and heard nothing. Should I be worried?:dull:
  5. Hi A quick question... Is a job offer required for the STATE sponsorship of Western Australia if applying from offshore??? If this is the case then its really disappointing for my sister. Discuss please!
  6. gconnolly87

    Komatsu- interview offer?

    I have been invited to attend an interview for Komatsu in the UK for two roles Workshop Technician or Field Service Technician, I am looking to speak with people that may have experience with servicing of construction and/or mining machinery & heavy equipment components.....looking for any help or tips you can provide me for likely questions that I might be asked? Or any info on the company that may be of any help? Cheers
  7. Hi All! After almost a year of paperwork and stress with slow agents and numerous mind-changes about where to apply (Perth or Adelaide) we have been given what could be a fantastic opportunity. A friend has offered to sponsor my husband in NSW (which would have been our first choice!) So..... All great in theory. However, our dilema is that after doing the VETASSESS and passing the IELTS we still assumed it would be ages until anything happened as we were applying for state sponsorship initially. My husband had a job interview here in the UK on Thursday and accepted it. Then on Friday we got the call to say our friend in Oz will sponsor him. Now we don't know whether to still take the job here which starts on Monday, or carry on as we were? I hear the 121/856 visa can happen very quickly! My husband already has a job here, so is it crazy to start a new one? Does anyone have a good idea of timing/processing on the visa 121/856 or even the 457? Oh how I wish he'd been offered the ENS a year ago! Cheers! Lucy
  8. Hi all, My husband and I along with our two children are going to be heading to Melbourne some time between February and April, depending on how quickly our visas get sorted, and are currently looking in to areas we are interested in renting in. We have friends in Newport and Mornington, each offering advice about their own areas and we are weighing up the pros and cons of both. Whilst doing some research we have come across the areas Glen Waverley, Mitcham and Box Hill and wondered if anyone would be able to offer any information about those places and whether they would be suitable for a family with two young children (2 1/2 and 6 months respectively). We are looking to be under an hour to the CBD either by rail or road and would like a nice, friendly, safe and clean area with plenty of parks and open spaces. Thanks in advance for any info you can offer.
  9. I want to find out a bit more info on emerald it's self, and also any feed back about the job offer. I have been offered a job with a Land Surveying company in there Emerald office with a starting salary of $95000. Would this been enough to support myself and girlfriend until she gets a job? I have the understanding that the cost of living is high, so the above offer may not be as good as it sounds! Any feed back will be a great help.
  10. I think I just need to get this out so apologies in advance! When we were younger DH and I did lots of backpacking and I did WHV visas for Oz and NZ. We have both wanted to live in Australia as far back as I can remember but we weren't eligible so it was just put on the back burner as "it would be nice one day" type of thing. Fast forward 10 years and 2 kids. DH saw an advert on his industry website for Australia and applied as a "why not?". Months passed, then we had an interview (all of us!), more time passed, then he was called for a medical and references. DH has had an email today saying he'll be called with an offer tomorrow. I am completely up in the air. It's a 457 visa (I know every possible pro and con with that believe me), but they are willing to sponsor for PR after 2 years if all works out. It's basically our only opportunity to do it. DH doesn't have a degree so we can't apply for PR as he wouldn't pass a skills assessment. Anyway I really want to try it in many ways. I know I'd always regret it if we don't try, but there is so much to give up here. It's just not a case of trying it and coming back to our old life if it doesn't work out. DS is in a wonderful school on the doorstep which is so oversubscribed that he's almost certain not to get back in (it's the best school by far in the area), my job is very specialised and have had huge cut backs so may not get any work. The most worrying thing is that DH has one of the only jobs around, or likely to be around for some time, in his area. His industry has been hit hard here by the recession. And of course there is the support network here although my close friends and family aren't local to us, but are there when we need them. On the flip side, there is likely to be more oppportunities for DH in Oz as the industry is doing well there due to the mining boom. I can't work out if I am being stupid by wanting to give it a try? Is wanting an adventure and trying new things enough to give up a good/comfortable life? Me and DH both have itchy feet and I do think we would always regret it if we don't try. But I can't work out if I should be doing the "sensible" thing. I know it's our decision to make but I'd be interested in people's views to try and get an outsider's perspective on it as I am an overthinker and it's doing my head in! Thank you if you got this far!
  11. Guest

    geraldton w.a job offer

    hi all i normaly post in the w.a. section. ive just been offered a job(iam a deisel mechanic) in geraldton west australia, the pay is 32 dollars an hour overtime is flat rate hrs are 8 til 5 mon to friday plus one sat a month. i was realy looking for work in the mines thats where the realy good money is but maybe this could be a stepping stone who knows i might like it. although there dont seem to be much there????????? i googled earth the dealer there out of town east side looked like the middle of nowhere? seeing as i will be going over by myself i need nightlife etc and places to chat the girls up:) i do like my outside activitys like scuba diveing etc so thats all good the weather is warm to hot most of the time??????????? anyway i could go on and on. Whats yr views? is the money on the right line?? for that position could i live on it it? ie go scuba diveing have a nice motorbike and decent accomadation etc?????????????
  12. Hi Fellow Poms, We are currently living in Melbourne which we love but an opportunity has arisen to move to Sydney, Job would be in North Ryde area so just looking on advise on where u would live?? Budget is reasonable so somewhere nice, suburbs are more us as we like a garden with Having a 3yr old, nice schools in area ect Any info and advise would be great as i have been looking through so many posts my eyes are going square! :-)
  13. Anyone on here know anything about Epic Health? Anyone already work for them? Thanks Mol
  14. I need a bit of advice about a situation I have never been in before. My daughters teachers husband died unexpectedly last week. She is returning to work tomorrow, and I will see her because I stay and read with the children on a Friday morning. I don't know what to say to her. I obviously need to acknowledge it, but I'm not sure what I should say so that it doesn't sound wrong. Things like saying I'm sorry, or asking if she is okay don't seem to cut it somehow. We (myself and the other mums) do have a card and some flowers to give to her from the children. I am really stressing about saying the wrong thing. When dad died certain things that people said used to make me feel angry (How can that person know how I feel? Why are they sorry? Why do you think he is in a better place?), but I can't remember what nice things people said. I was thinking of asking if there was anything that I could do for her. It is awkward because she isn't a friend, but she is more than someone I say "Hello" to in passing, if that makes sense. Any advice?
  15. Guest

    Perth Job Offer

    Hello all, I need some advice I've been offered a job in Bayswater (Perth) on a 3 year contract, I've been offered $141000, i have a wife and 2 kids 12 & 9 I will need to rent and we are in the process of narrowing down the areas we are looking at, my question are if you can help: 1, with this salary offer it does sound fab in GB monies equivalent terms and we have been looking at rentals with the price range between $600-700 is this relastic with the this offer given or will it be a struggle in regard to monthly living? I know it depends on your life style we are a average family of 4. 2, we are thinking of the areas of Vic Park, Tapping , Duncraig, Melville, Ascot, Joondulop, Como and many more areas which are within a 30min drive from B/Water can anybody tell me are these good areas for Schools or any advice would be good? I know that these questions are asked constantly on forums and any advice would be greatly recieved. Thanks
  16. Best news today, my other half has been offered a job in oakey, queensland. so just have to do a lot of sorting out now We would also like to say thankyou very much to Gary Pepper (Protech) for the opportunity! Any advice on moving or the area is more than welcome :biggrin:
  17. Hi all, I know some airlines like Singapore airlines offer extra baggage allowance for free for holders of PR visa's. Does anyone know if Air Asia offer anything like this? Thanks, Lucy :cute:
  18. I just wanted to say a big thank you to the folks on this forum for providing great help and positive attitudes:notworthy: Hubby has been offered job with a fantastic orginisation and were packing up hopefully be over in a few weeks just waiting on 457:jiggy:I came across a post by protech a recruitment agency and emailed hubby's cv and thought nothing to loose but nothing will probably happen, well a few weeks later and 2 interviews he was offered job on the spot. Using recruitment agencies isnt all doom and gloom and i just wanted to say life is too short, so take a chance whats the worst that could happen! I also want to thank Gary Pepper from protech he posts on the job section for tradies/mechs and i would highly recommend contacting him if your looking for sponsorship, hes fantastic, a genuine lovely helpful man! So here goes a new adventure with 4 kids and a brother thats now tagging along, be prepared i'll probably be spending every spare waking moment on here, and apologise for my questions in advance :biggrin: Lisa x x
  19. My client is looking for skilled Panel Beaters to come and work within his organisation. He is offering an excellent remuneration package of $62500.00 base with agreat bonus scheme ! he is also offering LAFHA ( Living away from home allwance ) which is a great tax break allowing you to keep more of your wage, he also is offering 6 weeks free accommodation + a car ! Finally he has a relocation service to assist with rentals, schools, orientation ect ! All in all its one of the best packages out there at the moment and if its of interst please get in contact. Look forward to hearing from you Mark Turner Consultant HR Connexions
  20. wetnwindy

    is this good offer????

    DH been offered job in Perth, hourly salary of $60 per hour for senior QS job. Will pay return flights but no relocation costs above this? is this normal? plus they want me and kids to wait 3 months before joining him. basic salary equates to $119,000 PA, is this enough for family 5 to live on, rent, run 2 cars and live in 4 bed house? Any advice would be greatly received!
  21. gconnolly87

    Newman- Job Offer

    Hi there, I am new to this forum. I have been offered sponsorship for a job in Newman and was just looking for some info, I see online that it is mining town but just wondered what there is to do? Bars, restraunts gyms, cinemas etc?? Any other information on what the place is like would be amazing. Thanks again Gary
  22. If I get state sponsorship from WA, how long do I have to apply for my Visa? I have my IELTS next week and skills are all done, but I dont want to apply for my Visa until very late in the year because I dont want it to be granted until at least April next year (because I wont be landing in OZ until March 2013) Hope that makes sense.
  23. Up until very recently we were set to move to Perth- spent hours researching etc, then last minute job offer has appeared for Brisbane. I don't like the idea of the humidity, :mad:but can some one lift my mood and tell me some off the good points off this area.
  24. Hi There, My husband and I have had long term plans of moving to Australia. We are a young couple and so we are in no immediate rush (24 and 27). We both have good jobs, I am a nurse and my husband is an electrician. I have recently been offered a job at a mental health unit in Sydney on a 457 visa, however initially our plan was to apply for permanent residency (175 visa) in September 2012 as we figure that less could go wrong once you have residency. We would love to pack up and go in 6 months and accept this job offer but I am worried about the potential effects of a 457 visa such as being tied into a job that I may not like, if i loose my job having the threat of having to leave Australia. I would love to hear from people about their thoughts and experiences of both visas. It would really be of help to myself and my husband in making this big decision. Thanks everyone xx