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Found 104 results

  1. Hi guys, I've just got wind of this - it sounds like some bureaucrats somewhere are trying to justify their existence! As of Jan 1, any vehicles with internal combustion engines being shipped in containers are now classified as hazardous goods. This also applies to any car on the water at that stage, so effectively, if your container hasn't already left, it will affect you. You have two options: the first is to make the vehicle non-hazardous, which involves draining the fuel tank and disconnecting the battery (which makes it a pain for moving around). The second is to cop the extra cost of labelling the container and filling out extra forms, which looks like being an extra GBP75 with the companies I regularly use. This only affects vehicles travelling in containers, cars being shipped on RORO aren't affected. The 'sarcasmist' in me wonders how we manage to drive our cars around without them exploding :wink:
  2. SunshineJo

    Moving to Sunshine Coast Jan 2012

    Hi everyone We are a family of 4 (44, 42, 12 & 11)moving to the Sunshine Coast In January. We looking at moving to Little Mountain or Mountain Creek areas. Would love to know more about the schools in that area, if anyone can help. Anybody with kids who go to Meridan State College or Mountain Creek State High school? Booked shippers today and now it feels very, very real. We are excited but very nervous at the same time and feeling like our brains will explode!!. :arghh: We have rellies in Currimundi to stay with the first week or so before we find a short term rental. We do not have jobs at the moment but hopefully that will change after a few weeks/months of being over there. Would love to meet up with others in the area. Cheers Jo
  3. Just seeing if anyone is flying out to Perth 3rd Jan from manchester.... might feel better if someone else on the flight is making the big move. xx:biggrin:
  4. Cherry12

    Moving to Brisbane Jan 2012...

    Hi there, New to this site, family of 6 (Irish ...wouldnt you know:biggrin:), me 43, hubby 45 kids 13/11/8/5 moving to Brisbane Jan 2012. Looking to chat with any others making the similar big move! Rgds
  5. Guest

    Visa needed by Jan 9th 2012

    Hi all We have been planning on moving to Brisbane for a while. We landed back in England last night from our recent holiday there and whilst there I was offered a permanent job, the issue I have is that they want me to start on 9th January 2012. Does any one on here know of any way to get a visa of some sort that quickly to be able to work in Brisbane until I can get a perm visa sorted Im 32 so I don't think i can get a working holiday visa Thanks in advance
  6. Myself and my wife are heading to Perth for a month in the New Year. The prices of hotels and apartments are a wee bit expensive so can anyone recommend accommodation in West Perth or Subiaco that would cost less than $1,000 per week. Thanks.
  7. We have flights booked from Manchester with Singapore Airlines and just wondered if there were any PIO members on the same flight? We fly out on Fri 13th Jan :eek: in the morning with the Newlands :wub::biggrin: Mandi x
  8. Hi - am a newbie to this sort of thing so bare with me! Am moving to Brisbane in Jan 2012 as have been offered a job in the CBD. Company will be putting me up for a while but would love to know where the best places to rent are as currently I'm blindly searching and looking at things!? Looking forward to some ideas
  9. Hi My visa was granted yesterday and we're hoping to fly Oakley out before the changes on 1st Jan 2010. But I'm waiting on the import permit which I applied for last week, we can't book his flights/quarantine until we have this and I am worried about Sydney quarantine station being full when it comes to the point that we can actually book it. So, I'm thinking that I'll take him to the vet tonight to get his rabies jab just in case we can't make it out there before the rule changes come in to play. What I'm worried about is whether the fact that he has the rabies vaccs now, would that have any bearing on him being able to fly out before 1st Jan? I don't think it would but o/h has been questioning it and I just want to make sure! Thanks Julie
  10. hi im moving to brizzy in january my mum,s.dad sister live by redcliffe area> im 19 so i like socialising going out and i wanna get to know some aussies to help me to settle in! females/males >>> i want to get into the aussie lifestyle!!
  11. Hi All Here are the details of the next Melbourne CBD drinks night: Date Saturday 22 January 2011 (the weekend before Australia Day) Time From 7pm Location Bridie O'Reillys, 62 Little Collins Street (near corner of Exhibition St) We will have some space upstairs Map Location - Bridie O'Reilly's Everyone is welcome (as long as you are over 18) Could you please add your name to the list if you are interested in coming along, as I need to give the venue an idea of numbers before the night Look forward to catching up with the regulars, and seeing some new faces :jiggy: Definite Maybe
  12. Hello Everyone My name is Caroline (29) and I have a beautiful 5 week old baby boy Daithi, he will be 6 months when we move back to Perth, along with my partner Dave (31) will be moving back to Perth in January 2012. My partner is from Perth, I met him while i was travelling Australia (2008-2010) and we lived in Perth for a year, moved back this side of the world mainly because I was really homesick and missed all my family and friends but with the work situation the way it is we have no choice to return to Perth!!! Happy and Sad about this really... My OH will now be going back to Perth on 5th Oct to sort a few things out and hoping to get a step closer to working up the mines, if anyone has any info on the mines please let me know... HE will come back for Xmas and we will both go with our son early Jan!!! Would love to meet new friends and mums for chats, cuppa's and catch up's! I am very outgoing, love shopping, going to the cinema, going to Bingo, drinking tea (it's the irish in me) and love talking.......... Please get in touch if you would like to meet! Looking forward to hearing from you cx :tongue: :jiggy:
  13. hi we are from Hornchurch (Essex) and moving to Brisbane, the gap, in january! :biggrin: are there any other young familys (pommys) in Brisbane looking to meet other poms? my husbands 34 im 24 and by the time we get out there we will have an 8 weeks old son :biggrin:
  14. hi we are from Hornchurch (Essex) and moving to Brisbane, the gap, in january! :biggrin: are there any other young familys (pommys) in Brisbane looking to meet other poms? my husbands 34 im 24 and by the time we get out there we will have an 8 weeks old son :biggrin:
  15. Hi All, We are migrating in January and have just started trying to find short term accomodation for our initial few weeks - it's a nightmare! I have search every site it seems (and gone through so many of the posts on here) and still can't find anything - is anyone else having the same problem? At this rate we will be sleeping on the beach! I didn't think it would be so hard - we are even willling to rent unfurnished and sleep on the floor but just can't find anything - anyone have any advice? Em :wacko:
  16. Guest

    Perth Bound Jan 2012

    Hello there folks, Well we have booked the cats, found a house in Baldivis, think we have sorted the flights. Just the shipping company and the job to sort now. We're a pair of Cricket mad Geordies in our mid-30's heading to Perth mid Jan 2012. Anyone fancy getting in touch who's heading out or already there in a similar area please give us a shout. cheers James & Bev :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  17. My husband has been granted 457 visa and we are moving to Melbourne in January 2012. He is starting his job in Jan 16th and we are planning to fly over to Melbourne in end of December or end of January. Anyone knows good real accommodation in South Melbourne? We would like to book it online or arrange it over the phone, so that we can stay there for a month till things are settled. Any help appreciated. Thanks for your help. Alex
  18. Hello There, I an 29 years old and have a one month old baby boy, together with my fiancé we will be moving to Perth (Southern Side) in January 2012. I am originally from Ireland but currently living in the Isle of Man and my partner is from Perth. We moved back here after 2 and half years living in Perth mainly because I was really homesick but my partner cannot get any work here so we have decided to move back to Perth in the new year. I am hoping to meet other new mums so get in touch if you would like to chat and eventually meet up. Ccx
  19. Hi All, Can't believe it, this place is hard to take sometimes. :sad: In a nutshell, moved from Liverpool UK in Jan 2010 with 2 cats - now 9yo. Two days ago our male was fine - he was the house cat, the female is an outdoors cat. He hid in our closet for 24 hours - usually hides, but I didn't see him eat his dinner, or sit with us when the kids went to bed. About 2am I woke up and opened the door as I heard him moving inside, so he could go in and out as he pleased. Didn't think to check him, so next afternoon thought he was trapped somewhere when I found him in the cupboard, unable to move, his breathing sounding like snoring, struggling a miaow, covered in urine, a real mess and pretty harrowing. carried him and lay him on the kitchen floor while I got catbox, vet called and baby in carseat for dash to vets. Raced to the vets - they found a tick on his neck - (1cm murderer!!!) and they stayed with him till 9pm, he got stressed being moved - to be taken to a 24hr vet facility, and so they said they'd have to leave him unattended in the surgery with oxygen, sedated, and see if he made it by himself. Got a call at 7.45 on Tues 26th Oct, to say he'd died in the night. Went there at 9.30am to say goodbye. :cry: Worst is that I didn't want him to die alone, so wish we could have brought him home and stayed with him. Once we'd got the cats from Quarantine in March, it felt the family was whole again. Now it's a nightmare, and I feel like I just can't breathe. The guilt of bringing him, of not finding him earlier, of now cleaning out the shelf he was on, and the cat box and towel I took him to the vets in. Just so many tears. He was with us pre-kids. I insisted on bringing them because they are family. Doing the kitchen sink thing, and being irrational thinking, why did we even come out here, such a struggle and now this before our first Xmas here. argh!:cry::sad: It's only been a day or so, so pretty raw still, but he's not coming back. and I'm at a loss. Poor kids just keep saying, oh mummy don't cry. It's ok. One word from the wise, 'you can't turn back time'. And that's all I seem to be wishing right now.
  20. Hi We are a family of 4, 2 boys aged 14 & 18. We are moving over to Perth in Jan 2012 and we need some help/advice on the following: Rentals on arrival Areas recommended - where to live and where not to live !! TAFE/Uni for 18 year old and places to meet friends School for 14 year old Just sold house so all becoming real now really looking for any help and advice and to make friends before we get there - very nervous now. Thanks Jo
  21. Yesterday we went to the flightcentre shop to check out how much a 5 night holiday in Malaysia (both KK and KL) would cost for a family of four. The cost we were given was $7k, which we thought was a bit high. We know it is high season as the kids break up, but is there anywhere we can look/go in Sydney for cheaper flight deals?
  22. Guest

    Vetassess Jan 2011 results

    Hi, just seeing if anyone who did there pratical assessments in January 2011 have received there results yet. I know they said you'll hear within 10 days and it's 8 at the moment but i just need to know as i feel i'm constantly checking my emails and it's doing my head in wailting. :wacko:
  23. Hi all, The South Australian SMP has now been released. See Home :: Make The Move Some occupations listed there are tagged "Not Available" for the remaining period of the 2010/2011 program year. In terms of IT occupations, SA are now sponsoring: 262111 Database Administrator 262112 ICT Security Specialist 262113 Systems Administrator 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer 263113 Network Analyst South Australia also advises that "All occupations listed (whether 'Available' or 'Not Available') will receive Priority Processing 2 by DIAC". This means that if you have been sponsored by SA previous to the SMP being released and your occupation is on the new SMP (even if it's 'Not Available'), you will be on Priority 2. Happy new year to all, by the way! Cheers Peter
  24. Hi just wondered if any category 3 applicants (175 and 176 applicants particularly) had received a case officer since January 7 2011? The official update you get by emailing gsm.processing@immi.gov.au hasn't been update since Jan 7 and is saying processing of category 3 applicants will "re-commence" once all category 2 applications allocated. I know from our agent and poms in oz that in terms of aplications lodged they're a bit further ahead than the official line of Jan 09. But are they still giving out CO's in cat 3 too despite what the official line is.....?? Be very grateful to know if you been given a case officer in cat 3 since beginning January???? (and when you lodged if so) Also please say if you think your CO was allocated your case before Jan but took a few weeks before getting in touch (if you know) ....... many thanks
  25. I posted this on another thread in the Western Australia section but thought it may be useful in here too. I'm arranging a meetup for new people arriving in Perth: Date: Sunday 30th Jan Time: 3pm onwards Location: South Perth Foreshore, Coode St end of Sir James Mitchell Park The link here should show you the location on the map - we'll meet between the boatshed restaurant and the funcats 'hut' (the centre of the picture) South Perth, Western Australia - Google Maps There are a couple of BBQs in this area so maybe people could bring some meat and salad for an early evening BBQ? We'll bring along a cricket bat, some balls, frisbee etc so feel free to add to that should you wish! Please rsvp so we know at least some people are going to turn up! We have a colourful fish windsock thingy so I'll try and put that up to identify us easily. Thanks ! Jo and Seb PS We'll def do another bbq a few weeks later so that those of you arriving early Feb can come and join us too.