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  1. AWUK

    VISA GRANTED!! Partner Visa

    Wow that's so quick! Congratulations! What visa were you coming from?
  2. Yeah I've not had problems finding work with the bridging visa lined up which is great. Only potential problem is my partners dad wants to take us to Canada as his retirement celebration in January 2015. I'm not sure that would qualify for the bridging visa which allows you to leave and re-enter the country!
  3. I had an email through within half an hour of paying and applying online, however it doesn't kick in til my WHV expires in July.
  4. Is that the same for all processing centres and online?
  5. Thought I'd start a post to see whereabouts people were in applications, keep track of any updates, and of course vent any frustrations! Hopefully there are a few of us on this forum and it would be interesting to hear how people are getting on. I applied 22nd jan, online. No correspondence yet, so have been uploading more evidence and info that we didn't have at the time of application, e.g superannuation beneficiary, and soon joint private health care. Has anyone has contact with DIBP yet?
  6. I will start paying back income assessed student loan in April and don't want to be hit with transfer fees every month and having an automatic direct debit. Does anyone have advice on alternative ways for making the payments? TIA
  7. Applied online so payment was made at the time of lodgement. I suppose this gives us extra time to accumulate evidence if they ask for more down the line!
  8. Has anyone recently applied for onshore 820/801? How long is it taking to be assigned a case officer? I applied 5 weeks ago and no contact yet, not worried, just curious!
  9. Finally applied for 820 visa on 22nd Jan. Went with the online lodgement, so after submitting the first form I'm now in the depths of scanning in, uploading and gathering the finals bits of evidence we currently have. Has anyone else applied for the 820 visa online? How long does it usually take for a case officer to be assigned? TIA
  10. AWUK

    Online Partner Visa Applications

    It does seem a bit restrictive! We have over 30 different flight itineraries to include, hopefully going to put it all in to one document and have it as a pdf. Same with all the bank statements.
  11. AWUK

    Online Partner Visa Applications

    I think everything is scanned certified copies, but it looks like you don't get more information on what you need to upload and how quickly until you submit the first document/application. There is a maximum of 60 documents you can upload for this application too, in my head I'm taking this to mean that they are trying to cut down on unnecessary evidence.
  12. Is anyone going down this route? Any opinions? After procrastinating and delaying it, we had been aiming for a late January 2014 application for the Onshore 820/801 visa. We had not gone too far with printing out our documents and so online is looking to be a good option. I called Immi yesterday and asked a few questions, the lady seems to think that online applications will be processed faster as it is all electronic, though as it is a new system there could always be hiccups.
  13. For the NSW registration only one of the partners needs to be living in NSW when you register, which isn't a problem as my partner is a citizen who lives in Sydney. The problem would be whether they will accept a stat dec which has been witnessed outside of NSW (and aus altogether!) and not by an Australian PR/citizen, so was hoping to find if anybody has successfully registered a relationship whilst abroad...
  14. Thankyou. Yes I have had a look at this website. It is OK that I do not reside in NSW but I won't be able to get an Australian Citizen to witness a stat dec in NSW as I won't be in Australia until July.
  15. My partner lives in NSW but I am in the UK finishing off a degree. Does anyone know if is it possible to register a de facto relationship in NSW without being in the country?