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  1. oldgit

    Selling a vehicle in oz

    Hi all, I want to sell my Van, It doesn't have a RWS cert. I was told that I can sell it without one but I'm looking at the transfer documents and it says it is an offence for the disposer to fail to produce a Qld safety or Qld inspection certificate on transfer of registration. Can any of you guys clear this up for me (in laymens terms)? Cheers The oldgit
  2. oldgit

    Visa to re-enter the UK?

    Thanks for the info Rupert.
  3. oldgit

    Fx brokers

    I've always found Ozforex to be up there. Good Luck The oldgit
  4. oldgit

    Visa to re-enter the UK?

    Hi all, My wife, daughter (age 14yrs) and myself have been living in OZ for the past five years. We now all have Australian citizenship and hold Australian passports. We are going to the UK soon, my British passport is still in date but my wife and my daughters British passports have both expired. Because they will be entering the UK using their valid Australian passports will they also need to apply for a Visa to enter the UK? Cheers The oldgit
  5. oldgit

    Shipping Oz to UK

    Hi, Anyone have any recommendations for shipping companies from OZ (Brisbane) to the UK?
  6. oldgit


    Hi, Any suggestions/feed back of companies that ship from OZ (Brisbane) to the UK would be helpful guys. Cheers The oldgit
  7. oldgit

    OZ TV Set

    Hi Andy, All my TVs over here in OZ have built in HD digital tuners so are you saying they should work fine in the UK without me buying or doing anything to them? Cheers
  8. oldgit

    OZ TV Set

    Hi AJ, Did the Toshiba have a built in HD digital tuner? I was hoping that it would just be a case of putting in another code into the TV set via the remote as you would if you wanted to change the region on a DVD player. Thanks for you help so far.
  9. oldgit

    OZ TV Set

    Hi AJ, It has a built in tuner so was hoping that I would'nt have to do that
  10. oldgit

    OZ TV Set

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if a tv set bought over here in OZ will work back in the UK? Cheers The oldgit.
  11. oldgit

    What's the best way to play internet content on TV?

    Sorry I don't think I can help you there. All I do is copy (xvid file) to a disk and play through my DVD player or plug my laptop into the TV with a HDMI lead. Good luck The oldgit.
  12. oldgit

    What's the best way to play internet content on TV?

    I might be wrong but I think you will have a lot of trouble downloading from the sites you have mentioned. Have you tried it yet?
  13. oldgit

    What's the best way to play internet content on TV?

    Hey mate, What format is the file/program that you have downloaded. Can you just plug your laptop into your TV via a HDMI lead?
  14. oldgit

    Citizenship changes ?

    Hi You can ring up or order online a free revision book and DVD for the citizenship test. Check with them that you are eligible to apply, or on what date you are eligible to apply. We did ours last week in Brisbane. You can fill out a form online to apply, pay your free $260 each. You will then receive an email telling you what day and time you can sit your test. You will also be asked to bring in various bits of paper work (the usual stuff... everything). When you go for your test you are fisrtly seen by their admin people to who check that you have all the necessary paperwork. Once they are happy with the paperwork you can go into the test room and start the test. You have 45 mins to do the test - it should take you around 10 mins to complete. There are 20 questions you need to get 15 right to pass. The questions have multiple choice answers. At the back of the revision book there are 20 questions, those same questions are on the practice test online. DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that these are the exact same 20 questions that you will be asked on your test. When you have finished the test it will come up on your computer screen that you have passed. About a week later you will get a letter saying that your application has been accepted and that you will be given a date to attend your citizenship ceromony Read the book and you will be fine. I just watched the DVD with a hangover and I got through it although in hindsight that was not a very good plan. Best of luck The oldgit.
  15. A lot of people seem to like John Mason.