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Found 60 results

  1. I know someone has posted this recently but I feel it needs to be made a sticky, there are lots of people who need to return to the UK and this is great news for them. I have attached the information from DEFRA, but briefly: Dogs/Cats now only have to wait 21 days from after the Rabies Blood Test No Blood Test for Dogs and Cats No Tick Treatment is required pb13582-bringing-pets-to-uk110706.pdf pb13582-bringing-pets-to-uk110706.pdf
  2. Hi guys, I've just got wind of this - it sounds like some bureaucrats somewhere are trying to justify their existence! As of Jan 1, any vehicles with internal combustion engines being shipped in containers are now classified as hazardous goods. This also applies to any car on the water at that stage, so effectively, if your container hasn't already left, it will affect you. You have two options: the first is to make the vehicle non-hazardous, which involves draining the fuel tank and disconnecting the battery (which makes it a pain for moving around). The second is to cop the extra cost of labelling the container and filling out extra forms, which looks like being an extra GBP75 with the companies I regularly use. This only affects vehicles travelling in containers, cars being shipped on RORO aren't affected. The 'sarcasmist' in me wonders how we manage to drive our cars around without them exploding :wink:
  3. Alan Collett

    Tax return deadlines - 2012

    http://www.ato.gov.au/corporate/content.aspx?doc=/content/00333714.htm ATO reminder regarding the submission of 2012 tax returns. Remember also that any paper based UK tax returns must be lodged with HMRC before the end of this month; after 31/10/2012 you must submit your 2012 UK tax return electronically. Best regards.
  4. Hi, We are moving to Gladstone, Queensland in Feb 2012 and want to know about primary schools for our 6yr old son.....do we organise now or wait till we get to Gladstone??? so much to think about....any help would be greatfully received....any good schools in which areas...? thanks so much
  5. SunshineJo

    Moving to Sunshine Coast Jan 2012

    Hi everyone We are a family of 4 (44, 42, 12 & 11)moving to the Sunshine Coast In January. We looking at moving to Little Mountain or Mountain Creek areas. Would love to know more about the schools in that area, if anyone can help. Anybody with kids who go to Meridan State College or Mountain Creek State High school? Booked shippers today and now it feels very, very real. We are excited but very nervous at the same time and feeling like our brains will explode!!. :arghh: We have rellies in Currimundi to stay with the first week or so before we find a short term rental. We do not have jobs at the moment but hopefully that will change after a few weeks/months of being over there. Would love to meet up with others in the area. Cheers Jo
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone who has applied or recieved a state sponsored (subclass 475) visa can give me an indication as to how long it takes for the visa to be processed? I understand that the standard for a 'Low Risk' (uk) Priority 3 visa is 12 months, but i just wanted to know if anyone can give me an indication as to how long it is taking in reality?! We are in the process of selling a house in the uk and it would help us in terms of planning our next move, could we be away in 6 months, is it more likely to be later, could it be sooner?!? Any help would be much appreciated, Graham
  7. Hello to all, We are a French family of 4 (including son of 3 1/5 years and daughter of 16 months). After almost 7 years of procedures..... we finally got our permanent resident visa (subclass 176). Departure is planned in August 2012. We plan to go to Sydney, unless an opportunity for a job occurs somewhere else in Australia.... I found the website through search engines and although it seems more dedicates to UK people doing the move..... I hope you'll accept us. Now that the big moves finally becomes real..... many questions on going! So thanks for the useful informations on the website!
  8. We are just starting to build a house in Lilydale (Eastern surburbs) of Melbourne. We would really like to move back to the UK by 2012. We will have a 5 bedroomed house right next to a lake. I was reading somewhere in the USA that people just 'house swap'' sometimes when emigrating. The value of the house would be around 1 million AUD (approx 600k pounds). I wanted to put out the 'feelers' to see if anyone had a house around about the same value that would be interested in a swap? I don't think i could go through getting rid of stuff again and starting over. I am a nurse so would like to live in communiting distance to a hospital. My husband is a business analysist so would need to be communting distance to a city. We are pretty flexible on where we would like to live. Just a thought! .......
  9. domestic goddess

    Lafha to be abolished 2012

    Hi all my OH brought this info home about LAFHA so anyone on a 457 read on. Changes for Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA) 01-Dec-2011 The Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA), once a lucrative incentive for highly paid migrants to linger in the twilight zone of temporary rather than permanent residency, has been reformed in a controversial government move to prevent tax fraud. The Australian Treasurer, Wayne Swan, confirmed the changes to LAFHA on 29 November 2011. The allowance, claimed by many 457 holders, provides for cash payments to cover the costs of living away from home, interstate and overseas travel. After reports that some foreign workers were receiving up to 90 per cent of their salary tax-free, and as part of the budget-cut program, the government decided to reform LAFHA to specifically prevent overseas workers from claiming back tax. In order to continue claiming the LAFHA one must maintain a home for their own use in Australia (rather than their home come country) from which they are living away from for work. For example if a 457 holder owned a home in Sydney and their company sent them to Melbourne for work. In addition individuals claiming the allowance need to demonstrate their actual expenditure on accommodation and food beyond a statutory amount rather then simply claiming “reasonable costs” as is currently the case. Some possible effects include: - highly paid skilled overseas workers/senior executives may be deterred from working in Australia if there are better tax incentives from other countries; - more 457 workers will now be attracted to become a permanent resident as there is no more tax incentives for them to remain a temporary resident. If you are currently holding a 457 visa and claiming the LAFHA for tax reasons and wish to now apply for permanent residency contact your migration agent in order to set the ball rolling. My apologizes if I've posted under the wrong thread.
  10. Hi, I know there has probably been thousands of these threads started so I apologise for reinventing the wheel :wink: We received our 176 visa in September and are flying out end of January 2012 and will be looking to rent before we decide where to buy and settle. Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom as to the best places to rent? Closer to the city or a little further out maybe? We have some friends in Edgewater and was curious as to the proximity of this area to Perth city centre (I will be working in Kings Park and my husband in the Perth CBD probably). We are also coming with my mother who is on her own....wanted to make sure that she can meet up with other ladies of her age (60) so she can settle easier and quicker. Is this a good way to meet up with fellow brits? We would also like to meet other couples too when we arrive :biggrin: Thanks to all and look forward to hearing your advice
  11. hi all, been very lucky and have 176 permanent visa and have got a job lined up in nambour hospital, just got an offer on our house, and hope to complete by end on january 2012. NOW PANICKING..... dont know how to get temporary accomodation in nambour area (or surrounding areas) also where do we get our belongings sent by our removal firm if we dont have an address. :jiggy:
  12. Hi , i have posted a couple off times on here but thought i would say Hi and find out if there are any other families or couples heading out to Sydney in the new year? We have signed the contract for work, had shipping quotes, trying to tell people we are going but cant seem to admit to anyone or myself that its forever....(I call it our family adventure and only time will tell if its permenant or not.) Going on a 457 visa with hubbys current uk employers so know it is totally safe on that visa. We are getting our (well husbands ) skills assesed now so we can apply for Pr which again the company will pay for. Our eldest son is 9 1/2 and so exited to be going, Middle child is daughter of 7 who really dosent want to go (trying to win her over with pool, koalas and dolphins ...very nearly there) and our yougest of nearly 3 who wont have a clue! I am 32 and husband is 40. I am hoping to get chatting to any others in the same situation . We will know nobody to start with.....Very scary!!! I think we eill be heading for the Shire or the Hills district. :unsure:
  13. hi there, me and my girlfriend are flying out to sydney from the uk in april 2012, we're a young couple, im a joiner by trade any my girlfriend works in retail. you've probably heard this question a million times before so i apologize for asking again but we were wondering where everybody thinks would be the best place for us to rent a place, we've started looking at places in coogee and bondi but any other opinions would be very welcome, thanks
  14. The Pom Queen

    2012 Australian Visa Fees

    The Australian federal government has announced changes to the cost of applying for Australian visas from next year in an effort to return the budget to surplus. According to the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen's release on November 29, Australian student visa application fees will drop by 5 percent while other Australian visa application fees will increase. The Minister indicated that the decrease in the student visa application fee would help to increase the competitiveness of Australia's international education sector. In contrast, fees for a range of skills and business visas will go up by between 5 percent and 15 percent. Fee increases will also affect dependants of visa applicants and applicants who make paper-based visa applications where there is an 'e' visa option. "If people are bringing family members with them to Australia, the fee will reflect the additional processing and checks for these family members," the Minister clarified. Australian visitor visas and humanitarian visas will not change as a result of these changes. "These changes will bring Australia's visa application charge structures in line with comparable countries." stated the Minister. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is expected to apply a consumer price index (CPI) increase to the majority of visa application fees from July 2012. Additional information about visa application fees amounts will be published closer to their implementation.
  15. Just seeing if anyone is flying out to Perth 3rd Jan from manchester.... might feel better if someone else on the flight is making the big move. xx:biggrin:
  16. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows the best recruitment agencies in Exeter, Devon? focusing in Finance, corporate administration etc? Is the job market really as bad as the media makes out? I cannot wait to return home for ( been 2.5 years in Oz) after some serious persuasion of the Aussie OH we are finally anticipating the return in early 2012. My one and only concern is work. nothing else worries me, In fact everything else excites me beyond all belief. I CANNOT WAIT TO BE HOME!! Does anyone else have success stories to this area in particular?
  17. Hi All, I just wanted to ask everyone's thoughts on the effect (if any) that the July 2012 visa application changes (EOI) will have on 175 applications that are lodged before the changes are implimented. Looking through recent posts I have seen that some 175 applications have been turned around in 8-10 months which wouldn't be a problem for us. Our only concern is that if we were to lodge a 175 application within the next month or so, and a case worker isn't assigned before the July changes, would the changes delay the processing of the application, i.e. will the new EOI system take priority as these applications could be thought of as being more attractive than an old 175 application? Any thoughts???
  18. Cherry12

    Moving to Brisbane Jan 2012...

    Hi there, New to this site, family of 6 (Irish ...wouldnt you know:biggrin:), me 43, hubby 45 kids 13/11/8/5 moving to Brisbane Jan 2012. Looking to chat with any others making the similar big move! Rgds
  19. Never posted before, first forum i have ever registered to... Im flying into Brisbane early january 2012!!! alone hopefully to find some carpentry work anywhere on the East coast. Im not sure of anything to be honest so im keeping a complete open mind and am willing to do any kind of work anywhere on the East coast. only Three months of crazy saving to go! A mate was supposed to come with me but cant get his backside into gear to save money and hes blown me out Alone it is... Although im very nervous about it. I cant wait to get out there and meet people and just have an unbelievable time! Ive dreamt of being in Australia since i can remember! Im mostly worried about finding the work... Chhhheeeeeerrrsss
  20. Guest

    Moving to Perth in 2012

    Hi all My husband and I are hoping to move to Perth in July of 2012, we have two children aged 6 and 8. We were in Perth over 10 years ago for a two week holiday (from Sydney) so although we've been there, I couldn't say we know all that much about it! My biggest worry is moving the kids to the other side of the the world and I would like to get them in school and settled as soon as possible, they would be on Summer holidays here at that time of year anyway so we will have two or three months to find somewhere to live a new school for the them and most importantly a job for my husband!! Once we find a place to live (rent) I don't want to have to move again for a long time, can anyone tell me when they first arrived in Perth how did you decide which suburb to live in what came first, job, schools or the suburb itself? My husband is a carpenter. Any advice much appreciated.
  21. Guest

    Visa needed by Jan 9th 2012

    Hi all We have been planning on moving to Brisbane for a while. We landed back in England last night from our recent holiday there and whilst there I was offered a permanent job, the issue I have is that they want me to start on 9th January 2012. Does any one on here know of any way to get a visa of some sort that quickly to be able to work in Brisbane until I can get a perm visa sorted Im 32 so I don't think i can get a working holiday visa Thanks in advance

    moving to Brisbane feb 2012

    Hi guys, My partner and I are moving to Brisbane in February 2012. He is an engineer and got a great job in Oz and I'll be going to Queenland University. Recently we have been trying to work out the cost of life for a young couple in Brisbane. Can anyone please give us an idea of the cost of petrol, rent, internet, phone, tv cable, groceries, night out, gym, car insurance...etc? Thanks a lot : ):hug:
  23. hi i am new to the forum! just looking for some advice for me, hubby and new baby who are moving to brisbane in june 2012. my husband has been offered a job in the 4105 area and we have been looking at redlands bay, wellington point,cleveland and victoria point. whats everyones thoughts on these areas??? also we are trying to work out a budget as i probably wont be working as i have a new baby so any help with this would be great! if anyone could provide me with some figures that would be great!!! rent council tax gas electricity water pool charges/cleaning contents insurance telephone broadband satellite tv groceries petrol car insurance tv licence road tax healthcare insurance and please let me know if i have missed anything!!!! thanks!!!! also is anyone moving over around the same time who will be close by??????????? Leigh x
  24. hi all we are moving to mornington,south frankston area march 2012. we are family of 4 including 3 girls ages 11 and 13. We are looking for short term rental approx 6 weeks in the above area. Preferably walking distance to beach. also pet friendly as we have a very WELL BEHAVED 5 year old cocker spaniel who will be joining us after his 30 days in quarentine. Any ideas?? collette & paul. x
  25. Youonlyliveonce

    Noel Gallagher at Big Day Out 2012

    Noel Gallagher has announced he will play the Big Day Out Festival next year!!! Being a big Oasis fan I am super excited he is coming to Melbourne again and thought I would share it on here incase anyone else is interested. Tickets are still available!:biggrin: link: http://bigdayout.com/