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  1. I think you are all right (correct) in a way. It depends on several factors - exchange rate, make of car and model. European cars, especially German ones are prohibitively expensive, but Japanese cars are not. We bought a top of range Nissan Dualis ( Qashkai) 2litre 4x4 with all the extras as standard for $36,000. That in my view is very close to UK prices and saves all the cost and effort of shipping... and worries about tanks being emptied, etc., etc. Hope this helps. Check out your preferred make and model before making any decisions, I say. John
  2. Dear Phoebe, You're going through everyone's worst nightmare while waiting those long 18 months for a visa. We can only sympathize and wish you a well-deserved change in your fortunes. It's so frustrating not to be able to offer anything else. Just take things as they come and don't give up hope. As I said, ... hopeless words, but we're thinking of you both. John & Eirian
  3. Quality of life is really what it is all about, isn't it? Is there a price on that? I doubt whether there is a single person here who's made the decision who is better off financially, compared to their previous lives in the UK. Quite apart from the cost of the move, selling off precious assets, moving away from friends, eye-watering cost of housing and eating out here, it's "bearable" I think. Being with family and grand-kids must be fantastic. Sorry to sound a bit priggish, but what a life! John & Eirian
  4. Hi Mike & Sue. Glad you're here at last. Looking forward to meeting you two, especially after all your escapades over the last few months! John & Eirian
  5. Really sorry to hear about your delay, Moira. It must be so frustrating to have a setback after so long, but try to be positive, even though that must be difficult right now. Remember, you're so much closer to your visa than when you started on this journey. Good luck. John & Eirian
  6. Wonderful news, Pam. Maybe this deserves more than a coffee when we meet up in November? Enjoy the new grand-daughter! John & Eirian
  7. Please don't fret, Lilu. If your acknowledged date is 1 Aug 2011, I'd bet you will get your visa really soon. I'd say by 1 Dec 2012 at the latest. In fact, I'm surprised that you haven't got your CO yet, but the visas follow in a couple of weeks after that. Keep hopeful. John & Eirian
  8. Please tell your Dad not to be despondent, Nicola. This is their standard response, even over the telephone when you think you're establishing a relationship with a HUMAN BEING! In practice, work on 14-16 months from the date you get an acknowledgement and you won't be disappointed. I know this to be true, like many other people here on the forum who have had their visas in this time-frame. Good luck and "chins up!" John & Eirian
  9. That's exactly what happened with out daughter, Rachel. She only took one payslip in, the silly girl! She was sent away and told to come back in person with the second payslip. Generously, they granted her an extension of two weeks to do this, despite the fact 4 hours would have been plenty. Wasn't someone on here talking about bureaucracy previously? or is that deja vu?? John & Eirian
  10. That's spot on, Moira. I just hope someone has the key to unlock the silver bag! Good luck. John & Eirian
  11. Oops sorry, Marian. What a silly billy I am! Torquay in Devon is much better than Torquay in Cornwall, I know, and certainly incomparable compared to the Torquay these guys have been talking about! See you soon!:wink: John & Eirian x
  12. :biggrin: I suspected so, else you may have been losing your marbles. Although Torquay, Cornwall maybe better than Neasden? Wonderful place... enjoy! John & Eirian
  13. Yes, Centrelink can sometimes be very bureaucratic. Who said the UK invented bureaucracy and Centrelink perfected it? I think Abraham Lincoln said that!! John & Eirian
  14. Just, just, just so fantastic! Congratulations Va Va Vooooooooooooooooom!!! It's all go now, as Thierry says. Hope the rest of your journey is as exciting. John & Eirian