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  1. Creese

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Thanks for the reply Bob, I have sent through a quote request. Best regards Louise
  2. Creese

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    HI We have two small dogs (maltese Shitzu & Maltese Cavalier), which we moved back to the UK in May 2018. We are due to Move back to Brisbane, Oz June 2020, will the dogs have to have another round of Rabbles vaccinations or will the last lot still be ok? My understanding at the time was that the vaccinations lasted 3 years? How long will they need to be in quartile for when they arrive in Brisbane? Are you also able to give me a quote? Flying from Essex to Brisbane
  3. Creese

    Shipping from Brisbane

    Thanks I've had a quote from them it's good to hear good feed back we're off to southeast too Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  4. Creese

    Shipping from Brisbane

    Thanks I will have a look at this option too. Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  5. Creese

    Shipping from Brisbane

    Hi Can anyone please recommend shipping company from Brisbane to UK, there used to be a section on here for shipping from OZ to UK but can't find it? Thanks
  6. Creese

    advice tips for moving back to UK

    Hi Bristolman, did you book a self pack container? If so how did you find that? We want to ship most of our stuff back and wanted to do the self pack container option as its cheaper. Can I ask who did you use?
  7. Hi Has anyone used a "self pack" container service, and did you save money compared to a packaging company coming in and doing the whole package for you? We used a removals on the way over here but moving back to the UK and looking for the cheapest option. Thanks :wink:
  8. Creese

    Just trying to work some stuff out.

    I know how you are feeling, we went back in June for 3 weeks spent lovely time with family and friends some I haven't see for 10 years since we first left. We spent a week in London doing the whole tourist bit and loved it! I worked in London many years ago for four years but never really appreciated the place until now. We long to move back we were all in tears when we left but I have an 17 year old who loves it in OZ and has a girlfriend and swears he will never leave. We like your selves just don't know what to do. We have never felt like we belonged in OZ and going back to UK just cemented those feelings once more. You have to follow your heart if you are unhappy your daughter will pick up on it, I am sure if you made the move back and would be happy she would be able to cope with it. It does help talking about it out loud I miss home so much but can only really talk to my husband about it as he feels the same way, some family members think were mad but they haven't lived it. Good luck on whatever you decide, your not alone.
  9. Hi All havent posted for a while, but still like to look in to see other peoples threads / feelings. My husband and I and two kids have been here 7 years, and have gone through the motions of feeling unsettled to then feeling ok, to feeling unsettled again. We have decided to put the house up for sale to move to a nicer area closer to my sons school. I was feeling happy but bit emotional as my neice is getting married this weekend and im going to miss it so gutted that I wont be there, but its an expensive trip to make for a wedding. I was talking to a lady I know at the weekend who told me she is moving back to Ireland and bam all the suppressed feelings I had about moving back have arisen again!!! Just wanted to ask does anyone else go through these emotions on a weekly basis or is it just me!!! If I could I would move back in a heart beat (husband feels the same), but is it the right thing to do for the kids? They are aged 9 and 14. We do have citizenship so they could return later on in life if they so wish, im just feeling very confused at the mo!!!
  10. Creese

    London - pictures from the weekend

    Excellent pics, makes me homesick
  11. Creese

    What do you hate about the UK?

    Love Frinton, the beaches are the best. We lived in Holland-on-Sea for 11 years before moving here 7 years ago, really miss it :-(
  12. Creese

    The call we never wanted

    So sorry to hear your sad news. The same thing happened to me this time last year, I got the call from my sister early morning. Had to fly back to the UK on my own as we didnt have the money for us all to go. It is so difficult, feel for you x
  13. Creese

    What do you hate about the UK?

    Im from Clacton on Sea but worked most of my life in Colchester. Ipswich isnt so bad, like you say not far from from Cambridge, Norwich etc.. We hope to move back to Colchester in near future.
  14. Creese

    Shipping Oz to UK

    Hi We used Chess Removals on the way out here (through Abels in the UK), and freinds of ours that recentley went back used them I beleive, there based in Brisbane (northside I think), give them a go. We we finally do go back, we will more than likely use them.
  15. Creese

    Help please.

    Hi I live in the next suburb from Birkdale, and you not looking in the wrong place, it is expensive. My advice would be to rent for a while first, get a taste for the area.